possible donors with Jewish antece- universities primarily because they are dents. It is well known, however, that Jews, but Jews are finding it more and Jewish boys and girls have much more impossible to obtain teaching difficulty in gaining admission to these positions in universities, and Jewish institutions, and conditions similar to students of medicine are experiencing those in Rumania, Poland, and various difficulty in obtaining desirable interneBalkan states have developed.

ships in our hospitals, though as yet we Least of all is it realized that dis- have not reached the condition of crimination of this kind is gaining Rumania, where Jewish students can marked headway in business life. It is dissect only if Jewish cadavers are natural that the men whose social life available. is spent together should also desire to be associated together in business. They know each other from all angles; they Anyone concerned about the future are congenial, for otherwise they would of the country may well pause a monot be together outside of business; and ment. There are at least eleven million when favorable business opportunities people of Negro descent in the country, arise their thoughts quite naturally turn who form an indissoluble mass in the to each other. This sort of consideration population. There are approximately cannot affect a business owned by an four million Jews, who, as indicated, individual or a very small group. It are being driven to form another will arise in concerns where the social separate entity. Moreover, the tenside is well developed, as in banks, dency is to segregate also the Catholic where officers are apt to belong to elements from the rest of the populaclubs of one kind or another, though tion. The effect produced by the this development is by no means con- attitude of the majority upon the fined to banks. Of course, no bank or minorities mentioned is to harden and other business would admit that it make more permanent the cleavages discriminates against Jews and Catho- and divisions in the population, the lics, leastwise not if its customers are very reverse of the aim of the Americanlarge in number and belong to all ization movement. Curiously enough, classes of society. Nevertheless, it is the very people who are desirous of well known to the initiated that several making good Americans out of the of the larger New York banks will foreign-born are in many instances employ no Jews and at least one of the those who, by their attitude, are very largest also has the bars raised to frustrating the success of this movekeep out Catholics. In some of the ment. other cities, some of the larger banks Personally, my associations have have one or two Jewish officers and been largely non-Jewish. Nevertheperhaps here and there a Jewish mem- less, I feel, in my own case, much more ber of the board of directors. In some than I used to, a desire to emphasize instances this is with deliberate intent my Jewish nationality, and I feel that to attract Jewish customers. But even I am becoming more sensitive to so, it is becoming rarer and rarer to em- slights, real or imagined. My children ploy Jews in banks other than those will probably, under the circumstances, where the controlling interest is Jewish. feel all this more keenly than I do and

I have mentioned the situation of are likely to associate much more Jewish students, but not only are exclusively than I do with people of Jewish students excluded from our Jewish origin. The result will be to

ons of the gur large cand, it may arty, but onnes of the

accentuate any Jewish traits which think the raising of the religious they may have inherited and by that question at the recent Democratic very fact to set them off more sharply Convention has been an unmixed evil. from others. A similar result will follow It may wreck the fortunes of the in the case of those other elements in Democratic Party, but on the other the population to which I have re- hand, it may be the best service that ferred. We have already in our large could be rendered to the country as a cities definite sections of the town re- whole. It is very important that we served for the Negro population. Very begin to realize whither we are drifting. likely, in time, we shall have other Many of my friends read with interparts of our large cities definitely re- est the work of Ludwig Lewisohn, Up served for the Jews. Not that the lot of Stream. The only criticism — and it the Jews is at all comparable to that of was a constant one — was to the effect the Negro. So far, at least, their intel- that it was to be regretted that his work ligence and economic standing have had such an undercurrent of bitterness. preserved them from actual persecu- I can only smile at such a remark. tion. In some respects, their lot is What other feeling is a man to have worse than that of the Negroes because, than that of bitterness when he feels being fewer in number, they are unable conscious that in descent, education, to find a sufficient number of congenial manners, and ideals he is the equal of spirits among their own people with those about him and that, nevertheless, whom to associate. At least, this is he and the members of his family are true outside of New York. The Negroes excluded not only from clubs, but even belong mostly to the laboring class, from hotels, and from many of the ordiwith little of the social aspirations of nary pursuits open to those among the educated and cultured, while a whom he lives. large number of Jews, as regards breed As I sit here writing this article, I am ing and education, belong to the high- not even certain that any magazine will est social strata. What the lot of a publish it, or at least a magazine which really educated Negro in this country is reaches the people for whom such an I hardly dare contemplate. If I had a article might prove of value. For we son, I have often thought that I should are so afraid of criticism, we are so advise him to leave this country and go fearful of bringing to light the ugly elsewhere, say to some southern coun- sores which infest the body politic, but try where, while he might suffer politi- which unless recognized can never be cal disability, he would probably not healed, that we refuse to listen to suffer any social disability, and as I criticism, however well meant, and have sought to indicate, the latter is decline to read anything which will really at times more galling than the enlighten us. Persecution begets performer.

secution and tolerance begets tolerance. I stated at the outset that I do not What will the future bring? I wonder.



It is the traveling kind. I take it with upraised and in a hushed voice: 'They me on my journeys, snugly packed in are coming. its red leather case. At other times, A few minutes later, through the berest of that armor against the un- drawn curtain of my study, I viewed certainties of Persian travel, it stands the entry of that great man. He beon the mantelpiece in my study. A strode, as became the dignity of an sturdy clock of gilded metal it is then, ecclesiastic, a white ass, which apand a part of the permanent furniture peared to carry his bulk with pride of the room.

along the garden path. He was envelI like the cool liquid note with which oped in an ample brown abba, or gown. it strikes the hours — not so loud as to He sat the animal huddled up, with disturb me at my work, yet loud enough back bent and head sunk on his chest, to remind me, gently, of the inevitable so that he looked for all the world like lapse of time.

a huge brown sack set perilously on the On the day that Agha Seyyid Fazel small white donkey. sent his servant to inquire whether it The demeanor of the Persians in the would be convenient to me if he were to matter of calls is far above ours. Perarrive at my service at an hour before haps they consider unnecessary any noon, I answered, ‘Let him command, conversation which is not edifying — as and prepared to receive my visitor. indeed it is; or perhaps they think that

Then it was that Habib reminded me silence is a thing too precious to be that the wives and mothers of my frittered away in small talk; or it may hospital assistants had asked the be that, having really nothing to say, Khanum to appoint a time, and that they think it wisdom to say nothing. she had appointed the same hour of However this may be, we sat there, eleven. The drawing-room, therefore, when the ordained inquiries as to our would scintillate with unveiled ladies healths were over, in cordial silence. Would My Honor, said Habib, receive Habib brought tea, which we consumed Agha Seyyid Fazel in the study? with noises, but almost without words.

My Honor would. Quickly, out of From time to time my guest would that wilderness of books and papers hazard a short question, but of the kind order was evolved. A table was pre- which affords no opening for anything pared on which five plates were set, beyond an answer: as, 'How much did containing five kinds of sweetmeats; you pay for that clock on the mantel and charcoal was put into the samovar, behind you?' so that the tea of custom might be Suddenly, the even tenor of our ready. .

entertainment was cruelly convulsed. At the appointed hour, the servant Sparks rushed into the room, barking. of Agha Seyyid Fazel knocked at the There hung from his collar a broken outer gate and announced, with hand end of string.

To a Persian, all dogs are unclean; heard a little grinding sound, as of but for little dogs that bark and snap revolving wheels, followed by a muffled he has a peculiar detestation. And stroke; then another, and another, and it would seem that little dogs are aware another — of it, for they look upon all Persians as The clock struck twelve. their enemies and rightful victims. It How can I describe the agony of


He brought coff was saved by John

structions to keep Sparks tied up when struck three times or four — but I have Persian callers. But the string twelve. Shade of Imam Reza! had not been equal to the strain.

There was a momentary quiver of Agha Seyyid Fazel, terror-struck, Agha Fazel's enormous bulk. His gathered his abba around him, and impassive face became ashen, but he drew his fat legs as far toward his chin did not move a muscle. He continued as his ponderosity allowed. I lunged to sit, immobile, with head bent forforward, and caught Sparks just in ward and eyes half closed, as if he were time to prevent the defilement of that pondering eternal problems. holy man. I then dragged the dog by The situation was saved by Habib. the collar from the room.

He brought coffee. We took our little After giving him his deserts, I cups with friendly ease. After he had returned to the study, to find my guest drained his cup, Agha Seyyid Fazel sitting very straight in his chair, with waited for the required time, and then his mantle arranged primly around him. begged me to command his departure. I apologized for the intrusion of my A week later Agha Seyyid Fazel sent dog. Agha Seyyid Fazel nodded his his servant to inform me that his head sagely several times, and mur daughter was unwell, and would My mured something in his beard.

Honor come to see her and ordain a After that I attempted bravely a medicine. It is my custom with conversation, but without success. Persians to collect my fees in advance, Agha Seyyid Fazel answered in mono- this being the only way to get anything syllables, or by a wagging of his vast out of them. But I reasoned that in turbaned head. I began to wonder how the case of Agha Seyyid Fazel, whose long it would be before Habib brought honesty is renowned, I could safely coffee, the signal for departure. In make an exception. despair, I glanced furtively over my I went. The girl was suffering from a shoulder toward the clock, on the minor indisposition, caused, no doubt, mantelpiece.

by overindulgence in cucumbers. The clock was not there.

I prescribed something and left. In Persia, one learns to control one's A few days later, the servant again emotions. I could have sworn the appeared, bearing on a tray something clock was there when I went out, but concealed beneath an embroidered even if it was, what then? I looked cloth. He explained that it was a small askance at Agha Seyyid Fazel, fearing present from his master, in recognition that he might have detected my of My Honor's skill and kindness in momentary excitement. But my guest restoring his beloved daughter to was sitting with eyes half closed and health. A Persian of position will head sunk forward on his chest, solemn rarely pay a doctor's fee in cash — he and immovable.

will send a present of becoming value. Suddenly, from beneath the ample I removed the cloth. folds of Agha Seyyid Fazel's mantle, I It was my clock.




1780. Saturday 12 August. Sent a let- expected to be gone two days at least, ter to my mother by Mr. Wescott. Am during which time or in his absence I to pay him 10 dollars.

must take the care of the company with 19th. This morning exercise Baron respect to its internal police, that I Steuben Commanded, somewhat fa- must grant passes only to four men a tiguing, but through Divine goodness day, two in forenoon and two in afterwas enabled to go through it accepta- noon & not to give pass to the latter bly. Capt. Sewall on guard.

till the former are returned. — I reORANGETOWN. 26. Saturday Up- quested the Capt. to inquire of Mr. wards of three hundred waggons which Brooks, Commr. Gen’l. of Clothing, went off two days ago covered by a de- respecting a paper cont'g a list of the tachment of the Army arrived this articles of clothing which I lost by fire morning loaded with sheaves of wheat at West Point & which he took of me at and upwards of three hundred head of Said point for to estimate their value cattle which were taken on the Jersey as sold at Continental store in 74, shore [? ?] below York. Successful en- which he said he would endeavor to terprise very beneficial to the Army. get. Mr. Francis B. Q. M. accompaThe Lord's name is to be praised from nied him. the rising to the setting sun.

Attended divine service, Mr. Smith Thursday 31. Pretty warm this officiated. He spake with great clearevening. Heavy shower of rain, very ness and energy from John IV. 8 v. of sharp lightning & thunder. One clap how little likeness or rather how great broke on the light Infantry, one man and almost universal is the unlikeness struck speechless. Come and see the to the ever Blessed & true God in this works of God. He is terrible in his do- fallen world. — ing toward the children of men.

Oh! that God of his infinite, free, Monday 4th Sept. Decamped from rich, mercy & grace would be pleased to Tenick & march'd about 8 miles & pour out of his spirit and turn the encamped near [?] Steenrapie in com- hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom fortable circumstances. Has been a of the just. very pleasant march. blessed be God ORANGETOWN. Fryday 22. Fine for it.

weather. Early this morning, heavy canSTEENRAPIE. Lords Day, Sept. 10. nonade above Dobbs Ferry (*** ***] This morning, Capt. Sewall left camp by our troops & the enemies ships when to go on business to Newburg. Previ- the latter was beat off with damage. ous to his departure he called me to him M onday 25. Pleasant weather. The & informed me of his going & that he left wing of the Army were reviewed by

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