O Lord, hear my prayer. dred, and benefactors; grant, And let my cry come unto thee. we beseech thee, that, as they

were the instruments by which Let us pray.

thy providence bestowed on O God, the Creator and Re- us our birth, education, and deemer of all the faithful, grant innumerable other blessings, unto the souls of thy servants so our prayers may be the departed the remission of all means to obtain for them a their sins; that, by pious sup- speedy release from their ex. plications, they may obtain the cessive sufferings, and free adpardon which they have al- mittance to thine infinite joys. ways desired. Grant this, O Through Jesus, &c. God, who livest and reignest Y. Eternal rest give unto for ever and ever. Amen. them, O Lord.

0 eternal God, who, be- RY. And let perpetual light sides the general precept of shine upon them. charity, hast commanded a par- ř. May they rest in peace. ticular respect to parents, kin- R. Amen.

Another Litanp for the Faithful Departed.

Lord have mercy.

O sacred Trinity, Three PerLord have mercy.

sons and One God, Christ have mercy.

Give rest to the souls of the Christ have mercy.

faithful departed. Lord have mercy.

Blessed Virgin Mary, who, Lord have mercy.

by a special privilege of Jesus receive our prayers. grace, wast triumphantly Lord Jesus, grant our peti- assumed into the king tions.

dom of thy Son, O God the Father, Creator of Blessed Angels, who, or. the world,

dering aright the first Have mercy on the souls of the act of your will, were faithful departed.

immediately settled in an OʻGod the Son, Redeemer of unchangeable state of mankind,

felicity, Deliver the souls of the faith- Blessed Patriarchs, whose ful departed.

spirits were filled with s o God the Holy Ghost, Per joy, when the Desired : fecter of the elect,

of all nations brought plish the bliss of the redemption to your long souls of the faithful de captivity, parted.

Blessed Prophets, who,

Pray for the souls,


Pray, &c.


having patiently awaited adherence to any creathe coming of the Mes ture, were perfectly casias, were at length re pable of an immediate freshed with the happy union with your Creavisit of his divine Per tor, son,

Be merciful, O Lord, O all ye blessed Saints, And pardon their sins. who, after the glorious Be merciful, O Lord, Resurrection of your Sa And hear our prayers. viour, were by him trans From the shades of death, lated from the bosom of where they sit, deprived Abraham to the clear of the blissful light of thy vision of God,

countenance, Blessed Apostles, who, at From the evils to which the last and terrible day, their defective mortificashall sit on the twelve y tions in this world have thrones, judging the # exposed them in the tribes of Israel,

other, Blessed Disciples of our From thine anger, which

Lord, who, following his now too late they grieve sacred steps in the nar- to have provoked by their row path of perfection, og negligence and ingratiwent straight on to the z. tude,

heavenly Jerusalem, From the bonds of sin, Blessed Martyrs, who, pass wherein they remain enog through the red sea

tangled by the disorders of your own blood, with of their affections, out journeying through From the pains of Purgaa tedious wilderness, en tory, justly inflicted on tered immediately into them as the proper efthe Land of Promise,

fects of their sins, Blessed Confessors, who, From that dreadful prison,

despising the vanities whence there is no re-
here below, and placing lease till they have paid
your affections on the the last farthing,
joys above, are arrived From all their torments, in-
at the full possession of comparably greater than
all your desires,

the sharpest pains of this Blessed Virgins, who, life,

watching continually By thy never-failing mercy with your lamps pre and compassion towards pared, were ready, at the the frailties of human first voice of the chaste nature, Spouse of heaven, to By the infinite merits of enter with him into the thy death upon the Cross, marriage-chamber,

where thou reconciledst () all ye holy Saints, who, the world to thy Father,

not retaining at your By thy victorious Descent death the least irregular into hell, to break

Deliver them, O Lord.



asunder the chains of
death, and free such as

were imprisoned,
By thy glorious Resurrec-

tion from the grave, o when thou openedst the kingdom of heaven to believers, By thy triumphant Ascen

sion into heaven, when thou ledst captivity cap- o tive, and promisedst to prepare a place for thy s

By thy dreadful Coming to

judge the world, when
the works of every one

shall be tried by fire,
We sinners,
Beseech thee, hear us.
That it would please thee

to hasten the day of visit-
ing thy faithful, detained
in the receptacles of sor-
row, and transport them
to the City of eternal

That it would please thee

to shorten the time of
expiation of their sins,
and graciously admit
them into thy holy sanc-
tuary, where no unclean

thing can enter,
That it would please thee,

through the prayers and alms of thy Church, and especially through the 8 adorable Sacrifice of thy Altar, to receive them into the tabernacles of rest, and crown their longing hopes with ever

lasting fruition,
That the blessed vision of

Jesus may comfort them,
and the gloridus light of

bring them into the land of the living, and the glorious Queen of Saints present them before thy throne, That the venerable Patriarchs may meet them, and all the ancient Prophets rejoice to see them, That the sacred college of Apostles may open to them the gates of bliss, and the victorious army of Martyrs conduct them to thy palace, That the blessed company

of Confessors may place them in seats of eternal glory, and the chaste train of Virgins, with heavenly anthems, congratulate their recep

tion, That the whole triumphant

Church may celebrate the jubilee of their deliverance, and all the choirs of Angels sing hymns of joy for their new and never-ending

happiness, That, in the midst of all these triumphs, the souls that are delivered may themselves adore the glorious Author of their happiness, and in their white robes eternally sing: Alleluia! salvation to our God, who sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb that redeemed us by his blood, and made us kings to reign with

him for ever, Son of God, Lamb of God, who wilt comme

his cross shine upon them, That thy holy Angels may

with gloryto judge the living and the dead,

We beseech thee, hear m*.

We beseech

Give rest to the souls of the tremendous day, when the faithful departed.

heavens shall be moved and Lamb of God, at whose pre- the earth : when thou shalt

sence the earth shall be come to judge the world by moved, and the heavens fire. melt away,

Ý. Deliver us, O Lord, in Give rest to the souls of the that tremendous day. faithful departed.

Ry. And place us with the Lamb of God, in whose blessed Blessed at thy right hand

book of life all their names for ever. are written,

Ť. O Lord, hear my prayer. Give eternal rest to the souls Ry. And let my cry come

of the faithful departed to thee.

Ant. Deliver us, o Lord, Prayers as above, p. 684. from death eternal in that

Litany of Penance.

Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Christ hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the Father of heaven,
God the Son, Redeemer of

the world,
God the Holy Ghost,
Holy Trinity, one God,
God of all goodness, who

willest not the death of
a sinner, but rather that
he should be converted

and live, Who pardonedst not the è

Angels that sinned, but : cast them down to hell

for all eternity, Who, when Adam fell, didst

call him to confession and repentance for his

sin, Who didst preserve Noah

from the flood, and from the lot of the ungodly, by

saving him in the ark, Who didst draw Loth from

the midst of sinners, Who, softened by the

prayers of Moses, didst
forgive the sins of the

backsliding people,
Who didst pardon the sin

of David, after his confes

sion and repentance, Who didst spare Achab

when he humbled himself

in penance, Who didst graciously hear :

the penitent Manasses, and establish him on his of throne, Who didát grant pardon to

the Ninevites, when they did penance for their sins in fasting, and in sack

cloth and ashes,
Who didst succour the Ma-

chabees, when they fasted
and lay in ashes,

Aave mercy


Have mercy

Who didst command thy didst bring him to com

priests to weep, and pray, punction and to tears, and offer sacrifice for the Who didst promise Parapeople,

dise to the penitent thief, Who didst come into the Who lovest all thy creaworld to save sinners,

tures, and hatest nothing Who, when thou wouldst that thou hast made,

redeem the world, didst Who givest to sinners both send as thy messenger place and time for repentJohn Baptist, the preacher ance, of penance.

Who didst come to seek Who didst fast forty days and to save that which and forty nights,

was lost, Who didst prevent, with thy Who hast pity on all men, o

grace, Matthew, sitting and hidest the sins of

at the receipt of custom, those who truly repent, Who didst bear witness Who wouldst have mercy,

that the Publican, humbly and not sacrifice, striking his breast, was Who, when we repent, rejustified,

memberest our sins no Who didst deliver the para more,

lytic from his infirmity, God, most merciful and pawhen thou hadst forgiven tient, tender and lovinghim his sins,

kind, notwithstanding all Who, by the example of the our sins,

Prodigal son, didst offer We sinners,
to sinners the hope of 3 Beseech thee, hear us.

That thou wouldst vouchWho didst make known to safe to lead us to a true

the woman of Samaria repentance, the fountain of living That we may judge our water,

selves, and so escape thy Who didst bring salvation judgment,

to the house of Zacheus, That we may bring forth in repenting of his sins, and due time worthy fruits of making restitution four. penance, fold,

That, denying ungodliness Who didst exercise thy

and worldly desires, we mercy in behalf of the may live soberly, justly, woman taken in adul and godly, tery,

That sin may not reign in Who didst receive publicans our mortal body,

and sinners, and didst eat That we may not love the with them,

world, nor the things of Who didst forgive Magda the world,

len her many sins, because That we may work out our she loved much,

salvation with fear and Who, looking tenderly on trembling,

Peter, who denied thee, Son of God,

The spent lead

We beseech thee, hear we.

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