holding idea of his, erment; I knew man

'I wish to speak to you, sir.' stony. The Greek had the automatic in

'I'm sorry, but I'm very busy just his hand and was talking again in a low now. You can put it off until to-mor- hurried murmur. row, or to-night a little later, perhaps. Ladd held out a steady hand. 'I'll It must be now.'

take your gun, Aghniades,' he said. Ladd raised his eyebrows. ‘Wait out. The Greek backed away a step, still side for a minute; then I 'll talk with holding the weapon down. I had no you.' In spite of his annoyance Ladd's exact idea of his threat. It was all voice was affectionate.

rather tense bewilderment; I knew only The Greek's eyes flickered and a look that he was a mortally threatening man of devotion passed over his dark face, and that his desperation might take interrupting his angry insistence, but any form. he did not move. “You are going to 'Give me that pistol,' Ladd comleave us,' he blurted out, caring for manded, more sharply, “and consider nothing but to get this greatest matter yourself under arrest.' into the open.

Aghniades reached up with his left ‘Not to-night, at least,' Ladd an- hand and tore, with two fierce tugs, the swered. “Will you go, please?'

insignia from his khaki collarand backed ‘But my sister is waiting to know. away another step. I have no idea what She did not ask me to come here – Colonel Clomb was doing. Ladd and his she forbid — no! no!' His stiff English sergeant were facing each other in the was evidently difficult for him. “She middle of the room in a silent contest to tell me I dare not speak to you about see which could intimidate the other. this very important question, but she is The pistol came slowly upward; the waiting. It is not dignified for her to poor Greek was still uncertain but imwait.'

pelled by a desperate force. The silence The effect of this bungling betrayalof had a stealthy quality — ready to conthe fact which these other people in the ceal events. Aghniades's big hand room, Captain Ladd and the Clombs, shook, but the pistol moved. I waited, had uppermost in their minds was for a helpless, fascinated, to see the muzzle moment nothing at all. They had been come into line with Ladd's face. But it ignoring it, of course, although Mrs. was not pointed at him. His faithful Clomb must have guessed the truth sergeant, who 'would die for him if neclong before. Then the colonel swore un- essary,' had another idea of unanswerder his breath as if somebody had made able protest. He pointed the black bara bad slip in playing a game, and his wife rel at his own temple. He would stop looked dangerously at the miserable this desertion of his sister, this treason, Aghniades. The Greek gave up trying by sacrificing himself. A bizarre, Orito talk English and launched into his ental gesture; but we were all held in own cataracting tongue, pouring out a silent agony as his slow arm moved. entreaties on Ladd, who tried in vain to Then the door opened quietly and the quiet him. Finally Ladd said some girl came in. thing which made the Greek stop, wide- She spoke to her brother in Greek, aceyed and stricken. There was a dead si- knowledging the presence of the rest of lence and Aghniades's hand went slowly us only by the slightest inclination of toward the holster at his belt. My her head. He did not answer her. She glance followed and I felt my heart said something to Ladd, also in Greek; jump. Mrs. Clomb gave one sharp little he only spread out his hands in an unscream. Ladd's face was absolutely English sign of helplessness.

Since then I have wondered about was suddenly emptied as if Mrs. Clomb the scene she played before us, won- and her husband and Ladd and I had dered how conscious she was and how never occupied it, I got to my feet and much she intended of the effect she cre- made a clumsy excuse to get free. ated. At the time my heart was in my For an hour or two afterward I throat; no one could have questioned walked the black tortuous streets, not her tragic sincerity. It was very sim- thinking, seeing only the Greek girl ple; there she was, the evident reason with her hair unbound and the little for Mortimer Ladd's love of Cyprus. Englishman's stony, anguished face. Her presence in the room, crowded before she came, put all the rest of us

IV into a dim background to give her beauty full play in the light. And it Next day, just at sunset, we pulled was breath-taking. I

anchor and slipped smoothly out toward First she lifted from her head a thin, the southeast. The ruined freighter, white-silk scarf, folded it carefully in with the windmill on its deck and its her hands, and held it toward Ladd. rotting wooden sides, was still there. He stood there, like a man upright in Out toward the red west was the brown Hell, and did not move. She put it sail of a coasting fisherman, riding the down on the desk beside him. She was wine-dark seas. returning his gifts. As the light shone The Syrians and Turks and Jews on the gold waves of her hair and the in- swarmed and buzzed and hung over the credible grace of her head, poised on rail as we moved. Some of the Moslem her round white neck, she bared her women peered from behind their little arm and took off a little silver bracelet partitions of gay blankets or pulled and put that down beside the scarf. I their veils down over their faces so am sure her English lover, as long as he that they too might come among the lived, never forgot the bending of her crowd at the ship's side and see the head over her arm as she took off the darkening town and the bare slopes trinket slowly-the curve of her throat, dropping away behind us. and the gentle pulling of her fingers at Mrs. Clomb and her husband stood in the silver band. Her face was as calm much the same attitude as when we had as if she had been alone. She reached up left Smyrna a week before, calmly surto her hair, took out a shell comb that veying land and sea. She turned toheld it, and shook it free. It fell round ward me. 'You will be interested, I'm her like a heavy cloud of spun metal, sure,' she said, her pale eyes challengfilled with light. She showed her beauty ing mine, 'to know that Captain Ladd as simply and as confidently as a god- has decided to stay in Cyprus — for a dess. But she was not a goddess; her while longer.' gesture as she stooped to put the comb I murmured something about his on the desk beside the other gifts was work, his duty. too wistful and too sweet.

"The governing instinct was always Her brother spoke to her, harshly, very strong in Mortimer,' she said. but she turned on her heel and, without I looked away as the ship swung looking at him or any of us, walked farther to the south. In the west blazed from the room. He followed her, his a star. It seemed to be shining of its forgotten pistol still in his hand, and own lambent life, casting over Cyprus stumbled blindly at the threshold and the foam of the sea behind us an

In the silence of the little room, which eternal and unquenchable radiance. VOL. 134 NO. 6

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“Will you come with me, Maggie, to Stagshaw Bank Fair?'.

'Come with you where? Come with you where?

Do you fancy a lass has naught better to do
Than to go gallivanting, Ned Nixon, with you?'

'If you come with me, Maggie, I 'll buy you a ring.' 'You'll do no such thing you 'll do no such thing. Do you fancy I'd let my lad squander his pence

On tokens and trinkets and suchlike nonsense ?'

‘Come, Maggie, come, Maggie, we're only once young!' Now hold your fool's tongue now hold your fool's tonguel

If we're only young once it behoves us to be

A common-sense couple and act cannily.'

‘Time enough, Maggie, for sense when we 're old.'

'Does copper turn gold? Does copper turn gold ? Or a guff turn wiseacre at threescore-and-ten? Anyhow I'm for taking no chances with men.'

‘Then must I go lonesome to Stagshaw Bank Fair?'

What do I care? What do I care?

But if you go lonesome I'd have you to know
It's lonesome the rest of your life you will go.'


‘Now where may you be gadding to with such a dandy buttonhole — If my eyes do not deceive me, it 's a lovely picotee

And in your Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and bowler hat and all?'

I'm going to Saint Andrew's church as surely you might see,

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'Though it's well enough on Sundays for folk who 've got naught else to do,

The church on week-day mornings is no place for you or me

Who've got our bread and cheese to earn — so what can you be after, Dick?'

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*Then you don't know where you 're going, Dick, for all your dandy buttonhole,

Any more than any other lad who sports a picotee

And dons his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and bowler hat and all.'

'You're surely hard of hearing or your wits are all at sea,

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'And where be you stravaging to at such an hour of night?'

* To look on Allen Water in the full moonlight.'

'Go your wilful ways then, but you will learn too soon

That no good comes to any lass from looking on the moon.'

‘And where be you stravaging to at this unearthly hour?
To hearken to the hoolet that hoots by Staward Tower.'
‘Round the Pele at midnight the brags and horneys prowl,
And no good comes to any lass from listening to the owl.

‘So don't say I've not warned you, whatever may betide.'
And what should I be fearing with Robert at my side ?'
'What should you be fearing? Since the world began
No good has come to any lass from walking with a man.'



It must be apparent to the most casual as possible for overstepping the legal observer that the public is beginning to boundary (a line often as invisible as have grave misgivings as to the efficacy that which separates the colors in the and real service performed by its penal spectrum), our legislators still spend a institutions.

large part of their time in complicating It is trying, more than ever before, to our already complex civilization with devise ways and means for keeping the more and more laws, many of them misdemeanant outside the bars rather impossible to enforce. than behind them and, with this end in Both men and women are still view, has greatly added to the number laboring under the superstition that of persons on probation and parole. making an abuse of liberty illegal

That part of the public interested in solves the question and that hencecivic reforms realizes that locking up a forth we shall be secure from that man or woman for thirty, sixty, or particular abuse. ninety days and then letting him loose The Federated Women's Clubs of on society again is an unscientific and Detroit drew up an elaborate anti-vice futile performance, which tends to bill, designed to do away with prostitumake more criminals rather than to tion and its consequent evils. They reduce their number.

were zealous in their efforts, lobbying Although we admit that our hope in the State Capitol through many lies in keeping our people within the weeks. Asked for an opinion, there was law and even forgiving them as much only one answer which could be truth

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