The great experiment

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340. oldal - A work which every owner of a horse will do well to consult." — Morning Herald. " Every man who is about purchasing a horse, whether it be hunter, riding horse, lady's palfrey, or cart horse, will do well to make himself acquainted with the contents of this book.
340. oldal - The Hunting Field," &c. "This work will make a valuable and interesting addition to the sportsman's library." — Bell's Life. "In addition to the immense mass of practical and useful information with which this work abounds, there is a refreshing buoyancy and dash about the style, which makes it as attractive and fascinating as the pages of the renowned Nimrod himself — Dispatch.
339. oldal - In 1 Vol., demy 8vo., price 12s. THE SPORTSMAN'S FRIEND IN A FROST, BY HARRY HIEOVER. " Harry Hieover's practical knowledge and long experience in field sports render his writings ever amusing and instructive. He relates most pleasing anecdotes of flood and field, and is well worthy of study.
328. oldal - Luke to say of them that they "spend their time in nothing else but either to tell or to hear some new thing.
337. oldal - In 2 vols., price 21s. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF A DRAMATIC AUTHOR'S LIFE, BY EDWARD FITZBALL, Esq. "We scarcely remember any biography so replete with anecdotes of the most agreeable description. Everybody in the theatrical world, and a great many out of it, figure in this admirable biography,
343. oldal - A peculiar subject ; but a subject of great interest ; and in this volume is treated in a masterly style. The language is surpassingly good, showing the author to be a learned and a thoughtful man.
342. oldal - We may, with perfect truth, affirm that during the last fifty years, there has been no book of such peculiar interest to the literary and political world. It has contributions from every person of literary reputation — Byron, Sir E. Bulwer, who contributes an original Poem, James, D'Israeli, Marryatt, Savage Landor, Campbell, LEL, the Smiths, Shelley, Jenkyn, Sir W.
341. oldal - ... riders exclusively, but owners, breeders, buyers, sellers, and admirers of horses. To teach Such men how to make money is to impart no valueless instruction to a large class of mankind. The advice is frankly given, and if no benefit result, it will not be for the want of good counsel.
342. oldal - In 2 vols. post 8vo., price 21s. NAPLES, POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND RELIGIOUS. BY LORD B«»»*» "The pictures are as lively and bright as the colours and climate they reflect." — Spectator. "It is a rapid, clear historical sketch.
342. oldal - A complete life of Shelley was a desideratum in literature, and there was no man so competent as Captain Medwin to supply it." — Inquirer. "The book is sure of exciting much discussion.

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