An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Ancient and Modern, 3. kötet

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395. oldal - She asks a third question at him, and casts the last three feathers at him, charging him to his place, and he disappears. The Major-General and his lady being above stairs, though not knowing what was aworking, were...
220. oldal - I found the aged of strict morals, The historians recording truth ; Each good, each benefit that I have sung, In Ireland I have seen.
481. oldal - ... which this shall be your warrant; and so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at Whitehall, llth day of November, 1684. " By his Majesty's command, SUNDERLAND.
394. oldal - ... goes down to a laich cellar, takes the Bible with her, and draws a circle about ' her, and turns a ridle on end twice from south to north, or from the right to the left hand, ' having in her hand nine feathers which she pulled out of the tail of a black cock ; and having ' read the 51st (psalm ?) forward, she reads backward, chapter ix. verse 19 of the Book of the Re...
320. oldal - Prayer ; and the many illiterate persms performed, at all the canonical hours of prayer, regular devotions, corresponding to those of the Psalter recited by the clergy and many others. When the number of Our Fathers was told by studs fastened on the belts which people then wore, these prayers were reckoned by so many belts. See the council of Cealchyth in 816. (Cone. t. 7, p. 1489.) The onlinary use of the angelical salutation in this manner was not so ancient.
395. oldal - ... of the feathers at him, charging him to his place again ; then he disappears. He seemed to her to rise out of the earth to the middle of his body. She reads the same verse backward the second time, and he appears the second time, rising out of the ground, with one leg above the ground ; she asks him a second question, and she casts other three feathers at him, charging him to his place ; he again disappears. She reads again the third time the verse backward...
484. oldal - De resurrectione autem mortuorum non legistis, quod dictum est a Deo dicente vobis: Ego sum Deus Abraham et Deus Isaac et Deus lacob? Non est Deus mortuorum, sed viventium.
37. oldal - ... flying colours, arms, lighted matches, and their own baggage, by ten o'clock the day following. 2d. To avoid disorder, none to be admitted into the town, but such a guard as the general should send to one of the gates, to be delivered immediately, according to the custom of war. 3d. The garrison to be conducted by a squadron of horse, to the nearest garrison of the enemy. 4th. That nothing belonging to the protestants or other inhabitants be carried out of the town. 5th. That the governor deliver...
218. oldal - And a certain woman said to her, ' It will be long to thee indeed, for Breasal will never come back to his friends until the dead come back to their's'. Mor then died suddenly, and her name remained on the Rath ; unde Rath Mor dicitur. Breasal soon after returned to his house one evening, as is related in ' Breasal's Expedition

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