same thy Son, by the power of thy Holy Spirit. Have mercy on all unhappy sinners, and gra iously call them back to the way of salvation. Grant to all living pardon and grace, and to the faithful departed eternal light and rest. Amen.

O Holy Spirit, sweetest Comforter, who proceedest from the Father and the Son in an ineffable manner, come, I beseech thee, and sink into my heart. Purify and cleanse me from all sin, and sanctify my soul. Wash away its defilements, moisten its dryness, heal its wounds, subdue its stubbornness, melt its coldness, and correct its wanderings. Make me truly humble and resigned, that I may be pleasing to thee, and thou mayest abide with me for ever. O most blessed light, O most amiable light, enlighten me! O ravishing joy of Paradise, O fount of purest delights, O my God, give thyself to me, and kindle vehemently in my inmost soul the fire of thy love. O my Lord, instruct, direct, and defend me in all things. Give me strength against all immoderate fears and a pusillanimous spirit; bestow upon me a right faith, a firm hope, and a sincere and perfect charity; and grant that I may ever do thy most gracious will. Amen.

Four Aspirations of Love to Jesus to obtain an ardent

Love of God.

O Jesus, most sweet, most secret, and most intimate Spouse of holy souls, inflame vehemently, I beseech thee, my heart with the love of thee, that I may delight in thee from my inmost soul. Visit me in thy mercy, and fill my heart with thy grace, for the very depths of my being long for thee, the fountain of sweetness.

O my Lord Jesus, O Fire that burnest sweetly, and shinest secretly, and consumest gently, take full possession of my whole heart. O King of kings, King of eternal glory, grant that I may hunger and thirst for thee alone, sigh after thee, and ardently desire to behold thy ravishing countenance.

O amiable Jesus, pierce my heart of hearts with the sweetest dart of love ; penetrate my soul with burning charity, that it may languish altogether with desire and love of thee. Let it be wholly dissolved in love, wholly melt away, and be absorbed in thee.

O Lord, disengage my soul from all things here below, that it may freely tend to thee alone, and thou alone mayest inhabit it, its owner and possessor. Let thy most sweet fragrance descend upon me; let the ineffable odour of thy divine charity come to me, to excite in me incessantly all pure desires.

Grant, O my Lord, that, wholly filled with the sweetness of thy love, and wholly set on fire with the flame of heavenly charity, I may delight in thee with my whole heart, and from the deepest recesses of my inmost soul. May I love thee, O sweet Lover; may I love thee, O only salvation of my soul; may I love thee, for thou hast first loved me! O Spouse most lovely, most beloved, grant that I may love thee more and more. Let the strong violence of thy love utterly dislodge from my heart the weight of all earthly desires, and make me run without ceasing in the odour of thy ointments.

O my own most compassionate Lord, write on the tablet of my heart the sweet memory of thee, which no forgetfulness may ever erase, that I may ever burn with the desire of thee, that I may be wholly set on fire with the flame of thy love, and drowned in the deluge of thy charity.


O my God, ocean of holy love and sweetness, come and give thyself unto my soul. Grant that with a perfect heart, full desire, and burning affection, I may unceasingly aspire after thee, and lovingly respire in thee. May I prefer thee to every creature, for thee renounce every transitory delight, O my true, my highest joy!

Feed me, Lord, thy poor, famished beggar, with continual draughts of thy divinity; refresh me with the wished-for presence of thy grace. This I seek, this I long for, that a vehement love may penetrate me through and through, and fill me, and transmute me into itself.

Grant, О most benign Redeemer, that I may be wholly inflamed with the love of thee, that I may leave off from myself, and delight only in thee, know only thee, feel only thee. O overflowing abyss of divinity! draw me to thee, and immerse me in thyself; so seize and take to thyself all the affection of my heart, that it may be wholly dead to all beside.

O God of all sweetness, I call thee into my soul; I cry to thee, I long for thee with a large affection, O surpassing delight of the most intimate union! Come, my Beloved, come, a thousand thousand times desired, that I may inwardly possess thee, and clasp thee in the chaste embraces of my soul !

O Light that ever shinest, and never fadest, enlighten me! O Fire that ever burnest, and never failest, enkindle me! O Love that ever glowest, and never faintest, absorb, transmute me into thee!

O dear Light of mine eyes, Jesus, chase away all darkness from the chambers of my heart, and illumine me throughout with the splendour of thy grace! Enter into my soul, O perfect sweetness, that it may savour of sweet things, and find its joy and rest in thee!

O my Beloved, sole object of my vows, grant that I may find thee, and finding, may retain thee, and hold thee fast bound in the arms of my soul. I long for thee, I pant after thee, O bliss eternal ! Oh, that thou wouldst give thyself to me, unite me intimately to thee, and inebriate me wholly with the wine of heavenly charity.


Wound, O Lord, the secret recesses of my inmost being with the arrow of thy love, and send the saving flame deep into the marrow of my cold and torpid heart; that, all on fire with the inextinguishable flame of charity, and penetrated with the unspeakable sweetness of thy Spirit, I may be wholly transferred from myself to thee.

Receive me, O beauteous Spouse, Jesus, into the

closest embraces of thy love, that, folded therein, my dull, cold heart may glow all through with warmth. Open, Lord, open when I knock, and admit my desolate soul into the chamber of thy love, and, in thy mercy, espouse it to thyself.

May I draw from thee the living water, O Fount of honied sweetness, that by the very taste thereof I may never thirst again for any thing but thee. Let the heavenly dew of thy sweet-dropping charity come down upon me, that, inwardly imbued therewith, I may be preserved pure from earthly desires and unchaste affections.

O dearest of all that is dear to me, grant that I may be wholly thine, and that thou mayest continue mine for ever. So join, so fasten me to thyself, that I can never be separated from thee; so yield, so impart thyself to me, that, filled with the sweetness of thy peace, I may find my chaste delight for evermore in thee.

O Light serene and peaceful, O my God, irradiate my soul with thy bright beams! Draw me closer to thee, O thou glowing Sun, that, at thy powerful heat, the soil of my heart may bring forth the flowers and fruits of holy love!

O my glory, O my joy, O my unmixed delight, Jesus, kindle, I pray thee, such a flame of love in my inmost heart, that henceforth I may choose nothing, desire nothing, in the world but thee!

O my Lord, let heaven and earth, and all things contained therein, without thee, be to me like a cold, wintry waste. Do thou alone affect me, do thou alone delight me; may the love of thee alone live and burn within me, and continue ever living and ever burning.

IV. Shine down upon me, O most bright and genial Light, that the thick shades of my blindness may be changed into the clearest noonday splendour. O good Jesus, adorn my soul with that grace of charity which thou lovest; anoint it with that richness of love which thou delightest in. Take from it whatever is less pleasing

to thine eyes, and render it in every thing acceptable to thee.

O sweetest Flame, devour and happily consume the very ashes of my substance! Transfer me to thyself, that, joined to thee by the indissoluble tie of love, I may live of thee, and flourish before thee as a lily.

O fairest, O most blooming Flower, Jesus! Ó Life that never fadest! O Life by which I live, without which I die! O Life by which I rejoice, without which I mourn!.0 Life most sweet and amiable, grant that I may be joined to thee, and, soothed to sleep in thy embrace by sweetest charity, may find my holy rest in thee, who art our perfect peace.

Grant, O my Lord, that, filled with the violence of a burning love, and melted with the sweetness of a penetrating charity, my soul may be dissolved in thee. Possess it, O sovereign, O priceless Good, possess it, that it may possess thee, and find its blessedness in thee.

O my Beloved, pierce, transfix my heart with the sharpest dart of love, that my soul may be refreshed in languishing for thee. Let all transitory things grow worthless in my eyes; do thou only, please me, do thou, only make me glad with thy incomparable beauty. :

Break down, O sweet Jesus, the hateful wall of my tepidity, and grant that, with a free and ready heart, I' may follow thee with inextinguishable fervour. Let blow the south wind of ardent love, which may so vehemently impel me to thee, that, apart from thee, there may be no breath in me.

O Jesus, only comforter of my heart, let fall unceasingly upon me, I beseech thee, the sweet dew of thy grace. Draw me to thee by the potent virtue of thy love, and imprint upon me the kiss of thy forgiveness, that, sealed therewith, I may henceforth love nothing beside thee; for thou art my whole possession, and the whole blessedness of my soul.

O sacred banquet, in which Christ is received ; the memory of his passion is renewed; the mind is filled with grace; and a pledge of future glory is given to us. Alleluia.

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