Property-Tax Department, Stamp Office, Secretary's Office, Lord Chancellor's, QuaSomerset House, 10 to 4

lity-court, Chancery-lane, 10 to 4; Rolls, Public Accounts Office. See Audit Office Chancery-lane, 10 to 3; vacation, 11 to 1 Public Office in Chancery, Southampton Sheriff of Middlesex's Office, Red Lion-sq.

buildings, 10 to 4; in long vacation, 11 to Court days, Thursdays 1; no attendance on Saturdays

Sheriff's Court Office, Guildhall-build. Public Record Office_Head Office, Rolls' ings, 10 to 4

House, Chancery-lane. Branch Offices, Signet Office. See Privy Seal
Rolls’ Chapel, Tower, Chapter House, Solicitor-General's Office, 3, Stone-build.

Poets' Corner, and Carlton Ride, 10 to 4 ings, Lincoln's Inn Public Works Loan Office, S. Sea House, Sons of the Clergy, 2, Bloomsbury-place, 10 to 4

Bloomsbury-square Queen Anne's Bounty Office, Dean's-yard, Stage Coach Duty Office, at Inland Revenue

Westminster; Treasurer's Department, Office, Broad-street 10 to 2; Secretary's and First Fruits and Stamp Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4. No Tenths Department, 10 to 4

money received after 3 Queen’s Bench Office, Mitre-court-buildings, State Paper Office, 12, Duke-street, WestTemple; hours as the Writ Office

minster, 11 to 4 Queen's Remembrancer Office, 22, Duke- Stationery Office, James-street, Buckingstreet, Westminster, 10 to 4

ham-gate, 10 to 4. Railway Board, 22, Great George-street Stock Exchange, Capel-court, Bank, 10 to 4 Receiver's Office for Greenwich Hospital, Subpæna Office, Rolls-yard, 10 to 4 in Tower Hill, 10 to 4

Term, and 11 to 1 in vacation only Record and Writ Clerks Office, Chancery- Surveyor of Crown Lands, 8, Richmond

lane, 10 to 4 in Term and during the terrace. See Board of Works F Seals, at other times 11 to 1

Tax Office, Somerset-place, 10 to 3 Register Office of the Dean and Chapter of Taxing Master's Office, Staple-inn, 10 to

St. Paul's, 5, Dean's-court, Doctors'. 4; vacation, 11 to 1 commons, 9 to 5

Tenths Office. See Queen Anne's Bounty Registrar Office, Chancery-lane (C.) 10 to 2 Tithe Commissioners' Office, 9, SomersetRegistry of Designs, 4, Somerset-place, 10 place, 10 to 4 to 4; for registering, 11 to 3

Transport Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4 Report and Entries Office, Chancery-lane, Treasurer for the County of Middlesex's 10 to 3; vacation, 11 to 1

Office, Clerkenwell Sessions-house, 11 Royal Marines Office, 22, New-st., Spring- to 3 gardens, 10 to 5

Treasury Office, Whitehall, 10 to 4 Rule Office (Q.B.), Queen's Bench Office, Vicars General and Peculiars' Office, Bell

Inner Temple, il to 3, and 6 to 8, in yard, Doctors' Commons, 94 to 5

Term; in vacation, as Writ Office Victualling Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4 Rule Office (C.P.), Serjeant's Inn, Chan- War Office, Horse Guards, 10 to 4

cery-lane, il to 3, and 6 to 8, in Term; Wine Licence Office, Inland Revenue in vacation, as Writ Office

Office, Broad-street, 10 to 3 Savings Banks' (Barristers”) Office, 5, BolWoods, Forests, and Land Revenues, Public ton-street, Piccadilly, 10 to 4

Works and Buildings Office, Whitehall School of Design, Somerset House

place, 10 to 4 Scottish Corporation Office, Crane-court, Writs Office (Q.B.), Queen's Bench Office, Fleet street, 10 to 4

King's Bench-walk, Temple, 11 to 4, Secondary's Office, 5, Basinghall-st., 10 to 7 vacation, 11 to 3; long vacation, 11 to 2.


Tuesday .. January 6 April 6 July 6 October 12 Wolverhampton.. Wednesday..


13 Birmingham.. Thursday....


14 Stourbridge Friday.......


15 Dudley Saturday



k. HACKNEY-CARRIAGE FARES. time not exceeding half an hour, one shil.

All vehicles, whether on two or more ling, and sixpence for every additional quar. wheels, plying for passengers in any part ter of an hour, or fractional part thereof. of the metropolis, within five miles of the

CABRIOLETS. General Post Office, with the exception of For every hackney-carriage drawn by those licensed as stage-coaches, are deemed one horse only, two-thirds of the rates and hackney-carriages within the provisions of fares above-mentioned. the Act.

Fares according to Distance.-For every RATE OF ALLOWANCE TO WITNESSES. hackney-carriage drawn by two horses any For Attendance and Expenses.

per day. distance not exceeding one mile, one shil. Surgeons, Surveyors, and Attorneys 2 2 0 ling, and sixpence for every additional


1 1 0 Tradesmen

• 0 15 0 half-mile or fractional part of half a mile.

Journeymen Mechanics

• 0 7 0 Fares according to Time.--For every

For Travelling 18. od. a mile. hackney-carriage drawn by two horses any | The Attorney in the cause 1 3

METROPOLITAN WATER COMPANIES, WITH THEIR OFFICES. Chelsea_16, Great Queen-st, Westminster Lambeth-139, Blackfriar's-road East London-16, St. Helen's place New River-New River Head, near Sad, Grand Junction--7, Brook-st., Grosvenor. ler's Wells square

Southwark and Vauxhall-Sumner-street, Hampstead -6, Hardwick-place, Hamp- Southwark stead-road

West Middlesex_20, Nottingham-place, Kent--Mill-lane, Deptford

New-road METROPOLITAN GAS-LIGHT COMPANIES, WITH THEIR OFFICES. British-11, George-yard, Lombard-street, / Imperial-33, John-street, Bedford-row and 105, Broad-street, Ratcliff

Independent Haggerston Chartered 19, New Bridge-street, Black. London-26, Southampton-street, Strand friars

Marylebone Consumers'—27, Edward-st., City of London-Dorset-st., Salisbury-sq. Portman-square Commercial - King-street, Poplar

Phenix-64, Bankside Deptford-Creek-street, Deptford

Ratcliff--189, Wapping High-street Equitable-21, John-street, Adelphi, and South Metropolitan--Canal Bridge, Old Thames-bank, Westminster

Kent-road European-3, Moorgate-street

Surrey Consumers'-293, Rotherhithe-st. ! Great Central Gas Consumers', 28, Cole- United General—6, Austin Friars man-street

Western-9, Holles-street, Cavendish-sq. LONDON FIRE ENGINE ESTABLISHMENT, 68, WATLING-STREET. The following are the stations at which Engines are to be found, both Day and Nighț. Ratcliffe-Wellclose-square

Blackfriars-Farringdon-street Cheapside-68, Watling-street

Covent Garden--Chandos-street Holborn_No. 254, High Holborn

St. Giles's-George-yard, Crown-street Oxford_street_76, Wells-street

Golden-square-King-street Portman-square-33, King-st., Baker-street Tooley-street, 147 Southwark Bridge-road, near Union-street Waterloo Bridge-road, near the New Cut Westminster-Horseferry-road

Shadwell—107, Broad-street Rotherhithe-Lucas-street

The Floating Engines lie off King's Stairs, St. Mary Axe Jeffries-square

Rotherhithe, and Southwark Bridge Finsbury-Whitecross-street

Superintendent-Mr. J. Braidwood, 68, Watling-street.


Newspapers, to go the same day, must be The Receiving Houses are open for put into the General Post Office before six general post letters till half-past five, or till o'clock; but those put in before half-past six P.M., if the letters be pre-paid by stamps, seven o'clock will go the same evening by and bear an additional id. stamp as a fee; paying a halfpenny with each. In the and at St. Martin's-le-Grand and the Branch branch offices they must be put in before Offices, at Charing Cross, Old Cavendish- half-past 5, and at the Receiving Houses bestreet, Stones' End, Southwark, and Lom- fore 5. They must be sent in covers, open at bard-street, till six without fee; at the first the sides, and, to go free, no words or comthree Branch Offices till a quarter to seven; munication must be printed on such paper at Lombard-street and the General Post after the same shall have been published, nor Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand, till seven, with any writing or marks upon such printed an additional ld. stamp; and at St. Martin's. paper, or the cover thereof, other than the le-Grand till half past seven P.M., with a fee name and address of the person to whom it of 6d. The extra penny on all inland letters is sent; but, by affixing a stamp conspito be paid by a stamp, but upon foreign, cuously on the cover, the paper itself may colonial, or ship letters the penny must be be written on, but this exemption does not paid in money,

apply to papers sent abroad. If addressed General post letters are charged by to persons who have removed, they may be weight, as follows:

re-directed, and sent free of extra charge. Letters not exceeding oz., one postage Failure in these conditions subjects the Do.

1 oz., two postages paper to the same rate of postage as an unDo.

2 oz., four postages paid letter, Single books may also be sent Do.

3 oz., six postages; by post, open the ends, at rate of 6d. and so on, adding two postages for every per pound, which must be pre-paid by ounce; but parliamentary papers are an ex- stamps, every fraction being reckoned as a ception. The price of a postage is ld., which pound. Single books may also be sent to must be pre-paid by a stamp, or it will be the West Indies and Nova Scotia; under charged double, and if the weight of the letter lb. 6d., above 1s., and 1$. for each lb, or should exceed the value of the stamps at- fraction of a lb. above, prepaid by stamps. tached, the excess will be charged double : British newspapers sent to foreign coun. thus, a letter weighing more than half an tries (where they are permitted to go free ounce, but not exceeding an ounce, if bear. through the foreign post) go free: but if ing ld. stamp only, will be charged an ad otherwise, they are charged a British postditional 2d. on delivery. Shilling stamps age of 2d. each ; or a rate equivalent to the and tenpenny stamps are also now issued. foreign rate. French and Belgium news,


papers are subject to a postage in England | letters bearing a sufficient number of stamps of one halfpenny. English papers pay in will pass as paid letters, but the registration France a postage of 5 centimes.

fee must in every case be paid in money, Newspapers to and from the Colonies are Money orders for sums under 54 are transmitted free (unless sent by private granted by every post-town upon every ships), and must be posted within a week other post-town in the United Kingdom, of their publication.

on application at the various offices; and

also by and upon certain offices in the me MORNING MAILS.

tropolis, of which the postmasters are furThe Letter Boxes at the Receiving nished with a list, for which a commission Houses will be open till seven A.M. for news- of 3d. for Two Pounds, and 6d. for any sum papers, and 7.45 A.M. for letters; and those above Two Pounds and not exceeding Five at the branch offices, Charing Cross, Old Pounds, is charged. They must be preCavendish-street, and the Borough, for the sented for payment within the second calenreception of newspapers until half-pastdar month after their issue or a fresh order seven A.m., and for letters until eight A.M. will be charged for, and within the twelfth At the General Post Office and the Branch calendar month, or they will not be paid at Office in Lombard-street, the boxes will all. Post Office Orders are recommended close for newspapers at a quarter before for small sums; and, if neither that nor reeight A.m., and for letters at half past eight gistration be adopted, that all bills, notes, A.M. Mail despatched at half-past nine A.M. &c., be cut in halves, and sent by different Letters and newspapers for Ireland, posted posts; the numbers, dates, &c., should also at any receiving office before two or any be carefully taken. No money orders are branch office before three, or at St. Martin's- issued or paid on a Sunday. le-Grand by half past three, are despatched The following is a List of Receiving at five, and reach Dublin early on the fol. Houses within the limits of the London lowing morning.

District Post appointed for the issue and

payment of money orders :No person will be permitted hereafter o send or receive letters free of postage,

Within the Three Mile Circle.

General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand. Members however of either House of Par

Branch Offices — Borough, Charing Cross, liament will be entitled to receive, free of

Old Cavendish Street, Lombard Street charge, petitions addressed to either House of Parliament, provided they are sent

(for issuing orders only) without covers, or in covers open at the

Battle Bridge, No. 1, Pleasant Row sides, and do not exceed the weight of

Bloomsbury, No. 1, Broad Street thirty-two ounces. Addresses to Her Ma.

Brompton, No. 5, Brompton Place jesty will likewise go free of postage.

Camberwell Green, No. 1, New Terrace

Camden Town, No. 98, High Street The rates on newspapers and letters of soldiers and sailors will remain unaltered, Chelsea, No. 79, Paradise Row with the exception, however, that the pri- City Road, No. 36, near Old Street vilege now given to soldiers' and sailors'

Clerkenwell Green, No. 41 letters will be restricted to the cases in

Coventry Street, Soho, No. I which they shall not exceed half an ounce

Dockhead, No. 9 in weight.

East India Road, No. 3 Letters exceeding 4 oz. in weight, must

Gray's Inn Lane, No. 43, Up. North Place be pre-paid in money or in stamps. With

Great Surrey Street, No. 231

Great Tower Street, No. 36 this restriction, any weight may be sent by post; but the packet must not exceed two

Hackney, No. 8, Church Street feet in length, and nothing should be posted

High Holborn, No. 62 which will not bear the crush in the letter

Islington, No. 86, Upper Street bags. Letters directed to bankrupts are

Kennington Cross, No. 2 to be delivered to the assignees for three

Kensington, High Street, opp. to Church

Kingsland Road, No. 4, Orchard Place months after the issue of the fiat.

Lambeth, No. 33, Mount Street The rate of postage for Parliamentary

Limehouse, No. 54, Three Colt Street Papers is ld. for every 4 oz. They may be also sent to Hamburgh, Bremen, or Lubeck,

Mile End, No. 6, Ireland Row viâ Hamburgh, open at the ends and pre

Old Kent Road, No. 9, Northampton Place

Oxford Street, No. 210 paid, if not exceeding 2 oz. for ld.; above

Paddington, No. 116, Edgware Road 2 oz. and not exceeding 3 oz. for 6d.; above

Piccadilly, No. 65 3 oz. and not exceeding 4 oz. for 8d.; and

Pimlico, No. 28, Queen's Row 2d. per oz. extra up to 16 oz.

Ratcliffe, No. 77, Broad Street Letters containing coin or articles of value are recommended to be registered.

Shoreditch, No. 211 Such letters and any others may be regis Strand, No. 180, corner of Norfolk Street tered at any of the receiving-houses in

Tottenham Court Road, No. 103 London till five o'clock for the evening

Upper Baker Street, No. 54 mail, and at any post-office in the country

Walworth, No. 15, Crosby Row until within half an hour of the closing

Westminster, No. 8, Broadway of the bag to the place for which they are

Whitechapel Road, No. 1 directed. The fee in any case in Great Bri- Beyond the Three Mile Circle. tain is 6d. and the postage, and to France Barking Bexley Bromley, 6d. and double the French postage. Such Barnet Brentford Kent

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Carshalton Hammer- Southall

0 11 Prussia, via France

under oz. Russia do.

do. Chiselhurst smith Shooter's-hill


do. Clapham Hampton Stanmore *Spain and Portugal, via France do.

0 10 Croydon Harrow Stoke Newing. Two Sicilies, Papal States, Mo- Must be sent Deptford Hendon


dena, Parma and Placentia ; unpaid. Dulwich

Greece, Archipelago, Ionian)
Highgate Stratford

Islands, via France and Hol- under foz, 1 5 Edgware Hounslow Sydenham


13 Edmonton Kingston Tooting

Bavaria, via France


0 10 Eltham Lewisham Turnham-grn.

Austrian Dominions and) Unif. Brit. &

Cities of Cracow and Enfield Norwood Waltham

Foreign rate,

Belgrade, via France (under oz.) 5 Foot Cray Putney


do. 09 Greenwich Richmond Woodford

Wurtemberg do.

Ido. 0 10 Hampstead Romford Woolwich Switzerland


(do. 0 11 Belgium do.

do. 06 A money order granted upon London,

Certain Northern States of Europe, for-> without specifying any particular office in warded through the Office of Tour and I 8

do. London, can only be paid at the General Taxis, via France Post Office in St. Martin's-le-Grand. Where

Certain' States of Germany, served by the

1 3

Office of Tour and Taxis, via France do. personal attendance is inconvenient, pay- Wallachia and Moldavia, via France


19 ment may be obtained by receipting the Turkey in Europe (Belgrade excepted),

1 11 order and giving the bearer information as and 'Scutari in Asia, via France to the Christian name, surname, and oc

Constantinople, Scutari, Seres, and Salo-} 2 3

nica, via Belgium, Prussia, or Hamburg) cupation of the person who obtained the

Galatz and Ibraila


2 2 order.

Jassy and Bucharest


2 1 Botúschany


1 11

*Turkey in Europe, Wallachia, Moldavia, Foreign letters, when transmitted by and Servia (except the places above

mentioned) packet, will be liable to the single rates of


1 5 packet postage given in the Table below. Alexandria, Beyrout, and Smyrna, by 1 :

French Packet via Marseilles, dos By Packets from Southampton.

Tuscany and Naples


do. 1 4

do. Between the United

*Sardinia and Sicily

do. 1 1 Single Greece


do. 15 Rate. Kingdom and

do. Malta

do. 1 1 * Lisbon

Is, 9d. *Spain (by Southampton packet).

Malta by the monthly closed Mail, via 2 2

13 Marseilles


do. S *Greece and Egypt (Alexandria ex-} 1 6 Alexandria


1.8 cepted).



do. 1 10 Alexandria

1 6

do, *Hong Kong

do. 1 10 *Chili, Peru, and Western Coast of 2 0 *lonian Islands

do. 1 8 America

By Packets from London.
(Cuba excepted)
*New Granada and Venezuela

1 0
Prussia, via Hamburg Unif. Brit. and

and Holland

rate, not *Mexico and Cuba.

2 3

s exceed. poz. 1 0 Gibraltar

Ditto, via Belgium do. under oz.

1 0 Malta

Mecklenburg Schwerin, MeckIonian Islands

lenburg Strelitz, Oldenburg, and > 1 3 Honduras



do. British West Indies (Jamaica and Ber- 10

German States (except Wurtembice excepted)

berg) served by the Post Office i 4 Kingston, Jamaica

of Tour and Taxis

do.) Aden, Ceylon, India, and Hong Kong,


do. 2 1 via Southanipton


do, 1 7 *Madeira, via Lisbon


do. 1 10 Jamaica, the Packet (This includes the

Austrian States (by route of Bel

1 8 Port of Kingston ex- Internal Colonial

gium and Holland

dos cepted rate of 2d. per

Austrian Silesia .and Gallicia, (do: 1 . Berbice

of Hamburg)

do. S California, via Panama

2 4
All other parts of the Austrian

1 7 *Madeira

1 10

dos *Brazil

2 9 Holland do. not exceeding 1 oz. 10 *Buenos Ayres 2 7 Hanover and Brunswick do.

09 Denmark

do. By Packets from Liverpool.



09 Hamburg Uniform .


08 United States .} Rate, not exceed. foz. 11:


do. California

1 21


09 Cuba

Mecklenburg Schwerin

0 10

do. Bermuda

Mecklenburg Strelitz

0 6 Uniform Rate. 1 0


Uniform rate of Newfoundland .



06 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Ed- Uniform Rate. 1 0

*Countries on the Continent of Europe, ward Island

via Holland

do. Uniform Brit. and For.

*Java, do.


10 Canada Rate

1 2

1 3 Norway

i :

1 6 By Packets from Dover. Belgium Brit. and For. (under oz.) 0 6 The single uniform rate on letters be*Countries on the Conti-) Uniform British tween the United Kingdom and places benent of Europe, via rate (not ex

yond sea (Hamburg and Lubeck exBelgium

ceeding oz.). 08 Brit. and For.

cepted, to which the postage is 6d. only), France and Algeria :}

(under oz.).

0 10 when conveyed by private ship will be 8d., The Postage to all the places marked * must be paid in advance. + If not posted or delivered at the Port.

These Rates include the Internal Colonial Rate of 2d. per half ounce.

*Haylin aede Foreign West India Islands 1 5

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Countries on the Continent

of Europe, via Prussia



0 10

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1 25

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Holland Is., in whatever part of the United | Madeira, Grey Town (St. Juan de NicaraKingdom they may be posted or delivered. gua), 2nd and 17th, New Granada, Chili, The rate of 8d. must be taken on letters and Peru, on the 17th of every month only. between the United Kingdom and the East Madeira, Brazil, and Buenos Ayres, 9th Indies, &c., when conveyed by private ship. of every month. Via Liverpool British

It is clearly to be understood that the N. America, and United States. There are single rates of postage given in the above now two lines of packets, one British and instructions are applicable only to letters one American, and letters are sent by the not exceeding half an ounce in weight. first that starts ; Saturday is the usual day, Letters exceeding half an ounce advance in but there is occasionally an extra one on proportion to their weight.

a Wednesday. One of the United States It must, however, be borne in mind that packets that communicates with Ham. this Scale does not apply to French and burgh calls at Southampton in and out. Belgium rates on letters to and from

LONDON DISTRICT POST. France, Belgium, and through France, The principal office is at the General as the present system of charging French Post-Office. rates on such letters must continue in force, Letters going from one part of the Town viz., a single French rate for each quarter to another, if put into the of an ounce exclusive. Letters to and from

Receiving at bef. 8, 10, 12 a.m., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, warm climates are recommended to be

Offices S 6, 8 p.m., or sealed with wafers instead of wax.

Chief ] at 9 11 a.m., * bef. 1 2 3 4 5 6, and Mails made up in London as follows:- Ofices

at 7 and 9 p.m. Via London-France, twice daily: till 7 Will be } at 10 12 a.m., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 p.m., P.M. Belgium, daily. Holland every Wed.

sent outs and at 8 a.m. following morn. nesday and Saturday: Letters received till The above deliveries are confined to 84 A.M. Germany and the North of Eu- London; and in the environs, within a rope on the evenings of Tuesday and circle of three miles, including CamberFriday: Via Southampton — Channel Is- well, Camden Town, Dalston, Hackney, lands, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Holloway, Islington, Kent Road (Old), Portugal, Madeira (via Lisbon), Spain, and Kennington, Kentish Town, Kingsland, Gibraltar, on the 7th, 17th, and 27th of Newington Butts, Pentonville, Shackle every month.

Gibraltar, Malta, Greece, well, South Lambeth, Somers Town, Ionian Islands, Egypt,Ceylon, and India, the Vauxhall, and Walworth, there are six 20th of every month. The Overland Mail deliveries a day, and letters posted in to India, via Marseilles, is made up on the London before six are delivered the same evening of the 8th of each month; when evening. All places within six miles of the 8th falls on a Sunday, then on the

the General Post Office have letters delievening of the 9th, British West Indies vered the same evening if posted before (except Honduras and Bermuda), Foreign five o'clock at a receiving-house, or before West Indies (except Havana), Venezuela, a quarter to six at the chief office. The disand Jacmel (Hayti), 2nd and 17th of trict extends twelve miles round London, every month. Nassau, Havana, Honduras, but includes Hampton Court, Hampton, and 17th, Vera Cruz, Tampico, 2nd, and St. Juan Sunbury, though beyond the limits; and the (Porto Rico), 2nd and 17th of every month. number of deliveries vary from five to two.

MAIL ROUTES DIRECT FROM LONDON. The following List, by the kindness of the Gentlemen connected with the Mail-Coach Superintendent's Department at the Post-Office, has been corrected according to the latest arrangements, and is of importance, as enabling persons to ascertain the time of receiving and delivering letters, as well as of forwarding parcels, and otherwise availing themselves of these conveyances. A very triding computation will enable them also to ascertain the time of the mail passing any of the intermediate places. The first column gives the distance in miles from London, measured from the Post-Office; the third is the time of the mail's passing from, and the last its time passing to, London. The mails leave the Post-Office, London, every evening at 8. The time mentioned is London time throughout, for the difference between which and the time at the different places, see the Companion for 1831. BATH, Bristol, Exeter, and DevONPORT. 173 Wellington

3 15m 9 48a Miles.

Night Mail. leaves arrives 182 Tiverton Station .... 3 35m 9 26a From Gen. Post Office 8 Oa 5 Om 206 Southmolton........ 7 5m 5 55a 4 Paddington 8 55a 4 15m 217 Barnstaple

8 24m

4 35a 17 West Drayton.... 9 20a 3 47m 227 Ilfracombe

...... 10 14m

2 45a 22 Slough 9 30a 3 35m 184 Collompton .......

3 40m 9 22a 26 Maidenhead 9 42a 3 25m 197 Exeter

4 5m

9 да 39 Reading 10 10a 2 55m 205 Crediton

4 50m 8 25a | 51 Wallingford.. 10 35a 2 31m

206 Starcross .......

4 25m 8 27a 56 Didcot .. 10 48a 2 14m 209 Dawlish

4 34m 8 17a 67 Faringdon 11 12a 1 50m 212 Teignmouth

4 43m 8 7a 81 Swindon 11 40a 1 25m 217 Newton

4 57m

7 55a 95 Tetbury

12 15m 12 40m
226 Totnes .....

5 20m 7 30a 107 Gloucester 1 2m 11 40a 238 Ivybridge

5 50m 7 За 97 Chippenham 12 20m 12 40m 248 Plymouth

6 25m 6 25a 110 Bath 12 50m 12 10m 250 Devonport.

6 45m

6 5a 122 Bristol 1 15m 11 50a

BRIGHTON RAILWAY. 154 Bridgewater 2 35m 10 30a

5 times from London." 166 Taunton 3 Om 10 5a

5 times from Brighton.

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