Harvard Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature, 9. kötet

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Harvard University Press, 1903

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175. oldal - Per me si va nella città dolente; per me si va nell' eterno dolore; per me si va tra la perduta gente.
189. oldal - Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky. Deep in the frozen regions of the north, A goddess violated brought thee forth, Immortal Liberty, whose look sublime Hath bleach'd the tyrant's cheek in every varying clime.
9. oldal - It could be likened unto the confusion of tongues at the building of the Tower of Babel.
66. oldal - Extensive influence of poetic Genius over the remotest and most uncivilized nations : its connection with liberty, and the virtues that naturally attend on it. [See the Erse, Norwegian, and Welch Fragments, the Lapland and American songs.] § " Extra anni solisque vias - " Virgil. " Tutta lontana dal camin del sole.
64. oldal - I am deceived, if in this Sonnet, and a following Ode of Scallogrim 6 (which was likewise made by him after he was condemned to die, and deserved his pardon for a Reward) there be not a vein truly Poetical, and in its kind Pindarick, taking it with the allowance of the different Climats, Fashions, Opinions, and Languages of such distant Countries.
218. oldal - A Letter from Germany to the Princess Royal of England, on the English and German Languages. With a Table of the different Northern Languages, and of different periods of the German.
83. oldal - Trondhiem's heath; I saw her sons to battle move ; Though few, upon that field of death, Long, long, our desperate warriors strove. Young from my king in battle slain I parted on that bloody plain. With golden ring in Russia's land To me the virgin plights her hand.
201. oldal - The Scythian and Hyperborean doctrines and mythology may also be traced in every part of these eastern regions; nor can we doubt, that Wod or Oden, whose religion, as the northern historians admit, was introduced into Scandinavia by a foreign race, was the same with Buddha, whose rites were probably imported into India nearly at the same time, though received much later by the Chinese, who soften his name into FO.
11. oldal - Oxford. They were lost for a time, and he tells (p. 151) how they were recovered. The circumstances, he says, are " thus humorously narrated in a letter from Dr. (afterwards Bishop) Tanner, dated All Souls College, Aug. 10, 1697, and addressed to Dr. Charlett [printed in Nichols's Anecdotes, IV, 146]: 'Mr. Thwaites and John Hall took the courage last week to go to Dr. Hyde about Junius...
10. oldal - State, to Leipsic, in order to get acquaintance with the High Dutch and other Septentrional languages." In 1680 he "published an account of the state of the kingdoms of Poland, Denmark, and Norway, as also of Iceland, in the first volume of the English Atlas." In 1705 he wrote to Humphrey Wanley : " Next to what concerns the preservation of our Established Religion and Government, peace here and salvation hereafter, I know nothing that hath greater share in my thoughts and desires than the promotion...

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