consists of ownership electors and occupation electors, 179 n;
elector registered in, to vote in district not comprising parish
in which qualifying property situate, to be entitled to vote as
parochial elector for that parish, 186; to form with local
government register the register of parochial electors, 179; to
be framed in parts for wards, 185; method of distinguishing
parliamentary, county, and parochial electors in, 186-188;
occupation electors on, 181 n, 182 n; ownership electors on,
179 n, 180 n; ownership voters in respect of property in
parish in parliamentary borough to be deemed to be on, for
purposes of register of parochial electors, 184; persons on, to
be parochial electors, 5, 179.


accounts of, to be annually laid before parish meeting, 102; to be
entered on minute book of parish meeting, 103 n.

appointment by parish council-of trustees of, in lieu of overseer
trustees, 97; of additional trustees of, 98; number of additional
trustees to be allowed by Charity Commissioners, 98; in lieu
of vestry, of trustees of, 100; provisions as to appointment by
parish council of trustees not to apply to recent foundations, 104.
appointment by parish meeting of small parishes-of additional
trustee when government vested in sole trustee, 98; of trustees
in place of overseer trustees, 117; of trustees and beneficiaries
now appointed by vestry, 100 n.

appointment by urban district council of trustees of, on nomination
of councillors for wards, where council invested with powers of
parish council as to appointment of trustees, 154.

appointment of trustees and beneficiaries of, in parish divided by
Act, 168; in grouped parishes, 174.

definition of, 255.

dole charities, names of beneficiaries of, to be published annually, 102.
donor of, living, may consent to appointment by parish council of
trustees, 104.

governing body of, appointment of additional members of, by parish
council where no elected representatives of parish on, 98.
Local Government Board to consult Charity Commissioners before
dealing under section 33 with, 156.

property of, held by trustees, permissive transfer of, to parish
council, 96.

schemes relating to, draft of, to be communicated to parish council,
100; to chairman of parish meeting where no council, 100
support or opposition of, by parish council, 100, 101.
transfer to parish council of powers of vestry, as to, 100; to parish
meeting, 100 n.

trustees of, not to be beneficiaries, 104; term of office of trustees

of, appointed by parish council, 103; sole trustee of, appoint-
ment by, and by parish council of two additional trustees, 98.

appointment of parish councillors as members of, 105; delegation
to parish council of powers which might be delegated to, 105;
summary of provisions of Public Health Act, 1875, as to,
105 n; clerk to rural district council to act as clerk of parish
council acting as, 110.


who are, 5, 179; in urban districts, county of London, and county
boroughs, 254.

application of, for division of rural parish into wards, 113; for
varying or revoking such order, 114.

attendance of, at parish meeting for ward or other part of parish,


to be electors of guardians, 123; of parish councillors, 14; of urban
district councillors 129.

electors registered in parliamentary register of electors to vote in
districts not comprising parish in which his qualifying pro-
perty is situate entitled to vote as parochial elector for that
parish, 186.

inspection by, of books and accounts of parish council, parish
meeting, and rural district council, 234.

list of, preparation of separate, 187; to form part of parochial
register, 189.

method of distinguishing in registers, parliamentary, county, and,


nomination of candidates at elections by, 204.

parish meeting to consist of, 5; may be convened by six, 192.
poll may be demanded at parish meeting by, when, 276-278.
qualifications of, 5 n; qualified to be guardian, 121; urban district
councillor, 128.

register of. See "Register of Parochial Electors.”

votes of, at parish meetings, polls, and election of parish coun-
cillors, 6; at election of guardians, 124; at election of urban
district councillors, 129; persons on register alone entitled to
vote as, 179.


provision of, 18 n, 34 n; transfer to parish council of powers of
overseers as to, 34.


grant of licenses for, 143, 153.


common, acquisition of land for, 71; regulations as to, 71; per-
manent, not to be broken up for allotments without consent of
landlord, 79, 80.


grant of, by district council, 143; by county borough council, 153.

for acting or voting during disqualification, 200.


election, application to, of powers applicable to municipal elections,


of guardians against orders altering area and boundaries under
Part 3, 171.

of parish or district council to Local Government Board against
refusal of county council to make order for compulsory
acquisition of land, 59, 60; of parish council or parliamentary
electors to county council on default of district council as to
allotments, 39, 58 n, 71; of parish council or parish meeting
against confirmation of order altering boundary of parish, 170;


of parish meeting-for establishment of parish council on
increase in population, 175; for dissolution of parish council.
on decrease in population, 176; second petition for, not to be
presented within two years of rejection of previous petition,

against orders under section 57 of Act of 1888, reduction of time
for, 177.


local authority for executing Acts relating to, district council to be,
144; county borough council to be, 153.


for sewerage or water supply, notice of, to be given to parish council
by rural district council, 108; deposit of, with clerk or
chairman of parish council, when required to be deposited with
parish clerk, 110.


consequent on parish meeting, to be taken by ballot, 9; election of
parish councillors to be at parish meeting or at, 204;
expenses of, how to be defrayed, 10; to be paid out of poor
rate, 85; power to obtain payment of, 85, 86 n; majority at,
as to applications for formation or dissolution of school boards,
215, 216; for certain matters under adoptive Acts, 45; pro-
visions as to poll at election of parish councillors to apply to,
211, 530; voting at, 6; voting at for part of parish, 211; when
and by whom may be demanded, 276-278.

at elections under rules framed under Act-days and hours of, 205;
to be taken together in certain cases, 205; expression "elec-
tion," includes, 254.

provisions of election orders as to holding, 298, 351, 389, 427, 463,

in parish not having a parish council, order of Local Government
Board as to, 530.


powers of parish council to deal with, 52.


transfer to parish meeting of certain powers of owners and rate-
payers under, 214.


alteration of, by county councils, 169; alteration of area which
would alter boundaries of union in two or more counties to be
made by joint committee of county councils, 171.

in more than one county, powers as to number of guardians or
rural district council or of regulating their retirement to be
exercised by joint committee, 238.

new parishes formed by division of existing parishes to be in union
of original parish, 171.

saving of powers of Local Government Board as to alteration of, 169.


appeals in respect of, transfer to parish council of powers of over-
seers as to, 32; demand note for, when including expenses
of parish council or meeting to contain certain particulars, 87;
expenses of parish council, parish meeting, and poll to be paid
out of, 85; loans of parish council on security of, 88.

powers of vestry under, may be conferred on urban district council
or other representative body, 156; provisions of, as to rating
of owners instead of occupiers, 156 n, 157 n.


references to, meaning of, 254; variation of, provisions for estab-
lishment or dissolution of parish councils on, 175, 176.


of transfer to rural district council of powers, &c., of highway
authorities, 134, 268, 271.


saving for current, 272.


means prescribed by Local Government Board, 257.

of books and documents of parish, duties of county council as to,



of committees of parish or district councils, regulation of, 284.
for determining summarily questions as to transfer of powers and
vesting of property, 249.

of district council (other than borough council) and of board of
guardians, application to, of certain provisions of Public Health
Act, 1875, 234, 235.

legal, by or against parish council, who may appear in, on behalf
of council, 282; district council to take, on representation of
parish council as to obstruction of right of way or encroach-
ment of roadside waste, 141.

minutes of proceedings of parish council or meeting to be kept, 282.
of parish council, not to be invalidated by vacancies or defects in
election and qualification of members, 281; standing orders
may be made for, 283; of parish meeting, regulation of, by
standing orders of parish council, 283.

saving for powers of Local Government Board as to proceedings of
guardians, 236; saving for current, legal or otherwise, 272;
for pending or existing, 273.


adjustment of-on creation of borough or new urban district, or
extension or diminution of urban district, 223, 224; on dissolu-
tion of group of parishes, 175; on separation of parish from
group, 176; general provisions as to, 244-247; by county
council in connection with alteration of areas made by Act,
247, 248 n.

of existing authorities under adoptive Acts, on supersession, 221.
of improvement commission having harbour powers, apportionment
of, between commission and district council, 243.

summary proceedings for determining questions as to vesting of, 249.
temporary provision may be made for management of property of
areas altered by Act, 247, 248 n.

transfer of, consequent upon transfer of powers and duties, 243, 244.


part of parish with defined boundary having separate property, con-
sent of parish meeting for part may be required to certain acts
of parish council, 173; appointment of joint committee of
council, and representatives of part to exercise powers as to,
227, 230.

sale, exchange, or letting of, by parish council, 37, 54; consent of
parish meeting required to sales or exchanges, 54; consent of
Local Government Board or Charity Commissioners required
to, when, 54, 55.

summary proceedings for determining question as to vesting of, 249.
transfer to body corporate, consisting of chairman of parish meeting
and overseers of small rural parish, of legal interest in, 118;
transfer to parish council-of legal interest in, when vested in
overseers, 28; of powers of overseers as to the holding or
management of, 35; of powers of guardians as to sale,
exchange, or letting of, 37; of property held by trustees for
public purposes or charities, 96.

works of maintenance or improvement in relation to, power of
parish council to execute, 53.


for office of guardian, repeal of, 121 n; of urban district councillor
abolition of, 128, 129.


meetings of parish council to be open to, when, 281.


of abstract of accounts and auditor's report, modification of enact-
ments as to, 233; of change of name of district council or their
district, 225; of names of beneficiaries of dole charities, 102;
of notices of parish meetings, 213; of notice of audit, modifica-
tion of enactments as to, 233.


application of provisions of, to inquiries by Local Government Board,
63, 251; application of provisions of, to loans of parish councils,
88; application of provisions of, to meetings of urban and rural
district councillors and guardians, 234; application of provisions
of, to audit of accounts of urban and rural district and parish
councils, 230-232.


adoption of, in rural parish, 40; majority required for, 45.
alteration of area in which in force, 222.

amount of expenses for purposes of, to be sanctioned by parish
meeting, 46.

loans of parish council for purposes of, 88, 90.

parish council to be authority for executing, 48.

property, debts, and liabilities of superseded authority under, 221.
rate for the purposes of, when to be raised, 44 n; sanction of parish
meeting required to, 46; incidence of, not to be affected, 47.
summary of provisions of, 44 n.

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