onsisting of a he American marafter

here. He then eure Mahkooah that is wiher

him home. The old gentleman then America'; that is, good, good, very embraced us in the same manner as he great love for America; and then burst had done his son, frequently putting into tears. After a short time he asked his nose to ours and calling us his me how long I would be willing to stay hicahne or friends.

and teach his Island. I told him I A supper was soon provided for us wished to spend my life here and die consisting of a couple of hogs baked here. He then embraced me again and whole after the American manner, said, “kacke o'ouoe Mahkooah oe oou, several fowls and a dog cooked after wihena o-ou Mahkooah oe'; that is the style of the Island, together with you, my son, I you father, my wife potatoes, tarro, bananas, cocoanuts, you mother. I endeavored to tell him and watermelons, brandy, gin, wines, something about God, but the subject &c. The table was set in good style; was entirely new to him and he could our supper was indeed excellent. A understand but little. — S. R. new house was assigned for brother W. and myself during our stay on the 8th. Spent the former part of the Island, a few rods from the King's and day in walking about six miles into the several men to attend upon us. We country. Visited many families which shall now retire to rest after looking up are indeed the abodes of ignorance, to God with thanksgiving for mercies superstition, and wickedness. The inalready received and humbly praying habitants treated me with all the that a blessing may attend our visit to attention and hospitality which their these heathens. Perhaps it will be the limited circumstances would afford, first Christian prayer that was ever and even carried their generosity to offered to God on this Island. – S. R. excess; but oh the darkness and igno

rance in which they are shrouded! It 4th. This morning early, I went is enough to draw tears from the eyes to the King's house, was met at the of any friend of humanity, to enter one door by himself & the Queen who of their dwellings and witness the vices took me by each arm, led me in and to which they are abandoned. No seated me between them upon the sooner is the stranger seated upon the sopha; and after having several times mat, than the husband as a token of put their noses to mine the king in- respect and kindness offers him his quired if it was true that I had lived wife and the father his daughter. I with Hoomehoome (the real name of have frequently told them, that such George) in America, and eat with him conduct was not good, and that there and slept with him, saying his son had was a great God who saw all their told him many things that he could not actions & was displeased with such fully understand, and that I had been things; but they will say all white men his friend a long time, and would stay before say it is good, but you are not here and instruct his people to read. like other white men. — What would I told him it was true, and that the the missionary of the cross do if it were good people of America who loved his not for the consolations contained in son and loved him and his people, had the promises of God; these to him are sent several men and women to in- sweet and refreshing. Without them struct his people to read and work as before him, he would soon faint and they do in America. When I told him die; but with them he may go to his this, he with his wife broke out in one work and cheerfully labor and toil voice, ‘Miti, miti, nooe coah aloha through life amidst all the depravity

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and degradation of heathen and sav- well as I could. He listened with strict ages, remembering that God has attention frequently asking pertinent pledged his word, that the heathen questions and said, 'I can't understand shall be given to Christ and become it all, I want to know it. You must lovers of righteousness. — S. R. learn my language fast, and then tell

me all. No white man before ever 10th. This morning Tamoree sent read to me & talk like you.' — S. R. for me, said his interpreter was going away to be gone several days and he 14th. Extremely warm to-day. I feel wished to say a few things to me before languid and unfit for anything. We he went. 'I want to know,' says he, ‘if are greatly annoyed by fleas. Some you love Hoomehoome, if you love me, nights we can sleep none, they are so if you like to stay here and learn my numberous and troublesome. They are people. I assured him, that I loved the most disagreeable insect found in his son and him, wished to spend my these Islands, but the natives are fond life in doing them good, and not only of them, both chiefs and people will I, but Mr. Whitney and all who came spend hours in picking them off the with us, wished the same. 'Hoome- dogs and eating them, and there is hoome tell me so,' says he; he then shed generally a good supply. — S. R. tears freely, and said, 'I love Hoomehoome, I love him very much, more 29th. Last night we were kept awake than my other children. I thought he by the cries of some women, who by

oome, w, says before

think he was dead. Some Captains tell lost a relative. In the morning brother he live in A. but I not believe; I say no, W. and I determined to visit the place he dead, he no more come back. But from whence the noise proceeded, and he live, he come again, my heart very on entering the house, such a spectacle glad. I want my son to help me, he presented itself as I never before witspeak English well and can do my nessed and as I cannot describe. A man, business. But he is young, young men one of the Queens trusty favorites, had are sometimes wild, they want advice. just expired. Several females were I want you stay here and help Hoome- seated around the dead body which lay hoome, and when vessels come, you & naked on a mat, rubbing and turning Hoomehoome go on board & trade, so it about with their hands and uttering I make you a Chief.' I told him I forth such horrid shrieks and groans, wished not to be a Chief, neither could as must have shocked the most hardI do any of his public business, but was ened heart; and as another expression willing to advise his son and assist him of their grief and humility, covering in every thing when it was consistent their heads with old filthy mats and with the object for which we came to tappers. The King was not present but his Island. He expressed some sur- the Queen was inconsolable; stamping prise when I told him I wished not to with her feet and crying with all the be a Chief, but when I explained to him vehemence in her power. We tried to what we wished to do, he appeared tell them that it was not good to behave satisfied and pleased. This afternoon thus, but they paid no attention to

I should come and read to him in his King, who appeared rational and comBible. I read the first Chap. of Gen. posed; said he loved that man very and explained to him what I read as much. He asked me where the breath

days posted tole with

went to when he died. I told him that understand.' One said yesterday, 'The God gave him breath and took it away God of America is good but the Gods when he pleased. I then endeavored to of Attooi are good for nothing; we explain to him something about God, throw them all away; by and by the the soul, & Heaven and Hell, to which American God will be the God of he listened attentively, & said this was Attooi.' The King appears more & all new to him. — S. R.

more desirous for instruction; complains

that he cannot spend time enough with June 2nd. For several days past the his book, but says it is a time of unKing and Queen have manifested a usual hurry at present, and he is soon great anxiety to learn to read; sent for to give his mind more thoroughly to it. frequently to instruct them, say they He with his Queen and several servants will spend ten years if they can learn are able to read in words of four letters. to read well in that time. Wherever Neither of them knew the alphabet they go they carry their books with when we arrived. Says the king at one them. I have seen them while bathing time when I visited him, 'Hoomehoome in the water stand with their books in says you no tell lie like some white men, their hands repeating their lessons. now you must not tell lie when you go They have expressed fears that we shall Woahoo, but you must come back and not return from Woahoo. I went into live with me.' The week past has been their house this morning and found the a busy time with the natives. The Queen bathed in tears; and enquiring King's rent has been brought in from the cause the interpreter said that Mr. all parts of the Island and from OneWhitney had told her yesterday that how (Niihau), a small island about we could not return, and neither she nor fifteen miles to the westward. It conthe King had rested any of the night. sisted of hogs, dogs, mats, tappers, I told them they had misunderstood feathers, pearl fishhooks, calabashes Mr. W. — we did intend to come as and paddles. This rent is to go to soon as possible. So earnest are they Owhyhee (Hawaii), as a present to the for us to settle with them and instruct young King. It was interesting to see them. — S. R.

the natives come, sometimes more than

a hundred at a time, with their loads on Sat. 17th. The week past I have their backs and lay down their offerings spent principally in visiting the dif- at the feet of their great and good ferent parts of Wimai; believe there is Chief as they call him. When will the scarcely a house that I have not time arrive thạt they shall come and entered and my friendly aloha. The bow down to Jehovah, and give themmore I visit and become acquainted selves living sacrifices to him who has with this people, the more I feel in- purchased them with his blood. I terested in them, and the more I desire trust the day is at hand. — S. R. to spend my strength and life in endeavoring to secure to them the eternal 19th. Have been packing up my welfare of their souls. I sometimes feel things in order to return to Woahoo almost impatient to know the language expecting the King's schooner will sail that I may explain to them the way of in a day or two. The natives are busily life and salvation. What little I can engaged in loading her with mats, say they will listen to with the greatest tappers, &c. Spent some time with the attention, but their answer will be, 'I King to-day and received several want to know more, by and by I shall presents from the Queen. I had an Owhyhean (Hawaiian) name given me July 29th. This afternoon the King immediately after landing — have been exhibited a scene of plays, gave us an called Neho-pahoo (that is, foreteeth invitation, to which we did not readily lost) until to-day the King gave me the comply; sent the second time, accordname Kaeke after himself before he ingly we went. I don't know when I became king, and said I must no more have had my mind more impressed with be called Neho-pahoo. — S. R.

the vanities of the heathen than I had

in witnessing this scene. O when will July 25th. They have furnished us this untutored tribe sit down at our with two bedsteads in the native style, Immanuel's feet, and receive the and mats and tappers in abundance. benign influences of the Gospel. In the evening the King sent us

NANCY R. thirteen Bunches of Bananas and ten Pine Apples. Never before were our July 30th. Dearest of mothers, inobligations of gratitude so great as they stead of worshipping the Lord with his now are. Surely the King's heart is in people, in a temple consecrated to his the hands of the Lord, and he turneth service, your children have attempted it whithersoever he will. After offering to appear before him and call upon his on the altar of praise our evening name this day for the first time on this sacrifice we retired to rest relying on heathen Isle, in our little sanctuary the arm of Jehovah for safety and made of cocoanut leaves. The royal protection. — N. W. R.

family seated themselves on trunks

and mats and apparently listened to 26th. The King is forty-six years of the word of life; while the common age, and his wife about twenty-five. people crouded around without our He is very pleasant and discovers a yard, and pulled away the grass of good degree of civility in his manners. which the fence is made and presented He enquired whether my parents were their tawny countenances, anxious to · living and to whom I was writing. I see and know what new thing the white told him I left a mother, and was people were performing. But oh, how writing to her to inform her of his much more degraded their darkened kindness to us. He appeared much minds, than ever their miserable appleased, and asked me if I loved her pearance, how imperceptible to the very much. I informed him that I did, truth as it is in Jesus! We made use and that it would do her heart good to of Mr. Clark's sermon, entitled the hear that the King and Queen had Church safe. The flock of Christ be kindly offered to be a father and mother scattered abroad in the earth, some of to us. They gave me the name of them as sheep without a shepard yet; Matooah which is the name of the consoling thought — in due season they King's mother. They then requested will be gathered, and there shall be us to sing a few tunes, while Hoome- one Fold, and one Shepard. — N. R. hoome played on the bass viol. We view the secret hand of our Heavenly August 4th. We expect the Levant Father with peculiar delight, and feel will sail this evening, consequently our constrained to walk with cautious steps communications must be carried on before him, in the sight of the heathen, board this afternoon. I have the lest we prove stumbling blocks, over pleasure to inform our dear friends on which they shall fall into endless this last page of our journal, of our perdition. — N. W. R.

continued prosperity and hopes of

few tunes, hass viol. Wo

August his evening,

usefulness, but we cannot, we dare not protect all who come here for this depend much upon present appear- purpose. Though the promise of man, ances. Fix we on this terrestrial ball? especially of a heathen prince is not a When most secure, the coming hour, if sufficient warrant for me to engage in Thou see fit, may blast them all. But so great an enterprize; yet have not the we do take pleasure in speaking of the children of God his promise also, that wonderful dealings of God to this he will supply all their wants, and will people, and to us, as unworthy instru- withhold no real good thing from them. ments in his service. The King and What more can the Christian need for Queen sent six gown patterns to be his security while laboring for Christ? made, and present of pine apples. What more can he desire in life, To-day the King has commenced a or enjoy in the hour of death? This large building for a meeting, and school- unconnected journal we present to house, in his own yard. It is pecul- our ever dear mother and hope she iarly pleasant to witness the interest will thereby be comforted while thinkthis heathen king takes in preparing ing of her far distant and affectionthe way for the spread of the gospel ate children. amongst his people. He says he will




One crowded hour of glorious life
Is worth an age without a name.

- Scott: Old Mortality

Of course when they burst in upon my elephant some time before, I was told, placid life in the sanctum, and asked me had joined the cast of Polly of the Cirto feed in the Cook Tent and go on as cus, and between performances, homea clown in the Big Top afterward, I sick for ‘Spangleland' and its own jumped at the chance as if it were a keeper, was found in a corner like the paper hoop.

little ‘Juggler of Notre Dame,' beguilWe reached the clowns' quarters ing the time with its whole repertoire of through an avenue fronded with the tricks that began with standing on its palm-like ears of elephants swishing and head. Later, caught in a fire at Luna twiddling hay in picketed alignment, Park, it proved a Casabianca among two tiny newcomers down at the end of elephants. The keeper was in New the line doing their best to waggle their York, and it was deaf to alien blandishears like the old stagers. Another baby ment. None else could cajole or drag it VOL. 134 NO. 6

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