For thy glory, and the di Laurence, Stephen, and

vine majesty and virtues all others, of thy Holy Name, save By the merits and prayers us and govern us now and of the holy fathers and ever; and

confessors, Austin, AnFor the love that rested thony, and all others,

both in thy Godhead and By the merits and prayers manhood,

of SS. Anne, Catherine, For that joy whereby thou Barbara, and all other

hast fruition in thyself, to holy virgins, widows, and For thyself and all good chaste livers, ness and merits that thou o By the merits and prayers beholdest both in thee, of all thy chosen saints, and in thy blessed Mo which are, have been, and ther,

are to come in heaven & For the ministering of St. and in earth,

Michael, and my good Succour us, most sweet Jeangel deputed for my sus, in that fearful day of keeping, and all other the strict judgment; and spirits of heaven,

grant us in this transiBy the intercession and tory life all things nemerits of Ss. Peter and cessary to the health of Paul, St. John Evange body and soul; and after list, and all the apos this life, to live and retles,

joice with thee everlastBy the merits and interces ingly. Amen.

sion of thy holy martyrs,

Have mercy on us.

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Hymns for Feriae.

MORNING. Now with the rising golden dawn, for all day long, on heaven's high

Let us, the children of the day, tower, Cast offthe darkness which so long T here stands a sentinel, who Has led our guilty souls astray. spies

Our every action, hour by hour, Oh, may the morn so pure, so clear, Its own sweet calm in us instil ;

From early dawn till daylight

dies. A guileless mind, a heart sincere, Simplicity of word and will:

To God the Father glory be, And ever, as the day glides by, And to his sole-begotten Son;

May we the busy senses rein; The same, O Holy Ghost, to thee, Keep guard upon the hand and eye, While everlasting ages run.

Nor let the body suffer stain.


Lord of eternal purity !

That, each within its order'd Who dost the world with light

sphere, adorn,

They might divide the night And paint the tracts of azure sky

from day; With lovely hues of eve and And of the seasons, through the morn:

year, Who didst command the sun to The well-remember'd signs dislight

play : His fiery wheel's effulgent blaze; Didst set the moon her circuit Scatter our night, eternal God, bright;

(maze: And kindle thy pure beam withThe stars their ever-winding in

Free us from guilt's oppressive Father of mercies ! hear our cry; load,

Hear us, O sole-begotten Son! And break the deadly bonds of Who, with the Holy Ghost most sin.

high, Reignest while endless ages run

Sunday Wespers.

Lucis Creator optime, Lucem dierum proferens, Primordiis lucis no væ, Mundi parans originem.

Qui mane junctum vesperi
Diem vocari præcipis :
Illabitur tetrum chaos,
Audi preces cum fletibus.

O blest Creator of the light!
Who dost the dawn from dark-
ness bring;

[height, And framing nature's depth and Didst with the new born light be

gin; Who gently blending eve with morn,

[them day :And morn with eve, didst call Thick flows the flood of darkness down;

[pray ! Oh, hear us as we weep and Keep thou our souls from schemes

of crime; Nor guilt remorseful let them know;

[time, Nor, thinking but on things of

Into eternal darkness go.

Ne mens gravata crimine,
Vitæ sit exul munere,
Dum nil perenne cogitat,
Seseque culpis illigat.

Celeste pulset ostium : Vitale tollat præmium : Vitemus omne noxium : Purgemus omne pessimum.

Præsta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
Cum Spiritu Paraclito,
Regnans per omne sæculum.

Teach us to knock at heaven's

high door; Teach us the prize of life to win; Teach us all evil to abhor,

And purify ourselves within. Father of mercies! hear our cry;

Hear us, O sole begotten Son! Who, with the Holy Ghost most

high, Reignest while endless ages run.



Hymn for Compline, see p. 617.

Hymns Proper for the season.

Advent. Hark! an awful voice is sounding; Let us haste, with tears of sorrow, “ Christ is nigh !" it seems to One and all to be forgiven. say;

[ness, So. when next he comes with “ Cast away the dreams of dark

glory, Oye children of the day!”

Wrapping all the earth in fear, Startled at the solemn warning, May he then as our defender

Let the earth-bound soul arise; On the clouds of heav'n appear. Christ her Sun, all sloth dispelling,

Bi Honour, glory, virtue, merit, Shines upon the morning skies. To the Father and the Son, Lo! the Lamb so long expected, with the everlasting Spirit, Comes with pardon down from While eternal ages run.


Christmas. Jesu, Redeemer of the world! From thy own Father's bosom Who, ere the earliest dawn of forth, light,

To save the world thou camest Wast from eternal ages born,

down. Immense in glory as in might; O day! to which the seas and sky, Immortal Hope of all mankind! And earth and heav'n, glad welIn whom the Father's face we come sing; see ;

(pour O day! which heal'd our misery, Hear thou the prayers thy people And brought on earth salvaThis day throughout the world tion's king. to thee.

We too, O Lord, who have been Remember, O Creator Lord !

cleans'd That in the Virgin's sacred In thy own fount of blood divine, womb

Offer the tribute of sweet song, Thou wast conceiv'd, and of her On this blest natal day of thine flesh

O Jesu ! born of Virgin bright, Didst our mortality assume.

Immortal glory be to thee; This ever-blest recurring day Praise to the Father infinite,

Its witness bears, that all alone, And Holy Ghost eternally.

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Adeste Fideles. Adeste fideles,

Ye faithful, approach ye, Læti triumphantes;

Joyfully triumphing; [hem: Venite, venite in Bethlehem: Oh, come ye, oh, come ye, to BethleNatum videte

Come and behold ye Regem angelorum :

Born the King of angels : Venite adoremus,

Oh, come, let us worship, Venite adoremus,

Oh, come, let us worship, Lord. Venite adoremus Dominum. Oh, come, let us worship Christ the Deum de Deo,

True God of God, Lumen de lumine,

True Light of Light, [womb: Gestant puellæ viscera :

Lo, He disdains not the Virgin's Deum verum,

Very God, Genitum, non factum :

Begotten, not created : Venite adoremus, &c.

Oh, come, let us worship, &c. Cantet nunc lo!

Sing Halleluiah, Chorus angelorum :

Let the courts of Heaven Cantet nunc aula cælestium, Ring with the Angel-chorus,Gloria

Praise the Lord, In excelsis Deo!

Glory to God in the highest : Venite, &c.

Oh, come, let us worship, &c. Ergo qui natus

Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, Die hodierna,

Born this happy morning; Jesu tibi sit gloria:

Jesu, to Thee be glory giv'n: Patris æterni

Word of the Father Verbum caro factum!

In our flesh appearing: Venite adoremus,

Oh, come, let us worship, Venite adoremus,

Oh, come, let us worship, [Lord. Venite adoremus Dominum. Oh, come, let us worship Christ the


Bethlehem ! of noblest cities By its lambent beauty guided, None can once with thee com- See, the Eastern kings appear; pare;

See them bend, their gifts to offer, Thou alone the Lord from heaven Gifts of incense, gold, and myrrh. Didst for us incarnate bear.

Offerings of mystic meaning ;Fairer than the sun at morning Incense doth the God disclose;

Was the star that told his birth; Gold a royal child proclaimeth; To the lands their God announcing, Myrrh a future tomb foreshews. Hid beneath a form of earth.

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