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CUT of King James II.

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Continuation of the Reign of CHARLES II.

N the third of December, the A.D.1678
fame Day Colemaa was execu-
ted, the King issued a Procla- 30 Car.II.
mation, (in Pursuance of an A Reward
Address of the Lords) offer- of Two

ing a Reward of Two hun- hundred dred Pounds and a Pardon to any one, who

Pounds of

fered for a Should make a farther Discovery of the late further Difhorrid Design against bis Majesty's Sacred covery of Person and Government, which gave such the Plot. Encouragement to Oates and Bedloe, that they Oates and proceeded to charge the Queen herself, before Bedloe acthe Privy Council, as an Accomplice in the cuse the Plot: Bedloe deposed, That about the latter Queen. VOL. XXIII B


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A.D.1678 End of April, 1677, there was a Consultation

held in the Chappel-Gallery of Somerset-House, 30 Car. II.

where were present the Lord Bellafis, Mr. Coleman, Le Phaire, Pritchard, Latham, and Sheldon, (Priests) and two Frenchmen, whom he took to be Abbots, with the Queen, and feveral others whose Faces he did not fee; and that Coleman and Pritchard told the Deponent, after the Consultation was over, that the Queen wept at what was proposed, but was over-persuaded to consent by the two Frenchmen. To support this Evidence, Oates deposed, That in the Month of July the present Year 1678, Sir George Wakeman, in a Lectcr to Ashby the Jesuit, wrote, That the Queen would affist him to poison the King: That a few Days after, Father Harcourt and four other Jesuits went to attend the Queen at Somerset. House on her fending for them : That after they were gone into a Chamber, the Deponene waited without, and heard a Woman say, that she would no longer endure the Violations of her Bed; and that she would alfist Sir George Wakeman in poisoning the King; that he was afterwards admitted into the Room, and saw no other Woman but the Queen ; and heard, while he was within, the fame Voice ask Father Harcourt, If he had

received the last thousand Pounds? The Com- This Evidence, how improbable soever, had mons Ad- such an Effect on the House of Commons, dress for, that they address'd his Majesty, that the Papists. "Queen, and all her Family, and all Papists,

and reputed Papifts, should be forthwith removed from Whitehall; and immediately after resolved to address his Majesty, That all Papists, and suspected Papists, in England and Wales, might be apprehended and secured.


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