Parious Prayers and Devotions JAVNI for the Use of the Faithful.

ACTS OF FAITH, HOPE, AND CHARITY: (To the recital of which, with contrition of heart, an Indulgence is



An Act of Faith. I firmly believe, because God, who is the infallible truth, hath thus revealed to his holy Catholic Church, and by it reveals it also unto us, that there is one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; that the Son was made man by taking flesh and a human soul, by the operation of the Holy Ghost, in the womb of the most pure Virgin Mary; that he died upon the cross, rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven, and from thence will come again at the end of the world to judge both the living and the dead; to award unto the good everlasting happiness, and to the wicked everlasting punishment. Moreover, and for the same reason, I believe all that the same holy Catholic Church believes and teaches.

An Act of Hope. O my God, because thou art almighty, and infinitely good and merciful, I hope, that for the merits of the passion and death of Jesus Christ our Saviour, thou

wilt give me eternal life, which thou hast faithfully promised to all who do the works of a good Christian; since 1 resolve to do them by thy holy aid.

An Act of Charity. O my God, because thou art the highest and most perfect Good, I love thee with my whole heart, above all things; and I am resolved to suffer the loss of all things rather than offend thee; and, for thy love, I also love my neighbour as myself.



Preparatory Prayer. O almighty and eternal God, grant to us the increase of faith, hope, and charity; and that we may deserve to obtain what thou dost promise, make us to love what thou commandest; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

An Act of Faith. I firrnly believe there is one God; and that in this one God there are three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; that the Son took to himself the nature of man from the womb of the Virgin Mary, by the operation of the power of the Holy Ghost; and that, in this our human nature, he was crucified, and died for us; that afterwards he rose again, and ascended into heaven, from whence he shall come to repay the just everlasting glory, and the wicked everlasting punishment. Moreover, I believe whatsoever else the Catholic Church proposes to be believed, and this because God, who is the Sovereign Truth, and can neither deceive

nor be deceived, hath revealed all these things to this his Church.

An Act of Hope. O my God, relying on thy almighty power, and thy infinite mercy and goodness, and because thou art faithful to thy promises, I trust in thee that thou wilt grant me the forgiveness of my sins, through the merits of Jesus Christ thy Son; and that thou wilt give me the assistance of thy grace, with which I may labour to continue to the end in the diligent exercise of all good works, and may deserve to obtain in heaven the glory which thou hast promised.

An Act of Charity. O Lord my God, I love thee with my whole heart, and above all things, because thou, O God, art the Sovereign Good, and, for thy own infinite perfections, art most worthy of all love; and, for thy sake, I also love my neighbour as myself.

An Act of Contrition. O my God, for the sake of thy sovereign goodness and infinite perfections, which I love above all things, I am exceedingly sorry from the bottom of my heart, and am grieved for having offended by my sins this thy infinite goodness; and I firmly resolve, by the assistance of thy grace, never more to offend thee for the time to come, and carefully to avoid all occasions of sin.



O my God, I believe in thee; do thou strengthen my faith. All my hopes are in thee; do thou secure them. I love thee; teach me to love thee daily more and more. I am sorry that I have offended thee; do thou increase my sorrow.

I adore thee as my first beginning; I aspire after thee as my last end. I give thee thanks as my constant benefactor; I call upon thee as my sovereign protector.

Vouchsafe, O my God, to conduct me by thy wisdom, to restrain me by thy justice, to comfort me by thy mercy, to defend me by thy power.

To thee I desire to consecrate all my thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings; that henceforward I may think only of thee, speak of thee, refer all my actions to thy greater glory, and suffer willingly whatever thou shalt


Lord, I desire that in all things thy will may be done, because it is thy will, and in the manner that thou willest. · I beg of thee to enlighten my understanding, to inflame my will, to purify my body, and to sanctify my soul.

Give me strength, O my God, to expiate my offences, to overcome my temptations, to subdue my passions, and to acquire the virtues proper for my state.

Fill my heart with tender affection for thy goodness, hatred of my faults, love of my neighbour, and contempt of the world.

Let me always remember to be submissive to my superiors, condescending to my inferiors, faithful to my friends, and charitable to my enemies.

Assist me to overcome sensuality by mortification, avarice by alms-deeds, anger by meekness, and tepidity by devotion.

O my God, make me prudent in my undertakings, courageous in dangers, patient in affliction, and humble in prosperity.

Grant that I may be ever attentive at my prayers, temperate at my meals, diligent in my employments, and constant in my resolutions.

Let my conscience be ever upright and pure, my exterior modest, my conversation edifying, and my comportment regular.

Assist me, that I may continually labour to overcome nature, to correspond with thy grace, to keep thy commandments, and to work out my salvation.

Discover to me, O my God, the nothingness of this world, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of time, and the length of eternity.

Grant that I may prepare for death; that I may fear thy judgments, escape hell, and in the end obtain heaven; through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.



O good and gracious Jesus ! who, being most high in the glory of thy Father, and of one essence with him, didst vouchsafe of thy infinite love to be made man, to be born in a stable, to be laid in a manger, to be circumcised, and to fly into Egypt; afterwards to be baptised, to be tempted, to fast, to watch, to teach the ignorant, and to heal the diseased; in thy whole life to suffer continual afflictions and persecutions; and at length voluntarily to suffer death upon the cross; and all this for me, and such wretched creatures as myself.

2. O good and gracious Jesus ! who, having eaten the paschal lamb with thy dearly beloved disciples, didst arise from supper, gird thyself with a towel, pour water

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