Common of Apostles and Evangelists.


Psalms as on Sundays, with the exception of the last, for which Psalm cxvi., Laudate Dominum, is used, as follows :

Psalm cxvi. Laudate Dominum. Laudate Dominum, omnes i Praise the Lord, all ye gentes : laudate eum, omnes gentiles : praise him, all ye populi:

people : Quoniam confirmata est su- 2 For his mercy is eonfirmed per nos misericordia ejus : et upon us : and the truth of the veritas Domini manet in æter- Lord endureth for ever. num.


Psalm cix. Dixit Dominus. Psalm cxii. Laudate pueri.

Then the three following :

Psalm cxv. Credidi. Credidi, propter quod locu- 1 I believed, and therefore tus sum: ego autem humili- did I speak: but I was humbled atus sum nimis.

exceedingly. Ego dixi in excessu meo: 2 I said in my excess : All Omnis homo mendax.

men are liars. Quid retribuam Domino: pro 3 What shall I render unto omnibus quæ retribuit mihi? the Lord: for all he hath ren

dered unto me Calicem salutaris accipiam : 4 I will take the chalice of et nomen Domini invocabo. salvation : and call upon the

name of the Lord. Vota mea Domino reddam 5 I will pay my vows unto coram omni populo ejus : pre- the Lord in the presence of all tiosa in conspectu Domini mors his people: precious in the sanctorum ejus.

sight of the Lord is the death

of his saints. O Domine, quia ego servus 6 O Lord, I am thy servant: tuus: ego servus tuus, et filius I am thy servant, and the son ancillæ tuæ.

of thy handmaid. Dirupisti vincula mea : tibi 7 "Thou hast broken my sacrificabo hostiam laudis, et bonds in sunder: I will offer nomen Domini invocabo. unto thee the sacrifice of praise,

and will call upon the name of

the Lord. Vota mea Domino reddam 8 I will pay my vows unto in conspectu omnis populi ejus: the Lord in the sight of all his in atriis domus Domini, in me- people : in the courts of the dio tui, Jerusalem.

house of the Lord, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem.

Psalm cxxv. In convertendo. In convertendo Dominus l When the Lord turned captivitatem Sion : facti sumus again the captivity of Sion : we sicut consolati :

became like men that are com

forted: Tuno repletum est gaudio 2 Then was our mouth filled os nostrum : et lingua nostra with gladness: and our tongue exultatione.

with joy. Tunc dicent inter gentes : 3 Then shall they say among Magnificavit Dominus facere the gentiles : The Lord hath cum eis.

done great things for them. Magnificavit Dominus facere 4 The Lord hath done great nobiscum : facti sumus læ- things for us : we are become tantes.

very joy ul. Converte, Domine, captivi. 5 Turn again our captivity, tatem nostram : sicut torrens O Lord: as a river in the south. in austro.

Qui seminant in lacrymis: in 6 They that sow in tears : exultatione metent.

shall reap in joy. Euntes ibant et flebant: mit- 7 Going on their way, they tentes semina sua.

went and wept : scattering

their seed. Venientes autem venient cum 8 But returning, they shall exultatione: portantes mani come with joyfulness : bringpulos suos.

ing their sheaves with them.

Psalm cxxxviii. Domine, probasti. Domine, probasti me, et 1 0 Lord, thou hast proved cognovisti me: tu cognovisti me and known me: thou hast sessionem meam, et resurrec- known my sitting down and tionem meam.

my rising up. Intellexisti cogitationes me- 2 Thou hast understood my as de longe : semitam meam, thoughts long before : my path et funiculum meum investi- and my line hast thou searched gasti.

out. Et omnes vias meas pravi- 3 And thou hast foreseen all disti: quia non est sermo in my ways: for there is not a lingua mea.

word in my tongue.

Ecce, Domine, tu cognovisti 4 Behold, O Lord, thou hast omnia novissima et antiqua: known all things, new and old: tu formasti me, et posúisti thou hast formed me, and laid super me manum tuam. thine hand upon me,

Mirabilis facta est scientia 5 Thy knowledge is become tua ex me: confortata est, et too wonderful for me : it is non potero ad eam.

strong and high, and I cannot

attain unto it. Quo ibo a spiritu tuo: et 6 Whither shall I go from quo a facie tua fugiam ? thy spirit : and whither shall I

flee from thy face? Si ascendero in cælum, tu 7 If I go up into heaven, thou illic es: si descendero in infer- art there: if I go down into num, ades.

hell, thou art there also. Si sumpsero pennas meas 8 If I take to me the wings diluculo : et habitavero in ex- of the morning: and dwell in tremis maris :

the uttermost parts of the sea : Etenim illuc manus tua de- 9 Even there also shall thy ducet me : et tenebit me dex- hand lead me: and thy right tera tua.

hand shall hold me. Et dixi, Forsitan tenebræ 10 And I said, Peradventure conculcabunt me: et nox illu- the darkness shall cover me: minatio mea in deliciis meis. and night shall be my light in

my pleasures. Quia tenebræ non obscura- 11 But darkness shall not be buntur a te, et nox sicut dies dark to thee, and night shall illuminabitur : sicut tenebræ be as light as the day : the ejus, ita et lumen ejus. darkness thereof and the light

thereof are alike to thee. Quia tu possedisti renes 12 For thou hast possessed meos: suscepisti me de utero my reins: thou hast holpen me matris meæ.

from my mother's womb. Confitebor tibi quia terri- 13 I will praise thee, for biliter magnificatus es : mira- thou art fearfully magnified: bilia opera tua, et anima mea marvellous are thy works, and cognoscit nimis.

my soul knoweth them right

well. Non est occultatum os meum 14 My bones are not hid a te, quod fecisti in occulto: from thee, which thou didst et substantia mea in inferiori- fashion in secret : and my subbus terræ.

stance in the lower parts of

the earth. Imperfectum meum viderunt 15 Thine eyes did see my oculi tui, et in libro tuo omnes imperfect being, and in thy scribentur : dies formabuntur, book shall all men be written: et nemo in eis.

day by day shall they be formed,

while yet there is no one. Mihi autem nimis honori- 16 But to me thy friends, ficati sunt amici tui, Deus : O God, are made exceedingly

nimis confortatus est princi- honourable : most firmly is patus eorum.

their dominion established. Dinumerabo eos, et super 17 I will tell them, and they arenam multiplicabuntur: ex- shall be more in number than surrexi, et adhuc sum tecum, the sand : I have risen up, and

am still with thee. Si occideris, Deus, peccato. 18 Wilt thou not slay the res: viri sanguinum declinate wicked, O God: ye men of a me:

blood, depart from me: Quia dicitis in cogitatione: 19 For ye say in your Accipient in vanitate civitates thoughts : They shall take thy tuas.

cities in vain. Nonne qui oderunt te, Do. 20 Have I not hated them, mine, oderam : et super inimi- O Lord, that hated thee: and cos tuos tabescebam ?

pined away because of thine

enemies? Perfecto odio oderam illos ; 21 I have hated them with et inimici facti sunt mihi. a perfect hatred: and they be

came as enemies unto me. Proba me, Deus, et scito cor 22 Prove me, o God, and meum : interroga me, et cog- try my heart : examine me, nosce semitas meas.

and search out my paths. Et vide, si via iniquitatis in 23 And look well, if there me est : et deduc me in via be in me the way of iniquity : eterna.

and lead me in the way everlasting


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum, p. 506.

cond Vespers : last Psalm, Credidi, ibid.



First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum, p. 506. Second

Vespers : last Psalm, Memento, Domine, as follows :

Psalm cxxxi. Memento, Domine. Memento, Domine, David: 10 Lord, remember Daet omnis mansuetudinis ejus. vid : and all his meekness.

Sicut juravit Domino : votum 2 How he sware unto the vovit Deo Jacob :

Lord : and vowed a vow unto

the God of Jacob: Si introiero in tabernaculum 3 I will not enter into the domus meæ : si ascendero in tabernacle of mine house : 1 lectum strati mei:

will not go up into my bed: Si dedero somnum oculis 4 I will not give sleep to meis : et palpebris meis dormi- mine eyes : nor slumber to tationem,

mine eyelids, Et requiem temporibus meis: 5 Nor rest unto the temples donec inveniam locum Domi- of my head : until I find a no, tabernaculum Deo Jacob. place for the Lord, a taber

nacle for the God of Jacob. Ecce audivimus eam in 6 Lo, we heard of it in Ephrata: invenimus eam in Ephrata : we found it in the campis silvæ.

fields of the wood. Introibimus in tabernacu- 7 We will go into his talum ejus : adorabimus in loco, bernacle : we will worship in ubi steterunt pedes ejus. the place, where his feet have

stood. Surge, Domine, in requiem 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy tuam : tu et arca sanctifica- resting-place : thou, and the tionis tuæ.

ark of thy holiness. Sacerdotes tui induantur 9 Let thy priests be clothed justitiam : et sancti tui ex- with justice : and let thy saints ultent.

rejoice. Propter David servum tu- 10 For thy servant David's um: non avertas faciem Christi sake : turn not away the face tui.

of thine Anointed. Juravit Dominus David ve- 11 The Lord hath sworn ritatem, et non frustrabitur the truth unto David, and he eam : De fructu ventris tui will not make it void : Of the ponam super sedem tuam. fruit of thy body I will set

upon thy throne. Si custodierint filii tui testa 12 If thy children will keep mentum meum : et testimonia my covenant : and these my mea hæc quæ docebo eos: testimonies which I shall teach

them: Et filii eorum usque in sæ- 13 Their children also for culum: sedebunt super sedem evermore : shall sit upon thy tuam.

throne. Quoniam elegit Dominus 14 For the Lord hath chosen Sion : elegit eam in habita- Sion : he hath chosen her for tionem sibi.

his dwelling. Hæc requies mea in sæculum 15 This is my rest for ever sæculi: hic habitabo, quoniam and ever : here will I dwell, elegi eam.

for I have chosen her. Viduam ejus benedicens be- 16 With blessing, I will nedicam : pauperes ejus satu- bless her widows ; I will sarabo panibus.

tisfy her poor with bread. Sacerdotes ejus induam sa- 17 I will clothe her priests lutari : et sancti ejus exulta- with salvation : and her saints tione exultabunt.

shall rejoice with exceeding joy.

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