Ora pro nobis.

Sancte Joseph, Ora, 8c. St. Joseph,
Omnes sancti Patriarchæ et All ye holy Patriarchs

Prophetæ, Orate, &c. and Prophets,
Sancte Petre,

St. Peter, Sancte Paule,

St. Paul, Sancte Andrea,

St. Andrew, Sancte Jacobe,

St. James, Sancte Joannes,

St. John, Sancte Thoma,

St. Thomas, Sancte Jacobe,

St. James,
Sancte Philippe,

St. Philip,
Sancte Bartholomæe, • St. Bartholomew,
Sancte Matthæe,

St. Matthew,
Sancte Simon,

St. Simon, Sancte Thaddæe,

St. Thaddeus, Sancte Matthia,

St. Matthias, Sancte Barnaba,

St. Barnabus, Sancte Luca,

St. Luke, Sancte Marce,

St. Mark, Omnes sancti Apostoli et All ye holy Apostles and

Evangelistæ, Orate, &c. Evangelists, Omnes sancti Discipuli Do- All ye holy Disciples of mini, Orate, &c.

our Lord, Omnes sancti Innocentes, All ye holy Innocents,

Orate, &c. Sancte Stephane, Ora, &c. St. Stephen, Sancte Laurenti, Ora, fc. St. Lawrence, Sancte Vincenti, Ora, &c. St. Vincent, Sancti Fabiane et Sebas- SS. Fabian and Sebastiane,

o tian, Sancti Joannes et Paule, SS. John and Paul, Sancti Cosma et Damiane, SS. Cosmas and Damian, Sancti Gervasi et Protasi, SS. Gervase and Protase, Omnes sancti Martyres, All ye holy Martyrs, Sancte Sylvester,

St. Sylvester, Sancte Gregori,

St. Gregory, Sancte Ambrosi,

St. Ambrose, Sancte Augustine,

St. Augustine, Sancte Hieronyme,

St. Jerome, Sancte Martine,

St. Martin, Sancte Nicolae,

St. Nicholas,

Pray for us.

Orate, &c.

Ora pro nobis.

Pray for us.

Omnes sancti Pontifices et All ye holy Bishops and

Confessores, Orate, &c. Confessors,
Omnes sancti Doctores, All ye holy Doctors,

Orate, fc.
Sancte Antoni,

St. Anthony, Sancte Benedicte,

St. Benedict, Sancte Bernarde, ŏ St. Bernard, Sancte Dominice, Ž St. Dominic, Sancte Francisce,

St. Francis, Omnes sancti Sacerdotes et All ye holy Priests and a Levitæ, Orate, &c.

Omnes sancti Monachi et All ye holy Monks and
Eremitæ, Orate, &c.

Sancta Maria Magdalena, St. Mary Magdalene,
Sancta Agatha,

St. Agatha,
Sancta Lucia,

St. Lucy,
Sancta Agnes,
Sancta Cæcilia,

St. Cicily,
Sancta Catharina,

St. Catherine, Sancta Anastasia,

St. Anastasia, Omnes sanctæ Virgines et All ye holy Virgins and Viduæ, Orate, &c.

Widows, Omnes Sancti et Sanctæ All ye holy men and woDei,

men, Saints of God, Intercedite pro nobis. Make intercession for us. Propitius esto,

Be merciful,
Parco nobis, Domine. Spare us, O Lord.
Propitius esto,

Be merciful, 2ū22\2§2§2§22

Graciously hear us, O Lord. Ab omni malo,

From all evil, Ab omni peccato,

From all sin, Ab ira tua,*

From thy wrath,* A subitanea et improvisa From sudden and unmorte,

het looked-for death,

☆ St. Agnes,

O Lord, &c.

* Here, for the Devotion of the Forty Hours, is inserted: Ab imminentibus periculis, From all dangers that threaA peste, fame, et bello, From plague, famine, and


ten us,


O Lord, deliver us.

Ab insidiis diaboli, From the snares of the

devil, Ab ira, et odio, et omni From anger, and hatred, mala voluntate,

and every evil will, A spiritu fornicationis, From the spirit of forni

cation, A fulgure et tempestate, From lightning and tem

pest, A morte perpetua, From everlasting death, Per mysterium sanctæ Through the mystery of o Incarnationis tuæ,

thy holy Incarnation, Per Adventum tuum,

Through thy Coming, Per Nativitatem tuam, & Through thy Nativity, Per Baptismum et sanc- . Through thy Baptism and S

tum Jejunium tuum, ô holy Fasting, Per Crucem et Passio- . Through thy Cross and 3 nem tuam,

Passion, Per Mortem et Sepultu Through thy Death and ram tuam,

Burial, Per sanctam Resurrectio Through thy holy Resurnem tuam,

rection, Per admirabilem Ascen Through thine admirable sionem tuam,

Ascension, Per adventum Spiritus Through the coming of Sancti Paracliti,

the Holy Ghost the

Paraclete, In die judicii,

In the day of judgment,

We sinners,
Te rogamus audi nos. Beseech thee hear us.
Ut nobis parcas,

That thou wouldst spare
Ut nobis indulgeas, That thou wouldst par-

don us, Ut ad veram pæniten- That thou wouldst bring

tiam nos perducere us to true penance,

digneris, Ut Ecclesiam tuam sanc That thou wouldst vouch

tam regere et conser safe to govern and prevare digneris,

serve thy holy Church, Ut Domnum Apostoli- That thou wouldst vouch

cum, et omnes eccle- safe to preserve ours


mus au

We beseech thee, hear us.

siasticos ordines in Apostolic Prelate, and sancta religione con all orders of the Church servare digneris,

in holy religion, Ut inimicos sanctæ Ec- That thou wouldst vouch

clesiæ humiliare dig safe to humble the eneneris, *

mies of holy Church,* Ut regibus et principi That thou wouldst vouch

bus Christianis pacem safe to give peace and et veram concordiam true concord to Chrisdonare digneris,

tian kings and princes, Ut cuncto populo Chris- w That thou wouldst vouch

tiano pacem et unita- o safe to grant peace and tem largiri digneris, o unity to all Christian

people, Ut nosmetipsos in tuo That thou wouldst vouch

sancto servitio confor safe to confirm and pretare et conservare dig- Ž serve us in thy ħolya neris,

service, Ut mentes nostras ad That thou wouldst lift up

cælestia desideria eri our minds to heavenly gas,

desires, Ut omnibus benefactori That thou wouldst render

bus nostris sempiterna eternal blessings to all bona retribuas,

our benefactors, Ut animas nostras, fra That thou wouldst deliver

trum, propinquorum, our souls, and the souls et benefactorum nos of our brethren, relatrorum ab æterna dam tions, and benefactors, natione eripias,

from eternal damnation, Ut fructus terræ dare et That thou wouldst vouchconservare digneris, safe to give and pre

serve the fruits of the

earth, Ut omnibus fidelibus de- That thou wouldst vouch

vamus audi

We beseech thee, hear us.

* For the Devotion of the Forty Hours, insert : Ut Turcarum, et hæreti- That thou wouldst vouchcorum conatus reprimere et safe to defeat the attempts of ad nihilum redigere digneris. all Turks and heretics, and

bring them to nought.

beseech, &c.

functis requiein æter- g safe to grant eternal nam donare digneris, rest to all the faithful

departed, Ut nos exaudire digneris, That thou wouldst vouch

safe graciously to hear you

us, Fili Dei,

: Son of God, Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi,

away the sins of the world, Parce nobis, Domine. Spare us, O Lord. Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi,

away the sins of the world. Exaudi nos, Domine. Graciously hear us, O Lord. Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi,

away the sins of the world, Miserere nobis.

Have mercy on us. Christe audi nos.

Christ hear us. Christe exaudi nos.

Christ graciously hear us. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christe eleison.

Christ have mercy.
Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy.
Pater noster (secreto). Our Father (secretly).

V. Et ne nos inducas in V. And lead us not into tentationem.

temptation. Ry. Sed libera nos a malo. Ry. But deliver us from


Psalm !xix. Deus in adjutorium. Deus in adjutorium meum 1 O God, come to my intende: Domine, ad adju- assistance : O Lord, make vandum me festina. haste to help me.

Confundantur et revere- 2 Let them be confoundantur: qui quærunt animam ed and ashamed: that seek meam :

after my soul. Avertantur retrorsum, et 3 Let them be turned erubescant: qui volunt mihi backward, and blush for mala.

shame : that desire evils un

to me. Avertantur statim eru- 4 Let them be straightway bescentes, qui dicunt mihi: turned backward blushing

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