The International exhibition. The industry, science, & art of the age: or, The International exhibition of 1862 popularly described

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11. oldal - twere by a wizard's rod A blazing arch of lucid glass Leaps like a fountain from the grass To meet the sun ! A quiet green but few days since, With cattle browsing in the shade : And here are lines of bright arcade In order raised ! A palace as for fairy Prince, A rare pavilion, such as man Saw never since mankind began, And built and glazed...
62. oldal - The world-compelling plan was thine, And, lo ! the long laborious miles Of palace; lo! the giant aisles, Rich in model and design; Harvest-tool and husbandry, Loom and wheel and engin'ry.
63. oldal - West and East, And shapes and hues of Art divine ! All of beauty, all of use, That one fair planet can produce, Brought from under every star, Blown from over every main, And mixt, as life is mixt with pain, The works of peace with works of war.
5. oldal - It was considered that, whilst it appears an error to fix any limitation to the productions of machinery, science, and taste, which are of no country, but belong, as a whole, to the civilized world, particular advantage to British industry might be derived from placing it in fair competition with that of other nations.

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