[blocks in formation]

Thomson Anecdote of Thomson -- Tragedy of Mustapha - Mallet appointed to write the life of the duke of Marlborough with Mr. GloverAlfred The publisher of Bolingbroke's works Behaviour to a printer Stratagem taget Elvira aeted -- Success of it - Mallet's religious

principles - A remarkable story - Death.

P. 27


Reflections on the ill success of Drury-lane theatre in 1763 -- Mr. Garrick sets cut for Italy

. Causes of his journey.

P. 61


State of the stage during Mr. Garrick's absence on

bis tour to the continent --- Mr. Powell, a young actor, favoured by Mr. Lacy and Mr. Colman-Greatly applauded and followed His fondness for the profession of acting Consequence of a dispute between him and a low comedian - His merit rewarded.

P. 67

CHA P. XXXV. Mr. Garrick's entertainment in France and Italy


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The baths of Padua serviceable to Mrs. Garrick - The duke of Parma invites Mr. Garrick to give him some proof of his theatrical talents His friendly contest with La Clairon - Surprising effect of his skill in dumb exhibition · His partiality to La Clairon His opinion of foreign stages.



State of the stage during Mr. Garrick's absence

continued His advice pursued Several m14f1cal pieces

Royal Shepherd, Almena, Pharnaces - Platonic Wife unexpectedly saved from the fury of the critics -- Folly of two young actors

Powell and Holland charaEterized. P. 86

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Garrick's return to England - The Sick Mon

key Address to the public in a bumourous prologue Public opinion of his improvement in acting -- Fortune of several new play's Plain Dealer, Clandestine Marriage, Falstaff's Wed

P. 95

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ding, &e.

[blocks in formation]

CON T E N T s.

Τ Ε Τ S.


Death of Mrs. Cibber - Of Mr. Quin - Some

particular transactions of their lives. P. 106

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Garrick’s Country Girl Unhappy in the

subject, and choice of the actress His Cymon and Christmas Tele - Earl of Warwick --- Mrs. Yates's Margaret of Anjoul

Dido - Widow'd Wife Zenobia.

P. 121

[blocks in formation]

Hugh Kelly An author who writes against the

players - Supposed the first English writer of sentimental comedy-His False Delicacy --Word to the Wise - Clementina, and School for Lovers - His death.

P. 133

[blocks in formation]

Dr. Goldsmith -- Sollicits Mr. Garrick for bis vote

and interest - Offers him the play of the GoodNatured Man -Their contest about it -- Some farther account of the doctor -- His envy, malice,

absurdity, absurdity, good-nature, generosity, and benevolence - Dies.

P. 142

[blocks in formation]

The Padlock - Mr. Dibdin - Mungo -- Mrs.

Arne - The Hypocrite, taken from Cibber's Non-Juror - French manners and Englis Maria and Charlotte Mrs. Abington --- Her various talents in acting Her accomplishments, and behaviour in private life. P. 165


Mrs. Pritchard retires from the stage - Reason for it aligned Account of her introduction to and progress in the theatre Her fingular talents in ačting Object of the public care-Her

—Her death - Mrs. Clive leaves the theatre - Her interview with Mr. Garrick on the occasionHer stage abilities described at large -- Her love of tragedy, &c.

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P. 175


[blocks in formation]

Mr. Havard leaves the fage -- His respectable

chara&ter -- Employed by Mr. Giffard His Scanderberg Charles the First Sore observations on that tragedy Enquiry into the reafons of contempt thrown on player authors Mr. Gray censured Mr. Havard engaged to Fleetwood His Regulus Employed by Mr. Garrick - His death.

P. 195


The Jubilee at Stratford, in honour of Shakespeare

- The fate of a clergyman wbo cut down ShakeSpeare's mulberry-tree The use made of it Various entertainments at the Jubilee Account of the company The Ode

Remarks upon it A gentleman turns the whole festival into ri. dicule A Macaroni pleads the cause of infenfibility against Shakespeare - Answer to him by the steward - Strange stupidity of the inhabitants of Stratford - Harmony between Mr. Garrick's. generosity and æconomy.

P. 213

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