Bird-lore, 16. kötet

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Macmillan Company, 1914

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127. oldal - Look on this beautiful world, and read the truth In her fair page ; see, every season brings New change, to her, of everlasting youth ; Still the green soil, with joyous living things, Swarms, the wide air is full of joyous wings, And myriads, still, are happy in the sleep Of ocean's azure gulfs, and where he flings The restless surge.
462. oldal - MAPLE LEAVES. OCTOBER turned my maple's leaves to gold ; The most are gone now ; here and there one lingers : Soon these will slip from out the twigs' weak hold, Like coins between a dying miser's fingers.
79. oldal - Sit, worthy friends : — my lord is often thus, And hath been from his youth : pray you, keep seat ; The fit is momentary ; upon a...
459. oldal - So thought he ; and addressed the king : " O king, they that have too much tongue, that set no limit to their speaking, ever come to such misfortune as this " ; and he uttered the following verses : The Tortoise needs must speak aloud, Although between his teeth A stick he bit: yet, spite of it, He spoke — and fell beneath. And now, 0 mighty master, mark it well. See thou speak wisely, see thou speak in season. To death the Tortoise fell: He talked too much: that was the reason.
84. oldal - The book is practical as well as descriptive, and in the opening chapters the questions of camera, lens, plates, blinds, decoys, and other pertinent matters are fully discussed.
209. oldal - White-throated Sparrow. Tree Sparrow. Chipping Sparrow. Field Sparrow. Slate-colored Junco. Song Sparrow. Swamp Sparrow. Fox Sparrow. Towhee.
1. oldal - ... meadowlark, field sparrow, vesper, and song sparrows pipe often and openly, and from May to October their notes are almost constantly in the air. But the forest birds are more reluctant singers, and their rare notes are all mystery, romance, and reclusive shyness. The field sparrow will sit on a dock stalk and sing, looking you in the eyes; the veery will quietly fade away when your presence is discovered. So it is, even to a more marked degree, in the Tropics. In the open pastures and on the...
246. oldal - I returned to the shore the old grebe swam toward it, changing her alarm note of keck, keck to a softer cup, cup, as though calling to it. Swimming beyond it, she turned her tail toward it and slightly raised her wings. This was the signal for the young one to crawl upon her back, which it repeatedly attempted to do until its mother, disgusted with such clumsiness, clapped her wing on its neck and started off at a great rate for the other end of the pond. When far enough away she checked her speed...
322. oldal - The court is unable to find any provision in the Constitution authorizing Congress, either expressly or by necessary implication, to protect or regulate the shooting of migratory wild game when in a state, and is therefore forced to the conclusion that the act is unconstitutional.
1. oldal - ... combination of all these, makes one feel as if he had been caught with his soul naked in his hands, when, in the midst of his subdued and chastened revery, this spirit-voice takes the words from his tongue and expresses so perfectly all the mystery, romance, and tragedy that the struggling, parasite - ridden forest diffuses through its damp shade.

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