9. Prayer to your Guardian Angel. Angel of God, who art my guardian, enlighten, guard, direct, and govern me, who have been committed to thee by the supernal clemency. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

A DEVOUT RECOMMENDATION, Which may be used every Morning, or at any other time. I ADORE and glorify thee, O blessed Trinity, God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; I offer myself to thy divine Majesty, humbly beseeching thee to take from me, and from all the faithful, whatever displeases thee, and to give us that which is grateful in thy sight. Grant that we may here do what thou commandest, and hereafter receive what thou promisest.

To thee, O Lord, I commend my soul and body [my wife and children, my father and mother, my brothers and sisters]; all my relations, benefactors, friends, and acquaintances; all who have injured or offended me; and all whom I have in any way scandalised, injured, or offended; all who have asked my prayers, or for whom I am accustomed or bound to pray; supply all their necessities, comfort and support them in all their trials and afflictions, deliver them from all temptations, make them in this world truly to know, love, and serve thee, and to enjoy thee hereafter in heaven.

I pray also for thy holy Catholic Church; for its chief Pastor, Pius IX., our Pope, that the spirit of wisdom, fortitude, and piety, may rest upon him ; for the Bishops [especially N. our Bishop], and for all the Pastors and Clergy of thy Church, that they may direct the faithful in the way of salvation; for all religious orders of men and women to whose prayers and good works I desire to be associated); and for all the faithful. I pray for all heretics, that they may be enlightened ; and for all poor sinners, that they may be converted; and for the universal spread of truth and righteousness. I pray for this our country, that thou wouldst deliver us from all those evils which we most justly have deserved by our sins, and bring us back into the ways of truth, peace, and godliness. I pray for the Queen, and all who are in authority, that they may fear thee, and promote the good of thy Church; for the poor, and all who are tempted or afflicted; and for all who are in their last agony. Lastly, I commend all universally to thy divine protection, that thou mayest vouchsafe to the living forgiveness of their sins, and to the souls departed, rest and peace. Amen.

At going forth Shew me, O Lord, thy ways, and teach me thy paths. Direct my steps according to thy word, that no injustice may rule over me. Make perfect my walking in thy paths, that my footsteps may not be moved.

o divine wisdom, the eternal word of the Father. I humbly beseech thee, by thy grace, to purge my lips from all wicked and unprofitable words, that my mouth may never open but to thy praise and honour, and to the benefit of others.

On going into Church. O Lord, in the multitude of thy mercies, I will enter into thy house, and worship thee in thy holy temple, and praise thy name,

At taking Holy Water. Sprinkle me, O Lord, with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed; wash me, and I shall be made whiter than the snow. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

GRACE BEFORE MEAT. V. Benedic, Domine, nos V. Bless us, O Lord, and et hæc tua dona, quæ de these thy gifts, which of thy tua largitate sumus sump- bounty we are about to returi; per Christum Dominum ceive; through Christ our nostrum.

Lord. R. Amen,

R. Amen.

GRACE AFTER MEAT. Agimus tibi gratias, om- We give thee thanks, nipotens Deus, pro universis almighty God, for all thy beneficiis tuis; qui vivis et benefits; who livest and regnas in sæcula sæculo- reignest, world without end. rum. Amen.

Amen. Retribuere dignere, Do Vouchsafe, O Lord, to mine, omnibus nobis bona render to all who do us good facientibus propter nomen for thy name's sake, life tuum, vitam æternam. A- everlasting. Amen. men.

THE ANGELUS. To be said Morning, Noon, and Night. I. V. Angelus Domini I. The angel of the Lord nuntiavit Mariæ.

announced unto Mary, and R. Et concepit de Spiritu she conceived of the Holy Sancto.

Ghost. Ave, Maria, gratia plena, Hail. Mary, full of grace, Dominus tecum ; benedicta the Lord is with thee; blessed ta inter mulieribus, et bene- art thou among women, and dictus fructus ventris tui, blessed is the fruit of thy Jesus. Sancta Maria, ma- womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, ter Dei, ora pro nobis pec- mother of God, pray for us catoribus, nunc et in hora sinners, now and at the hour mortis nostræ. Amen. of our death. Amen.

II. V. Ecce ancilla Do- II. Behold the handmaid mini.

of the Lord; be it done R. Fiat mihi secundum unto me according to thy verbum tuum.


Ave, Maria, &c.

Hail, Mary, &c. III. V. Et Verbum caro III. And the Word was factum est.

made flesh, and dwelt aR. Et habitavit in nobis. mong us. Ave Maria, &c.

Hail, Mary, &c. Gratiam tuam, quæsu- Pour forth, we beseech mus, Domine, mentibus nos- thee, O Lord, thy grace intris infunde, ut qui, angelo to our hearts; that we, to nuntiante, Christi filii tui whom the incarnation of incarnationem cognovimus, Christ thy Son was made per passionem ejus et cru- known by the message of cem ad resurrectionis glo- an angel, may, by his pasriam perducamur; per eum- sion and cross, be brought dem Christum Dominum to the glory of his resurrecnostrum. Amen.

tion ; through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Evening Prayers.
T N the name of the Father, and of the Son,

and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, o now and for ever. Amen. Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of thy love.

Send forth thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Our Father, &c.
Hail, Mary, &c.
I believe, &c.

1. Place yourself in the Presence of God. O almighty and eternal God, whose majesty filleth heaven and earth, I firmly believe that thou art here present; that thy adorable eye is on me; that thou seest and

knowest all things, and art most intimately present in the very centre of my soul.

I desire to bow down all the powers of my soul to adore thee; I desire to join my voice with all thy blessed angels and saints, to praise thee and glorify thee now and for ever.

2. Give Thanks. I give thee thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for all thy mercies and blessings bestowed upon me and upon thy whole Church; and particularly for those I have received from thee this day, in thy watching over me, and preserving me from so many evils, and favouring me with so many graces and inspirations, &c. [Here pause, and meditate on God's mercies.] Oh, let me never more be ungrateful unto thee, my God, who art so good and gracious unto me.

3. Ask for Light to discover your Sins. And now, dear Lord, add this one blessing to the rest : that I may clearly discover the sins which I have committed this day, by thought, word, and deed, or by any omission of any part of my duty to thee, to my neighbour, or to myself; that no part of my guilt may be hidden from my own eyes, but that I may see my sins in their true colour, and may detest them as they ought to be detested.

4. Daily Examination. How have you performed your prayers, and other spiritual

exercises ? Have you neglected them, or shortened them,

or said them with hurry and indevotion ? Have you endeavoured to live as in God's presence this day,

and tried in all things to please him ? Have you been guilty of murmuring or impatience under the will and appointments of God? Have you diligently performed all your ordinary duties, without sloth, carelessness, or pro

crastination ? Have you been guilty of any act or word contrary to truth,

honesty, or purity ?

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