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Alpaca and the Llama

lbs. 1,652,295
Woollen Manufactures : Ma-
nufactures not made up value £ 535,459
Articles or Manufactures

of Wool wholly or in
part made up.

value £ 146,583
Other Articles

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The foregoing Statement is founded upon Returns transmitted monthly throughout the current year to the Inspector-general of Imports and Exports from the different Ports of the United Kingdom. Such Returns exhibit the gross quantities of Articles entered for consumption, and the gross amount of Duty thereon, without reference to deductions for over-entries, &c. This Statement will therefore not agree, in all points, with the Annual Statement to be compiled after the final adjustment of the Custom-house Records shall have been made. (The difference, however, is usually very trifling:] EXPORTS of the principal Articles of FOREIGN and COLONIAL MER

CHANDIZE in the year ended 5th January, 1851. Cheese

cwts. 5,407 Cocoa

lbs. 1,443,363 Coffee - Of British Possessions

lbs. 3,413,918 Foreign

lbs. 8,755,888 Total of Coffee

lbs. 12,169,806 Corn-Wheat

qrs. 4,560 Barley

qrs. 13,260 Oats

qrs. 6,035 Wheatmeal or Flour

cwts. 25,443




145,895 58,493 93,605 23,667 777,957 81,014

9,859 54,109 6,583 3,721 930

385 60,972

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sq. ft.



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Cotton Manufactures not made up
East India Piece Goods

S pieces

{ value thereof £ Other Articles

value £ Cotton Manufactures wholly or in part made up value £ Cotton Yarn

{ value thereof £ Dyes and Dyeing Stuffs--Cochineal

cwts. Indigo

cwts. Lacdye

cwts. Logwood

tons Terra Japonica

tons Cutch.

tons Embroidery and Needlework .

value £ Glass Manufactures Window Glass, not exceeding one-ninth of an inch thick, and shades and cylinders

cwts. All Glass exceeding one-ninth of an inch thick, all sil

vered or polished glass of whatever thickness White Flint Glass goods (except bottles) not cut, engraved, or otherwise ornamented

lbs. Als Flint Cut Glass, Flint Coloured Glass, and Fancy Ornamental Glass

lbs. Guano

tons Hides, Untanned, Dry

. cwts. Wet

cw.ts. Tanned, Tawed, Curried or Dressed

lbs. Leather Manufactures-Gloves

pairs Linen Manufactureş—-Plain lipen and diaper value £ Metals_Copper, unwrought and part wrought cwts. Iron, in bars, unwrought

tons Steel, unwrought

tons Lead, Pig and Sheet,

tons Spelter

tons Tin in Blocks, Ingots, Bars, or Slabs cwts. Oil-Palm

cwts. Cocoa Nut

cwts. Olive

tuns Opium.

lbs. Quicksilver

lbs. Rice, not in the husk

cwts. Silk-Raw

lbs. Waste, Knubs and Husks

cwts. Thrown

lbs. Silk Manufactures of Europe -Silk or Satin Broad Stuffs

lbs. Ribbons

lbs. Gauze or Crape Broad Stuffs

lbs. Ribbons

lbs. Gauze mixed with Silk, Satin, or any other Materials in less proportion than one-half of the fabric-Broad Stuffs

lbs. Ribbons

Ibs. Velvet Broad Stuffs

lbs. Ribbons of Velvet or Silk embossed with Velvet lbs. Plush for making Hats


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187,202 22,575 83,799 29,778 105,570 401,009

9,483 16,685 5,996

649 3,218 3,423 3,795 73,186 51,546

375 87,451 1,014,492

248,136 557,310

116 75,190

139,368 112,102 1,731


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21 1,841 1,063 3,880

Silk Manufactures of India-Bandannoes and other Silk

pieces 410,473 Spices--Cassia Lignea

lbs. 753,915 Cinnamon


610,495 Cloves

lbs. 215,342 Mace

lbs. 46,438 Nutmegs

lbs. 151,526 Pepper

lbs. 3,727,183 Pimento

cwts. 8,510 Spirits-Rum

proof galls. 1,188,032 Brandy

proof galls. 877,607 Geneva

proof galls. 280,533 Sugar, unrefined, of the British Possessions in America


66 of Mauritius


126 of British Possessions in the East In dies


625 Foreign

cwts. 369,598

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cwts. 370,415 Sugár, Foreign Refined, and Candy_Of British Possessions


166 Foreign

cwts. 90,386 Melasses

cwts. 5,252 Tea

lbs. 5,015,629 Tobacco-Unmanufactured

Ibs. 7,245,763 Foreign Manufactured, and Snuff

lbs. 1,264,154 Wine-Cape


2,543 French

gallons 173,005 Other Sorts

gallons 1,570,121

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gallons 1,745,669 Wool, Cotton

cwts. 915,008 Sheep and Lamb's

lbs. 14,054,815 Alpaca and the Llama Tribe


333,859 Woollen Manufactures - Manufactures not made up, value £ 115,509 Articles or Manufactures of Wool wholly or in part

value £ 11,584

made up

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EXPORTS of the principal Articles of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures, in the year ended 5th January, 1851.


1850. Articles

Declared Value. Alkali--Soda

£302,052 £402,129 Beer and Ale

418,235 557,894 Butter

217,844 210,871 Candles


98,108 Cheese


30,604 Coals and Culm

1,087,122 1,280,341 Cordage and Cables

135,237 155,210

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1850. Declared Value.


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Cotton Manufactures:--Entered by the

yard (exclusive of Lace and Patent

Lace and Patent Net
Thread for Sewing

Of all other descriptions
Cotton Yarn

Of other sorts
Glass Manufactures--Flint Glass

Window Glass.
Bottles, Green or common

Plate Glass
Haberdashery and Milli

and Millinery Hardwares and Cutlery Leather, Unwrought

Of other sorts

Saddlery and Harness
Linen Manufactures: entered by the yard

(exclusive of Lace of Thread)

Lace of Thread
Thread for Sewing

Of all other descriptions
Linen Yarn
Machinery and Mill Work

Engines and parts of Steam Engines .

Of all other sorts
Metals--Iron, Pig

Bar, Bolt and Rod

Wrought of all sorts
Steel, Unwrought
Copper in Bricks and Pigs

Sheets, Nails, &c. (including Mixed

or Yellow Metal for Sheathing)
Wrought of other sorts .
Brass of all sorts
Tin, Unwrought

Tin Plates
Oil, Linseed, Hempseed and Rape-seed
Painters' Colours and Materials

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36,169 116,355 287,737 141,562 709,788 279,407 208,289 252,991


71,981 124,350 387,575 124,801 928,181 413,620 247,803 224,673

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* The Quantity and Declared Value of Wrought Copper as stated in the Account for 1849 (year ended 5th January, 1850), do not agree with the quantity and value exported in that year as now stated. The discrepancy is occasioned by an error of classification, a part of the Exports of 1849 having properly belonged to the head of Sheet Copper, to which head it is applied in this Account.

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Silk Manufactures— Of Silk only :
Stuffs, Handkerchiefs and Ribbons


Of all other descriptions
Of Silk mixed with other Materials ;--
Stuffs, Handkerchiefs and Ribbons


Of all other descriptions
Silk, Thrown
Silk Twist and Yarn
Sugar, Refined
Wool, Sheep or Lamb's
Woollen Manufactures:--Entered by the

Entered by the Yard


Of all other descriptions Woollen Yarn

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SHIPPING.--On December 31, 1850, the total number of VESSELS registered at the various Ports of Great Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands, was 24,799 sailing vessels, and 1,185 steam-vessels. The tonnage of the sailing vessels was 3,396,791; of the steam-vessels, 177,312. Of the sailing vessels, 9,494 were of less than 50 tons burthen, the tonnage of which amounted to 282,836; and 425 of the steamers were also below 50 tons burthen, with a collective tonnage of 97,283. The number of Vessels built and registered in 1850 was 689; 621 of these were Sailing Vessels, 11 being built with iron, the united tonnage amounting to 119,111; and 68 Steam Vessels, of which 50_were iron, the united tonnage of which was 14,584. At the various British Colonies, at the same date (Dec. 31, 1850,) there were registered-In Africa, at Sierra Leone, Bathurst, Cape of Good Hope, and Mauritius, 115 sailing vessels under 50 tons, and 90 above; the total tonnage being 13,765; and 3 steam-vessels, tonnage 411. In Australia, at Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart Town, Launceston, and New Zealand, 451 sailing vessels under 50 tons, tonnage 10,985; 278 above 50 tons, tonnage 41,793; 12 steamers under 50 tons, and 15 above; total tonnage 2,197. In the British North American Colonies, at Newfoundland, Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, and Prince Edward's Island, 3,118 sailing vessels under 50 tons, tonnage 89,274; 2,360 above 50 tons, tonnage 346,994, 22 steamers under 50 tons, and 82 above 50 tons, total tonnage 12,121. In the British West Indies, (including the Bahamas, Bermuda, Demerara, and Berbice,) 634 sailing vessels under 50 tons, tonnage 11,966 ; 93 above 50 tons, tonnage 7,906; and 3 steamers, tonnage 147.

COASTING TRADE.— The Number and Tonnage of Vessels that entered and cleared Coastwise, at the various Ports of Great Britain

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