Willoughby de Broke, Henry Peyton Ver.
Willoughby de Eresby, Peter Robert Wil.

loughby.Drummond, 1313

ney, 1492

Wodehouse, John Wodehouse, 1797
Worlingham, Archibald Acheson, 1835, o
Wrottesley, John Wrottesley, 1838
Wynford, William Samuel Best, 1829

PEERESSES. Basset, Baroness, 1797, Basset

Inverness, Duchess of, 1840, Underwood Braye, Baroness, 1509.47, Cave-Otway Keith, Baroness, 1803, Elphinstone-Flahault De Clifford, Baroness, 1269, Russell Le Despencer, Baroness, 1264, Boscawen De la Zouche, Baroness, 1308, Curzon North, Baroness, 1554, North Grey de Ruthyn, Baroness, 1324, Hastings- Stratheden,

Baroness, 1836, Campbell Yelverton

Wenman, Baroness, 1834, Wykeham

** To obviate the difficulty of finding the names of those Scotch and Irish Peers who sit in Parliament under English titles, but who are not commonly addressed by them, we subjoin the

following List of them; as also of English Peers who have a higher title by courtesy.
Aberdeen, E. (see Gordon) Dufferin, L. (see Claneboye) Londonderry, M. (see Vane)
Argyll, D. (see Sundridge and Eglinton, E. (see Ardrossan) Longford, E. (see Silchester)
Egmont, E. (see Lovel)

Lothian, M. (see Ker)
Atholl, D. (see Strange)
Ely, M. (see Loftus)

Massareene, V. (see Oriel) Balcarras, E. (see Wigan) Enniskillen, E. (see Grinstead) Meath, E. (see Chaworth) Belhaven, L. (see Hamilton) Errol, E. (see Kilmarnock) Midleton, V. (see Brodrick) Bessborough, E. (see Ponsonby) Falkland, V. (see Hunsdon) Montrose, D. (see Graham) Buccleuch, D. (see Doncaster) Ferrard, V. (see Oriel)

Moray, E. (see Stuart of Castle Clanricarde, M. (ser Somerhill) Galloway, E. (see Stewart of

Stuart) Clare, E. (see Fitzgibbon)


Mornington, E. (see MaryboClifden, V. (see Mendip) Glasgow, E. (see Ross)

rough) Conyngham, M. (see Minster) Gosford, E. (see Worlingham) Roden, É. (see Clanbrassill) Cork, E. (see Boyle)

Haddington, E. (see Melrose) Roxburgh, D. (see Innes) Courtoun, E. (see Saltersford) Hamilton, D. (see Brandon) Shannon, E. (see Carleton) Darnley, E. (see Clifton) Headfort, M. (see Kenlis) Sligo, M. (see Monteagle) Donegal, M. (see Fisherwick) Huntley, M. (see Meldrum) Stair, E. (see Oxenfoord) Donoughmore, E. (see Hutchin- Kinnaird, L. (see Rossie) Strangford, V. (see Penshurst) son) Kinnoul, E. (see Hay)

Talbol de Malahide (see Furnival) Downshire, M.(see Hillsborough) Leitrim, E. (see Clements) Oxbridge, E. (see Paget) Drogheda, M. (see Moore) Limerick, E. (see Foxford) Waterford, M. (see Tyrone)


Chairman of Committees, Lord Redes.

Clerk of the Parliaments, Right Hon. Sir

G. H. Rose.
Clerk Assistant, J. G. S. Lefevre.
Additional Clerk Assistant, William Rose.
Reading Clerk, and Clerk of Private Com-

mittees, Leonard Edmunds.
Counsel to the Chairman of Committees,

Robert Palk.
Chief Committee Clerk, Peregrine Birch.
Clerk of the Journals, Edw. Parratt.

Chief Clerk, Henry Stone Smith.
Principal Clerk for Bills, W. E. Wal.

Short-hand Writer, W. B. Gurney.
Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, Sir

Augustus W. Clifford, bart.
Yeoman Usher, James Pulman.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Lt. Col. A. Percival;

Deputy, George Goodbody.
Receiver of Fees, J. Oldrini.
Librarian, John Frederick Leary.
Assistant ditto, J. H. Pulman


Speaker-Right Hon. Charles Shaw Lefevre. ENGLAND AND WALES. 13 Beaumaris, Lord G. A. Fred. Paget | Abingdon, Sir Frederick Thesiger 14 Bedfordshire, F. C. Hastings Russell, Col. 2 Albans, St., G.W.J. Repton, Jacob Bell R. T. Gilpin 3 Andover, H. B. Coles, Sir W. Cubitt 15 Bedford, Hen. Stuart, Sir H. Verney, Bt. 4 Angleseyshire, Sir R. B.W. Bulkeley,Bt. 16 Berkshire, R. Palmer, Visc. Barrington, 5 Arundel, Rt. Hon. Edward Strutt

P. Pusey 6 Ashburton, Lt.-Col. T. Matheson 17 Berwick-upon-Tweed, M. Forster, J. C. 7 Ashton-under-Lyne, Charles Hindley

Renton 8 Aylesbury, Quintin Dick, Rich. Bethell 18 Beverley, John Townley, W. L. Fox 9 Banbury, Henry William Tancred 19 Bewdley, Viscount Mandeville 10 Barnstaple, R. Bremridge, Hon. J. W. 20 Birmingham, G. F. Muntz, W. ScholeFortescue

field 11 Bassetlaw (East Retford), Visc. Galway 21 Blackburn, J. Hornby, J. Pilkington (vacant)

22 Bodmin, James Wyld, H. C. Lacy. 12 Bath, Visc. Duncan, Capt. Geo. Tre- 23 Bolton, Steph. Blair, Sir J. Walmsley weeke Scobell

24 Boston, B. B. Cabbell, J. H. Freshfield

25 Bradford, Colonel P. Thompson, Robert

Milligan 26 Breconshire, Joseph Bailey 27 Brecon, Col. J. L. V. Watkin 28 Bridgenorth, T, C. Whitmore, Sir Robt.

Pigot, Bart. 29 Bridgewater, H. Broadwood, C. J. K.

Tynte 30 Bridport, T. A. Mitchell, A. D. R. W.B.

Cochrane 31 Brighton, Capt. Sir G. R. Pechell, Bart.,

N., Lord A, Hervey 32 Bristol, P. W. S. Miles, Hon. F, H. F.

Berkeley 33 Buckinghamshire, Hon. C. C. Caven

dish, C. G. Dupré, B. D’Israeli 34 Buckingham, Marquess of Chandos, Col.

John Hall 35 Bury, Richard Walker 36 Bury St. Edmunds, Earl Jermyn, E. H.

Bunbury 37 Caermarthenshire, Hon. G. R. R.Trevor,

David A. S. Davies 38 Caermarthen, &c., D. Morris 39 Caernarvonshire, Hon. E. G. D. Pennant 40 Caernarvon, &c., W. B. Hughes 41 Calne, Earl of Shelburne 42 Cambridgeshire, Hon. E. T. Yorke, R.

G. Townley, Lord G. J. Manners 43 Cambridge, Hon. W. F. Campbell, R, A.

S. Adair 44 Cambridge University, Right Hon. H.

Goulburn, L. T. Wigram 45 Canterbury, Hon. G, A. P. S. Smythe,

Col. F. Romilly 46 Cardiff, &c., Rt. Hon. Dr. Nicholl 47 Cardiganshire, Colonel Wm. E. Powell 48 Cardigan, &c., Pryse Pryse 49 Carlisle, W. N. Hodgson, P. H. Howard 50 Chatham, Right Hon. Viscount Enfield 51 Cheltenham, Hon. C. L. Grenv. Berkeley 52 Cheshire (South), Sir P. de M. G.Egerton,

Bart., John Tollemache 53 Cheshire (North), W. Tatton Egerton,

Geo. Cornwall Legh 54 Chester, Earl Grosvenor, Hon. W. 0.

Stanley 55 Chichester, Lord G.C. H. G. Lennox, J.

A. Smith 56 Chippenham, Joseph Neeld, Capt. H. G.

Boldero 57 Christchurch, Hon. Capt. E. A. J. Harris 58 Cirencester, Visc. Villiers, J. R. Mullings 59 Clitheroe, M. Wilson 60 Cockermouth, Henry A. Aglionby, E.

Horsman 61 Colchester, J. A. Hardcastle, Lord John

J. R. Manners 62 Cornwall (West), E. W. W. Pendarves,

Sir C. Lemon, Bart. 63 Cornwall (East), W. H. Pole Carew,

Thomas J. Agar Robartes 64 Coventry, Rt. Hon. E. Ellice, Chas. Geach 65 Cricklade, &c., J. Neeld, A. I.. Goddard 66 Cumberland (East), Hon. Charles W, G.

Howard, W. Marshall 67 Cumberland (W.),E. Stanley, H.Lowther 68 Dartmouth, George Moffatt 69 Denbighshire, Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.,

Hon. W. Bagot 70 Denbigh, &c., F. R. West 71 Derbyshire (North), Hon. G, H. Caven.

dish, W, B, Evans

72 Derbyshire (South), C, R. Colvile, Wil.

liam Mundy 73 Derby, T. Bass, Lawrence Heyworth 74 Devizes, G. Heneage Walker Heneage,

Lieut.-Col. J. B. B. Estcourt 75 Devonport, H. Tufnell, Sir J. Romilly 76 Devonshire (North), Sir T. D. Acland,

Bart., Lewis William Buck 77 Devonshire (South), Sir J. B. Y. Buller,

Bart., Sir Ralph Lopes, Bart. 78 Dorchester, Right Hon. Col. G. L. D.

Damer, H. G. Sturt 79 Dorsetshire, Henry Ker Seymer, John

Floyer, G. Bankes 80 Dover, Right Hon. Sir G. Clerk, Bart.,

E. R. Rice 81 Droitwich, Sir J. Somerset Pakington 82 Dudley, John Benbow 83 Durham (North), R. D. Shafto, Visc.

Seaham 84 Durham(South), LordH. Vane,J.Farrer 85 Durham (City), T. C. Granger, R. J.

Spearman 86 Essex (North), Sir J. T. Tyrell, Bart.,

Major W. Beresford 87 Essex (South), T. W. Bramston, Sir E.

N. Buxton, Bart. 88 Evesham, Rt. Hon. Lord A. Marcus C.

Hill, Sir H. P. Willoughby 89 Exeter, E. Divett, Sir John T. B, Duck

worth, Bart. 90 Eye, Lieut.-Gen. Sir E. Kerrison,

Bart. 91 Finsbury, T. Wakley, Thos. Slingsby

Duncombe 92 Flintshire, Hon. E. M. L. Mostyn 93 Flint, &c., Sir John Hanmer, Bart. 94 Frome, Major Hon. R. E. Boyle 95 Gateshead, William Hutt 96 Glamorganshire, C. R. M. Talbot, Sir

George Tyler 97 Gloucestershire (East), Marq. of Wor

cester, C. W. Codrington 98 Gloucestershire (West), Hon. G. C. G.

F. Berkeley, R. Blagden Hale 99 Gloucester, H. T. Hope, Captain Hon.

Maurice F. F. Berkeley, R.N. 100 Grantham, G. E. Welby, Hon. F. J.

Tollemache 101 Great Grimsby, Edward Heneage 102 Greenwich, Rear-Adm. J. W. Deans

Dundas, Ald. D. Salomons 103 Guildford, Capt. R. Donelly Mangles,

H. Currie 104 Halifax, Right Hon. Sir C. Wood, Bt.,

Capt. H. Edwards 105 Hampshire (North), Rt. Hon. C. S. Le

feyre (Speaker), Melville Portal 106 Hampshire (South), H. C. Compton,

Lord C. Wellesley 107 Harwich, J. Bagshaw, (suspended) 108 Hastings, Musgrave Briscoe, R. Hol.

lond 109 Haverfordwest, John Evans 110 Helston, Sir R. R. Vyvyan, Bart. 111 Herefordshire, G. C. Lewis, F. R.

Wegg-Prosser, T, W. Booker 112 Hereford, Sir Robt. Price, Bart., H. M.

Clifford 113 Hertfordshire, Thomas P. Halsey, Sir

H. Meux, Bart., T. Brand 114 Hertford, Visc. Mahon, Hon. W. F.


115 Honiton, Jos. Locke, Sir J. W. Hogg, ) 161 Merthyr Tydvil, Sir J. J. Guest, Bt. Bart.

162 Middlesex, Right Hon. Lord Robert 116 Horsham, Lord E. Howard

Grosvenor, Ralph B. Osborne 117 Huddersfield, W. R. C. Stansfield 163 Midhurst, Spencer Horatio Walpole 118 Huntingdonshire, E. Fellowes, G. Thorn- 161 Monmouthshire, C.O.S. Morgan, Capt. hill

Edward A. Somerset 119 Huntingdon, Col. J. Peel, T. Baring 165 Monmouth, &c., R. J. Blewitt 120 Hythe, H. Þ. Brockman

166 Montgomeryshire, H. W. W. Wynn 121 Ipswich, J. C. Cobbold, H. E. Adair 167 Montgomery, &c., D. Pugh 122 Ives, St., Lord Wm. Paulet

168 Morpeth, Capt. Hon. E. G. Granville 123 Kenda, G. C. Glyn

Howard, R.N. 124 Kent (East), J. P. Plumptre, William 169 Newark-upon-Trent, Hon. John H. Deedes

Manners Sutton, John Stuart 125 Kent (West), Sir Edmund Filmer, Bt., | 170 Newcastle-under-Line, S. Christy, W. T. L. Hodges

Jackson 126 Kidderminster, John Best

171 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, W. Ord, T. E. 127 King's Lynn, Viscount Jocelyn, Lord


172 Newport, C.W. Martin, W.H. C. Plow128 Kingston-upon-Hull, James Clay, M.

den T. Baines

173 Norfolk (East), H. N. Burroughes, E. 129 Knaresborough, J. P. Westhead, Thos. Wodehouse Collins

174 Norfolk (West), W. Bagge, Hon. E 130 Lambeth, Rt. Hon. C. T. D'Eyncourt,

K. Coke
Wm. Williams

175 Northallerton, W. B. Wrightson 131 Lancashire (North), John W. Patten, 176 Northamptonshire (North), Col. Thos. P. James Heywood

Maunsell, S. Aug. O'Brien Stafford 132 Lancashire (South), Wm. Brown, Alex- 177 Northamptonshire (South), Sir C. ander Henry

Knightley, Bart., Capt. Richard 133 Lancaster, T. Greene, R. B. Arm. Henry R. Howard Vyse strong

178 Northampton, Rt. Hon. R. V. Smith, 134 Launceston, Rear-Adm. Wm. Bowles

Raikes Currie 135 Leeds, W. Beckett, J. G. Marshall 179 Northumberland (North), Lord Ossul136 Leicestershire (North), Lord C. Som. ston, Rt. Hon. Sir George Grey, Bt. Manners, E. B. Farnham

180 Northumberland (South), M. Bell, s. 137 Leicestershire (South), Sir H. Halford, Craven H. Ogle Bart., C. W. Packe

181 Norwich, Marq. of Douro, S. M. Peto 138 Leicester, Richard Harris, John Ellis 182 Nottinghamshire (North), T. Houlds139 Leominster, G. Arkwright, Fred. Peel worth, Lord H. Bentinck 140 Lewes, Hon. H. Fitzroy, R. Perfect 183 Nottinghamshire (South), Thos. B. T. 141 Lichfield, Lord A. H. Paget, Viscount Hildyard, Wm. H. Barrow Anson

184 Nottingham, J. Walter, F. O'Connor 142 Lincolnshire (North), Robert A. Chris- 185 Oldham, W. J. Fox, J. Duncuft

topher, Sir M. J. Cholmeley, Bart. 186 Oxfordshire, Lord Norreys, G. G. V. 143 Lincolnshire (South), Sir J. Trollope, Harcourt, J. W. Henley Bart., Lord Burghley

187 Oxford City, J. H. Langston, Sir W.P. 144 Lincoln, Col. C. D. W. Sibthorp, T.

B. Hobhouse

188 Oxford University, Sir_R. H. Inglis, 145 Liskeard, R. B. Crowder

Bart., Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone 146 Liverpool, Sir T. B. Birch, Bt., E. Card. 189 Pembrokeshire, Viscount Emlyn well

190 Pembroke, &c., Sir John Owen, Bart. 147 London, Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell, 191 Penryn and Falmouth, H. Gwyn, F. Baron L. N. de Rothschild, John

Mowatt Masterman, Sir James Duke, Bart. 192 Peterborough, Hon. G. W.Fitzwilliam, 148 Ludlow, H. B. Clive, Col, Salwey

W. G. Cavendish 149 Lyme Regis, T. N. Abdy

193 Petersfield, Sir W. G. H. Jolliffe, Bt. 150 Lymington, W. A. Mackinnon, Edw. 194 Plymouth, Visc. Ebrington, R. Palmer John Hutchins

195 Pontefract, R. M. Milnes, Hon. B. R. 151 Macclesfield, John Brocklehurst, John Lawley Williams

196 Poole, Sir G. R. Phillips, Bt., H. 152 Maidstone, A. J. B. Hope, Geo. Dodd Danby Seymour, 153 Maldor, T. B. Lennard, D. Wad- 197 Portsmouth, Right Hon. Sir F. T. Bar. dington

ing, Bart., Sir G. T. Staunton, Bart. 154 Malmesbury, Hon. J. Kenneth Howard 198 Preston, C. P. Grenfell, Sir George 155 Malton, J. E. Denison, J. W. Childers Strickland, Bart. 156 Manchester, Right Hon. T. M, Gibson, 199 Radnorshire, Sir J. B. Walsh, Bart. John Bright

200 Radnor, &c., Right Hon. Sir T. F. 157 Marlborough, Lord Ernest Bruce, Lewis, Bart. Major H. Bingham Baring

201 Reading, F. Pigott, J. F. Stanford 158 Marlow (Great), T. P. Williams, Col. 202 Reigate, T. S. Cocks B. Knox

203 Richmond, H. Rich, M. Wyvil, jun. 159 Marylebone, Sir B. Hall, Bart., Lord 204 Ripon, Right Hon. Sir J. R.G. Graham, Dudley C. Stuart

Bart., Hon. E. Lascelles 160 Merionethshire, Richard Richards 205 Rochdale, W. S. Crawford

206 Rochester, R. Bernal, T. T. Hodges 256 Warwickshire (North), C. Newdegate 207 Rutlandshire, G. J. Heathcote, Hon. G. Newdegate, R. Spooner J. Noel

257 Warwickshire (South), Lord Brooke, 208 Rye, Herbert Mascal Curteis

Lord Guernsey 209 Salford, Joseph Brotherton

258 Warwick, W. Collins, Sir C. E. Douglas 210 Salisbury, W. J. Chaplin, C. B. Wall 259 Wells, Right Hon. W. G. Hayter, R. 211 Sandwich, Lord C. E. Paget, c. W.


260 Wenlock, Capt. Hon. G. C. W. Forester, 212 Scarborough, Sir John V. B. Johnstone, James Milnes Gaskell Bart., Geo. Fred. Young

261 Westbury, J. Wilson 213 Shaftesbury, Rd. B. Sheridan

262 Westminster, Sir De Lacy Evans, C. 214 Sheffield, J. Parker, J. A. Roebuck

Lushington 215 Shoreham (New), Sir C. M. Burrell, 263 Westmoreland, Lieut.-Col. Hon. H. C. Bart., Lord Alex. Lennox

Lowther, Ald. W. Thompson 216 Shrewsbury, E.H.Baldock, R.A.Slaney 264 Weymouth, &c., Col. W. L. Freestun, 217 Shropshire (North), W. Ormsby Gore, Hon. F. W. C. Villiers J. W. Dod

265 Whitby, R. Stephenson 218 Shropshire (South), Hon. R. H. Clive, 266 Whitehaven, R. C. Hildyard Visc. Newport

267 Wigan, R. A. Thicknesse, Lt.-Col. Hon. 219 Somersetshire (East), W. Miles, W. J. Lindsay Pinney

268 Wight, Isle of, Edward Dawes 220 Somersetshire (West), c. A. Moody, 269 Wilton, Viscount Somerton W. P. G. Langton

270 Wiltshire (North), T. H. S. Sotheron, 221 Southampton, Sir A. J. E. Cockburn, B.

W. Long
M. Wilcox

271 Wiltshire (South), Rt. Hon. S. Herbert, 222 South Shields, J. Twizell Wawn

J. Benett 223 Southwark, Ald. John Humphery, Sir 272 Winchester, SirJ.B. East, Bt., J.B.Carter Wm. Molesworth, Bart.

273 Windsor, Col. G. A. Reid, Rt. Hon. John 224 Staffordshire (North), C. B. Adderley, Hatchell Smith Child

274 Wolverhampton, Hon. C. P. Villiers, 225 Staffordshire (South), Lieut. Col. Hon. Thomas Thorneley G. Anson, Visc. Lewisham

275 Woodstock, Marquess of Blandford 226 Stafford, D. Urquhart, Ald. Sidney 276 Worcestershire (East) Capt. G. Rushout, 227 Stamford, Right Hon. J. C. Herries, J. H. H. Foley Marquess of Granby

277 Worcestershire (West), Maj. Gen. Hon. 228 Stockport, J. Heald, Ald. Jas. Kershaw H. B. Lygon, F. W. Knight 229 Stoke-upon-Trent, J. L. Ricardo, Ald. 278 Worcester, O. Ricardo, Francis Rufford W. T. Copeland

279 Wycombe, Sir G. H. Dashwood, Bart., 230 Stroud, W. H. Stanton, G. P. Scrope

M. T. Smith 231 Sudbury, (disfranchised)

280 Yarmouth, J.Sandars jun. C.E. Rumbold 232 Suffolk (East), Edw. Sherlock Gooch, 281 Yorkshire (East Rid.), Lord Hotham, Lord Rendlesham

* Hon. Capt. A. Duncombe 233 Suffolk (West), Capt. P. Bennet, H. S. 282 Yorkshire (West Rid.), R. Cobden, Waddington

Edmund Beckett Denison 234 Sunderland, G. Hudson, Sir Hedworth 283 Yorkshire (North Rid.), E. S. Cayley, Williamson, Bart.

Hon. 0. Duncombe 235 Surrey (East), Hon. P. J. L. King, T. 284 York, J. G. Smyth, W. M. E. Milner

236 Surrey (West), H. Drummond, Wm.

John Evelyn

285 Antrim, N. Alexander, Sir E. W. Mac237 Sussex (East),C.H.Frewen, A. E. Fuller naghten, Bart. 238 Sussex (West), Earl of March, R. Prime 286 Armagh County, Col. J.M. Caulfeild, Sir 239 Swansea, &c., John Henry Vivian

Wm. Verner, Bart. 240 Tamworth, Capt. J. Townshend, Sir R. 287 Armagh, Col. J. D. Rawdon Peel, Bt.

288 Athlone, W. Keogh 241 Taunton, Right Hon. H. Labouchere, 289 Bandonbridge, Viscount Bernard

Sir Thomas Edw. Colebrooke, Bart. 290 Belfast, R. J. Tennent, Lord J. Ludford 242 Tavistock, Hon. E. S. Russell, Sir J. S. Chichester Trelawny

291 Carlow Co., Col. H. Bruen, Capt. W. B. 243 Tewkesbury, J. Martin, H. Brown

M. Bunbury 244 Thetford, Earl of Euston, F. Baring 292 Carlow, J. Sadlier 245 Thirsk, Sir W. Payne Gallwey, Bart. 293 Carrickfergus, Hon. W. H. S. Cotton 246 Tiverton, John Heathcoat, Right Hon. 294 Cashel, Timothy O'Brien Viscount Palmerston

295 Cavan, Sir J. Young, Bart., Hon. J. P. 247 Totnes, Lord Seymour, C. B. Baldwin

Maxwell 248 Tower Hamlets, Sir Wm. Clay, Bart., 296 Clare, Major W. N. Macnamara, Sir L. George Thompson

O'Brien, Bart. 249 Truro, J. Ennis Vivian, H. Willyams 297 Clonmel, Hon. Cecil J. Lawless 250 Tynemouth, R. W. Grey

298 Coleraine, Dr. John Boyd 251 Wakefield, G. Sandars

299 Cork County, E. B. Roche, Dr. Power 252 Wallingford, Wm. S. Blackstone 300 Cork, Col. J. C. Chatterton, Serj. J. S. 253 Walsaż, Hon. E. R. Littleton

Murphy 254 Wareham, J. S. W. S. E. Drax 301 Donegal, Sir Edmund S. Hayes, Bart., 255 Warrington, G. Greenall

Thomas Conolly

302 Down, Right Hon. Vise. Castlereagh, 347 Wexford Co. J. Fagan, H. K. G. Morgan Lord A. Edwin Hill

348 Wexford, J. T. Devereux 303 Downpatrick, Hon. C. S. Hardinge 349 Wicklow, Viscount Milton, Sir Ralph 304 Drogheda, Rt. Hon. Sir W. M. Somer

Howard, Bart. ville, Bart.

350 Youghal, T. C. Anstey 305 Dublin County, J. H. Hamilton, Lt.-Col. T. E. Taylor

SCOTLAND. 306 Dublin, E. Grogan, John Reynolds 351 Aberdeen County, Rear-Adm. Hon. W. 307 Dublin University, George A. Hamil

Gordon ton, Joseph Napier

352 Aberdeen, Capt. A. D. Fordyce 308 Dundalk, W. Torrens M'Cullagh 353 Andrew's, St., Edw. Ellice, jun. 309 Dungannon, Hon. Wm. Stuart Knox 354 Argyle County, Sir A. J. Campbell, Bt. 310 Dungarvan, Hon. C. F. A.C. Ponsonby 355 Ayr County, Alexander Oswald 311 Ennis, J. P. O'Gorman Mahon

356 Ayr, &c. Lord Patrick James Stuart 312 Enniskillen, James Whiteside

357 Bandit, James Duff 313 Fermanagh, Capt. Mervyn Archdall, 358 Berwick Co., Hon. Francis Scott Sir A. Brinsley Brooke, Bart.

359 Bute, Rt. Hon. Jas. A. Stuart Wortley 314 Galway Co. Sir T. Burke, C. St. George 360 Caithness, G. Traill 315 Galway, M, J. Blake, A. O'Flaherty 361 Clackmannan and Kinross, James 316 Kerry, H. A. Herbert, Morgan J.


362 Dumbarton, A. Smollett 317 Kildare, Marq. of Kildare, R. S. Bourke 363 Dumfries County, Visc. Drumlanrig 318 Kilkenny County, Pierce S. Butler, 364 Dumfries, &c., William Ewart Capt. J. Greene

365 Dundee, George Duncan 319 Kilkenny, Michael Sullivan

366 Edinburgh County, Sir John Hope, Bt. 320 King's County, Sir And. Armstrong, Bt., 367 Edinburgh, Sir W. G. Craig, Bart., C. Lieut.-Col. Hon. J. C. Westenra

Cowan 321 Kinsale, Benjamin Hawes

368 Elgin and Nairn, C. L. C. Bruce 322 Leitrim, E. K. Tenison, Hon. C. S. Cle- 369 Elgin, &c., G. S. Duff ments

370 Falkirk, &c., James Baird 323 Limerick County, William Monsell, 371 Fife, J. Fergus Wyndham Goold

372 Forfar, Lord J. F. G. Hallyburton 324 Limerick, J. O'Brien, Earl of Arundel 373 Glasgow, J. MacGregor, Alex. Hastie and Surrey

374 Greenock, Viscount Melgund 325 Lisburn, Sir H. B. Seymour

375 Haddington County, Hon. F. Charteris 326 Londonderry County, Capt. T. Bateson, 376 Haddington, &c., Sir H. R. F. Davie, Capt. Theobald Jones, R.N.

Bart. 327 Londonderry, Sir R. A. Ferguson, Bart. 377 Inverness County, H. J. Baillie 328 Longford, Ř. M. Fox, Rt. Hon. R. 378 Inverness, &c., A. Matheson More O'Ferrall

379 Kilmarnock, &c., Hon. Edw. Pleydell 329 Louth, R. M. Bellew, C. Fortescue

Bouverie 330 Mallow, Sir D. J. Norreys, Bart. 380 Kincardine, Lieut.-Gen. Hon. Hugh 331 Mayo, G. H. Moore, G. G. 0. Higgins

Arbuthnott 332 Meath, H. Grattan, M. E. Corbally 381 Kirkaldy, &c., Lt. Col. R. Ferguson 333 Monaghan, Hon. T. V. Dawson, C. 382 Kirkcudbright, J. Mackie Powell Leslie

383 Lanark, Wm. Lockhart 334 New Ross, J. H. Talbot

384 Leith, &c., Right Hon. Jas. Moncreiff 335 Newry, Edmund Gilling Hallewell 385 Linlithgow, G. Dundas 336 Portarlington, Lt. Col. F. P. Dunne 386 Montrose, &c., J. Hume 337 Queen's County, J. W. Fitzpatrick, 387 Orkney and Shetland, Arthur Anderson Hon. T. Vesey

388 Paisley, A. Hastie 338 Roscommon, Fitz, French, O.D.J. Grace 389 Peebles, W. F. Mackenzie 339 Sligo County, W.R.O. Gore, Sir R. Gore 390 Perth County, H. H. Drummond Booth

391 Perth, Right Hon. Fox Maule 340 Sligo, J. P. Somers

392 Renfrew, Col. Wm. Mure 341 Tipperary, N.V. Maher, F. Scully 393 Ross and Cromarty, Sir Jas, Matheson, 342 Tralee, Maurice O'Connell

Bart. 343 Tyrone, Right Hon. Henry T. Lowry 394 Roxburgh, Hon. J. E. Elliott

Corry, Lord Claude Hamilton 395 Selkirk, Allan Eliott Lockhart 344 Waterford County, N. M. Power, R. 396 Stirling County, W. Forbes Keating

397 Stirling, &c., J. B. Smith 315 Waterford, Thomas Meagher, Sir H. 398 Sutherland, Sir David Dundas W. Barron, Bart.

399 Wick, &c., James Loch 346 Westmeath, Sir P. F. Nugent, Bart., 400 Wigton, County, John Dalrymple W. H. Magan

401 Wigton, &c., Sir J. M'Taggart, Bart.

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