Mr. Mirop quits the service of Mr. Garrick

Goes to Ireland, and articles with Barry and Woodward Leaves them, and opens the theatre of Smock Alley His ill fortune -- Comes back to England - Goes abroad with a friend - Returns to London Offers his feryice to the managers of Covent garden - Dies.

P. 229


[blocks in formation]

Mr. Barry visits London - He afts at the Opera

house, and at Mr. Foote's theatre, with Mrs. Dancer - His and Mrs. Dancer's engagement at Drury lane - They quit that theatre, and are bired by the managers of Covent-garden Mr. Barry affięted with the gout and other disorders

Dies - His charaEter.

P. 232

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Foote and Mr. Garrick Foote's envy and

malevolence to Garrick The latter praises the former, who constantly rails at and abuses the


latter - His design of exposing him in a mock procession -- Dropt - Resumes bis intention of bringing him on the stage --- Reasons for it Farther particulars relating to Mr. Garrick and Mr. Foote - Foote's verses on Humour, &c.


P. 250


Mr. Cumberland A prolific writer -- Banishment of Cicero - Brothers Attacks the writers of

· the age in his prologue - Not so original as he pretends to be --- Instances of his borrowing from others -West-Indian, his best play, commended - Major Q Flarty - Fashionable Lovers -

. Colin a bad Scotchman - Druid. - A play from novels -- Timon of Athens - No improvement

of the original - Choleric Man --- Supported by the acting

- Mr. Cumberland's dread of the critics Attacks writers in the news-papers, in bopes of silencing them-His opinion of bimself -Goldsmith's verses on bim.

P. 269

CH A P. L.

Death of Mr. Lacy -- Mr. Garrick sole manager

- Affliated

- Affliated with chronical disorders -- AlonzoBraganza Bon Ton - The Runaway - Ob- . fervations on them, and the representation of tbem, &c.

P. 285


The players unprotected, and persecuted Their

charafters more respectable than generally supposed Their loyalty -- Negle&t of their owil interest - Distress of decayed ectors - Mr. Hull's address to the players ---The foundation of a theatrical fund Which was first established at Covent-garden -- Mr. Gorrick the great promoter of the fund at Drury-lane --- His earnefiness to support it -- Hdvises an a£t of parlia

. ment for its security - His donation to it by will, E3c,

P. 306


Improvements in the entrance to Drury-lane theatre,

and ornaments over it Mr. Garrick resolves to part with his share of the patent -- Various reasons aligned for it - Afts feveral of his


principal principal characters Takes his final leare of the stage His address to the audience. P. 323


Mr. Garrick retired from the theatre - Attentive to what passes on Drury-lane stage His advice

followed Attends the rehearsal of Miss More's tragedy of Percy Writes the prologue and epilogue to it - Offends Mademoiselle D'Eon Reasons for his not being intimate with that perfon - The Fatal Fallhood Miss loung

2 Unexpe&ted bonours paid to Mr. Garrick in the House of Commons -- Inftruets a young actor in a very difficult part - Is taken ill at a nobleman's seat Returns to town, seemingly recovered

- Relapses Attended by several physicians His calm refignation -- Dies --- Magnificently buried.

P. 330

[blocks in formation]

View of Mr. Garrick's general charoller --- Cannot

be compared with Burbage, Allen, Hart, Mokun, Eri - Superior to Wilks, Booth, and Cibber

- More

- More boncured than any English or foreign aktors - Moliere and Baron-- Anecdotes of them -Mr. Garrick compared with Roscius.-- His pre-eminenceHonours paid to Mr. Garrick not confined to his native country -- Mr. Neckar, Mr. De St. Foix, and the duke of Nivernois Mr. Garrick's learning - Improvements from his constant visitors - His conversation - Contrasted with that of Foote The services which he did to others -- Mr. Beighton's character - Mr. Gerrick considered as an autbor His faults Splendid manner of living His humanity, benevolence, and charity.


P. 351

A P P E N D I X.

Testimonies of Mr. Garrick's genius and merits

Page 397



List of Mr. Garrick's dramatic works
List of chara&ters acted by Mr. Garrick
Order of Mr. Garrick's funeral
Mr. Garrick's will




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