not distant Parkhurst mansion upon rebuked and smarting Pinkham gave it Natalie Graham by a letter from up and quickened his pace. There was Bangor, Maine, that awaited her when Natalie now. she also appeared at the breakfast ‘Natalie!' called the Assistant-Sectable. It read: –

retary of the A.A.A.I.

No escape. Miss Graham turned on DEAR Miss GRAHAM, —

the top step and looked defiantly at Referring to our several telephone

her pursuer. conversations concerning the where

'I'm going to New York this noon,' abouts of your umbrella left in Pullman

he said. car Rangeley on July 30. I find that an umbrella closely resembling the

'You are slow. I'm leaving for one you describe was claimed from

Boston now.' our Lost and Found office last week 'Anything wrong? Anyone sick?' by a New York party named Randall, he asked. who was here searching for a bag of 'No. I'm in trouble. I've told golf sticks.

stories – I've made a fool of myself.' The umbrella was delivered to

‘You have n't got anything on me,' claimant upon his statement of owner

said Mr. Pinkham bitterly. 'I've made ship. Evidently yours was not turned in at Bangor. Regret that this office

of myself the biggest boob in all Amercannot be of service.

ica. It was n't your umbrella at all!

Besides, I've almost lost my job. Read Division-Superintendent. that!' He thrust the brutal night letter

into Natalie's hand. Breakfast had no allurements for She read it through twice — and Natalie. She was curiously silent. 'I laughed. Really Eddie was too funny! am going to leave on the ten-o'clock,' Poor lamb, he was such a picture of she announced to Mabel Parkhurst as woe! And then more and more peals of soon as they were alone. “I can't see laughter. Mr. Pinkham had always Eddieagain; I shall write him a note and loved to hear Natalie laugh. She tell him the truth. I simply cannot laughed very well. Not so this time. talk to him, Mabel, and tell him I have Now he was the cause. It was the same made such a fool of myself.

old reason. Everybody always laughed Natalie slipped out of the room, at him. Usually he did n't care. Now packed hurriedly and wrote a very it was different. Here he was — bebrief, very penitent note which she wildered, losing his job, and in love, entrusted to her hostess for delivery. and the only girl he had ever really While the motor waited, she crossed cared for thought he was just funny! the street to bid the Robinson girls Mr. Pinkham sat down on the top good-bye.

Mr. Edward Withers Pinkham re does — please don't! I can't stand it. covered enough from his bewilderment Of course I know you don't care for me to put on his hat and start mechanically, and I have n't any chance — I'll try for the Parkhurst house.

to be brave about it — only please

goy Mer. Fenomenat aus

brella. How did he get it? It was standing in Natalie Graham's room in Portland. Were there twin black silk umbrellas half a century old with ivory handles — grapes — cupids? The

jumping up and grasping her hand.

‘Don't you think, Eddie— 'there was an unusual gentleness in the girl's voice — 'that the front steps is a poor place to discuss — umbrellas!'

cupids? The voice — that gentler

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For the pale evening primrose
Dew-cinctured, and far
Out-wandered in dreaming
As evening's star.

And when they 've been spinning
A time and a half,
They stay their bright spindles
And lean back to laugh.

Such laughter I've never
Heard here upon earth.
From its majors and minors
Ten brooks came to birth.

Then, stinting their chorus,
Accordant they sing:
‘Our Lord made earth lovely,
Yea, every live thing.

And we that love beauty,
On us He has laid
His touch of desire
To make as He made.

Thus, though we know soothly
Save Him, there is none
Who makes, we sit spinning
Our fancies and fun.

Thereon He sends laughter:
For straightway we find
Our silly small makings
Were dust from His mind.

So for love we cease whirling
Our spindles of gold,
And, adoring, we worship
What has been of old,

And Him that did make it
But merrily we
Again shall sit spinning
Around our green tree.'

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MIDDLE AGE stood before the counter at the pipe counter. With entire of the College Drug Store and examin- accustomedness he stepped behind the ed with reflective eye the display of counter and slipped a package or two college insignia ingeniously wrought on of cigarettes into his pocket. In banner, pipe, and shield. The panoply leisurely circuit of the store, he acand regalia of youth, the splendid use- quired a bag of salted nuts, a box of lessness of most of the articles, the matches, and a few other necessities tragic solemnity of it all, filled him of the moment. Then he lounged to a with longing for a time when these, stool at the soda fountain. The clerk, and not an impaired digestion and shat- anticipating that this would be his last tered nerves, were the realities of life. stop, stood, awaiting the inevitable

The early twilight of a winter after- order. “The usual' was all the descripnoon had fallen on the quiet college tion necessary, and forthwith he was town. Groups of students passed the supplied with an amazing combination glare of the windows, boyish laughter of fruits and sirups and ices of which and youthful jest marked the close of he disposed slowly and silently. This the day during which countless paren- done, a fresh cigarette was lighted and, tal hearts had followed these boys, in stopping only to view with appraising imagination, to and from the classroom eye the feminine beauty and pulchriand shared with them their work and tude in an advertisement of the picture play. This winter day counted among at the local movie-house, he nodded a its most blessed memories the thousand farewell. He turned a moment at the and one self-denials and personal door to murmur, ‘Charge Ferguson,' sacrifices of a thousand parents, that and disappeared. The clerk made some these loitering feet might continue to entries in a dog-eared book and turned tread the streets of this little college to other duties. town and that these boyish voices Middle Age watched with a curious might continue to fill the twilight air sense of humility the slender figure of with laughter and song.

the boy as it melted into the darkness The door opened and in a whirl of of the street. Surely he never handled snow a young man entered. He was himself in that way. He felt a little only a boy, but he came as a monarch as if a splendid pageant had passed; might enter the home of a humble he recognized that feeling of reaction subject. As he shook the light snow that comes when the last glittering from his capless head and from the wagon has gone by in the circus collar of his leather jacket, he smiled a parade, or when the last soldier has casual greeting to the clerk behind the hurried along trying to march in step counter and glanced with pleasing to a distant band. He stood silent and frankness, but without a ray of interest, for the moment depressed and then he at the unfamiliar middle-aged figure knew what the feeling was and whence

d from the parade; along tryin He stood sil then he

it came. He recalled a coronation whole matter is now lost to him in the procession in a European capital. intricate and pressing life about him, That was all. He knew now what had and Middle Age has become, no doubt, happened. Royalty had passed. The a blurred and indistinct figure in the youthful king, the hope of his nation, crowded canvas of undergraduate life. had shown himself to his subjects, and Not so Ferguson -- he stands out as was even now immersed in the duties clear as a cameo in the mind of his of the court. Yes, the young king had inquiring friend. It is this unforgetpassed and for a moment the dull eyes table figure, this graceful, ardent, inof Middle Age failed to recognize him. telligent, but often mistaken and hence

As Middle Age walked with cautious much criticized, Heir of the Ages that step over the ice and snow, he pondered I shall attempt to sketch. It is wise on what he had seen. What of this and right that we should be interested gallant young king, what manner of in him; he will soon inherit his kingdom man was he, what of his court? To and we shall all soon be under his sway. what advisers would he lend his ear? It is meet that we be concerned about How would his kingdom prosper? How him, and proper that we should see if sure is the vision of those fearless the kind of example and instruction eyes? As he tapped the frozen ground we have given him are the best we with his walking-stick he found his have to offer. ears ringing with that cryptic phrase, In the first place, Ferguson is no 'Charge Ferguson.' How simple it all mean and unattractive figure from the was! Those magic words had placed eugenic standpoint. He is better made, at youth's behest the entire glittering better built, better put together, and pharmacy. But who was Ferguson? carries himself better than the youth The unseen elder Ferguson who acted of past generations. Middle Age as royal treasurer and met these drafts bungled through hours of gymnasium on the royal exchequer? Middle Age exercise under the watchful eye of a wondered if the royal moneys were skilled and kindly trainer. He dressed being wisely expended.

and bathed with Ferguson. He watched These questions could be answered him do his work, he saw him lounging only by acquaintance with Ferguson, in the dressing-rooms, and he cheered and to this task Middle Age devoted him in the heat of passionate striving himself for many weeks. The Royal for victory. He saw him win and, what Personage was not difficult of ap- is better, saw him lose like a gentle

disarming self-assurance with which he purchased his cigarettes. He looked into the eyes of Middle Age and alleged

its embarrassments to Middle Age to stand with a dozen Fergusons in shameless nudity and discuss a book,

ness. He treated the whole episode of singularly out of place, for you are a this strange acquaintance without con- rapidly decaying mortal and you find cern and without interest, but from yourself standing with the young gods beginning to end with faultless and on the slopes of Olympus. No, dear unfailing courtesy. If he did not seem friend, so anxious about the physical abashed by the evident interest of degeneration of the race, you need not his new friend, he certainly did not worry. Ferguson will carry on. swagger. He never posed, he never So much for the body. How about evaded, he never condescended. The the head? Ferguson prefers to call

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