American Biography, 163. kiadás

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Harper and bros., 1846

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317. oldal - A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art : Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge ; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use. Edited by WT BRANDE, FRSL and E.
159. oldal - ... in the infancy of plantation, justice should be administered with more lenity than in a settled state, because people were then more apt to transgress, partly of ignorance of new laws and orders, partly through oppression of business and other straits...
213. oldal - Point, situate upon the bay aforesaid, near the river Wighco, on the west, unto the main ocean on the east ; and between that boundary on the south, unto that part of the Bay of Delaware on the north, which lieth under the fortieth degree of north latitude...
95. oldal - ... that as we had ever professed friendship, so we should now maintain the same, by observing this their laudable custom ; and the rather, because we desired to have some conference with the Dutch, not knowing when we should have so fit an opportunity.
175. oldal - The best part of a community is always the least, and of that best part, the wiser is always the lesser ; wherefore the old law was, choose ye out judges, &,c., and thou shalt bring the matter to the judge.
99. oldal - ... desired to speak with me. When I came to him, and they told him of it, he put forth his hand to me, which I took: then he said twice, though very inwardly, Keen Winsnaw, which is to say, Art thou Winslow? I answered, ahhe, that is, Yes. Then he doubled these words: Malta neen wonckanet namen Winsnow: that is to say, O Winslow, I shall never see thee again.

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