And yet they are not three we believe and confess that our almighties, but one almighty. Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of

So the Father is God, the Son God, is both God and man. God, and the Holy Ghost God. He is God of the substance

And yet they are not three of his Father, begotten before Gods, but one God.

the world ; and he is man of So likewise the Father is the substance of his Mother, Lord, the Son is Lord, and the born in the world : Holy Ghost is Lord.

Perfect God and perfect And yet they are not three man; of reasonable soul and Lords, but one Lord.

human flesh subsisting. For like as we are compel- Equal to the Father accordled by the Christian verity to ing to his Godhead; and less acknowledge every Person by than the Father according to himself to be God and Lord: his manhood.

So we are forbidden by the Who, although he be both Catholic religion, to say there God and man, yet he is not are three Gods, or three Lords. two, but one Christ:

The Father is made of none, One, not by the conversion neither created, nor begotten. of the Godhead into flesh, but

The Son is from the Father by the taking of the manhood alone, not made, nor created, unto God: but begotten.

One altogether, not by conThe Holy Ghost is from the fusion of substance, but by Father and the Son, not made, unity of person. nor created, nor begotten, but For as the reasonable soul proceeding.

and the flesh is one man, so So there is one Father, not God and man is one Christ. three Fathers; one Son, not Who suffered for our salvathree Sons; one Holy Ghost, tion, descended into hell, rose not three Holy Ghosts. again the third day from the

And in this Trinity, there is dead. nothing before or after, no. He ascended into heaven; thing greater or less; but the he sitteth at the right hand whole three Persons are co- of God the Father Almighty; eternal together and co-equal. from whence he shall come to

So that in all things, as is judge the living and the dead. aforesaid, the Unity is to be At whose coming all men worshipped in Trinity, and shall rise again with their the Trinity in Unity.

bodies, and shall give an acHe, therefore, that will be count of their own works. saved, must thus think of the And they that have done Trinity.

good shall go into life everFurthermore, it is necessary lasting; and they that have to everlasting salvation, that done evil, into everlasting fire. he also believe rightly the In- This is the Catholic faith, carnation of our Lord Jesus which except a man believe Christ.

faithfully and steadfastly, he Now the right faith is, that cannot be saved. Glory &c.

a nie s.

THE following Litanies have been selected with the view of supplying a series of devotions adapted to the festivals and holy seasons of the Church, and capable of being varied as piety may suggest.

The subjoined Table shews the particular devotion by which it is a common practice to consecrate each day of the week:

Tuesday :
Thursday :
Friday .

To the Holy Trinity.
, the Holy Ghost.

the Holy Angels.
St. Joseph.
the B. Sacrament.
the Passion of our Lord.
the Blessed Virgin.

But, besides appropriating certain Litanies to the days of the week usually recommended for their use, it would be a profitable exercise, both for individuals and for families, to dedicate a week to Jesus and Mary, in the following way:

Sunday . Litanies of the Holy Name of Jesus and of Loretto,

Incarnate Word and the Immaculate Con

ception. Tuesday .

Infant Jesus and of Loretto. Wednesday

Holy Name of Jesus, and ditto of Mary. Thursday,

Life of Jesus, and ditto of Mary. Friday .

Passion and of the Seven Dolours. Saturday.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, and ditto of Mary.

Particular feasts will naturally suggest their corresponding devotions, -e.g. the several festivals of our Lord and his Blessed Mother, the Holy Angels, St. Joseph, &c. ; and no further guidance will be needed than that which is afforded by any Catholic Directory. But, for the readier fulfilment of the plan proposed, the following Table is prefixed, which gives the Litanies proper to each season in their order.

Table of Litanies throughout the Year.

SLitany of the Incarnate Word, and ditto Advent · · · :p of Penance. Christmas

. Litany of the Infant Jesus.

(Litany of the Infant Jesus, and the Life Epiphany . . .1 of ditto.

Litany of the Life of Jesus; and on FriSeptuagesima . . :{ days, that of the Passion.

(Litany of Penance; and on Wednesdays Lent . . . . and Fridays, that of the Passion. Passion und Holy Weeks Litany of the Passion. Maunday Thursday , , , the Blessed Sacrament. Goo1 Friday. . . . , the Passion and of the Holy Cross Easter . .

the Resurrection. Ascension Day to Whit

, Jesus glorified. Sunday .

) Whitsuntide. .

the Holy Ghost. Trinity Sunday, and Sun- . , the Most Holy Trinity.

days after Pentecost . Corpus Christi. . . „ „ the Blessed Sacrament.

Devotion will contrive numerous combinations, by which the peculiar character of each day or season may be duly observed, and the several aspects of the Divine Mysteries receive their proper measure of attention and contemplation.

The Litany of the Saints, as also the Litany for England, may very suitably be used on the festivals of those eminent Saints whose names are especially commemorated in them.

Litanies, again, form appropriate devotions for particular Novenas, and for consecrating the several months of the year

: A Novena is a devotion of nine days, in honour of some mystery of our redemption, to obtain a particular request, or in honour of the B.V. Mary, or some of the Saints, to beg their intercession in obtaining it. It may be performed with any forms of prayer.

to some special object. given, shewing

To this end the following Table is


which may be performed at discretion.




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January . . . Month of Devotion to the Holy Infancy. Jan. 24. Feb. 1 . Novena of the Purification of B. V. Mary. Nine days before 201

» » Sunday of Epiphany Si

Holy Name of Jesus. Feb. 1 . . Feb. 9 . .

, Most Holy Trinity. March, . . . . Month of Devotion to St. Joseph. March 4 March 12. Novena of St. Francis Xavier. » 8 , 16 .

St. Patrick.

St. Joseph. 16

the Annunciation of B. V. Mary Thirteen Fridays before | Devotion to St. Francis of Paula.

April 2 .
April 14 A ril 22 Novena of St. George.
May . .

Month of Devotion to B. V. Mary.
Nine days before Whit-1

Novena of the Holy Ghost. sunday ....

Month of Devotion to the Precious Blood
June ... . . . of our Lord.
Nine days before the

Novena of the S. Heart of Jesus.
Feast of the S. Heart
Six Sundays bef. June 21 Devotion to St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
June 20. June 28 . Novena of SS. Peter and Paul.
21. . , 30 .

St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
17. .
25 .

St. Anne.
July 16 July 24

i B. V. Mary of Mount Carmel. August

Month of Devotion to the S. Heart of Mary. : aug. 14 Aug. 6. .

Novena of the Assumption of B. V. Mary. , 15. .

30. .
Sept. 7

Novena of the Nativity of B. V. Mary.
Sept. 20

St. Michael and Angel Guardians. , 26 Oct. 3 ..

i St. Francis of Assisium. October

Month of Devotion to the Holy Angels. Oct. 7. Oct. 15. . Novena of St. Teresa.

,, 24 . Nov. 1. . ,, for the Souls in Purgatory. November . . . Month of Devotion for ditto. Nov. 29 .Dec. 7 . . Novena of the Conception of B. V. Mary. Dec. 16 l , 24 . .

, Nativity of our Lord.

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Many of these Novenas have Indulgences attached to them.

Litany of the Saints.

This is the only Litany which forms part of the regular and appointed

Offices of the Church, and is used on all occasions of public humiliation, &c.

Ne reminiscaris, Domine, Remember not, O Lord, delicta nostra, vel parentum our offences, nor those of our nostrorum ; neque vindic- fathers; neither take thou tam sumas de peccatis nos- vengeance of our sins.


Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christe eleison.

Christ have mercy. Christe eleison.

Christ have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christe audi nos.

Christ hear us. Christe exaudi nos.

Christ graciously hear us. Pater de cælis Deus, God the Father of hea

ven, Fili Redemptor mundi God the Son, Redeemer Deus,

the one of the world, Spiritus Sancte Deus, Ž God the Holy Ghost, Sancta Trinitas, unus Holy Trinity, one God,

Sancta Maria,

Holy Mary,
Sancta Dei Genitrix, Holy Mother of God,
Sancta Virgo virginum, Holy Virgin of virgins,
Sancte Michael,

St. Michael,
Sancte Gabriel,' & St. Gabriel,
Sancte Raphael,

St. Raphael, Omnes sancti Angeli et All ye holy Angels and

Archangeli, Orate, sc. Archangels, Omnes sancti beatorum Spi- All ye holy orders of

rituum ordines, Orate, &c. blessed Spirits, Sancte Joannes Baptista, St. John Baptist,

Ora, 8c.

Miserere nobis.

Have mercy, &c.

Ora pro nobis.

Pray for us.

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