The Order of the Erposition and Benediction

of the Most Holy Sacrament.

When the Priest opens the Tabernacle, and incenses the Blessed

Sacrament, is sung the Hymn, O salutaris hostia, p. 710. After which follows the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, p. 634, or some Psalm, or Antiphon, or Hymn appropriate to the Feast, or in honour of the Most Holy Sacrament. Here also are recited the corresponding Versicles and Prayers, as

also any Prayer enjoined by the Bishop. N.B. If the Te Deum, p. 538, be recited, the persons present stand until the words, Te ergo quæsumus (We pray thee therefore, &c.), when they kneel. Then is sung the Hymn, Tantum ergo Sacramentum, p. 711, all present making a profound inclination (not prostration) while the words Veneremur cernui are being said. To which succeed the following Versicle and Prayer:

V. Panem de cælo præsti- V. Thou didst give them tisti eis. [Alleluia.)

bread from heaven. [ Alleluia.] R. Omne delectamentum in R. Containing in itself all se habentem. [Alleluia.] sweetness. [Alleluia.]

Alleluia is said in Paschal time, and during the Octave of

Corpus Christi.

· Let us pray. Dens, qui nobis sub sacra- O God, who in this wondermento mirabili Passionis tuæ ful Sacrament hast left us a memoriam reliquisti; tribue, memorial of thy Passion; grant, quæsumus, ita nos Corporis et we beseech thee, that we may Sanguinis tui sacra mysteria so worthily reverence the savenerari, ut redemptionis tui cred mysteries of thy Body and fructum in nobis jugiter senti- Blood, that we may continuamus. Qui vivis et regnas in ally find in our souls the fruit sæcula sæculorum. Amen. of thy redemption. Who livest

and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

When Te Deum is used as a thanksgiving :V. Benedictus es Domine, Ý. Blessed art thou, O Lord, Deus Patrum nostrorum. the God of our fathers.

RY. Et laudabilis, et glori- Ry. And worthy to be praised osus in sæcula.

and glorious for ever. . Benedicamus Patrem et Ý. Let us bless the Father Filium, cum Sancto Spiritu. and the Son, with the Holy

Ghost. R%. Laudemus et superexal- R. Let us praise and magtemus eum in sæcula.

nify him above all for ever. Y. Benedictus es, Domine . Y. Blessed art thou, O Lord, Deus, in firmamento cæli. in the firmament of heaven,

Ry. Et laudabilis, et glori. R.And worthy to be praised, osus, et superexaltatus in sæ- glorious and exalted above all cula.

for ever. Y. Benedic anima mea Do- ¥. Bless the Lord, O my minum.

soul. R?. Et noli oblivisci retri- Ry. And forget not all his butiones ejus.

benefits. ř. Domine, exaudi oratio. Ý. O Lord, hear my prayer. nem meam.

Ry. Et clamor meus ad te R. And let my cry come veniat.

unto thee. ř. Dominus vobiscum. y. The Lord be with you. Ry. Et cum spiritu tuo. Ry. And with thy Spirit. Oremus.

Let us pray. Deus, cujus misericordiæ non O God, whose mercies are without est numerus, et bonitatis infini- number, and the treasure of whose tus est thesaurus: piissimæ ma- goodness is infinite : werender thanks jestati tuæ pro collatis donis to thy most gracious Majesty for the gratias agimus, tuam semper gifts thou hast bestowed upon us, clementiam exorantes : ut qui evermore beseeching thy clemency: petentibus postulata concedis, that as thou grantest the petitions eosdem non deserens, ad præ- of them that ask thee, thou wilt never mia futura disponas.

forsake them, but wilt prepare them

for the rewards to come. Deus, qui corda fidelium O God, who hast taught the hearts Sancti Spiritus illustratione do- of the faithful by the light of the cuisti: da nobis in eodem Spi- Holy Spirit; grant us, by the same ritu recta sapere, et de ejus Spirit, to have a right judgment in semper consolatione gaudere. all things, and evermore to joice

in his consolation. Deus, qui neminem in te spe- O God, who sufferest none that rantem nimium affligi permittis, hope in thee to be afflicted over sed pium precibus præstas au- much, but dost afford a gracious ear ditum : pro postulationibus nos- unto their prayers: we render thee tris, votisque susceptis gratias thanks for that thou hast heard our agimus, te piissime deprecantes, supplications and vows; and we most ut a cunctis semper muniamur humbly beseech thee, that we may adversis. Per Christum Domi- evermore be protected from all adnum nostrum.

versities. Through Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

R. Amen.

he Little Office of the Blessed



N.B. These, as also similar prayers at the commencement of

the subsequent hours, form no part of the Office.

Aperi, Domine, os meum ad Open thou my mouth, O benedicendum nomen sanctum Lord, to bless thy holy name: tuum: munda quoque cor me- cleanse my heart also from all um ab omnibus vanis, perversis, vain, perverse, and distracting et alienis cogitationibus; in- thoughts; enlighten my undertellectum illumina, affectum standing, inflame my affections, inflamma: ut digne, attente, that I may recite this Office of ac devote hoc Officium beatæ the blessed Virgin Mary with Virginis Mariæ recitare valeam worthy attention and devotion, et exaudiri merear ante con- and may deserve to be heard spectum divinæ Majestatis tuæ; in the sight of thy divine Maper Christum Dominum nos- jesty; through Christ our Lord. trum. Amen.

Amen. Domine, in unione illius di- O Lord, I offer these Hours vinæ intentionis, qua ipse in unto thee, in union with that terris laudes, Deo persolvisti, divine intention wherewith has tibi Horas persolvo. thou didst thyself offer praises

to God, whilst thou wast on earth.

AFTER EACH OFFICE. Sacrosanctæ et individuæ Everlasting praise, honour, Trinitati, crucifixi Domini power, and glory be given by postri Jesu Christi Humani- all creatures to the most holy tati, beatissimæ et gloriosis- and undivided Trinity, to the simæ, semperque Virginis Humanity ofour crucified Lord Mariæ fæcundæ integritati, Christ Jesus, to the fruitful et omnium Sanctorum univer- purity of the most blessed and sitati, sit sempiterna laus, ho- most glorious Mary ever Virnor, virtus, et gloria ab omni gin, and to the company of all creatura, nobisque remissio the Saints; and may we obtain omnium peccatorum, per the remission of all our sins infinita sæcula sæculorum. through all eternity. Amen. Amen.

V. Beata viscera Mariæ Vir- V. Blessed is the womb of ginis, quæ portaverunt æterni the Virgin Mary, that bore Patris Filium.

the Son of the eternal Father. R. Et beata ubera quæ lac- R. And blessed are the paps taverunt Christum Dominum. that gave suck to Christ our


Pater. Ave.


O divine and adorable Lord Jesus Christ, who hast graciously redeemed us by thy bitter passion and death; I offer these Matins and Lauds to thy honour and glory; and most humbly beseech thee, through the vile treatment thou didst receive from the Jews, who dragged thee to the courts of the impious high priests, where thou wast falsely accused, smitten on the face, called a blasphemer, and declared guilty of death; through the cruel torments, the blows, the bruises, and unheard-of injuries, which thou enduredst during the whole night; to grant us resignation and silence under all calumnies, detractions, and sufferings, for the love of thee, and to give us grace never to return injury for injury, but to practise the truly Christian revenge of overcoming evil with good, to do good to those who hate us, to bless those who curse us, and to pray for those who persecute and calumniate us. Amen.

Matins. Ave Maria.

Hail Mary. V. Domine, + labia mea ape- V. Thou shalt open my lips, ries.

+ O Lord. R. Et os meum annuntiabit R. And my mouth shall laudem tuam.

shew forth thy praise. V. Deus, + in adjutorium V. O God, † come to my meum intende.

assistance. R. Domine, ad adjuvandum R. O Lord, make haste to me festina.

help me. Gloria Patri. Sicut erat. Glory be to the Father, &e. Alleluia ad omnes horas.

Alleluia at all the hours.

From Septuagesima to Easter, instead of Alleluia, is said,

Laus tibi, Domine, Rex æter- Praise be to thee, O Lord, næ gloriæ.

King of everlasting glory.

Invitatory. Twice repeated. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Dominus tecum.

Lord is with thee. In the time of Easter, Alleluia is added at the end of the · Invitatory, Antiphons, Versicles, and Responsories.

Psalm xciv. Venite, exultemus. Venite, exultemus Domino, O come, let us sing unto jubilemus Deo salutari nostro; the Lord, let us rejoice before præoccupemus faciem ejus in God our Saviour : let us come confessione, et in psalmis ju- into his presence with thanksbilemus ei.

giving, and with psalms re

joice before him. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Dominus tecum.

Lord is with thee. Quoniam Deus magnus Do- For the Lord is a great God, minus, et Rex magnus super and a great King above all omnes deos : quoniam non re- gods : the Lord will not cast pellet Dominus plebem suam, off his people; in his hands quia in manu ejus sunt omnes are all the ends of the earth, fines terræ, et altitudines mon- and he beholdeth the heights tium ipse conspicit.

of the mountains. Dominus tecum.

The Lord is with thee. 2ÂòÂ2âÒ§§2 §2/2/2tiffimâÒtitiffiūtiffiū2/2?Â?2ti/2/2//ti2/2/2/m2?Â2Òâm ipse fecit illud, et aridam fun- it, and his hands founded the daverunt manus ejus : venite, dry land: come, let us adore adoremus, et procidamus ante and fall down before God; Deum; ploremus coram Do- let us lament before the Lord mino qui fecit nos ; quia ipse who made us; for he is the est Dominus Deus noster : nos Lord our God: we are his autem populus ejus, et oves people, and the sheep of his pascuæ ejus.

pasture. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Dominus tecum.

Lord is with thee Hodie si vocem ejus audi- To-day if ye shall hear his eritis, nolite obdurare corda voice, harden not your hearts, vestra, sicut in exacerbatione as in the provocation, and as secundum diem tentationis in in the day of temptation in deserto: ubi tentaverunt me the wilderness; where your patres vestri, probaverunt, et fathers tempted me, proved viderunt opera mea.

me, and saw my works.

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