3. Mary crosses the mountains in haste.

4. Mary is received with great joy by her cousin St. Elisabeth.

5. St. John is sanctified in his mother's womb.
6. St. Elisabeth says, “ Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb."
7. Mary replies, " My soul doth magnify the Lord.”

8. Elisabeth exclaims, “ Whence is this to me, that the Mother of my Lord should come to visit me ?

9. The house of Zacharias supremely blessed by the visits of Jesus and Mary.

10. Mary serves her cousin in all humble offices for the space of three months.

III. 1. Mary gives birth to a Child, and remains a Virgin. 2. Mary gives birth to Jesus, and wraps him in swaddling


3. Mary contemplates Jesus with love and astonishment.
4. Mary embraces Jesus, and presses him to her heart.
5. Mary feeds Jesus with her Virginal milk.
6. Mary lays Jesus in a manger that Joseph had prepared.
7. Jesus lies in a manger between an ox and an ass.

8. The angels sing, "Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace to men of good will.”

9. The shepherds come to visit the Child Jesus. 10. The Magi come to adore the Holy Child, and offer him presents.

1. Mary goes to the temple to offer her Holy Child.
2. Jesus and Mary submit to the law.

3. The way from Nazareth to Jerusalen is long and difficult.

4. Mary carries the Child Jesus in her arms.

5. Mary continues her journey, pondering all these things in her heart.

6. Mary offers Jesus in the temple.
7. Mary redeems Jesus at the ransom appointed for the


8. Anna rejoices to see her prophecy fulfilled. 9. The holy old man, Simeon, embraces Jesus with joy.

10. Simeon says, “ Now dost thou dismiss thy servant, Lord, in peace.”

1. Mary has lost her beloved Child.

2. Mary deprived of her only treasure. 3. Mary seeks Him with anxiety. 4. Mary seeks Jesus in the streets and roads. 5. Mary finds Jesus again after three days. 6. Mary finds Jesus in the temple. 7. Jesus, twelve years old, teaches the doctors. 8. Mary says, “Son, why hast thou made us sorrowful ?"

9. Jesus returns with Mary and Joseph, and is obedient unto them.

10. Mary preserves in her heart the sayings of Jesus.

The five Sorrowful Mysteries.

1. Jesus goes into the Garden of Olives.
2. Jesus prays, lying prostrate on the ground.
3. Jesus perseveres in his prayer.
4. Jesus is sorrowful, even unto death.
5. Jesus is bathed in a sweat of blood.
6. Jesus submits his will to his heavenly Father.
7. Jesus warns his disciples to watch and pray.
8. Jesus betrayed by Judas.
9. Jesus is seized by his own creatures.

10. Jesus cruelly bound, and dragged from one judge to another.


1. Jesus is delivered to be scourged.
2. Jesus is falsely accused.
3. Jesus is stripped of his clothes.
4. Jesus is naked in the hands of his executioners.
5. Jesus is fastened to a pillar.
6. Jesus is lashed with scourges.
7. Jesus is bruised with clubs.
8. The flesh of Jesus is torn with points of lead.
9. The blood of Jesus flows down to the ground.
10. They unfasten Jesus; he clothes himself again.


1. Jesus brought forth to be crowned with thorns.
2. They prepare a crown of thorns for Jesus.
3. They force the crown of thorns upon the head of Jesus.
4. The head of Jesus is pierced on every side.

5. The blood flows from the head of Jesus.
6. The forehead of Jesus is covered with blood.
7. The eyes of Jesus are bathed in tears.
8. The lips of Jesus are pale as death.
9. Jesus is clothed in a purple garment, through derision.

10. Jesus is cruelly mocked and derided, “ Behold the man !"


1. Jesus condemned to be crucified.
2. Jesus lovingly embraces his cross.

3. Jesus carries his cross on his torn and wounded shoulders.

4. Jesus falls under the weight of his cross for our sins.

5. Jesus, again loaded with his cross, meets his sorrowful Mother.

6. Jesus leaves the impression of his sacred countenance on the veil of St. Veronica.

7. Jesus says, “ If these things are done in the green wood, what shall be done in the dry ?

8. None can be found willing to carry the cross for Jesus.

9. Jesus, loaded with his cross, falls at the foot of Calvary.

10. Jesus, again loaded with his cross, ascends the hill of Calvary.

1. Jesus is cruelly stretched upon the cross.

2. His sacred hands and feet are pierced through with nails.

3. Jesus is raised upon the cross, and his blood flows in streams from all his wounds.

4. Jesus prays for his enemies.
5. Jesus promises Paradise to the penitent thief.
6. Jesus recommends St. John to his holy Mother.
7. Jesus in his thirst is offered vinegar and gall.

8. Jesus cries out, “ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

9. Jesus says, “ It is finished !" 10. Jesus gives up his spirit into the hands of God his Father. The Five Glorious Mysteries.

1. Jesus rises again the third day from the dead.

2. Jesus conquers death and hell.
3. Jesus consoles and delivers the holy Fathers.
4. Jesus rises gloriously.
5. Jesus rejoices his holy Mother.
6. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene.
7. Jesus appears to Peter, and blesses him.

8. The disciples at Enimaus say, “ Did not our hearts burn within us, when he spoke to us ?

9. Jesus appears in the midst of his disciples, and gives them his peace.

10. Jesus shews his wounds to St. Thomas.

II. 1. The ascension of Jesus Christ. 2. Jesus ascends into heaven, by virtue of his own power. 3. Jesus quits his beloved disciples. 4. Jesus promises to remain with them for ever. 5. Jesus promises them the Holy Ghost. 6. As Jesus ascends, he blesses his disciples. 7. Jesus opens heaven to us. 8. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God his Father.

9. Jesus displays his five wounds, on our behalf, to his heavenly Father.

10. Jesus is our Mediator in heaven.


1. Jesus sends the Holy Ghost.
2. Jesus sends the Comforter.
3. Jesus sends fire upon the earth.
4. The Holy Ghost inflames all hearts with his love.
5. The Holy Ghost enlightens their minds.
6. The Holy Ghost strengthens their hearts.
7. The Holy Ghost gives the gift of tongues.
8. The Holy Ghost distributes his gifts.

9. Come, O Holy Ghost, and visit the hearts of thy faithful.

10. Come, Holy Ghost, enlighten our hearts with the fire of thy Divine love.


1. Mary is assumed into heaven.
2. God the Father receives his well-beloved daughter.
3. Jesus receives his holy Mother.

4. The Holy Ghost receives his beloved spouse. 5. The Seraphim salute Mary. 6. The Angels serve Mary. 7. Mary rejoices all the heavens. 8. Mary is seated at the right hand of Jesus. 9. Mary is our advocate in heaven. 10. Mary is our mother and mediatrix in heaven.

1. Mary gloriously crowned in heaven.
2. Mary crowned through her seraphic love.
3. Mary crowned through her angelical purity.
4. Mary crowned through her profound humility.
5. Mary crowned through her perfect obedience.
6. Mary crowned through her holy prudence.
7. Mary crowned through her admirable patience.
8. Mary crowned through her ardent gratitude.
9. Mary crowned through her holy perseverance.

10. Mary crowned in heaven, above all Saints and Angels, with the honour due to the Mother of God.

Prayers on the Mysteries;

The five Joyful Mysteries.

I. The Annunciation. O Lord, who, when thou didst come down to redeem our nature, didst choose for thyself the most chaste womb of Mary to be the true Tabernacle of God with men; grant, we beseech thee, that, by her holy intercession, our souls may be so filled with thy grace, that we may be made temples of God; who livest and reignest, &c. Amen.

II. The Visitation. O Lord, who, in the visitation of Mary, didst pour forth thy heavenly graces on the house of Zacharias and Elisabeth ; sanctify us by thy sacred and most loving presence, as thou didst sanctify thy holy servant John; and give us grace so to instruct others unto righteousness, and to edify men by

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