A Chronological History of Voyages Into the Arctic Regions

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John Murray, 1818 - 427 oldal

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312. oldal - An Act for giving a public Reward to such Person or Persons, being His Majesty's Subject or Subjects, as shall discover a Northern Passage for Vessels by Sea between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and also unto such as shall first approach by Sea . within One Degree of the Northern Pole...
213. oldal - ... of the world known; for by divers good observations I found it to be above five points, or fifty-six degrees varied to the westward.
132. oldal - ... and very much broader sea than was at the said entrance, and that he passed by divers islands in that sailing; and that at the entrance of this said strait, there is, on the northwest coast thereof, a great headland or island, with an exceeding high pinnacle, or spired rock, like a pillar thereupon.
59. oldal - And thus much (by reason of the great negligence of the writers of those times, who should have used more care in preserving of the memories of the worthy actes of our nation,) is all that hitherto I can learne, or finde out of this voyage.
90. oldal - I carried away from hence the last year is dead in England. Moreover, you may declare unto them, that if they deliver you not, I will not leave a man alive in their country.
153. oldal - Countrey, and amongst our friends, it comforted us as well as if we had made a great banquet in our owne house...
297. oldal - ... either all feasting, or all famine ; sometimes we had too much, seldom just enough, frequently too little, and often none at all. It will be only necessary to say that we have fasted many times two whole days and nights ; twice upwards of three days ; and once, while at She-than-nee, near seven days, during which we tasted not a mouthful of anything, except a few cranberries, water, scraps of old leather, and burnt bones.
35. oldal - These were clothed in beasts skins, & did eate raw flesh, and spake such speach that no man could understand them, and in their demeanour like to bruite beastes, whom the King kept a time after.
276. oldal - A sickness and famine occasioned such havock among the English that, by the setting in of the second winter, their number was reduced to twenty. That winter, 1720, some of the Esquimaux took up their abode on the opposite side of the harbour to that on which the English had built their houses, and frequently supplied them with such provisions as they had, which chiefly consisted of whale's blubber, and seal's flesh, and train oil.
263. oldal - ... in a Greenland ship that summer) told him, that their ship went not out to fish that summer, but only to take in the lading of the whole fleet, to bring it to an early market. But, said he, before the fleet had caught fish enough to lade us, we, by order of the Greenland Company, sailed unto...

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