The Priest ...

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Baldwin, 1821
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67. oldal - Geffrey's wife: Young Arthur is my son, and he is lost: I am not mad, I would to heaven I were. For then, 'tis like, I should forget myself. 0 if I could, what grief should I forget! I am not mad; too well, too well I feel The different plague of each calamity.
121. oldal - ... as a missionary ; — Miss Knight, sick and solemn ; —several Irish girls apparently on their promotion ; — Mr. Harvey, who plays chess, and takes care of his flowers : he has them in an hermetically sealed glass case, which he is taking to the Cape ; — a number of hitherto unnamed gentlemen, who sit down to eat and drink, and rise up to play ; — one or two pretty boys, who saunter about with Lord Byron in hand ; — and Mr.
186. oldal - And greatly altered in his disposition. When he came first to lodge here in my house, Ne'er trust me, if I were not proud of him : Methought he bare himself in such a fashion, So full of man, and sweetness in his carriage, And — what was chief — it showed not borrowed in him, But all he did, became him as his own, And seemed as perfect, proper, and possessed, As breath with life, or colour with the blood.
67. oldal - And, father Cardinal, I have heard you say That we shall see and know our friends in heaven; If that be true, I shall see my boy again...
256. oldal - For the Methodists in every place grow diligent and frugal; consequently they increase in goods. Hence they proportionately increase in pride, in anger, in the desire of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, and the pride of life.
251. oldal - Spirit-filled life stir the church of which he was a member and to which he was loyal, to holy endeavor in the Lord.
97. oldal - Our hearts are deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked ; who can know them...

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