thy beloved Son, who hath restored me to his grace, and refreshed my soul with the banquet of his most precious body. Offer him all the grateful service thou didst him in this life, to supply the defects of my devotion; and obtain of him that he depart not from me without leaving a large benediction behind him for my soul.

O all ye holy angels, ministering spirits of God, behold the only Son of the eternal Father, whom you adored at his entrance into the world. Intercede with him in my behalf, that I may henceforth serve him with the same spirit and truth wherewith you ministered to him whilst he remained on earth, and with the same cheerfulness where with you now obey him in his heavenly kingdom. O all ye men and women, saints of God, behold here within my breast your Lord, the source and reward of all your sanctity and grace, and let your prayers be joined with mine; that by his grace I may follow your steps in the exact performance of every duty, till, abounding in good works, I may at length be admitted into your society, and possess my Jesus for all eternity.

To your Patron Saint. O great Saint N, whose name has (or names have] been conferred upon me, and under whose patronage I have placed myself, obtain for me grace to fulfil the holy resolutions I have this day made. Help me, by thy powerful intercession, to lead a life conformable to the sacred character I have received, and to imitate the virtues for which thou wast so remarkable. Protect me through all the perils of life, and abandon me not at the awful hour of death. Amen.

The Conclusion. Graciously hear all my prayers, O good Jesus; hide me within thy wounds, and there protect me from all my enemies. Oh, let nothing ever separate me from thee. Call me to thee at the hour of my death, that, with thy saints, I may praise thee for ever. And now, Lord Jesus, I go from thee for a while, but I trust not without thee, who art my comfort and the ultimate happiness of my soul. To thy love and protection I recommend myself, as well as my brethren, my relatives, my country, my friends, and my enemies. Love us, O Lord, change our hearts, and transform us into thyself. May I be wholly employed in thee and for thee; and may thy love be the end of all my thoughts, words, and actions, who livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.



Enlighten the eyes of my soul, O Lord Jesus, with the rays of divine faith and wisdom, that I may ever look on thee as the way, the rule, and example of all my thoughts, words, and actions.

What am J, Lord, or what claim can I have on thy bounty, that thou shouldst thus follow me with thy blessing? Thou hast created me for thyself, and thou alone shalt be the rest and centre of my soul.

Good Jesus, my hope and only happiness, I here return thee thanks for all thy sufferings; and beg that I may ever find a place of refuge in thy sacred wounds against the assaults of all my enemies; imprint the memory of them, I beseech thee, so deeply on my heart, that I may ever love thee; and in all my sufferings never forget what thou hast suffered for me.

Oh, that I could ever remember thee, think of thee, and love thee only. Oh, that my senses were shut against vain and sinful objects, and my mind freed from all fruitless solicitude, that I might ever abide in thee. From henceforth I will with the utmost diligence seek thee, my only good; my desires shall be fixed on thee alone, and all my actions shall be directed to thy glory.

I resign myself into thy hands, O God, desiring that thy holy will may be done in and by me, both now and for ever. Be thou my instructor, director, and helper on all occasions that I may neither do, speak, think, nor

desire any thing but what is according to thy good will and pleasure.

Grant thy servant, O Lord, understanding, that he may learn the way of thy commandments. O Jesus, thou fountain of goodness, direct my steps in thy paths, and teach me to do thy will. Inspire me with courage to take up my cross and follow thee. Disengage my heart from all unprofitable cares and vain affections; and though I dwell among creatures, yet may I ever live in thee and for thee. Grant me true fervour of spirit, and enkindle in my breast the fire of divine love, that I may find no rest but in thee.

How sweet, O Lord, is thy spirit; how pleasant to my ear are the words of thy mouth! Oh, that I could ever be attentive to them, and fulfil thy law. May I die to the world and all its pleasures; and let the greatness of thy love make all that is earthly appear to me as nothing. Protect me against my enemies, and in all danger come to my defence; make haste to help me, O God, and say to my soul, I am thy health and salvation.

As it is in thee, O Jesus, that I live, so it is in thee I desire to die; and, both living and dying, I will ever profess that thou art good, and that thy mercy endureth for ever.

My God, how long dost thou permit me to wander from thee? When wilt thou consume in me all that is corrupt and contrary to thy will? Draw me after thee, I beseech thee, that I may walk cheerfully in the way of thy precepts. Make me according to thine own heart, and let my soul be now thy habitation for ever.

My soul without thee is dry, like earth without water; moisten it, I beseech thee, with the dew of heaven, and grant me thy blessing from the land of the living. Wound my heart with thy love, that it may relish no earthly objects, but entirely depend on thy will.

Into thy hands I surrender myself, O my good God, and, laying aside all private wishes, desire to depend on thee, not only as to the whole state of my body and soul, but also as to all the accidents and events thou mayest please to appoint for me, asking nothing more but that thy name may be glorified for ever.

I accept all my sufferings and privations from thy hand, convinced that whatever I endure, whether in soul or body, for love of thee, is for my good.

Let nothing be my comfort but thou, my Lord Jesus; nor any thing afflict me but my sins, and whatever is displeasing to thy divine Majesty.

O blessed Jesus, life eternal, by whom I live, and without whom I die, unite me to thyself; that in the embraces of thy holy love and divine will, I may rest for ever.

When shall I behold thee, sweet Lord ? When shall I appear before thy face? When shall I see thee in the land of the living? Till then I sigh and bewail my banishment, desiring to be dissolved, and be with thee.

O Jesus, who, by becoming my food in this life, preparest me to feed on thee eternally in the next; who in this divine banquet givest us possession of thy grace here, and a secure pledge of my glory hereafter; have mercy on me, O Lord, and hear my prayer.

As I now adore thee here by faith, under these sacred veils, so may I hereafter behold thee face to face, and eternally rejoice in thy presence.

A Second and Shorter Method.



§ Direct your Intention. O Lord Jesus Christ, King of everlasting glory! behold I desire to come to thee this day, and to receive thy body and blood in this heavenly sacrament, for thy honour

and glory, and the good of my soul. I desire to receive thee, because it is thy desire, and thou hast so ordained: blessed be thy name for ever. I desire to come to thee like Magdalen, that I may be delivered from all my evils, and embrace thee, my only good. I desire to come to thee that I may be happily united to thee, that I may henceforth abide in thee, and thou in me; and that nothing in life or death may ever separate me from thee.

§ Commemorate the Passion of Christ. I desire, in these holy mysteries, to commemorate, as thou hast commanded, all thy sufferings; thy agony and bloody sweat; thy being betrayed and apprehended; all the reproaches and calumnies, all the scoffs and affronts, all the blows and buffets, thou hast endured for me; thy being scourged, crowned with thorns, and loaded with a heavy cross for my sins, and for those of the whole world; thy crucifixion and death, together with thy glorious resurrection, and triumphant ascension. I adore thee, and give thee thanks for all that thou hast done and suffered for us; and for giving us, in this blessed sacrament, this pledge of our redemption, this victim of our ransom, this body and blood which was offered for us.

§ Make an Act of Faith. I most firmly believe, that in this holy sacrament thou art present verily and indeed; that here is thy body and blood, thy soul and thy divinity. I believe that thou, my Saviour, true God and true Man, art really here, with all thy treasures; that here thou communicatest thyself to us, makest us partakers of the fruit of thy passion, and givest us a pledge of eternal life. I believe there cannot be a greater happiness than to receive thee worthily, nor a greater misery than to receive thee unworthily. All this I most steadfastly believe, because it is what thou hast taught us by thy Church.

§ Make an Act of Contrition. O Lord, I detest, with my whole heart, all the sins

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