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58. oldal - Bidassoa, battles of the Nivelle and Nive, and the investment of Bayonne. Served afterwards in the American war, and was present at the battle of Bladensburg and capture of Washington, where he was severely wounded.
181. oldal - Burgos; and the battles of Busaco, Fuentes d'Onor, and Salamanca. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
58. oldal - I am to acquaint you, that his royal highness the prince regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, to approve and confirm the finding -and sentence of the court.
229. oldal - Waterloo, at which he was slightly wounded. 3 Captain Chapman served in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, with the Rifle Brigade. 4 Lord Mount Edgcumbe served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
199. oldal - ... siege and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and storm of Badajoz, retreat from Burgos, advance of the army and crossing the Ebro, battle of Vittoria, as Brigade- Major; siege and storm of San Sebastian, 15th July to9th Sept.
198. oldal - Commanding Engineer with Sir Arthur Wellesley in the expedition to Portugal, and was severely wounded at Roleia. Served also in the Peninsula from 1812 to the end of the Avar; was Commanding Engineer at the passage of the Adour, blockade of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie.
151. oldal - Vittoria they captured the Baton of Marshal Jourdan. At the Nivelle he was again severely wounded. Commanded the Land Force at Canton — for which he was made a GCB — and during nearly the whole of the operations in China — for which service he was created a Baronet. On the...
229. oldal - Vittoria, and various minor affairs. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
180. oldal - Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, at which last he was slightly wounded.
178. oldal - Adour. 49 Colonel Hunt served in Ireland during the rebellion in 1798; at Cadiz from Feb. 1810 to Feb. 1812 ; in Belgium and France from 1814 to 1818, including the operations against the enemy in connection with the battle of Waterloo.

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