Litany of St. Stanislas Kotska.

Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Christ hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
God the Father of heaven,
God the Son, Redeemer of

the world,
God the Holy Ghost,
Holy Trinity, one God,
Holy Mary,
Holy Mother of God,
Holy Mary, conceived with-

out sin,
St. Stanislas Kotska,
Destined to the service of

God from thy concep

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Devout adorer of the Sacra

ment of the Altar, Treasure of heavenly graces, Mirror of obedience, humi

lity, and patience,
Model of candour, modesty

and piety,
Ardent lover of evangeli-

cal poverty,
Wise above thy years,
Lover of brotherly charity,
Penetrated with self-con-

Victim of divine love,
Example of Christian youth,
Honoured with the sensible

Presence of the Infant

An angel in thy life and no

Fed by Angels with bread

from heaven,
An apostle in zeal and

A martyr in faith and in

A confessor in constant


Pray for us.


Pray for us.

Faithful follower of Jesus

Well-beloved child of Mary,
Called by her to the Com-

pany of Jesus,
Faithful to the vocation'and mo

grace of God, Most worthy son of St. Ig

natius, Fair ornament of the Com

pany of Jesus, Model and patron of no

vices, Enemy of the world and of

its riches, Contemner of human glory, Severe chastiser of thine

innocent flesh Admirable in thy matchless

purity, Vanquisher of every evil

passion, Exact observer of religious


Ushered into heaven amid a

choir of virgins,
Perfect in all virtues, not-

withstanding thy short

The ornament and glory of

thy ancestors,
The stay and prop of

The refuge and the safety
of all who call upon

Illustrious in the miracles

wrought both before and

after thy decease,
Most blessed citizen of the

heavenly Jerusalem,

Lamb of God, who takest away worthy of the promises of

the sins of the world, Christ. Spare us, O Lord.

Let us pray. Lamb of God, who takest away O God, who, amongst other

the sins of the world, miracles of thy wisdom, hast Graciously hear us, O Lord. bestowed even in tender age Lamb of God, who takest away the grace of matured sanctity; the sins of the world,

grant, we beseech thee, that, Have mercy on us.

redeeming the time by instant Christ hear us.

labour, after the example of Christ graciously hear us. blessed Stanislas, we may hasÝ. Pray for us, St. Stanis ten to enter into eternal rest.

Through Christ our Lord. R%. That we may be made Amen.


Litanp of St. Vincent of Paul.1 Lord have mercy.

and pastor of the people Lord have mercy.

of God, Christ have mercy.

St. Vincent, who in thy Christ have mercy.

captivity didst preserve Lord have mercy.

a perfect freedom, Lord have mercy.

St. Vincent the just man, Christ hear us.

who livedst by faith, Christ graciously hear us. St. Vincent, always supGod the Father of heaven, ported on the firm anchor God the Son, Redeemer of of a Christian hope, the world,

St. Vincent, always inflamed God the Holy Ghost,

with the fire of charity, Holy Trinity, one God, - St. Vincent, truly simple, Holy Mary,

upright, and fearing St. Vincent of Paul,

God, St. Vincent, who at the ten- St. Vincent, true disciple of

derest age didst display Jesus Christ, always meek

a wisdom most mature, and humble of heart, St. Vincent, who, from thy St. Vincent, perfectly mor

childhood, wast full of tified in heart and mind,

pity and compassion, ở St. Vincent, ever animated St. Vincent, who, like Da- z with the spirit of Jesus

vid, from a simple shep- Christ,
herd becamest the ruler St. Vincent, generous main-


Pray for us.

| This Litany is intended especially for the members of the Brotherhood of St. Vincent of Paul.

Pray for us.

tainer of the glory of St. Vincent, destined by a God,

special Providence to an. Vincent, ever inwardly nounce the Gospel to the burning, and ever out poor, wardly transported, with St. Vincent, tender father zeal for souls,

and perfect model of ec· Vincent, who in Chris

clesiastics, tian poverty didst find St. Vincent, prudent founthe precious pearl, and der of the Congregation the rich treasure of the of the Mission, Gospel,

St. Vincent, wise institutor • Vincent, like to the of the order of the Sisters ingels in thy purity,

of Charity, · Vincent, ever faithful St. Vincent, always tender in obedience, and ever in compassionating, and more victorious in word,

always prompt in reliev. Vincent, from thy earli ing, all the necessities of est years constantly de

the poor, voted to works of charity, St. Vincent, equally fervent

Vincent, who didst fiy in the practice of prayer with most diligent care and in the ministry of the she slightest appearancem word, of evil,

St. Vincent, perfect imitaVincent, who, in all thine tor of the life and virtues ictions, didst aspire to of Jesus Christ, he practice of the most Ý St. Vincent, who didst perperfect virtue,

severe to the end in es: Vincent, who, like a chewing evil and doing rock, remainedst immov good, ible amidst the stormy St. Vincent, who, as in life sea of this world,

so in death, wast most Vincent, who, constant precious in the sight of is the sun in its course,

God, wentest ever onward in [St. Vincent, who by the knowhe paths of truest wis ledge of absolute truth, by lom,

the love of sovereign good· Vincent, always invin ness, by the joys of a blessed ible by all the arrows of eternity, possessest perfect dversity,

happiness, Vincent, as patient in Pray for the members of the suffering as thou wast in Church, and especially for lulgent in forgiving,

the members of this brotherVincent, ever docile and hood.] obedient son of the holy Lamb of God, who takest away Roman Church,

the sins of the world, · Vincent, who hadst ex Spare us, O Lord. ceeding horror of the no Lamb of God, who takest away vel ways and subtle words the sins of the world, of heresy,

Graciously hear us, O Lord.

ho didst per

severe to

who, like a

Lamb of God, who takest away Vincent, the spirit of thy wellthe sin is of the world

beloved Son, to preach the Have mercy on us.

Gospel to the poor, relieve the Ý. The Lord hath led the afflicted, console the miserable, just man through right ways. and add new lustre to the ec

17. And shewed unto him clesiastical order; grant, we the kingdom of God.

beseech thee, through his

powerful intercession, that we Let us pray.

also, being delivered from the Great God, who, by an ef- great misery of sin, may labour fect of thine infinite goodness, to please thee by the practice hast renewed, in our days, in of the same humility. Through the apostolic charity and hu- Jesus Christ our L mility of thy blessed servant Amen.

Litany for the Faithful Departed. Lord have mercy.

St. Paul, Lord have mercy.

St. John, Christ have mercy.

All ye holy Apostles and Christ have mercy.

Evangelists, Lord have mercy.

St. Stephen, Lord have mercy.

St. Laurence, Christ hear us.

All ye holy Martyrs, Christ graciously hear us.

hear us. St. Gregory, God the Father of heaven,

St. Ambrose, Have mercy on the souls of the St. Augustine, faithful departed.

St. Jerome, God the Son, Redeemer of All ye holy Bishops and the world,

Confessors, God the Holy Ghost, All ye holy Doctors, Holy Trinity, one God, All ye holy Priests and LeHoly Mary,

vites, Holy Mother of God,

All ye holy Monks and Holy Virgin of virgins, a Hermits, St. Michael,

S St. Mary Magdalen, All ye Angels and Arch St. Catherine, angels,

St. Barbara, All ye orders of Blessed All ye holy Virgins and Spirits,

Widows, St. John Baptist,

All ye Saints of God,
St. Joseph,

Be merciful.
All ye holy Patriarchs and Spare them, O Lord.

. Be merciful. St. Peter,

Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Tayyor the suuls of the fuithulleparted.

We beseech thee, hear us.

O Lord,

'rom all evil,
'rom thy wrath,
'rom the rigour of thy

justice, from the power of the devil, 'rom the gnawing worm

of conscience, 'rom long-enduring sor

row, 'rom cruel flames, 'rom intolerable cold, 'rom horrible darkness, 'rom dreadful weeping and

wailing, Through thine admirable

Conception, 'hrough thy holy Nativity, 'hrough thy most sweet

Name, "hrough thy Baptism and =

holy Fasting, Through thy most profound Ž

Humiliation, 'hrough thy prompt Obe

dience, 'hrough thine infinite

Love, "hrough thy Sorrow and

Anguish, through thy Bloody Sweat, 'hrough thy Bonds, 'hrough thy Scourging, 'hrough thy Crowning

with thorns, Through thy Carrying of

the Cross,
'hrough thy most cruel

Through thy Five most

holy Wounds,
through thy most bitter

Cross and Passion, 'hrough thy holy Resur

'hrough thine admirable

Through the coming of the

Holy Ghost the Paraclete, n the day of judgment,

We sinners,
Beseech thee, hear us.
Thou who forgavest Mag-
dalen, and hearkenedst to

the prayer of the thief,
Thou who savest freely

thine elect,
Thou who hast the keys of

death and hell,
That thou wouldst be pleas-

ed to deliver the souls
of our parents, relations,
friends, and benefactors,
from the pains of hell,
That thou wouldst be pleas-

ed to have mercy on those i
of whom no special re-
membrance is made on

That thou wouldst be pleas- ē

ed to grant them all the
pardon and remission of s
their sins,
That thou wouldst be pleas-
ed to fulfil all their de-

That thou wouldst be pleas-

ed to receive them into
the company of the Bless-

King of awful majesty,
Son of God,
Lamb of God, who takest away

the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest.
Lamb of God, who takest away

the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest.
Lamb of God, who takest away

the sins of the world,
Grant unto them rest everlast -

deliver them.


Christ hear us.
Christ graciously hear us.
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
From the gate of hell,
Deliver their souls, O Lord.

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