V. Domine, exaudi ora- V. O Lord, hear my prayer. tionem meam.

R. Et clamor meus ad te R. And let my cry come veniat.

unto thee. Oremus.

Let us pray. Respice, quæsumus, Do- Look, O Lord, we beseech mine, super hos famulos tuos, thee, upon these thy servants, et institutis tuis, quibus pro- and graciously assist thine pagationem humani generis own institutions, whereby thou ordinasti, benignus assiste, ut hast ordained the propagation qui te auctore junguntur, of mankind, that they who are te auxiliante serventur. Per joined together by thy authoChristum Dominum nostrum. rity may be preserved by thy Amen.

help. Through Christo our

Lord. Amen. After this, if the nuptial benediction is to be given, a Mass is

said, pro sponso et sponsa, as in the Roman Missal; every thing being observed which is there prescribed, viz. After the Pater noster, the Priest, standing at the Epistle side of the Altar, and turning towards the Bride and Bridegroom, kneeling before the Altar, says over them the following prayers : Oremus.

Let us pray. Propitiare, Domine, suppli- Be propitious, o Lord, unto cationibus nostris, et institutis our supplications, and gratuis, quibus propagationem ciously assist thine own instihumani generis ordinasti, be- tutions, whereby thou hast nignus assiste, ut quod te ordained the propagation of auctore jungitur, te auxiliante mankind, that that which is servetur. Per Dominum nos- joined together by thy authotrum Jesum Christum. rity may be preserved by thy

help. Through Jesus Christ

our Lord. Oremus.

Let us pray. Deus, qui potestate virtutis O God, who by the might tuæ de nihilo cuncta fecisti: of thy power didst create all qui dispositis universitatis ex- things out of nothing; who, ordiis, homine ad imaginem when the beginnings of the Dei facto, ideo inseparabile universe were set in order, mulieris adjutorium condidisti, and man was made to the ut foemineo corpori de virili image of God, didst ordain dares carne principium, docens the inseparable assistance of quod ex uno placuisset insti- woman, in such wise that thou tui, nunquam licere disjungi: gavest beginning to her body Deus, qui tam excellenti mys- out of the flesh of man, teachterio conjugalem copulam con- ing thereby that what it had secrasti, ut Christi et ecclesiæ pleased thee should be formed sacramentum præsignares in of one, it should never be law

fædere nuptiarum: Deus, per fulto put asunder ; O God, who quem mulier jungitur viro, et hast consecrated the bond of societas principaliter ordinata, matrimony by such an excelea benedictione donatur, quæ lent mystery, that in the covesola nec per originalis peccati nant of marriage thou wouldst pænam, nec per diluvii est ab- signify the sacrament of Christ lata sententiam; respice pro- and his Church; O God, by pitius super hanc famulam tu- whom woman is joined to man, am, quæ maritali jungenda and society, as ordained from consortio, tua se expetit pro- the beginning, is furnished tectione muniri: sit in ea ju- with a blessing, which alone gum dilectionis et pacis; fidelis was not removed, either in et casta nubat in Christo, imi- punishment of original sin, or tatrixque sanctarum perma- by the sentence of the deluge: neat fieminarum: sit amabilis look mercifully upon this thy viro ut Rachel, sapiens ut handmaid, whó, being now to Rebecca, longæva et fidelis ut be joined in wedlock, earnestly Sarah; nihil in ea ex actibus desires to be fortified with thy suis ille auctor prævaricationis protection: may it be to her à usurpet; nexa fidei manda- yoke of love and peace; may tisque permaneat; uni thoro she marry in Christ, faithful juncta, contactus illicitos fu- and chaste, and remain a folgiat; muniat infirmitatem su- lower of holy women; may am robore disciplinæ ; sit ve- she be amiable to her hus

cundia gravis, pudore vene- band like Rachel, wise like rabilis, doctrinis cælestibus Rebecca, long-lived and faitherudita; sit fæcunda in sobole, ful like Sara. In none of her sit probata et innocens; et ad deeds may that author of deDeatorum requiem, atque ad ceit have any power over her ; celestia regna perveniat : ut may she abide firmly knit to videant ambo filios filiorum the faith and the commandusque in tertiam et quartam ments; joined unto one bed, generationem, et ad optatam may she fly all unlawful apperveniant senectutem. Per proaches; may she fortify her eumdem Dominum nostrum weakness by the strength of Jesum Christum.

discipline; `may she be in shamefacedness grave, in modesty venerable, in heavenly doctrines learned; may she be fruitful in offspring, approved and innocent; and attain unto the rest of the blessed and unto the heavenly kingdom; that they both may see their children's children unto the third and fourth generation, and arrive at a desired old age. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.

Then the Priest, returning to the middle of the Altar, says:

Libera nos, &c., as usual ; and, after he has received the Blood, communicates the newly-married couple, and proceeds with the Mass : and having said the Benedicamus Domino, or Ite missa est, before he blesses the people, he turns to the Bride and Bridegroom, and says:

Deus Abraham, Deus Isaac, May the God of Abraham, et Deus Jacob sit vobiscum, the God of Isaac, and the God et ipse adimpleat benedictio- of Jacob be with you, and nem suam in vobis; ut videatis himself fulfil his blessing upon filios filiorum vestrorum, us you; that you may see que ad tertiam et quartam ge- children's children unto the nerationem; et postea vitam third and fourth generation ; æternam habeatis sine fine, and may afterwards have evera adjuvante Domino nostro Jesu lasting life, without end, by Christo : qui cum Patre et the help of our Lord Jesus Spiritu Sancto vivit et regnat Christ; who, with the Father Deus, per omnia sæcula sæ- and the Holy Ghost, liveth culorum. Amen.

and reigneth God, world without end. Amen.

see your

Then the Priest admonishes them to preserve fidelity towards each other; to observe continency at seasons of devotion, and particularly at the times of fasting and solemn festivals; to love one another, and to persevere, with one heart, in the fear of God. Then he sprinkles them with holy water, and, having said the Placeat tibi sancta Trinitas, &c., he gives the Benediction, and reads the last Gospel as usual.

That may be daily said by a Woman in the state of

Pregnancy. O Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, who hast made us all out of nothing, and redeemed us by the precious blood of thy only Son ; look down upon thy poor handmaid here prostrate before thee, humbly imploring thy mercy, and begging thy blessing for herself and her child, which thou hast given her to conceive. Preserve, I beseech thee, the work of thy hands; and defend both me and the tender fruit of my womb from all perils and all evils. Grant me in due time a happy delivery, and bring my child safe to


the font of baptism, that it may be there happily dedicated to thee, to love and serve thee faithfully for ever. But, O my God, I have too much reason to fear, lest my great and mani. fold sins should hinder thee from hearing my prayers, and draw down thy judgments upon me and mine, instead of the mercies for which I pray: and therefore I feel that the first thing I ought to do is, to repent from the bottom of my heart for all my offences, humbly confess them, and continually cry to thee for mercy. I detest, then, all my sins with my whole heart, and desire to lay them all here at thy feet, to be effaced and destroyed for ever. I renounce and abhor them with my whole soul, because they are infinitely odious to thee; and I wish that I could expiate them with tears of blood : I humbly beg thy pardon for them all, and I wish, with all my heart, that I had never committed them, I here offer myself to make what satisfaction I am able for them; and I most willingly accept of whatever I may have to endure in childbearing, and offer it up now beforehand to thee for my sins; firmly resolving, by thy grace, never wilfully to offend thee any more. Look upon my poor heart, O Lord, and if it be not according to my words, at least I desire it should be so : I desire it should be that contrite and humble heart, which thou never despisest. In this disposition of soul, and with a lively confidence in thy mercies, and in the merits of the death and passion of Jesus Christ thy Son, I renew my most humble petition, and once more beg of thee, for myself, thy grace and protection, and a happy delivery; and for my child, that thou wouldest be pleased to preserve it for the grace of holy baptism, sanctify it for thyself, and make it thine for ever. Through the same Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.

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When a Woman after Childbirth comes to the Church to give

thanks to God, and to ask the Priest's Benediction, she kneels at the door or entry of the Church, holding a lighted candle in her hand; and the Priest, vested in a surplice and white stole, sprinkles her with holy water, and then says:

V. Adjutorium nostrum in V. Our help is in the name nomine Domini.

of the Lord. R. Qui fecit cælum et ter- R. Who hath made heaven ram.

and earth. Ant. Hæc accipiet benedic- Ant. She shall receive a tionem a Domino, et miseri- blessing from the Lord, and cordiam a Deo salutari suo; mercy from God her Saviour : quia hæc est generatio quæ- for this is the generation of rentium Dominum.

them that seek the Lord. Then follows Psalm xxiii., with the Gloria, for which see

Office of the Blessed Virgin, p. 527.

The Antiphon Hæc accipiet is repeated. Then, reaching the end of his stole to the woman's hand, the

Priest introduces her into the Church, saying : Ingredere in templum Dei, Enter into the temple of adora Filium beatæ Mariæ God, adore the Son of the Virginis, qui tibi fæcunditatem blessed Virgin Mary, who tribuit prolis.

giveth thee fruitfulness of

offspring. And she, entering in, kneels before the Altar, and prays, giving

thanks to God for the benefits bestowed upon her; and the Priest says:

Kyrie eleison. Christe elei- Lord have mercy. Christ son. Kyrie eleison.

have mercy. Lord have mercy.

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