after you have suffered a little, will himself perfect you, and confirm you, and establish you. To him be glory and empire for ever and ever. Amen.” i Pet. v. 6-11.

At the Gradual. If it were sufficient for a woman of Israel only to touch thy garment to be healed, what ought not I to hope from thee, O Jesus, to whom thou hast but just given thyself wholly in Communion !

Heal, O my Saviour, all the infirmities of my soul ; enlighten its darkness, and teach me how sweet is thy yoke, and how light thy burden.

At the Gospel. “ Jesus said to the Jews: My flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I in him. As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father, so he that eateth me, the same also shall live by me. This is the bread that came down from heaven. Not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead; he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.” John vi. 56-59.

Make me to meditate deeply on these words, O Jesus; may I shew by my works that my strongest desire is to sit often at thy table, in the midst of thy beloved children,

At the Offertory. I offer myself to thee, O Lord, as thou didst offer thyself to thy Father, when thou wast fastened to the cross; and as thou didst reserve nothing to thyself which thou didst not give up in sacrifice, so do I wish to keep nothing back, but to give up all to thee. Receive, then, O Lord, the offering of all my thoughts, of all my affections, of my whole being. I cannot return thee thanks proportioned to thy benefits; and therefore I call to my aid the prayers and merits of all those who have the happiness of uniting themselves to thee by fervent Communions.

At the Lavabo. O my Jesus, would that I could take thee to witness of the holiness of my life and the innocence of my heart ! But, with the prophet, I must cry out: It is in thy mercy only that I place my hope; my consolation is in meditating on thy promises to the penitent heart, and thy faithfulness in performing them : confounded at all that I have committed to this day, and encouraged by the favours with which thou hast just loaded me, I can but proinise to correspond better with thy graces than I have hitherto done. No, never, after the Communion which I have this day made, will I be found in the society of the wicked : I will purify myself more and more with tears of penitence; I will bless thee as I do this day, and I will sing of the wonders of thy power and of thy mercy.

At the Preface.
The Priest says : Lift up your hearts.

Answer : Yea, my heart, with all its affections, is lifted up to heaven : let the world disappear from mine eyes; henceforth I have nothing here below.

The Priest continues : Let us give thanks unto our Lord God.

Answer: What can be more meet and just ? Can I have a more sacred duty than to give thanks to a God who hath heaped such great benefits upon me?

Then add : Thou art within me, O Jesus; bless, adore, and give thanks to thy heavenly Father. By thee it is that the powers of heaven praise and adore the divine Majesty ; in thee that I am united with them to sing eternally; Blessed for ever be thou, O Jesus, for having come down on earth to revive amongst us the glorious title of the children of God; blessed for ever, for having come this day to visit my poor dwelling, and enabling me to offer to God thrice-holy, my Creator and Benefactor, that homage of adoration and praise, of love and thanksgiving, which is due unto him from me and all his creatures.

At the Canon. I bow myself down before thee, O Father of mercies, and pray thee to pour down upon me thy holy benediction and thy sanctifying grace. Accept the sacrifice which I make to thee of my soul and all its powers, my body and all its senses, in union with the sacrifice of thy divine Son, which thy priest now offers to thee. I unite myself with the glorious Mary ever Virgin, and I beseech her to intercede for me with thee, and to obtain for me the graces which I ask. I unite myself with thy Apostles and Martyrs (especially N and N); vouchsafe to receive the offering of my heart and of my life, for the sake of the sacrifice which they made to thee of themselves and of all that they possessed. There wants but one only word from thee to work the greatest marvels. Speak the word, O my God, and again the body of thy Son will be present under the species of bread, and his blood under the species of wine ; speak the word, my body and my spirit and my heart shall be devoted and consecrated to thee for ever.

O Jesus, the sweet delight of my soul, let heaven and earth, with all their glory, veil themselves before thee. All their beauty and grandeur come from thee, and can never approach to a comparison with thy adorable perfections.

At the Elevation. Prostrate yourself before the Lord your God, and adore him,

for he is the good Shepherd, who has brought back the sheep that had strayed from the fold, and who has nourished it with his own flesh and blood.

O Jesus, whom we now discern through a thick veil, we beseech thee to hear our most fervent petitions. We desire to behold thee one day face to face, and to enjoy the blessedness of thy elect.

O sacred Host, who openest the gates of heaven, our enemies press on us from every side, do thou sustain our strength, and we shall obtain the victory over hell, the world, and our own evil thoughts.

During the remainder of the Canon. O my God, I know not how to give thee thanks for the favour thou hast bestowed upon me in feeding me with the body and blood of thy divine Son; but I find in the sacred Victim which has been immolated on this altar wherewithal to repay thee for so great a benefit. I have offered it to obtain the grace of receiving thee worthily; I now offer it to testify to thee my gratitude for the Communion which I have had the happiness to make. I have presented thee this spotless Lamb as a victim of expiation, a victim of sanctification; I now present it to thee as a victim of thanksgiving; receive it, O my God, and let the entire sacrifice which Jesus Christ makes to thee of his adorable person, be the model of that sacrifice which I make to thee of my whole self at the foot of thy altar,

Since I have the happiness of possessing thee, O Jesus, permit me to open my heart to thee, and to enjoy thee as my soul desires; so that thou mayest make me to hear thy voice, and I may speak to thee in secret, as friend converses with friend." Thou art within me, O Lord, and hast admitted me into the interior of thy heart; keep me united to thee eternally. Thou art my beloved, chosen from among a thousand; in thy heart my soul desires to dwell for ever: what blessing, what consolation shall I never fail to find in thee! Make me to taste the unspeakable sweetness of thy love. That which most delights the heart of the children of Adam in this world can never more be pleasing to me; I desire to love nothing more on earth but for the love of thee; I desire only thee, O unchangeable Beauty; to possess thee is to enjoy the purest, the most heavenly delights. In thee alone, o Jesus, I find a solid peace, a life exempt from troubles and disquietudes. He who possesses thee enters into the joy of the Lord; he has no longer any thing to fear; he can want nothing, so long as he remains united with the Supreme Good, which contains all goods.

At the Pater. How sweet is it, O my God, to give thee the name of

Father! Tbou reignest in the heavens, and thou hast descended into my heart. Let my life be employed in glorifying thy name; let all my thoughts and all my affections be henceforth subject to thy will, and referred to thy glory. This is the desire, O Lord, which most affects my heart, to come often to this same table, to the foot of this same altar, to nourish myself with the bread of angels. O my Father, this is the bread of thy beloved children, suffer me never to render myself unworthy of it. Sustain me so powerfully by thy grace, that I may often have the happiness of receiving thee. O my Jesus, immolated for the love of me, had I but as great desire to unite myself to thee, as thou hast to unite thyself to me, I should not be deprived of this happiness any day of my life; increase, then, in me this holy desire; strengthen me against the assaults of the enemy of my salvation, who flatters me in order to destroy me, who tempts me in order to corrupt me, who draws me to himself that he may cast me down to hell; make me to burn with the same love for thee that thou burnest with for me.

At the Agnus Dei. Lamb of God, adorable Victim, who wast immolated for the expiation of my sins, blot out the slightest stains of sin in a soul which possesses thee, and wishes to be wholly thine. Thou hast taught me how thou lovest sweetness and humility; destroy, by thy presence, every thing that could henceforth trouble the peace of my soul, and deprive me of thy love.

At the Communion. Thou art going to leave me, O my Saviour; thy body and blood will soon cease to reside within my soul ; say to me, as thou saidst to thy Apostles, that thou leavest thy peace with me; give it to me in pledge of the graces and succours of which I shall have need, that I may never lose the fruit of the Communion which I have had the happiness of making.

May this Communion deliver me from the tyranny of

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