[377]; an accidental collision between
the troops and the people leads to great
disturbances at Berlin, [378]; rapid
succession of administrations, [381];
meeting of the United Diet to deter-
mine a new electoral law, [382]; ques-
tion of direct or indirect election to
the vor-parlament, [386]; opening of
the National Assembly, [387]; con-
tinued disturbed state of Berlin, the
mob seize and plunder the arsenal,
[388]; the Auerswald Cabinet, [389];
proclamation of General Wrangel,
[390]; continued disturbances at Ber-
lin, the King appoints the Count von
Brandenburgh President of the Coun-
cil, who at once prorogues the Con-
stituent Assembly, and directs it to
re-assemble at Brandenburgh, [391];
great tumult in the Assembly, inter-
ference of the military, the Burgher
Guard disarmed, [392]; the Assembly
resolve that the Brandenburgh Ministry
is not authorized to levy taxes, the
firmness of Count Brandenburgh pre-
vails, [394]; the National Assembly
at Frankfort vote the proceedings of
the Prussian Assembly void, pro-
clamation of the Regent, [394]; the
Assembly dissolved, [394]
counts: i. Public Income, 290; ii.
Public Expenditure, 292; iii. Dispo-
sition of Grants, 293; iv. Unfunded
Debt, 302; v. Public Funded Debt,
304; vi. Trade and Navigation, 306.—
Table of Statutes 11 and 12 Vict.,
Public General Acts, 309; Local and
Personal Acts declared public, 314;
Private Acts, printed, 321; Private
Acts, not printed, 323; Prices of
Stock in each month, highest and
lowest, 324; average prices of Corn,
Hay, Straw, and Clover; Butcher's
Meat, 325; Summary of the Tables
of Mortality; Marriages, Births, and
Deaths, 1838 to 1848; Table of Bank-
rupts; Meteorological Table, 326;
University Honours: Oxford, 327;
Cambridge, 329

QUEEN, The Birth of a Princess, 39;
christening of the Princess Louisa, 68;
prorogues the Parliament in person,
118; Her Majesty and the Royal
Family go to Scotland and spend the
autumn at Balmoral, 118; her Ma-
jesty's private theatre, 169

Railways-publication of the accounts of


the North-Western, Great Western, and
South Western Railways, 138
Railway Accidents at the Euston-square
station, London and North-Western
Railway, 8; at Frimley, South-Western
Railway, 12; at the Shrivenham sta-
tion, Great-Western Railway, seven
persons killed, 64; trial of Weybury,
the porter, for negligence, 89; collision
on the North-Western Railway, 107;
collision on the Preston and Lancaster
Railway, 109; dreadful accidents near
the Newton Road station, London and
North-Western Railway, 117; on the
Bristol and Birmingham Railway, 120;
on the York and Newcastle Railway,
several lives lost, 138; on the Richmond
Railway, 151
Robberies of 2000 sovereigns from the
Great-Western Railway, 9; of gold-
dust, value 70007., 35; of Mr. and Dr.
Bowring, 38; another great robbery of
sovereigns from the Great Western
Railway, 119; supposed robbery of
the jewels of the ex-King of the
French, 165

Royal Academy, the exhibition of the, 61
RUSSIA Peaceful and firm attitude
maintained by the Emperor, [371];
able exposition of its policy addressed
to his diplomatic agents in Germany,


SARDINIA-The King promulgates a new
constitution, [317]. See LOMBARDY.
events which led to the quarrel be-
tween Denmark and the Duchies,
[340]; deputation sent to Copenhagen,
the King's reply, the insurrection breaks
out at Kiel, [344]; strong feeling of
the Danes against the separation, [345];
the Holsteiners wish to form part of the
German Confederation, the King of
Prussia and the Confederation march
an army into the Duchies, [346]; pro-
test of the Danish Ambassador at
Frankfort, [347]; battle between the
Danes and Germans, gallant resistance
of the former, [348]; the Danes block-
ade the German ports and seize all
German vessels, [348]; remonstrance
of the Swedes and Russians against the
German interference, [349]; an armis-
tice concluded at Malmö, [351]; the
King of Denmark's address to the Diet,
[352]. See DENMARK.
Sea-serpent, seen by Capt. M'Quhae,
H.M.S. Dadalus, and controversy
thereon, 133

SHERIFFS, list of, for the year 1848, 174
Shipwrecks-collision of the Aram and
Susquehanna, 16; of the Phanix, 19;
the Benares steamer destroyed by fire,
40; of the Waratah and West Point,
46; of the emigrant ship Omega and
Barbara, nearly 250 lives lost, 54; of
the Nabob and Philomela, 58; of the
Ariel screw steamer, 74; of the emi-
grant ship Commerce, great loss of life,
84; destruction of the Ocean Monarch
by fire, loss of 178 lives, 110; collisions
of the St. Lawrence and Cosmopolitan,
the Prince of Wales and the Jane,
115; loss of two emigrant ships, the
Burgundy and Atlantic, 150; of the
Rosanna and Braams, 168
SPAIN-The Spanish Ministry recon-
structed, General Narvaez President of
the Council, [309]; the marriage of
the Queen Mother announced, [310];
Señor Salamanca impeached, his de-
fence, 310; Espartero arrives at Madrid,
[311]; rupture between the British and
Spanish Government, abrupt dismissal
of Mr. Bulwer from Madrid, [312];
military disturbance at Madrid sup-
pressed, [314]; Carlist insurrection,
headed by Cabrera, [315]

ceedings at Limerick, 331; Ennis, 343;
Clonmel 354. See STATE TRIALS.
STATE TRIALS-Court of Queen's Bench,
Dublin, the Queen v. William Smith
O'Brien, 364; the Queen v. T. F.
Meagher, 373. Commission Court,
Dublin, The Queen v. John Mitchell,
373; the Queen v. Kevin Izod O'Do-
herty, 385; the Queen v. John Martin,
385. Special Commission, Clonmel,
Trial of William Smith O'Brien for
high treason, 389; trial of Thomas
Bellew M Manus for high treason,


State Trials-continued.

trial of Thomas Francis Meagher for
high treason, 451

STOCKS, table of the prices of, in each
month, highest and lowest, 324
Stowe the sale at, 125

SUICIDES of a man and wife in Cleve-
land-street, 4; of Sir Henry Mildmay,
12; of "Tom" Steele, 56; of Mr.
Redhead Yorke, M. P., 67; of Viscount
Midleton, 145; of a clergyman in Not-
tingham Castle, 148; of Mrs. Twy-
nam, 168

TRIALS, LAW CASES, &c.-The Special
Commission, Ireland-Proceedings at
Limerick, 331; at Ennis, 343; at
Clonmel, 354. See STATE TRIALS,

UNITED STATES-Termination of the
Mexican war; extraordinary discovery
of gold in California, [437]; contest
for the Presidency, election of General
Taylor, [439]; President Polk's Annual
Message to Congress, general review of
the condition of the U.S., [439]; the
treaty of Mexico; the army and navy,
[440]; territorial acquisitions, [442];
the gold-mines in California, [444];
the slavery question, [446]; Mexican
debt, [448]; finances, [449]; American
System, [452]; presidential veto, [454]
Cambridge, 329

Vernon Gallery of Pictures, Munificent
gift of, to the nation, by Robert Ver-
non, esq., 134

Vienna, insurrection at, and murder of
Count Latour, 130. See AUSTRIA.

G. Woodfall and Son, Printers, Angel Court, Skinner Street, London.

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