16. For the better management and control of the highways in South Wales.

17. Further to explain and amend an Act for the regulation of process and practice in the superior courts of common law in Ireland.

18. To continue the stamp duties granted by an Act of 5 and 6 Vict., to assimilate the stamp duties in Great Britain and Ireland, and to make regulations for collecting and managing the same.

20. To extend the remedies provided by the Renewable Leasehold Conversion Act, for the recovery of fee-farm rents under that Act, to all other fee-farm rents and to other rents in Ireland reserved upon grants of land in which the grantors have no reversion.

21. To amend an Act of the 6 and 7 Vict., to amend an Act of the 19 and 20 Geo. III. for empowering grand juries in Ireland to present · bridges, and tolls to be paid for passing the same, in certain cases.

22. To continue the survey of Great Britain, Berwick-upon-Tweed, and the Isle of Man.

23. To authorise for a further period the advance of money out of the Consolidated Fund to a limited amount for carrying on public works and fisheries and employment of the poor.

24. To amend the Acts for the granting of sites for schools.

26. To amend the Acts relating to the British white herring fishery.

27. To amend certain Acts for the improvement of prisons and prison discipline in Scotland.

29. For further continuing certain temporary provisions concerning ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England.

30. To continue an Act for authorising the application of highway rates to turnpike roads.

31. To continue an Act to amend the laws relating to loan societies.

32. To suspend the making of lists and the ballots and enrolments for the militia of the United Kingdom.

33. To enlarge the period allowed for compounding for assessed taxes.

35. To extend the benefits of certain provisions of the General Merchant Seamen's Act relating to apprentices bound to the sea service by boards of guardians of the poor in Ireland, and to enable such guardians to place out boys in the naval service.

37. To continue certain turnpike Acts in Great Britain.

39. To exempt burgesses and freemen in certain cases from the operation of an Act for the better assessing and collecting the poor rates and highway rates in respect of small tenements.

40. For marriages in India.

42. To make better provisions for the management of the woods, forests, and land revenues of the crown, and for the direction of public works and buildings.

44. To continue certain Acts for regulating turnpike roads in Ireland.

45. To continue an Act of the 5 and 6 Vict. for amending the law relative to private lunatic asylums in Ireland.

46. To amend two several Acts of her Majesty's reign enabling the Commissioners of her Majesty's Woods to purchase lands for and to form Victoria Park; and to indemnify the trustees of copyhold lands held in trust for her Majesty.

47. To continue the exemption of inhabitants from liability to be rated as such in respect of stock in trade or other property to the relief of the poor.

48. To continue an Act of the 2 and 3 Vict., “ to extend and render more effectual for five years an Act passed in the 4 Geo. IV., to amend an Act passed in the 5 Geo. III., for preventing the administering and taking unlawful oaths in Ireland,” as the same is amended by an Act of the 11 and 12 Vict.

49. To repeal an Act of the 11 and 12 Vict., for making preliminary inquiries in certain cases of applications for local Acts, and to make other provisions in lieu thereof.

50. To amend the Public Health Act, and an Act of the 3 and 4 Wm. IV., in respect of the assessment of tithe and tithe rent charges for certain charges.

51. To authorise for a further period the application of money fox the purposes of loans for carrying on public works in Ireland.

53. To consolidate and continue the copyhold and inclosure commissions, and to provide for the completion of proceedings under the Tithe Commutation Acts.

56. To sanction the service by post of notices relative to the proceedings of certain charitable institutions, and to make further provi. sion as to the service of such notices in future.

58 To defray the charge of the pay, clothing, and contingent and other expenses of the disembodied militia in Great Britain and Ireland; to grant allowances in certain cases to subaltern officers, adjutants, paymasters, quartermasters, surgeons, assistant surgeons, surgeons' mates, and serjeant majors of the militia ; and to authorise the employment of the non-commissioned officers.

59. To continue certain of the allowances of the duty of Excise on soap used in manufactures.

63. For the settlement of the boundaries between the Provinces of Canada and New Brunswick.

61. To repeal the Act for constituting Commissioners of Railways.

65. To continue certain temporary provisions relating to the collection of grand jury cess in Ireland; and also to provide for the due annexation of an isolated district. formerly of the county of Dublin, to a barony of the county of Wicklow, for the purposes of grand jury cess and other purposes.

66. For rebuilding the bridge over the river Ness at the town of Inverness, and improving the approaches thereto; and for amending the Acts relating to Highland Roads and Bridges.

67. To repeal so much of an Act of the 12 Geo. III., relating to the making, keeping, and carriage of gunpowder, as exempts therefrom certain gunpowder magazines and stores near Liverpool, and to make certain temporary provisions with regard to the said magazines and stores.

68. To provide for the better distribution, support, and management of medical charities in weland; and to amend an Act of 11 Vict. for the execution of the laws for the relief of the poor in Ireland.

69. To continue an Act of the 12 Vict., to prevent the spreading of contagious or infectious disorders among sheep, cattle, and other animals.

70. To alter and amend certain provisions of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, so far as relates to Ireland.

71. To repeal certain statutes relating to the Irish branch of the United Church of England and Ireland.

72. To consolidate and amend the laws relating to the erection and endowment of churches and chapels and perpetual curacies in Ireland.

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73. To consolidate and amend the laws relating to ecclesiastical residences in Ireland.

74. To amend an Act of the 11 and 12 Vict., relating to poor rate poundage and the valuation of ecclesiastical property in Ireland ; and to provide for the renewal of leases of lands disappropriated from bishoprics.

78. To continue and amend an Act-for establishing an office for the benefit of the coalwhippers of the port of London.

80. See Abstract, cap. 103.

81. To authorise the removal from India of insane persons charged with offences, and to give better effect for inquisitions of Lunacy taken in India.

82. To simplify the forms of appointments to certain offices, and the manner of passing grants under the great seal.

84. To alter and amend the Act empowering the Canterbury Assam ciation to dispose of certain lands in New Zealand.

85. Further to amend an Act of the 6 Wm. IV., to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the constabulary force in Ireland.

86. To regulate the affairs of certain settlements established by the New Zealand Company in New Zealand.

87. To regulate certain proceedings in relation to the election of representative peers for Scotland.

90. For the better collection of fines, penalties, issues, amercia ments, and forfeited recognizances in Ireland.

91. To authorise the application of advances (out of money now authorised to be advanced for the improvement of landed property) to facilitate emigration from certain distressed districts of Scotland.

92. To consolidate and amend the Acts relating to certain offences and other matters as to which justices of the peace exercise snmmary jurisdiction in Ireland.

93. To consolidate and amend the Acts regulating the proceedings at Petty Sessions, and the duties of justices the peace out of Quarter Sessions, in Ireland.

94. To define and amend the mineral customs of certain parts of ** the hundred of High Peak, in the county of Derby, part of the possessions of her Majesty's Duchy of Lancaster; to make provision for the better administration of justice in the Barmote courts therein ; and to improve the practice and proceedings of the said courts.. [The short title is declared to be «The High Peak Mining Customs and Mineral Courts Act, 1851.')

97. To amend the Church Building Acts. 98. See Abstracts, cap. 103. 101. To apply a sum out of the consolidated fund, and certain other sums, to the service of the year 1851 ; and to appropriate the supplies granted in this session of Parliament.

102. To amend the Acts relating to the Merchant Seamen's Fund, and to provide for winding up the said fund, and for the better management thereof in the meantime.

104. To facilitate the management and improvement of episcopal and capitular estates in England.

106. For appointing commissioners to inquire into the existence of bribery in the borough of St. Alban’s.


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Fractional sums are omitted in some instances.

1.-Finance. An Account of the Net PUBLIC INCOME of the United Kingdom of

Great Britain and Ireland, in the year ended Jan. 5, 1851, and of
the EXPENDITURE for the same Period.


s. d Customs

20,442,170 17 Excise.

14,316,083 15 10 Stamps

6,558,332 10 Taxes (Land and Assessed)

4,360,178 13 3 Property Tax

5,383,036 17 7 Post Office

820,000 Crown Lands

160,000 Duties on Pensions and Salaries

4,762 2 1 Small Branches, Hereditary Revenues of the Crown 16,330 15 il Surplus Fees of Regulated Public Offices

116,246 6 9
Produce of Sale of Old Stores, and extra Receipts 472,394 17
Imprest and other Moneys .

101,344 11 1
Money received from the East India Company 60,000
Total Income

52,810,880 11 8

[blocks in formation]


Interest and Management of Permanent Debt
Terminable Annuities

Interest on Exchequer Bills
Civil List
Amuities and Pensions for Civil

, Naval, Military and Judicial Services, &c., charged by various

Acts of Parliament on the Consolidated Fund
Salaries and Allowances
Diplomatic Salaries and Pensions
Courts of Justice
Miscellaneous Charges on the Consolidated Fund.
Miscellaneous, chargeable on the Annual Grants

of Parliament.
Unelaimed Dividends (more than received)

Total Expenditure
Excess of Income over Expenditure :

384,694 11
284,662 196

159,285 5. 8
1,089,893 15 11

549,443 1 5 6,401,883 6,437,883 3 7 2,553,177 18 1

3,856,886 5 6

25,993 18 1

50,231,874 8 5

2,579,006 3 52,810,880 11

THE REVENUE.-AN ABSTRACT of the Net PRODUCE of the REVENUE of GREAT BRITAIN in the Years ending the 10th of

October, 1850, and the 10th of October, 1861, and the Quarters of the same, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

4,112,823 4,525,795 4,512,944 4,407,333 17,558,895 4,760,514 4,774,302 4,570,213 4,525,825 18,630,854 12,723,310 10,789,140 13,005,406 13,607,886 50,125,742 12,613,882 11,072,191 12,910,052, 13,606,68 50,202,814

Increase 77,072

on Year.

Decrease on Quar.


Quarters ended

Quarters ended

Year ended Oct. 10,


Year ended Oct. 10,


Jan. 5, 1850.

April 5,


July 5,


Oct. 10,


Jan. 5,

April 5,


July 5,

Oct. 10,




4,720,630 4,432,584 4,333,7085,251,883 18,738,805 4,596,705 4,548,266 4,318,218 5,335,073 18,798,262

3,625,061 1,859,473 3,325,225 4,103,343 12,913,102 3,715,920 1,980,536 3,419,810 4,139,854 13,256,120 STAMPS

1,509,860 1,538,125 1,590,767 1,507,028 6,145,780 1,459,721 1,548,008 1,525,492 1,432 564 5,965,785 TAXES

1,897,961) 177,231 2,073,281 186,613 4,335,066 1,923,053 167,784 2,045,231 163,025 4,301,093 PROPERTY TAX

449,394 2,069,608 1,026,835 1,867,864 5,413,701 418,730 2,089,950 976,881 1,870,136 5,355,697 POST OFFICE

152,000 231,000 210,000 227,000 820,000 152,000 272,000 240,000 306,000 970,000 CROWN LANDS 60,000 40,000 40,000 20,000 160,000 60,000 40,000


40,000 170,000

58,408 47,960 81,474 28,727 216,569 20,391 21,974 91,241 28,452 162,058
Total Ordinary Revenue 12,473,314 10,335,981 12,681,290 13,192,458 48,743,043 12,346,520 10,668,518 12,646,873 13,317,104 48,979,015
Imprest and other Moneys. 125,087 301,759 135,827

121,615 684,288 132,246 261,7651

139,7701 124,3301 658,111
Repayments of Advances 124,909 91,400 188,289 293,813 698,411 135,116 141,908 123,409 165,255 565,688
Total Income ...

12,723,310 10,789,140 13,003,406 13,607,886 50,125,742 12,613,882 11,072,191 12,910,052 13,606,689 50,202,814

The Amount applied to Con

solidated Fund

8,236,315 5,967,008 8,200,639 8,779,169 31,183,131

7,655,164 5,868,205 7,975,091 8,794,247 30,292,707




421,384 1,383,716




286,617] 1,279,253

Ditto applied as Advances.
Ditto applied as part of the
Ways and Means of the


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