6. In satisfaction for my sins, and for the sins of all the faithful, living or dead.

7. In particular, I offer it for the attainment of these (N, N), or for this (N) grace or blessing, for these (N, N) persons particularly recommended to me, and for all for whom I am accustomed or bound to pray; that thou wouldst grant to the departed rest, and to the living grace, to know, and love, and glorify thee perfectly now in this life, and hereafter blissfully in heaven. Accept and perfect this my desire, and vouchsafe thy abundant grace and blessing for its accomplishment.

O Jesus, infinitely to be loved! who by the will of the Father and the co-operation of the Holy Ghost hast not only vouchsafed to give thyself once to us as our friend, food, sacrifice, ransom, and reward, but art also pleased daily to offer thyself to us anew; how great is thy bounty, love, and mercy towards me who am so ungrateful! how great towards thee is my ingratitude, dulness, and wickedness, who for so many and great kindnesses repay thee only with so many and great sins and wickednesses. I grieve for these, and for all the sins of my whole life, simply because I have offended thee, who art infinitely good. I desire to amend all, and to make satisfaction for all, according to thy will. By thy tears, and sweat, and blood, and by this holy sacrifice, I beseech thee to supply all my defects, pardon me, and receive me to the kiss of peace.

O that I could assist at this most divine memorial of thy passion, this monument of thy power, wisdom, and goodness, this compendium of all thy marvels, with that attention, devotion, and reverence which the presence of thy Divine Majesty, the company of so many angels assisting, and the magnificence of so many mysteries as are here enacted, require.

I desire to do this, O my God, with all the affections of my heart, to thy supreme glory, love, and good pleasure, in thanksgiving for all thy benefits, and in satisfac

tion for all my sins, and the sins of all the faithful, for (N, N), and for all the living and dead, to obtain for all pardon, grace, and glory.

And that I may worthily do this, give me, I beseech thee, abundant grace and blessing for thy merits' sake, and the merits of thy Blessed Virgin Mother, and of all the saints.

O most adorable Saviour, who, in the excess of thy marvellous love, hast been pleased to dwell with us in the sacrament of the altar, I acknowledge thee therein as my sovereign Lord; I adore thee therein with the most profound humility; I thank thee with all my heart for the infinite tenderness with which thou regardest me, notwithstanding the outrages which I have committed against thee, and I desire now to make all the reparation in my power for all the profanations and all the sacrileges which have ever been committed, and which shall ever be committed, against this adorable sacrament. How can I express to thee, O my Jesus, the grief I feel at having appeared before thee with 80 much irreverence, and at having approached thee with so little fervour! Forget, O Lord, forget my iniquities, that thou mayest remember only thine own mercies. Accept my most earnest desire that thou mayest be honoured in the sacrament of thy love. I desire, with all my heart, to love thee therein, to bless, praise, and adore thee, as perfectly as thou art loved, blessed, praised, and adored by the saints and angels; and I beseech thee, through thy adorable body and most precious blood, before which I prostrate myself, to grant that henceforth I may so devoutly adore thee therein, and so worthily receive thee, that, after my death, I may be admitted to glorify thee in the company of the blessed throughout eternity. Amen.

Look down, O Lord, from thy sanctuary, and from thy high habitation in the heavens, and behold this most sacred host which the great High Priest, thy holy Child, Lord Jesus, offers to thee for the sins of his brethren ;

в в

and have mercy on the multitude of our wickednesses. Behold, the blood of Jesus our brother cries aloud to thee from the cross. O Lord, hear; O Lord, be appeased; hearken, and do; delay not, for thine own sake, O my God, for thy name is invoked upon this city and upon thy people; and deal with us according to thy mercy. Amen.

Devotions for Mass.



HUMILITY, PRAISE, FAITH, ETC. Prayer at the beginning of Mass, while the Priest says

the Judica me, Deus, &c.

O Almighty Lord of heaven and earth, behold I, a wretched sinner, presume to appear before thee this day, to offer up to thee, by the hands of our High Priest, Jesus Christ, thy Son, the sacrifice of his body and blood, in union with that sacrifice which he offered to thee upon the cross : first, for thine own honour, praise, adoration, and glory: secondly, in remembrance of his death and passion : thirdly, in thanksgiving for all thy blessings bestowed on him and on his whole Church, whether triumphant in heaven or militant on earth, and especially for those bestowed on me, the most unworthy of all : fourthly, for obtaining pardon and remission of all my sins, and of those of all others, whether living or dead, for whom I ought to pray; and lastly, for obtaining all graces and blessings both for myself and for thy whole Church. Oh! be thou pleased to assist me in such manner by thy grace, that I may behave myself this day as I ought to do in thy divine presence, and that I may so commemorate the

death and passion of thy Son, as to partake most plentifully of the fruits of it. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

At the Confiteor. O blessed Trinity, one God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, prostrate in spirit before thee, I here confess, in the sight of the whole court of heaven, and of all thy faithful, my innumerable treasons against thy divine Majesty. I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned: I have grievously offended through the whole course of my life, in thought, word, and deed; and therefore am unworthy to lift my eyes to heaven, or so much as to name thy sacred name: how much more am I unworthy to appear here in thy sanctuary, and to assist among thy angels at these heavenly mysteries, which require so much purity; because Jesus Christ himself is here in person, both Priest and Victim! But, O my God, thy mercies are above all thy works, and thou wilt not despise a contrite and humble heart: and therefore I here venture to come into thy temple, and with the poor publican, strike my breast, and say, God, be merciful to me a sinner. And I humbly hope to find this mercy which I crave, through that passion and death which are here celebrated. O Fountain of Mercy, grant this mercy to me and to all poor sinners. Amen.

When the Priest ascends the steps of the Altar. Take away from us our iniquities, we beseech thee, O Lord ; that we may be worthy to enter with pure minds into the Holy of Holies. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

At the Introit. Grant, O Lord, we may be truly prepared for the offering this great sacrifice to thee this day; and because our sins alone can render us displeasing to thee, therefore we cry aloud to thee for mercy.

At the Kyrie eleison.

Either repeat with the Priest, or say: Have mercy on me, O Lord, and forgive me all my


Have mercy on me, O Lord, have mercy on me.

The Gloria in excelsis.

Repeat this with the Priest. Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace to men of good will. We praise thee; we bless thee; we adore thee; we glorify thee. We give thee thanks for thy great glory, () Lord God, heavenly King, God the Father almighty. O Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son: 0 Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us: thou who takest away the sins of the world, receive our prayers: thou who sittest at the right hand of the Father, have mercy on us. For thou only art holy: thou only art the Lord: thou only, O Jesu Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art most high in the glory of God the Father. Amen.

At the Collects. O almighty and eternal God, we humbly beseech thee mercifully to give ear to the prayers here offered thee by thy servant in the name of thy whole Church, and in behalf of us thy people. Accept them, to the honour of thy name, and the good of our souls; and grant to us all mercy, grace, and salvation. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(Or, for a Saint's Days) Grant, we beseech thee, almighty God, that the examples of thy saints may effectually move us to reform our lives, that while we celebrate their festivals, we may

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