'What's in a name?' A popular explanation of ordinary Christian-names of men and women

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5. oldal - ENGLISHMAN. The Third Edition, with Illustrations from Sketches taken on the spot, and Chapters respecting — Scutari and its Hospitals.
2. oldal - Prescott's Works in point of style rank with the ablest English historians, and paragraphs may be found in which the grace and elegance of Addison are combined with Robertson's cadence and Gibson's brilliancy.
65. oldal - And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Levi.
3. oldal - Special Correspondent." Being a Revised Edition of "The War," with additions and corrections. Illustrated with Plans of the Battles, Woodcuts, and Steel Portrait of Author.
6. oldal - Homer is not more decidedly the first of heroic poets, Shakespeare is not more decidedly the first of dramatists, Demosthenes is not more decidedly the first of orators, than Boswell is the first of biographers. He has no second. He has distanced all his competitors so decidedly that it is not worth while to place them. Eclipse is first, and the rest nowhere.
9. oldal - ... and all manly struggle ; and where, in their more tragic portraitures, they depict the dread images of guilt and woe, they so clear our judgment by profound analysis, •while they move our hearts by terror or compassion, that we learn to detect and stifle in ourselves the evil thought which we see gradually unfolding itself into the guilty deed.
30. oldal - The Planetary and Stellar Worlds: A Popular Exposition of the Great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy.
5. oldal - Including their Church and State, the Re-organization of the Inquisition, the Rise, Progress, and Consolidation of the Jesuits, and the means taken to effect the Counter-reformation in Germany, to revive Romanism in France, and to suppress Protestant Principles in the South of Europe.
14. oldal - Unless another master-hand like Carleton's should appear, it is in his pages, and his alone, that future generations must look for the truest and fullest picture of the Irish peasantry, who will ere long have passed away from the troubled land, and from the records of history."— Edinburgh Review, Oct.
3. oldal - BANCROFT'S HISTORY OF AMERICA. Vols. 3,4, and 5, with Index. Continuing the History from its Colonization, and completing a period in the History of the American Revolution. This cheap edition of Mr. Bancroft's standard Work is now complete as far...

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