Another Act of Consecration. O Heart of Mary, ever Virgin ; O Heart, the holiest, the purest, the most perfect, that the Almighty hath formed in any creature; O Heart, full of all grace and sweetness, throne of love and mercy, image of the adorable Heart of Jesus, that didst love God more than all the seraphim, that didst procure more glory to the most holy Trinity than all the saints together, that didst endure, for love of us, such bitter dolours at the foot of the cross, and dost so justly merit the reverence, love, and gratitude of all mankind; I give thee thanks for all the benefits which thou hast obtained for me from the Divine mercy; I unite myself to all the souls that find their joy and consolation in loving and honouring thee. O Heart most amiable, the delight and admiration of the angels and the saints, henceforth thou shalt be to me, next to the Heart of Jesus, the object of my tenderest devotion, my refuge in affliction, my consolation in sorrow, my place of retreat from the enemies of my salvation, and, at the hour of my death, the surest anchor of my hope. Amen.

Prayer of St. Gertrude to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

O immaculate Heart of Mary, I have nothing in myself to offer thee that is worthy of thee; but what thanks ought I not to pay thee, for all the favours which thou hast obtained for me from the Heart of Jesus! What reparation ought I not to make thee for all my tepidity in thy service! I desire to return thee love for love; the only good that I possess is the sacred Heart of Jesus, which thou thyself hast given me. I offer thee this treasure of infinite price; I cannot do more, and thou dost not deserve less at my hands; but, receiving from me this gift most precious in thy sight, be pleased, I beseech thee, to accept my heart, which I here offer to thee, and I shall be for ever blessed. Amen.

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

O Heart of Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother also; O Heart most worthy of love, in which the most Holy Trinity is well pleased; O Heart worthy to be loved and honoured by angels and men, most similar to the sacred Heart of Jesus, whose clear and perfect image thou reflectest; O Heart of Mary, seat of mercy, full of the bowels of compassion towards us wretched creatures ; warm, I beseech thee, the cold hearts of thy children, and make them henceforth think of nothing, love nothing, desire nothing, but only the Heart of Jesus Christ. Infuse into our breasts the love of thy virtues, and kindle in them the flame of thy unfailing charity. Watch over the Church, and continually defend it; be thou the sweet refuge of all faithful Christians; be thou their impregnable tower, wherein they may abide secure against the assaults of the enemy. Through thee, O Heart of Mary, may. we have access to thy Son, through thee may we obtain all graces necessary to eternal salvation. Assist us in all straits and necessities, comfort us when sorrowful, strengthen us when tempted, be thou our refuge in persecution, our succour in danger; but especially at the hour of death, in our last mortal agony, when the powers of hell assail us that they may take away our soul,-in that terrible day, and at that tremendous hour, on which our eternity depends, then, O most compassionate Virgin, make thy servants feel the goodness of thy maternal Heart; then be mindful, we beseech thee, of that power which the Saviour of the world, who was born of thee, bath given to thee. Grant us a most safe retreat in the very fountain of mercy, that one day we may be made worthy to glorify, with thee, in the heavens, the most sacred Heart of thy dear Son, for ever and ever. Amen.

May the divine Heart of Jesus and the immaculate Heart of Mary be always, and in all places, acknowledged, praised, blessed, loved, and faithfully honoured and glorified. Amen.

Pope Pius VII. granted to the faithful who should recite with devotion the preceding prayer-1. An indulgence of 60 days, once a day. 2. A plenary indulgence on the feasts of the Assumption, the Nativity, and the Sacred Heart of Mary,* to all who, having recited it for a year, shall perform the usual conditions of confession and communion, and visit a church, or at least an altar, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, to pray for the intentions of the Pope. 3. A plenary indulgence at the hour of death to all who shall have recited it frequently during their life. These indulgences are applicable to the souls in purgatory.

The Association of the Holy and Immaculate

Heart of Mary. The archconfraternity under this title was established at Paris, in the Church of Notre Dame des Victoires, December 16th, 1836. It was approved by the Pope, April 24th, 1838, with the privilege of aggregating to itself other similar associations. The primary object of the Association is, to pray for the conversion of sinners and of persons in error; and God has been pleased to answer its prayers in a most remarkable manner.

All that is absolutely necessary on the part of each associate is, after registration of name, to recite every day the “ Hail Mary” for the intentions of the Association. The following pious exercises, though best suited to answer the ends of the Association, are not strictly required :

An Act of Oblation to be recited daily. I offer up to God all the thoughts, words, and actions of this day, and more particularly all my prayers and devotions, through the Holy and Immaculate Heart of the ever-blessed Virgin Mary; and I pray for the conversion of sinners, especially those who have been re

• This feast has no fixed day. It is solemnised in some churches, with the approbation of the Ordinary, on the 8th of February; in others, on the 1st of June; and in some churches, on the Sunday within the octave of the Assumption.

commended to my prayers, and for the sanctification of all in this community.

Mary, refuge of sinners, pray for us.

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who seek thy succour.

Hail Mary.

It is recommended further - 1. To communicate once a month. 2. To recite the rosary once a week : both for the intentions of the Association. 3. To wear, as a badge, the medal of the Immaculate Conception. 4. To say often the Memorare prayer.

The plenary indulgences granted to the associates, with the usual conditions, are-l. On the day of admission. 2. At the hour of death. 3. On the Sunday before Septuagesima, the principal feast of the Association. 4. On the Feast of our Lord's Circumcision. 5. On the Feasts of the Purification, Annunciation, Assumption, Conception, Dolours, and Nativity of our Blessed Lady. 6. On the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. 7. On the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen. 8. On any two days of the month. 9. On the anniversary of their baptism.

There is also an indulgence of 500 days for all the members and other persons who assist at the Masses celebrated on Saturdays, in honour of the holy and immaculate Heart of Mary, in the church or chapel of the Confraternity, and there pray for the conversion of sinners.

The benefits of the Association extend beyond this life ; for a Mass is celebrated for the deceased members at Notre Dame des Victoires on the first Saturday of every month.

Considerations. I. The Son of God died to save sinners, and we cannot imitate his charity more agreeably to him than by ever aiming at the same object.

II. Prayer is the most powerful means of drawing down from God the grace necessary for it, and is, moreover, in every body's power.

III. No intercession is so effectual as that of the blessed Mother of God ; let us therefore seek it.

IV. But then we must shew true devotion towards her, by in itating her virtues, particularly the purity of her heart.

· V. The good example which we shall thus give will greatly forward the ends of the association.

VI. Let all the associates, therefore, encourage one another in diligence, in virtue, in devout exercises, especially in frequenting the Sacraments, and ever discourage all sin and irregularity, whether in word or work.

Prayers to the Blessed Virgin;



Prayer for obtaining the Love of Mary. O Mary, thou art the purest, the fairest, the holiest of creatures. Oh, that all men would acknowledge and love thee as thou deservest! But I rejoice in the thought of the great number of the just whose hearts are inflamed with the love of thee. O amiable Queen, I also, unworthy as I am, I also love thee, but I love thee too little : I desire to love thee more tenderly and more generously, for to love thee is one of the marks of predestination. I ask thee not for the good things of the world, its riches, its honours, or its pleasures : I beseech thee to obtain for me the grace to love thy Son with all the fervour of my heart, and to consecrate myself entirely to his honour and thine. O Mary, O my Mother, cease not to pray for me, until thou seest me secure of possessing my God, of loving him and loving thee for ever and ever. Amen.

Another Prayer. Oh, that I had the heart of all the angels and all the saints, to love Mary as they love her! Oh, that I had at my disposal the life of all mankind, that I might consecrate it whole and entire to the glory and the service of this most amiable Mother! Oh, that I could engrave

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