Benner. Henry Bennet, Lord Arlington, created Vif

count Therford, and Earl of Arlington, 22d of

April, 1672. Cafford. Sir Thomas Clifford, created Baron Clifford

of Chudleigh. in April 1672. Cooper Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Winburn, creaAshley. ted Baron Cooper of Paulet, and Earl of Shafts

bury, 23d of April, 1672. Howard. Henry Huward, Lord Howard of Castle-Ri.

fing, created Earl of Norwich, 19th of Oto

ber, 1672 Duras. Lewis Duras, Marquess of Blanquefort in

France, and Captain of the Duke of York's
Horse-Guards, created Baron of Holdenby in

England, 19th of January, 1672.
Queroualle Louise de Queroualle, created Baroness of Pe-

tersfield, Countess of Farnham, and Dutchess

of Portsmouth, 9th of August, 1673. Osborne.

Sir Thomas Osborne, Lord High Treasurer, created Baron of Kiveton, and Viscount La

timer, 15th of August, 1673. Finch.

Sir Heneage Finch, Lord Keeper, created Baron Finch of Daventry, in the County of

Northampton, roth of January, 1673. Le. Sir Edward Henry Lee Baronet, created Ba

ron of Spelsbury, Viscount Quarendon, and

Earl of Litchfield, sth of June, 1674. Maitland. John Maitland, Duke and Earl of Lar

derdale in Scotland, created Baron of Petermam, and Earl of Guildford in England, 25th

of June, 1674. Osborne. Thomas Osborne, Baron Kiveton, and Vis

count Latimer, created Earl of Darby, 27th

of June, 1674. Lennard. Thomas Lennard, Lord Dacres of Hurst Mon

ceaux, created Earl of Sufex, sth of Oslober, 1674.

George George Fitz-Roy, Natural Son to King Fitz-Roy. Charles II, by the Dutchess of Cleveland, created Earl of Northumberland, Viscount Falmouth, and Baron of Pontefract, 31st of Oce tober, 1674.

Henry Fitz-Roy, another of the natural Fitz-Ros. Sons of King Charles II, by the Dutchess of Cleveland, created Duke of Grafton, in September, 1675.

Charles Duke of Lenox, natural Son to Lenos. King Charles II, by Louise de Queroualle, Dutchess of Portsmouth, created Baron of Earl of March, and Duke of Richmond, 1675.

Charles Fitz-Roy, first called Limrick, eldest Fitz-Roy. natural Son to King Charles II, by the Dutchess of Cleveland, created Baron of Newbury, Earl of Chichester, and Duke of Southampton, 10th of September, 1675.

Charles Sackvile, Lord Buckhurst, created Sackvile. Earl of Middlesex, 4th of February, 1675.

Sir George Sondes, created Baron of Throw- Sondes. ley, Viscount Sondes of Lees-Court, and Earl of Feversham, 8th of April, 1676.

Charles Beauclair, created Baron of Hed- Beauclair. dington, and Earl of Burford, 27th of December, 1976.

George Savile, Viscount Halifax, created Savile. Earl of Halifax, 18th of July, 1679.

Charles, Lord Gerrard of Brandon, created Gerrard. Viscount Brandon, and Earl of Macclesfield, 23d of July, 1679.

John Roberts, Lord Roberts of Truro, crea- Roberts. ted Viscount Bodmin, and Earl of Radnor, in July 1679.

Robert Pafton, Viscount Yarmouth, created Pafton. Earl of Yarmouth, 30th of July, 1679.








George Lord Berkley, created Viscount Dursley, and Earl of Berkeley, irth of September, 1679.

Edward Viscount Conway, created Earl of Conway, 3d of December, 1679.

Elizabeth Bayring, Lady Dacres, fourth Daughter of Paul Viscount Bayning, created Countess of Sheppey for Life, 6th of September, 1680.

Lawrence Hyde Esg; first Commissioner of the Treasury, created Viscount Hyde of Ke. nelworth, and Baron of Wootton Bajet, in Com. Wilts, 23d of April, 1681.

Heneage Finch, Baron of Daventry, and Lord Chancellor of England, created Earl of Nottingham, 12th of May, 1681.

Sir George Carteret of Hawnes, in Com. Bedford, created Baron Carteret of Hawnes in the same County, in O&tober, 1681.

George Savile, Earl of Halifax, created Marquifs of Halifax, 22d of August, 1682.

Fames Butler, Duke, Marquess, and Earl of Ormond, in Ireland, created a Duke of England with the same Title, the 9th of November, 1682.

Lawrence Hyde, Viscount Hyde of Kenelworth, and Baron of Wootton Baset, created Earl of Rochester, 29th of November, 1682.

Fames Bertie, Lord Norris, eldest Son by the second Venter of Montague Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, created Earl of Abingdon, 30th of November, 1682.

Edward Nod, Viscount Cambden, created Earl of Gainsborough, ist of December, 1682.

Henry Somerset, Marquefs of Worcester, created Duke of Beaufort, 2d of December, 1682.








Horatio Townshend, Baron Townshend of Lynn Townshend Regis, in Com. Norfork, created Viscount Townshend of Raynham, in December, 1682.

Colonel George Legg, created Baron of Legg. Dartmouth, in December, 1682.

Conyers Darcy, Lord Darcy and Conyers, cre- Darcy. ated Earl of Holderness, sth of December, 1682.

Thomas Windsor, Lord_Windsor, created Windsor. Earl of Plymouth, 6th of December, 1682.

Thomas Thynne, Baronet, created Baron Thynne. Thynne, of Warminster, in Com. Wilts, and Viscount Weymouth in Dorsetshire, 11th of December, 1682. · William Hatton, Baron Hatton of Kirby, Hattoni created Viscount Hatton, 17th of December, 1682.

Charles Bennet, created Baron Olulson of Bennet. Olulfton in Com. Middlesex, in December, 1682.

Colonel John Churchill, created Baron Churchill. Churchill of Aymouth in Scotland, in December, 1682.

Ralph Stawell Esq; created Baron Stawell of Stawell. Somerton, in Com. Somerset, 15th of January, 1682.

Sir Francis North, Lord-Keeper, created North. Baron Guilford in Surrey, 23d of September, 1683.

Charles Beauclair, Earl of Burford, the Beauclair. King's natural Son by Mrs. Eleanor Gwyn, created Duke of St. Albans, both of Janu. ary, 1683.

Sidney Godolphin Esq; created Baron Godol- Godolphin. pbsn of Rialton in the County of Cornwal, 8th of September, 1684.


Statutes in STATÚTES passed in the Reign of this Reigo.



The Statutes of the most Confequence that

passed in this Reign, were, Long Par

An A&t of the 12 Car. II. Cap. 1. declaring, liament

the Long Parliament, begun the third Day of diffoived. Conventi

. November, 1649, diffolved, and that the CononParlia- vention assembled the 20th of April, 1660,

were the two Houses of Parliament, notwithstanding the Want of his Majesty's Writs

of Summons, or any other Defe&. Process

An Ad of the 12 Car. II. Cap. 3, and continued.

Cap. 13. was made for the Continuance of all Process in the Courts of Law, and declaring, that Judicial Proceedings, &c. should be in

his Majesty's Name. Pardon. An Act of the 12 Car. II. Cap 11. for Regicides.

a general Pardon; out of which, the Regi

cides and some others are excepted. Interest.

An Ad of the 12 Car. II. Cap. 13. reduces

the Interest of Money, from Eight to Six 29th of

An Ad of 12 Car II. Cap. 14. for a perMay, Reitoration, petual anniversary Thanksgiving, for the Re

Atoration of King Charles II, on the 29th of

May. Army dis- Án A& of 12 Car II. Cap. 15 for disbandbanded.

ing the Army

Cap. 16. enables disbanded Soldiers to exi

excise their respective Trades. Clergy se An Ad of 12 Car. II. Cap. 17. for restostored,

ring the Clergy to their Righes. Navigati- An Ad of 12 Car. II. Cap. 18. for the

Encouragement of Navigation, prohibits the
Importation of any Goods from Afa, Africa,


per Cent,


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