Intercedant pro eo omnes holy Apostles, to whom the Sancti et Electi Dei, qui pro Lord gave the power of bindChristi nomine tormenta in ing and loosing, pray for him. hoc sæculo sustinuerunt: ut Let all the Saints and Elect of vinculis carnis exutus, perve- God, who, in this world, have nire mereatur ad gloriam regni suffered torments for the name coelestis, præstante Domino of Christ, intercede for him, nostro Jesu Christo, qui, cum that, loosed from the bonds Patre et Spiritu Sancto, vivit of the flesh, he may attain et regnat in sæcula sæculorum. unto the glory of the heavenly Amen.

kingdom, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. R. Amen.

Here may be read John xvii. xviii. and xix. After which may be said the Versicle, We adore thee, 8c. and the Prayer, O God, who, for the redemption of the world, &c. at the end of the Litany of the Passion, p. 649.

After which may be recited the following Psalms.

Psalm cxvii. Confitemini Domino. Confitemini Domino, quo- 1 () praise ye the Lord, for niam bonus : quoniam in sæ- he is good : for his mercy enculum misericordia ejus. dureth for ever.

Dicat nunc Israel, quoniam 2 Let Israel now say, that bonus: quoniam in sæculum he is good : that his mercy enmisericordia ejus.

dureth for ever. Dicat nunc domus Aaron : 3 Let the house of Aaron quoniam in sæculum miseri- now say: that his mercy encordia ejus,

dureth for ever. Dicant nunc qui timent Do- 4 Let them that fear the minum: quoniam in sæculum Lord now say: that his mercy misericordia ejus.

endureth for ever. Detribulatione invocavi Do- 5 In my trouble I called minum : et exaudivit me in la- upon the Lord: and the Lord titudine Dominus.

heard and enlarged me. Dominus mihi adjutor: non6 The Lord is my helper: timebo quid faciat mihi homo. I will not fear what man can

do unto me. Dominus mihi adjutor: et 7 The Lord is my helper: ego despiciam inimicos meos. and I will look down upon

mine enemies. Bonum est confidere in 8 It is better to trust in

Domino, quam confidere in the Lord, than to put confihomine.

dence in man. Bonum est sperare in Do- 9'It is better to trust in mino, quam sperare in princi- the Lord, than to put conpibus.

fidence in princes. Omnes gentes circuierunt. 10 All nations compassed me; et in nomine Domini quia me about; and in the name of ultus sum in eos.

the Lord I have been revenged

upon them. Circumdantes circumdede- 11 Surrounding me, they runt me: et in nomine Domini compassed me about: and in quia ultus sum in eos.

the name of the Lord I have

been revenged upon them. Circumdederunt me sicut 12 They gathered about me apes, et exarserunt sicut ignis like bees, and burned like fire in spinis : et in nomine Domini among thorns: and in the quia ultus sum in eos.

name of the Lord I have been

revenged upon them. Impulsus eversus sum ut ca- 13 I was sore pressed and derem : et Dominus suscepit overthrown that I might fall: me.

but the Lord held me up. Fortitudo mea, et laus mea 14 The Lord is my strength Dominus : et factus est mihi and my praise : and he is bein salutem.

come my salvation. Vox exultationis et salutis, 15 The voice of joy and salin tabernaculis justorum. vation, is in the tabernacles of

the just. Dextera Domini fecit virtu- 16 The right hand of the ten, dextera Domini exaltavit Lord hath done mightily, the me: dextera Domini fecit vir- right hand of the Lord hath tutem.

exalted me: the right hand of

the Lord hath done mightily. Non moriar, sed vivam : et 17 I shall not die but live: narrabo opera Domini.

and shall declare the works of

the Lord. Castigans castigavit me Do- 18 The Lord hath chastened minus : et morti non tradidit and corrected me : but he hath me.

not given me over unto death. Aperite mihi portas justitiæ; 19 Open to me the gates of ingressus in eas confitebor Do- justice; I will go in to them, mino : hæc porta Domini, justi and give praise unto the Lord: intrabunt in eam.

this is the gate of the Lord,

the just shall enter into it. Confitebor tibi, quoniam ex 20 I will praise thee, for audisti me: et factus es mihi thou hast heard me: and art in salutem.

become my salvation. Lapidem, quem reprobave- 21 The stone which the runt ædificantes, hic factus est builders rejected, the same is in caput anguli.

become the head of the corner.

A Domino factum est istud, 22 This is the Lord's doing, et est mirabile in oculis nos- and it is marvellous in our tris.

eyes. Hæc est dies, quam fecit *23 This is the day which Dominus : exultemus, et læte- the Lord hath made: let us be mur in ea

glad, and rejoice therein. O Domine, salvum me fac: 24 O Lord, save me: O O Domine, bene prosperare: Lord, give good success : blesbenedictus qui venit in nomine sed be he that cometh in the Domini.

name of the Lord. Benediximus vobis de domo 25 We have blessed you out Domini: Deus Dominus, et of the house of the Lord: the illuxit nobis.

Lord is God, and he hath shone

upon us. Constituite diem solemnem 26 Appoint a solemn day, in condensis, usque ad cornu with shady boughs, even to altaris.

the horn of the altar. Deus meus es tu, et confite- 27 Thou art my God, and bor tibi: Deus meus es tu, et I will praise thee: thou art exaltabo te.

my God, and I will exalt

thee. Confitebor tibi, quoniam ex- 28 I will praise thee, for audisti me: et factus es mihi thou hast heard me: and art in salutem.

become my salvation. Confitemini Domino, quo 29 O praise ye the Lord, niam bonus : quoniam in sæcu for he is good : for his mercy lum misericordia ejus.

endureth for ever. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be, &c.

Psalm cxviii. Beati immaculati.

Beati immaculati in via : qui 1 Blessed are the undefiled ambulant in lege Domini. in the way: that walk in the

law of the Lord. Beati qui scrutantur testi- 2 Blessed are they that monia ejus : in toto corde ex- search his testimonies: that quirunt eum.

seek him with their whole

heart. Non enim qui operantur ini- 3 For they that work iniquitatem, in viis ejus ambula- quity, have not walked in his verunt.

ways. Tu mandasti mandata tua 4 Thou hast commanded thy custodiri nimis.

commandments to be kept

most diligently. Utinam dirigantur viæ meæ, 5 Oh, that my ways may be ad custodiendas justificationes directed, to keep thy justificatuas!

tions! Tunn 2on confundar, cum 6 Then shall I not be conperspexero in omnibus man- founded, when I shall have datis tuis.

looked into all thy command

ments. Confitebor tibi in directione 7 I will praise thee in up. cordis : in eo quod didici ju- rightness of heart : because I dicia justitiæ tuæ.

have learned the judgments of

thy justice. Justificationes tuas custo- 8 I will keep thy justificadiam : non me derelinquas tions: oh, do not thou forsake usquequaque.

me utt In quo corrigit adolescen- 9 By what doth a young tior viam suam ? in custodi- man correct his way? Even endo sermones tuos.

by observing thy words. In toto corde meo exquisivi 10 With my whole heart te: ne repellas me a mandatis have I sought thee : let me not tuis.

go astray from thy command

ments. In corde meo abscondi elo- 11 Thy words have I hidquia tua : ut non peccem tibi. den in my heart: that I may

not sin against thee. Benedictus es, Domine: doce 12 Blessed art thou, O me justificationes tuas. Lord: oh, teach me thy justi

fications. In labiis meis pronuntiavi 13 With my lips have I proomnia judicia oris tui. nounced all the judgments of

thy mouth. In via testimoniorum tuo- 14 In the way of thy testirum delectatus sum, sicut in monies have I been delighted, omnibus divitiis.

as in all manner of riches. In mandatis tuis exercebor, 15 I will exercise myself in et considerabo vias tuas. thy commandments, and will

consider thy ways. In justificationibus tuis me 16 I will think upon thy ditabor: non obliviscar ser- justifications : I will not formones tuos.

get thy words. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be, &c. Retribue servo tuo, vivifica 17 Give freely to thy serme: et custodiam sermones vant, and quicken thou me: tuos.

and Í shall keep thy words. Revela oculos meos : et con- 18 Open thou mine eyes: siderabo mirabilia de lege tua. and I shall consider the won

drous things of thy law. Incola ego sum in terra: non 19 I am a sojourner on the abscondas a me mandata tua. earth: oh, hide not thy com

mandments from me. Concupivit anima mea de- 20 My soul hath ardently siderare justificationes tuas, in longed for thy justifications, omni tempore.

at all times.

Increpasti superbos: male- 21 Thou hast rebuked the dicti, qui declinant a mandatis proud : cursed are they who tuis.

decline from thy command

ments. Aufer a me opprobrium, et 22 Remove from me recontemptum : quia testimonia proach and contempt : for I tua exquisivi.

have sought thy testimonies. Etenim sederunt principes, 23 For princes sat and et adversum me loquebantur: spake against me: but thy serservus autem tuus exercebatur vant was employed in thy jusin justificationibus tuis.

tifications, Nam et testimonia tua me- 24 For thy testimonies are ditatio mea est: et consilium my meditation: and thy justimeum justificationes tuæ. fications are my counsel.

Adhæsit pavimento anima 25 My soul hath cleaved to mea: vivifica me secundum the pavement: quicken thou verbum tuum.

me according to thy word. Vias meas enuntiavi, et ex. 26 I have declared my audisti me: doce me justifica- ways, and thou hast heard tiones tuas.

me : oh, teach me thy justi

fications. Viam justificationum tua- 27 Instruct me in the way rum instrue me : et exercebor of thy justifications: and I shall in mirabilibus tuis.

exercise myself in thy mar

vellous works. Dormitavit anima mea præ 28 My soul hath slumbered tædio : confirma me in verbis through heaviness : strengthen tuis.

thou me in thy words. Viam iniquitatis amove a 29 Remove from me the me : et de lege tua miserere way of iniquity : and out of mei.

thy law have mercy upon me. Viam veritatis elegi: judicia 30 I have chosen the way tua non sum oblitus.

of truth: and thy judgments

I have not forgotten, Adhæsi testimoniis tuis, Do- 31 I have cleaved to thy mine: noli me confundere. testimonies, O Lord: confound

. me not. Viam mandatorum tuorum 32 I have run the way of cucurri, cum dilatasti cor me- thy commandments, for thou um.

hast enlarged my heart. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be, &c.

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