English Mechanic and World of Science: With which are Incorporated "the Mechanic", "Scientific Opinion," and the "British and Foreign Mechanic.", 34. kötet

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E. J. Kibblewhite, 1882

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155. oldal - Green, with its shades inclining to yellow and blue, ought, correctly speaking, to be a 'saturated' purple, and with a mean intensity of light : but it is the white (gray) of the green-blind ; for it is composed of almost equal parts of the two primitive colors. " The blue is an intense violet, but a little less ' saturated ' than indigo, which is more strongly luminous and more 'saturated.' Violet is a little less intense, but more 'saturated ' than normal violet. The tints most luminous, and at...
35. oldal - In recording the results I marked down successively the order in which the bee went to the different coloured glasses. For instance, in the first journey from the nest, as recorded below, the bee lit first on the blue, which accordingly I marked...
35. oldal - ... yellow. I then put them on a lawn, in a row, about a foot apart, and on each put a second slip of glass with a drop of honey. I also put with them a slip of plain glass with a similar drop of honey.
7. oldal - ... systematic teaching, either of physical or of any other branch of anthropology, except so far as comparative philology may be considered as bearing upon the subject. The one Society of which it is the special business to promote the study of these questions, the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, is, I regret to say, far from flourishing. An anthropological museum, in the proper sense of the word, either public or private, does not exist in this country. What a contrast is...
196. oldal - Equal quantities of gutta percha and shellac are melted together and well stirred. This is best done in an iron capsule placed on a sandbath and heated over a gas furnace or on the top of a stove.
7. oldal - The author of this paper mentioned that it was alleged, by some of the longestablished millers on the chalk streams, that they were able to foretell the appearance of rainfall from a sensible increase in the volume of water flowing down the stream before the period of rainfall. He had, therefore, undertaken a series of observations to investigate the phenomena, and he found, in setting up gauges on the Bourne flow in the Caterham Valley, near Croydon, in the spring of this year (1881).
7. oldal - In not a single university or public institution throughout the three kingdoms is there any kind of systematic teaching, either of physical or of any other branch of anthropology, except so far as comparative philology may be considered as bearing upon the...
7. oldal - The origin and early history of man's civilisation, his language, his arts of life, his religion, science, and social customs in the primitive conditions of society, are subjects in which, in consequence of their direct continuity with the arts and sciences, religious, political, and social customs among which we all live, by which we are all influenced, and about which we all have opinions, every person of ordinary education can and should take an interest. In fact, really to understand all these...
31. oldal - Dr. 0. J. LODGE, Dr. JOHN HOPKINSON, Dr. MUIRHEAD, Mr. WH PREECE, and Mr. HERBERT TAYLOR. [PLATE VI.] IT appeared to the Committee that in order to perform the task entrusted to them, they had two principal questions to consider : First, to select or prepare a well-defined standard of accurately known absolute value for each kind of magnitude ; and, secondly, to take measures for making certified copies of each of the adopted standards accessible to the public. The standard magnitudes which the Committee...
10. oldal - He will point out that, just as Steno and as Cuvier were enabled from their knowledge of the empirical laws of coexistence of the parts of animals to conclude from a part to a whole, so the knowledge of the law of succession of forms empowered their successors to conclude, from one or two terms of such a succession, to the whole series, and thus to divine the existence of forms of life, of which, perhaps, no trace remains, at epochs of inconceivable remoteness in the past.

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