2 And enter not into judg- mercy in the morning : for in ment with thy servant : for in thee have I hoped. thy sight shall no man living 10 Make me to know the be justified.

way wherein I should walk : 3 For the enemy hath per- for to thee have I lifted up my secuted my soul : he hath soul. brought my life down unto 11 Deliver me from mine the ground.

enemies, O Lord ; unto thee 4 He hath made me to dwell have I fled: teach me to do thy in darkness, as those that have will, for thou art my God. been long dead : and my spirit 12 Thy good spirit shall is vexed within me, my heart lead me into the right land : within me is troubled

for thy name's sake, () Lord, 5 I have remembered the thou shalt quicken me in thy days of old, I have mused upon justice. all thy works : I have mused 13 Thou shalt bring my soul upon the works of thy hands. out of trouble : and in thy

6 I have stretched forth my mercy thou shalt destroy mine hands unto thee : my soul enemies. gaspeth unto thee, as a land 14 Thou shalt destroy all where no water is.

them that afflict my soul; for 7 Hear me speedily, O Lord: I am thy servant. my spirit hath fainted away. Glory &c.

8 Turn not away thy faceAnt. Remember not, O Lord, from me: lest I be like unto our offences, nor those of our them that go down into the pit. parents: neither take thou ven

9 Make me to hear thy geance of our sins.

The Gradual Psalms.

Ps. cxix.-cxxi., pp. 568, 569; Ps. cxxii.- cxxiv., pp. 572-574 ;

Ps. cxxv.-cxxvii., pp. 577, 579; Ps. cxxviii. cxxx. pp. 591, 592; Ps. cxxxi. p. 509.

Psalm cxxxii. Ecce quam bonum.

1 Behold how good, and how 3 That ran down unto the pleasant it is : for brethren to skirt of his garment: like as dwell together in unity. the dew of Hermon that falleth

2 Like the precious oint- upon Mount Sion. ment upon the head : that ran 4 For there hath the Lord down unto the beard, even the ordained blessing: and life for beard of Aaron.

evermore. Glory &c.

Psalm cxxxiii. Ecce nunc benedicite. 1 Behold now, bless ye the hands to the holy places : and Lord: all ye servants of the bless ye the Lord. Lord.

4 May the Lord out of Sion 2 Ye that stand in the house bless thee: who hath made of the Lord: in the courts of heaven and earth. the house of our God.

Glory &c. 3 In the nights lift up your

Other occasional Psalms.

Psalm xix. Exaudiat te Dominus. 1 May the Lord hear thee thy petitions : now know I in the day of tribulation : may that the Lord hath saved his the name of the God of Jacob Anointed. protect thee.

7 He will hear him from 2 May he send thee help his holy heaven: the salvation from the sanctuary : and de- of his right hand is in powers. fend thee out of Sion.

8 Some upon chariots, and 3 May he be mindful of all some upon horses: but we will thy sacrifices: and may thy call upon the name of the Lord whole burnt-offering be made our God. fat before him.

9 They are fast bound, and 4 May he give unto thee have fallen : but we are risen, according to thy heart: and and stand upright. confirm all thy counsel.

10 O Lord, save the king: 5 We will rejoice in thy sale and hear us in the day, that we vation : and in the name of our shall call upon thee. God shall we be exalted.

Glory &c. 6 May the Lord fulfil all

Psalm lxxxiii. Quam dilecta.

1 How lovely are thy taber- turtle a nest for herself, where nacles, O Lord of hosts : my she may lay her young soul longeth and fainteth for 4 Even thy altars, O Lord of the courts of the Lord. hosts: my King and my God.

2 My heart and my flesh: 5 Blessed are they that dwell have rejoiced in the living in thy house, O Lord : they God.

shall praise thee for ever and 3 For the sparrow hath ever." found her a house: and the 6 Blessed is the man whose

aelp is from thee: in his heart 10 For one day in thy courts: ne hath disposed to ascend by is better than a thousand. iteps, in the vale of tears, in 11 I have chosen rather to he place that he hath fixed, be an abject in the house of

7 For the lawgiver shall my God: than to dwell in the give a blessing, they shall go tabernacles of sinners. from virtue to virtue: the 12 For God loveth mercy God of gods shall be seen in and truth: the Lord will give Sion.

grace and glory. 8 O Lord God of hosts, hear 13 He will not deprive of ny prayer : give ear, O God of good things them that walk Jacob.

in innocence: 0 Lord of hosts, 9 Behold, O God, our pro- blessed is the man that hopeth cector: and look upon the face in thee. of thine Anointed.

Glory &c.

Psalm lxxxv. Inclina, Domine. 1 Incline thine ear, O Lord, 9 For thou art great, and ind hear me: for I am needy doest marvellous things : thou and poor.

art God alone. 2 Preserve my soul, for I 10 Conduct me, O Lord, in am holy: save thy servant, О thy way, and I will walk in my God, that hopeth in thee. thy truth : let my heart re

3 Have mercy upon me, o joice, that it may fear thy Lord, for I have cried to thee name. all the day: give joy to the 11 I will praise thee, O soul of thy servant, for to thee, Lord my God, with my whole O Lord, have I lifted up my heart : "and I'will glorify thy soul,

name for ever. 4 For thou, O Lord, art 12 For thy mercy is great sweet and gentle : and plente- towards me; and thou hast ous in mercy to all that call delivered my soul from the upon thee.

lower hell. 5 Give ear, O Lord, to my 13 O God, the wicked are prayer : and attend to the risen up against me, and the voice of my supplication. assembly of the mighty have

6 In the day of my trouble sought my soul: and have not I cried unto thee: for thou set thee before their eyes. hast heard me.

14 And thou, O Lord, art a 7 There is none among the God of compassion and mercy: gods like unto thee, O Lord: patient, plenteous in mercy, and there is none that doeth and true. according to thy works.

15 Oh, look upon me, and 8 All the nations that thou be merciful unto me: give hast made shall come, and adore thy cominand unto thy servant, before thee, O Lord: and they and save the son of thy handshall glorify thy name.


16 Shew unto me a token Lord, hast holpen me, and for good, that they who hate comforted me. me may see it, and be con- Glory &c. founded: because thou, O

Psalm cii. Benedic, anima. 1 Bless the Lord, O my he removed our iniquities soul: and let all that is within from us. me bless his holy name.

13 As a father hath pity on 2 Bless the Lord, O my his children, so hath the Lord soul : and forget not all his pity on them that fear him: for benefits.

he knoweth whereof we are 3 Who forgiveth thee all made. thine iniquities: who healeth 14 He remembereth that we all thine infirmities.

are but dust : man's days are 4. Who redeemeth thy life as grass; as the flower of the from destruction: who crown- field, so shall he flourish. eth thee with mercy and com- 15 For the spirit shall pass passion.

away in him, and he shall not 5 Who satisfieth thy desire be: and he shall know his place with good things: thy youth no more. shall be renewed like the ea- 16 But the mercy of the gle's.

Lord is from eternity: and 6 The Lord doeth mercies : unto eternity upon them that and judgment for all that suf- fear him. fer wrong.

17 And his justice upon 7 He hath made his ways children's children: even upon known unto Moses : his will such as keep his covenant." unto the children of Israel. 18 And are mindful of his

8 The Lord is full of com- commandments: to do them. passion and mercy : long-suf- 19 The Lord hath prepared fering, and plenteous in mercy. his throne in heaven and his

9 He will not alway be kingdom shall rule over all. angry: neither will he threaten 20 Bless the Lord, all ye his for ever.

angels : ye that are mighty in 10 He hath not dealt with strength, and fulfil his comus according to our sins; nor mandment, hearkening unto rewarded us according to our the voice of his words. iniquities.

21 Bless the Lord, all ye 11 For according to the his hosts: ye ministers of his, height of the heaven above that do his will. the earth : hath he strength- 22 Bless the Lord, all ye his ened his mercy towards them works : in every place of his that fear him.

dominion, O my soul, bless 12 As far as the east is thou the Lord. from the west : so far hath Glory &c.

Psalm cxxxvii. Confitebor tibi. 1 I will praise thee, O Lord, they have heard all the words with my whole heart: for thou of thy mouth. hast heard the words of my 6 And let them sing in the mouth.

ways of the Lord : for great is 2 In the sight of the angels the glory of the Lord. will I sing praise unto thee: 7 For the Lord is high, and I will adore towards thy holy looketh upon the humble; and temple, and give praise unto the lofty he knoweth afar off. thy name.

8 If I shall walk in the 3 For thy mercy, and for thy midst of tribulation, thou wilt truth's sake: for thou hast quicken me: and against the magnified thy name above all wrath ofmine enemies thou hast things.

stretched forth thy hand, and 4 Oh, hear me in what day thy right hand hath saved me. soever I shall call upon thee: 9 The Lord will repay for thou shalt multiply strength me: thy mercy endureth for in my soul.

ever; despise not the works of 5 Let all the kings of the thine own hands. earth praise thee, O Lord : for Glory &c.

The Creed of St. Athanasius. Whosoever will be saved, is the Son, and such is the before all things it is necessary, Holy Ghost. that he hold the Catholic faith. The Father uncreate, the

Which faith, except every Son uncreate, the Holy Ghost one do keep entire and invio- uncreate. late, without doubt he shall The Father incomprehensiperish everlastingly.

ble, the Son incomprehensiNow the Catholic faith is ble, the Holy Ghost incomthis; that we worship one prehensible. God'in Trinity, and Trinity in The Father eternal, the Son Unity.

eternal, the Holy Ghost eterNeither confounding the nal. Persons, nor dividing the sub- And yet they are not three stance.

eternals, but one eternal. For there is one Person of As also they are not three the Father, another of the Son, uncreates, nor three incomanother of the Holy Ghost. prehensibles; but one un

But the Godhead of the Fa- create, and one incomprehenther, and of the Son, and of sible. the Holy Ghost, is all one; theIn like manner the Faglory equal, the majesty co- ther is almighty, the Son aleternal.

mighty, and the Holy Ghost Such as the Father is, such almighty.

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