use of, in certain cases, for parish meetings or meetings of parish
council, 17, 22 n; for inquiries for parochial purposes by
Government Departments and local authorities, 17, 23 n; for
meetings to discuss questions as to allotments, 17, 22 n; for
meetings of candidates for district or parish council, 17, 23 n;
for elections, 206; for committees or officers appointed to
administer public funds, 18, 23 n; to be used only when no
suitable public room vested in parish council, &c., 17 n; no
charge to be made for use of, 17.

damage or expense in connection with use of, how to be defrayed, 24.
questions as to use of, how to be determined, 25.

reasonable time for use of, 20 n; reasonable notice to be given of
intention to use, 17; what is reasonable notice, 21 n.


See also "Regulations."

as to committees of parish and district councils, 228, 284.
as to elections of guardians, 124, 379, 504; of parish councillors, 14,
289; of urban district councillors, 129, 417; of rural district
councillors, 340; of metropolitan vestries, 454; to provide, for
nomination of candidates, 204; for preventing voting or nomi-
nating for more than one parish or ward, 204; as to fixing days
and hours of polls, 205; for polls being taken together in certain
cases, 205; for the appointment of returning officers, 205; may
provide for retention of present incidence of charge of expenses
of election of guardians, 208.

modifying enactments as to publication of notice of audit and of
abstract of accounts and auditors' report, 233.

as to parish councils, 17, 279-284.

as to parish meetings, 10, 275-278, 282-284.


See also "County District" and "Rural Sanitary District."

with less than five councillors- nomination by Local Government
Board of additional councillors, 132, 133; temporary adminis-
tration of affairs of, by council of adjoining district, 132; union
of, with neighbouring district, 167.

county council to provide by order-for whole district being in one
county, 166, 167; for whole parish being in the same rural
district, 167.

group of parishes to be in one, 174.

name of, change of, 225; publication and notification of change of,
225; change not to affect rights or obligations or legal proceed-
ings, 225.

part of rural sanitary district in each county to be separate, 132.
rural sanitary districts to be called, 126.


accounts of, and of committees and officers-making up and form
of, 230; audit of, 230–233; audit to be half-yearly, 231; in-
spection of, by parochial electors, 234.

appointment of parochial committee by, 105.

board-room and offices of guardians may be used by, 235.
chairman of, to be county justice, 127; disqualification for office of,
192; qualification of, provisions as to chairman of guardians
to apply to, 131,


clerk of parish council acting as parochial committee to have services
of, 110.

committees of, appointment and powers of, 226, 227; rules in
schedule to apply to, 228, 284; term of office of, 226.

consent of, required to stopping or diversion of public right of
way, 91.

to consist of chairman and councillors, 130.

councillors of. See "Rural District Councillors."

defaults of, complaints of parish council to county council as to,
105-107, 141, 242; complaints by parish meeting in small
parishes as to, 119.

delegation of powers to parish council by, 105; delegation to, of
powers of county council, 242.

duties of, as to protection of rights of way and roadside waste, 138;
duties of, on representation of parish council, as to unhealthy
dwellings or obstructive buildings, 38 n; as to allotments,
39 n; as to stopping or obstruction of public right of way or
encroachment on roadside waste, 141.

employment of, as agents of county council, 242.
expenses of, to be defrayed as expenses of rural sanitary authority
under Public Health Act, 1875, 146; highway expenses to be
defrayed as general expenses, 146; highway expenses may be
charged on contributory place, when, 149; highway expenses
defrayed out of income of property belonging to parish,
parish to be entitled to benefit, 150; provisions of Public
Health Act, 1875, as to general and special expenses, 146 n—
149 n; special expenses chargeable to contributory place may
be directed to be raised in like manner as general expenses,
149; expenses of county council in execution of powers of
defaulting authority, to be defrayed as expenses of, 241.
inability of, to act, powers of county council in case of, 236.
incorporation of, 133.

joint committee of parish council and, or of other district council
and, appointment, powers, and terms of office of, 228, 229; costs
of, how to be defrayed, 229.

loans raised by county council for purposes of executing powers of
council in default, to be repaid by, 241.

meetings of, application to, of certain provisions of Public Health
Act, 1875, 234; vacation of office for continuous absence from,
200; not to be held on licensed premises, 239; first meeting
of, by whom to be convened, 262; power of county council to
remove difficulties as to first, 262, 263.

name of, 133; doubt as to, to be determined by county council,
133; change of, 225; publication and notification of change,
225; change not to affect rights or obligations or legal pro-
ceedings, 225.

nomination of members of, by Local Government Board, when
consisting of less than five councillors, 132, 133.

notice to be given to, of resolution of county council transferring
powers of defaulting council, 240; notice to be given by, to
parish council of plans for sewerage and water supply, 108.
officers of authority whose powers transferred to, to become officers
of, 263.

to be parish council of parish co-extensive with their district, 168.


powers, &c., of-as to maintenance of rights of common, 138; as to
commons in their district, 138-142; as to highways, to have
powers of urban sanitary authority, 134; as to highways
repairable by parish or particular area, 268; as to highways
repairable ratione tenure, 135; as to licensing of knackers'
yards, 144, 145; transferred from justices out of session, 142—
144; transferred from highway authorities, 134; transferred
from rural sanitary authorities, 134; urban powers may be
conferred by general or special order of Local Government
Board, 136, 137; by whom applications for urban powers may
be made, 137.

proceedings of, application to, of provisions of Public Health Act,
1875, 234, 235.

for every rural sanitary district, 126.

seal of, 133.

to be successors of rural sanitary and highway authorities, 134.
transfer to--of certain powers of justices out of sessions, 142-144;

of powers of quarter sessions as to licensing knackers' yards,
144, 145; of property and liabilities consequent on transfer of
powers and duties, 243, 244; summary proceedings for deter-
mining questions as to transfer, 249.

transfer to county councils of powers of, as to rights of way, rights
of common and roadside waste, 141; in case of default, 106,
107; provisions applicable to such transfers, 240, 241.
vice-chairman of, appointment, term of office and powers of, 235.


acceptance of office by, 207.

to act as members of council of adjoining district, when affairs of
their district administered by that council, 132.

appointed day for coming into office of first elected, 269.

circular of Local Government Board to county councils as to,


disqualifications for office of, 192-201; of person disqualified for
office of guardian, 199; office to be declared vacant, 200;
penalty for acting during disqualification, 200.

to be elected by parishes and other areas electing guardians,


election of, appointed day for first, 269; areas for, to be areas
electing guardians, 130; division and union of parishes for
purposes of, 237; first election of, 258; provisions as to
election of guardians to apply to, 131; new election may be
ordered when council unable to act, 236; removal of difficulties
as to first, 262, 263. See also "Elections Regulated by
Rules," &c.

to be guardians for parish or other area, 131.

nomination by Local Government Board of, when less than five,
132. 133.

number of, for each parish or other area to be same as number of
guardians, 131; fixing or alteration of, 237; when union in
more than one county, 238; for new parishes created by Act,
258, 259.


qualification of, provisions as to qualification of guardians to apply
to, 131; person qualified to be guardian of union comprising
district qualified to be, 131.

re-eligibility of, on retirement, 207.

resignation of, 207.

retirement from office of, provisions as to retirement of guardians to
apply to, 131; powers of county council or joint committee to
regulate, 237, 238; elected at first elections under Act, 259.

term of office of, 131.

vacancies, casual, in office of, filling of, 207.

vacation of office of, by continuous absence from meetings, 200;
office to be declared vaeant, 200.


See also "Parish."

affairs of, may be discussed at parish meetings, 276.

alteration of boundary of, or division of, or union of with other
parish-notice of intention to make order for, to be given to
parish council or parish meeting, 170; right of council or
meeting to appear at inquiry, and to petition against confirma-
tion of order, 170.

churchwardens of. See "Churchwardens of Rural Parish."
constitution of parish meeting for every, 1.

definition of, 2 n, 4.

division of, into wards for election of parish councillors, 113; for
election of rural district councillors, 237.

effect on, of creation of new urban district, or extension or diminu-
tion of urban district, 223, 224.

establishment of parish council for, 1, 2, 3 n.

formed by Act, application to of provisions of Act as to charities
and custody of parish documents, 168; to remain in original
poor law union, 171; names of, 225; officers of original parish
to remain officers of, 264, 265; overseers of original parish to
continue overseers of till 1895, 262.

grouping of, by order of county council, 2, 3 n; consent of parish
meeting required to, 2; group to be in one county and county
district, 174; dissolution of group, 175. See also " Grouped
Parishes" and "Grouping of Parishes."

guardians as such, not to be elected for, 131.

increase or decrease of population of, provisions for establishment of
dissolution of parish council on, 175, 176.

name of, direction of county council as to, 16; of new parishes
formed by Act, or by order under Act, 225.

number of guardians and rural district councillors for new parishes
created by Act, 258, 259.

owners and ratepayers of, transfer to parish meeting of certain
powers of, 214.

overseers of. See "Overseers of Rural Parish."

part of parish within rural sanitary district to be separate, 4; part
of, included in urban district for highway purposes, to cease to
be so included, when rural district council become highway
authority, 136.

RURAL PARISH-continued.

having parts with defined boundary, consent of parish meeting of
part may be required to certain acts of parish council, 173;
appointment of committee for, 227, 230.

property of. See "Property of Rural Parish."

with less population than 200, county council to consider every case
of, 165.

union of, for purposes of election of rural district councillors,


rural district councillors of, to be guardians for parish, 131.
rural sanitary district co-extensive with-county council to con-
sider every case of, 166; district council to be parish council
of parish pending union of district with adjoining district,
school board in, application for the formation or dissolution of, to
be made by parish meeting, 215, 216.



continuance in office of existing, until first rural district councillors
come into office, 260.

duties of, as to first elections of district councillors, 258.

existing officers of, provisions as to, 263–268.

rural district council to be successors of, 134.

transfer to rural district council of powers, &c., of, 134.


See also "County, District, and Rural District."

area of, what is, 2 n.

to be called rural district, 126.

in more than one county-part in each county to be separate rural
district, 132; county council to consider every case of, 158;
alteration of areas of, to be made by joint committee of
counties, 171.

parish in, to be a rural parish, 4.

parish partly within and partly without-each part to be separate
parish, 4; county council to consider every case of, 164.
with less than five elected members of rural sanitary authority,
county council to consider every case of, 166; county council
to provide for union of, with adjoining district, 167.
rural district council for every, 126.

rural parish co-extensive with, county council to consider every
case of, 166; district council to be parish council for, pending
union of district with adjoining district, 168.


of property by parish council, 37, 54; of superfluous or unsuitable
land acquired for allotments and for purposes of parish council,
67, 69 n.


saving for obligation of district council as to execution of, 55.

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