Frege and Other Philosophers

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The ideas of the German philosopher and mathematician Gottlob Frege lie at the root of the analytical movement in philosophy. Frege and Other Philosophers comprises all of Professor Dummett's published and previously unpublished essays on Frege, with the exception of those included in hisTruth and Other Enigmas. In some of these essays he explores the relation of Frege's ideas to those of his predecessors and contemporaries. In others he considers critically some interpretations of Frege, and develops the argument for a sound understanding of Frege's thought which he firstdelineated in The Interpretation of Frege's Philosophy. Several of the essays illustrate his contention that Frege's work remains the best starting point for the investigation of problems concerning truth, meaning, thought, and language, which are still among the most contentious issues in modern analytical philosophy. Any discussion of Frege's ideasis therefore also an exploration of fundamental and as yet unresolved issues of philosophy.

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A szerzőről (1991)

Michael Dummett is Wykeham Professor of Logic and Fellow of New College at the University of Oxford.

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