all the mercies which thou hast bestowed upon me, especially for delivering me from the power of the devil; for restoring to me the dignity of a child of God, which I had lost by sin ; for giving me blessed Mary for my advocate; and inspiring me with the desire to come into thy presence. I thank thee with all my heart, that thou vouchsafest to remain open for me; I desire to repair the injuries which I have had the misery to inflict upon thee, by my coldness and indifference to thy service. Oh, that I could honour thee as thou deservest to be honoured, in all places where now thou art the least honoured and the most neglected. Amen.

And thou, immaculate Mary, most holy and dear Mother of fair love, who so earnestly desirest that thy divine Son should be loved by all, obtain for me, by thy most powerful intercession, that he may receive and accept this solemn consecration, which I this day make of my whole self in thy presence; to the end that my name may be written indelibly in the number of those happy souls, who, faithful and constant in his service, shall never be separated from the most sweet love of thy dear and most amiable Son Jesus. Amen.

The Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be found in

its place, p. 659.

Form of Admission into the Confraternity of the
Sacred Ileart of Jesus.

for the greater honour of Jesus Christ crucified, and of his divine Heart, burning with love in the blessed Eucharist, and also to repair the outrages he receives in this august Sacrament, associate myself of my own free will to the faithful received into this pious Confraternity : I desire to participate in the indulgences with which it is enriched, and in the good works therein performed; both for the expiation

of my own sins, and for the assistance of the suffering souls in purgatory.

O sweet Jesus ! enclose in thy Sacred Heart all the members of this Association ; grant that, faithfully observing the precepts of thy law, and fulfilling the duties proper to their condition, they may be more and more inflamed with the fire of thy divine love. Amen.

Received at

on this

day of


The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

This Confraternity was established at Rome about the commencement of the 16th century; its object being to pay especial honour to Jesus Christ in the sacrament of his love, and to make reparation for the injuries committed against him therein.

The associates engage-1. To promote, by every means, the reverence due to the Blessed Sacrament. 2. To assist at processions in honour of it. 3. To make offerings of candles, &c. for its altar. 4. To say five “Our Fathers," and five “Hail Marys" every week in honour of it. 5. To accompany the Blessed Sacrament to the sick, or to say instead five “ Our Fathers” and five “Hail Marys."

The indulgences attached to the Confraternity are-1. A plenary indulgence, in the form of Jubilee (with the usual conditions), on the day of admission ; also three times during life. 2. A plenary indulgence for assisting at the procession in the octave of Corpus Christi, or, where unable to assist in person, for uniting in spirit with the same object; also at the hour of death, on invoking, at least mentally, the holy name of Jesus. 3. An indulgence of seven years and seven quadragene (with the usual conditions on the feast of Corpus Christi, also on Maunday-Thursday, on condition of confession, &c., and assisting at the procession. 4. An in

dulgence of 100 days for accompanying the viaticum to the sick, or praying as above; for assisting at processions or offices of the Confraternity; for visiting the chapel of the Confraternity on Fridays; for visiting the Blessed Sacrament on Maunday-Thursday; for assisting at Mass in the chapel of the Confraternity on days of its assembling, or at processions ; for assisting at a funeral ; for praying as above for the soul of a deceased brother; for exercising hospitality to the poor ; reconciling persons at variance; reclaiming a sinner; instructing the ignorant; visiting the sick or imprisoned ; giving alms, or doing any work of corporal or spiritual mercy.

All these indulgences are applicable to the souls in purgatory.

Ejaculatory Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament. Praised and glorified each moment be the most Holy and Divine Sacrament!

The following indulgences are attached to the repetition of this prayer :--1. An indulgence of 100 days once a day. 2. The same three times a day on all Thursdays in the year, on the feast of Corpus Christi, and on any day during the octave. 3. A plenary indulgence (with the usual conditions) to those who shall have repeated it every day for a month, on any day at choice. The partial indulgence of 100 days is applicable to the souls in purgatory, on repeating the prayer when the bell announces the exposition, benediction, or elevation of the Blessed Sacrament.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Devotion to the Heart of Mary is but the consequence of the devotion due to the Heart of Jesus. It is a consequence of that boundless love of Jesus for his most holy Mother, which leads him to share with her all his riches and honours, so far as they can be communicated to a creature. The Church never dissociates the Mother from her divine Son

in the festivals which she celebrates to his honour. If she celebrates the mysteries of the Saviour, from his Incarnation to his Ascension, she celebrates likewise all the mysteries of Mary, from her Conception to her Assumption. The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Mary is, therefore, but the natural consequence of that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Let us love and honour these two Hearts, so intimately united ; let us go to the Father through the Heart of Jesus; let us go to the Saviour through the Heart of Mary. Let us render to God the Father, through the Heart of Jesus, what we owe to his infinite justice and goodness; and let us render to God the Son, through the Heart of Mary, what we owe to his mercy, and all his benefits to us. We shall obtain every thing from the Father and the Holy Ghost through the Heart of Jesus, and we shall obtain every thing from the Son through the Heart of Mary. It is customary with many pious persons to dedicate the first Saturday in the month to the particular honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the first Friday is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To this end, they assist at Mass and make a spiritual communion, if they cannot communicate sacramentally, to thank God for all the graces he has bestowed upon Mary, and for the tender affection with which he has filled her heart towards us. In the evening they visit some church or altar dedicated to the blessed Virgin; or, if that be impossible, they pay a visit to her image in their own oratory, or elsewhere.

An Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

O Heart of Mary, I honour thee as the Heart most pleasing to our Lord, and most intimately united to him. I love thee as the Heart of the best of mothers, and I rejoice in thy glorious prerogatives. Prostrate before thee, O Heart of Mary, I make thee this humble act of reparation for all the outrages which thou hast received from me and from all mankind. I humbly confess that I have been guilty of the greatest ingratitude towards thee; but seeing that, through thee, the divine mercy has so often had regard unto me, I venture even yet to hope that thou wilt not abandon me. In this sweet confidence, I am animated by a most earnest desire to be more faithful and more devoted to thee. I pray thee to accept all the good that henceforth I am resolved to do, to present it to thy dear Son Jesus, so that, through thee, my most loving Saviour may pour down his benedictions more and more on me, and on all who are dear unto me. Amen.

Another Act of Reparation. I come to the foot of thy altar, 0 immaculate Heart of Mary, to recall, in the bitterness of my soul, the years of my childhood. Faithless to the promises which I have so often made to thee, I have filled thee with sadness, I have forsaken thy service for pleasures which have never brought me a moment's happiness. But I detest my fatal errors. I come to renew with thee that union which I have broken with so much folly and ingratitude. Reject me not, O Heart of the tenderest of mothers, but be henceforth my protector and my model to the hour of my death. Amen.

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

O Heart of Mary, I offer, I consecrate to thee my heart; thou shalt ever be the object of my veneration, love, and confidence; I will pay thee my devotions every day; I will celebrate thy feasts with joy; I will proclaim thy greatness and thy goodness without ceasing; I will neglect no means of obtaining thee the honour and the homage which are due unto thee; I will bring all the thoughts and affections of my heart into conformity with thine ; and I will make it my duty to imitate thy virtues, especially thy purity and thy humility.

Vouchsafe, O Mary, to open to me thy Heart, and to receive me therein, in union with all thy dear and faithful children. Obtain for me the grace I need to imitate thee, as thou hast imitated Jesus Christ; succour me in all dangers, console me in all afflictions, and teach me how to make a holy use of all the goods and ills of life. Amen.

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