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pangis were on our nerves and two wild-vine-creeper rope guards we had men now kept guard during the fixed amid the outlying trees, told us night.

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shrieks of our own boys added to the

awful din. One day some of us climbed up the 'I guess, Doctor, I'm not having any slopes of the mountain which formed of your New Guinea atmosphere for one side of our gully and, on reaching my New York restaurant,' said Boston the summit, beyond the zone of dense Bob, flinging a lighted brand on our vegetation, got a magnificent view of brushwood guard, “but I'll have this the entire country, which stretched bit of pig now, sure!' away beneath until lost in the haze. 'Load up and run!' Big Sam cried We could easily trace the course of all to the carriers. 'Lead them, Charlie — the rivers, and waterways feeding them, we'll follow.' by the film of mist which hung over Sam's words were the last heard in their channels in long serpentine lines, that camp; all other sounds were and we could even see the Papangi vil- drowned in the roar of the flaming lage, quite distinctly, about ten miles scrub, which crackled like thousands of down on our right. The Professor whips, and next instant the gelignite sketched in the lines of the rivers and charges went off like a battery of guns prominent features and on our descend in action. A dense pall of smoke fell ing journey collected some orchids low and enveloped everything, and, which he said were unknown to the seizing from the ashes what we could world. When we reached camp, Silent of our late meal, we picked up our Ted and the Doctor had our evening rifles and departed toward the Mammeal ready and our boys had added bare headwaters. What the savages more inflammable scrub to our sur thought, we never knew. Probably rounding wall. Silent Ted was a won they made night hideous with their derful cook and his culminating efforts frenzied shouts, but we did not hear were in that never-to-be-forgotten them, and I fancy they concluded that dinner.

all the demons of the spirit world had 'I have half an idea that a restaurant been let loose on them. Looking back in New York, where all meals were from the top of the divide, we could cooked in hot wood-ashes, would be see that the forest had caught fire and as good as a gold mine,' Boston Bob were thankful that the slight breeze remarked, as he helped himself to favored us. another portion of wild pig.

'The Paps are having a hot time,' 'If you would throw in a camp-fire, a Sydney Charlie remarked as we turned New Guinean atmosphere, and hungry away, “but we've left a lot of stuff prospectors as guests, I should n't mind behind being your partner,' said the Doctor. “We'll not need it,' growled Mac. 'But I fear — '

'We've got our gold and our rifles — What the Doctor feared was never and our lives.' known, for as he uttered the last word a We stumbled on in the moonlight in burst of yells startled us almost out of the direction of the nearest waterway our senses and a flight of poisoned we had seen that day, and under the spears stuck in our protecting barrier. Professor's leadership soon reached it. The crashing of the undergrowth and Following it down, we joined a larger the sound of bodies falling over the stream and found an easier passage


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of left; therw find, discover. This is the

along its crocodile-infested shallows. How far are we from Tamata, Before sunrise we struck a large river Murphy?' Boston Bob cried. “You've and our carriers smelled a village on the won your bottle of fruit salts, but what opposite side, although it was still too are you doing there?' dark to see it.

“Tamata is at present nearly de'Our troubles are nearly over now,' serted,'Murphy answered. “This is the said Mac cheerily; ‘I know this village, latest new find, discovered since you and its people are quite decent. One of left; there are forty men here already, you come with me and the rest of you and more coming. We've got a second kindle all the fires you can, to attract Yodda Valley and — but where on the crocodiles.' Mac waded out into earth have you come from?' deep water as he spoke and I followed, We were now alongside. “From the and presently we were swimming diag- land of gold, old man,' Mac replied, onally across toward a large structure gripping Murphy's hand, ‘from over dimly discernible on piles in the water. the mountains of the moon and Lashed alongside were several canoes of from the land beyond the shadows. various sizes, with paddles inside, and, But we're hungry. ... cutting out two large ones we drifted S afe among forty brother-prospecdown and back across the water in tors, in the latest gold-mining camp in them. A few minutes later we had dis- New Guinea, we slept soundly that tributed ourselves, carriers, and gold night and sent our gold on to Tamata between the boats and were heading by petrol launch, next day. With it down with the current.

went Boston Bob and the Doctor, the

former down with fever and the latter VII

to attend to him. We remained in the

new camp, meaning to return to PaFour days later, near sundown, we pangi Land when they came back. But were astonished to hear a voice hail us many things happened before we saw in English from the bank. "This way, them again, and when we did meet it boys,' the owner of the voice called. was in Queensland. “This way to the new Eldorado - We returned the canoes with presHowling dingoes! It's Mac!

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THE writer has asked a thousand 16, then by 10; and finally divide the schoolchildren, who from time to time total by 144. This gives, if you've have visited various observatories with made no mistake, 43,560 square feet. which he has been connected: ‘How If you want the number of square many square feet to the acre?' and not inches, omit dividing by 144, and the once has the correct answer been given. answer is: 6,272,640 square inches in The children guess wildly or stand an acre. mortified. He believes he might ask a There are two things to be noticed. hundred school-teachers the same ques. We do not use a scientific and sensible tion, and if two answered correctly, unit to begin with; and the method of these could be easily stumped by the extension is unscientific, in that there further casual inquiry: ‘And how many is no constant and easily comprehended square inches, would you say?' Per- ratio of values. It is quite easy to haps, gentle reader, you would like devise a suitable unit and there is to try the problem? You know what already a legalized method of extending an inch is and you know that 'acre'is values, but we do not try to use the a term quite frequently used.

system, although it is used successfully Of the same groups of children, a by a large majority of the civilized second question was invariably asked: communities of the world and there “How many cents in four hundred is no valid reason against universal thirty-five dollars and sixty cents?' adoption. Great Britain and the There is a moment of hesitancy, then a United States are not wholly to be flash of recognition, and a jubilant classed with the rest of the world, chorus booms forth: ‘Forty-three thou because, while the United States — sand five hundred and sixty.' They also the English-speaking communities always put the 'and' in. They feel which make up the British Imperial that they valiantly met the enemy Union — use a logical and scientific and got the better of him.

method in connection with money, But why this ability to answer so they still retain — except in scientific promptly a problem in values, and the usage — a cumbersome and antiquated complete failure to solve the problem in system of weights and measures. measuring an area?

And so it is that the schoolboy must Perhaps the explanation is to be spend precious hours trying to memofound in this. A dollar is a hundred rize the relation of the foot to the rod, cents; but a link is 7.92 inches, and and the yard to the mile; or the square 625 square links make a pole, and 16 rod to the perch; or the gill to the galpoles make a square chain, and 10 lon; or the tierce to the hogshead; the

must multiply 7.92 by 7.92, then multiply this by 625, then multiply by

knows what. Luckily for him, there is a limit to scholastic requirement, and the arithmetics generally add in fine to deliver likewise unto them the ‘long' type: —

ton. With them, a hundredweight

means one hundred pounds, plus twelve These measures of capacity do not express any fixed measure but are usually gauged and have more. For a ton is made up of four their capacities in gallons marked on them.

quarters each 560 pounds — those who Like ready-made clothes, they need a devised the English system of weights tag to tell how much they are worth! here missed a fine chance to make

Then there are the bushel and the a ton five quarters — or 160 stones. peck. There are sixteen pints in a peck; Everyone in America knows a stone to but these are dry pints. There are be just exactly 14 pounds, no more, no eight wet pints to the gallon; but who less. But, gentle reader, when you buy would dare to trace the relationship a ton of coal, you may get some stones between a gallon and a peck?

to be sure in each ton, but the coal An ounce is a small thing, but not baron will see that you get just 2000 always the same thing. We now have pounds. He gets 2240. That's that. two kinds of ounces, one contains 480 An ounce is not always an ounce; a grains, one has 437.5 grains and is still pound is not always a pound; and a ton considered a respectable ounce. And is not always a ton. the pound? Ah — it is a fickle fellow! Now let us come back to the schoolIf, dear reader, you should step into the children and the size of an acre. There Mint and ask for a pound of gold, — of is no need of sticking to the link; but course, you would go fully protected, if we must, at least let us be able to you would get just twelve ounces, or answer how many links there are in 5760 grains. Come home now with any given piece of ground — call it an your gold and buy a pound of golden acre. A square link would be 404.6873 butter. The honest groceryman will square centimetres. Ask foreign schoolgive you 16 ounces, or 7000 grains - children: 'How many square links in an or you can incarcerate him in jail, upon acre?' Philippinechildren, Mexican chilapplication to an inspector of weights dren, Russian children, German children, and measures somewhere near the Swedish children, Spanish children, AusState House. Is not this another case of trian children, Belgian children, French acquiring knowledge in Wall Street children, in fact, all the children of and paying for it?

the world except our own and those But forget eatables like butter and in Great Britain, would answer without sugar for a moment.

delay: 40,468,730. The winter is long and cold, and we Is it not time that our school supercannot all go to the sunny South, or the intendents took a hand in the game? golden Pacific Coast. We try to keep The Society for the Prevention of warm by buying and burning coal. We Cruelty to Children would undoubtbuy it by the ton. And how much is a edly be glad to second any effort to ton? Why, that depends upon how protect defenseless youngsters from the much coal you buy — and how much cruelty of memorizing ancient and no money you have. The United States longer honorable tables of weights and Government requires in its fuel-con- measures. That the system fails uttracts 2240 pounds to the ton. Many terly is attested by asking so simple a large corporations tell the coal barons question as: 'How big is an acre?'




LIFE is a gusty night, and I a flame;
But never think me fearful of the dark.
Out of the night was born my spirit's spark,
The star-winds blew it till the hill grew bright,
And the recording heavens watched a face
Moved suddenly to laughter by its light!


I saw the young moon, blue and cool,
Reflected in a shallow pool

Set in a public square;
So that I lifted up my eyes
To the dark wonder of the skies
To find her there.

I saw Love in its gentleness
Shine on a face I love to bless;

I saw it there;

So that I lifted up my eyes

To see if God were in the skies —
And found Him everywhere.

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