compensation payable by landlord for, on determination of tenancy
created by compulsory hiring, 80; of recreation grounds,
village greens, &c., by parish council, 49-51; power of parish
council to execute works of, 53.


of chairman of district council or board of guardians to act, vice-
chairman, to act in case of, 235; of chairman of parish meeting
to preside, appointment of chairman by meeting, 278; of dis-
trict council to act, powers of county council in case of, 236;
of parish council to act, county council may order new election,
and appoint temporary council, 203, 204.


summary of provisions as to allotments under, 35; transfer to
parish council of land held by trustees under, 96.


of chairman of parish meeting, and overseers of rural parish having
no parish council, 118; of parish council, 16; of rural district
council, 133; saving for incorporation of urban sanitary
authorities on change of name, 272.


access of, to parish documents and books, 111.


authority for executing Acts relating to, district council to be, 144;
county borough council to be, 153.


disqualification of, for certain offices, 192.


as to alteration of boundary of parish, right of parish council and
parish meeting to appear at, 170.

as to compulsory acquisition of land-county council to hold, when,
58; by whom to be held on their behalf, 67n; powers of
person holding, on behalf of county council, 66; costs of
inquiries by county council, 66; Local Government Board to
hold on appeal from refusal of county council to make order,
60; when memorial presented against order, 62; application
to inquiries by Local Government Board of provisions of
Public Health Act, 1875, 63, 64 n.

costs of, recovery of by Local Government Board, 63, 251; when
county council may recover costs of their inquiries, 252.
powers of inspectors of Local Government Board holding, 64 n,


regulations of Local Government Board as to, during 1894 in regard
to areas and boundaries, 159 n-163 n, 263, 603.


of accounts and documents of parish council, parish meeting, and
rural district council, 234; of award and report of arbitrator
on compulsory hiring of land, 78; of documents deposited with
clerk or chairman of parish council, 110,


of Local Government Board, powers of, as to inquiries, 63 n, 251.


of corporation comprising chairman and overseers of small rural
parishes, how to be executed, 118; of parish council, how to
be executed, 16; of parish meeting and parish council, when
to be deemed duly executed, 283; of parish meeting not
having council, how to be executed, 120.


accounts of, making up and form of, 230; audit of, 230-233.
of parish and district councils-appointment of, 228; costs of, how
to be defrayed, 229; power to borrow money or make rate not
to be delegated to, 229; term of office of, 229; of parish
councils, for purposes of adoptive Acts, 220; of parish councils
and representatives of parts of parish or parishes for exercise
of powers as to parts, 227, 230; of parish and urban district
councils for purposes of adoptive Acts, 220.


to act under Part 3, as to parish or rural sanitary district in more
than one county, 172.

complaint of parish council to be referred to, where rural district in
more than one county, 242.

county council may object to orders of, in certain cases, 238; orders
so objected to, require confirmation of Local Government
Board, 238.

orders of, as to alteration of areas in more than one county, or of
areas which would alter boundaries of union in more than one
county, 170; for dealing with matters arising out of alterations
of areas made by Act, 247; as to number of guardians or rural
district councillors where union in more than one county, 238;
as to retirement of thirds where guardians now retire simul
taneously, 125; for regulating retirement of guardians or rural
district councillors by thirds, 238; copies of orders to be sent
to Local Government Board and Board of Agriculture, 250.
procedure in case of failure of any county council to appoint
members of, 172, 242; questions as to constitution or procedure
of, how to be determined, 172, 242.

report of Boundary Commissioners to be considered by, 172.


abolition of rights of, as ex officio guardians, 121; chairman of
district council to to be a, 127; chairman of metropolitan
vestry and district board of works, and of Woolwich Local
Board to be, 152; oaths to be taken by, 127; consent of, to
sale of exhausted parish lands not required, 217; construction
of enactments relating to powers, &c., transferred from, to
parish councils or parish meetings, 218, 219; mayor of borough
will be a county justice during year of office, 128 n; transfer
of certain powers of, to district councils, 142-144; to councils
of county boroughs, 153.


licensing of, by district councils, 144, 145.


acquisition of, by parish council, for purposes of buildings, recrea-
tion grounds, and public walks, 49; powers of parish council
for acquisition of, 56-72; borrowing powers of council for
purpose of purchasing, 87. See also "Acquisition" and "Com-
pulsory Acquisition."

holding of, without license in mortmain by parish council, 16; by
body corporate of chairman and overseers of rural parish
having no council, 118.

hiring of, for allotments, by parish council, 73; by district council,
73 n; compulsorily by parish council. See "Compulsory

sale, exchange, or letting of, by parish council, 37, 54; sale,
exchange, or letting of superfluous or unsuitable land acquired
for allotments or for purposes of parish council, 67, 69 n.


adjustment of rights of parish council and, on determination of
tenancy created by compulsory hiring, 80; resumption by, of
possession of land hired by parish council, in order to work
minerals, 82.


incorporation of, with Act, except provisions as to compulsory
acquisition, 56; compulsory clauses of, order of county council
putting in force, 59; order to incorporate with adaptations, 65;
order for compulsory hiring, may incorporate with adaptations,
what are, 56 n.



in property vested in overseers, to vest in parish council, 28; in
property which would vest in parish council, in small parishes
to vest in chairman of parish meeting and overseers, 118.


not to be affected by change of name of district council or their
district, 226; by or against parish council, who may appear on
behalf of council in, 282; district council may institute or
defend in connection with rights of way, roadside waste, and
commons, 141; saving for, commenced before appointed day,
272; saving for existing or pending, 273.


notices to be given to, of proceedings for compulsory acquisition of
land, 58.


of property by parish council, 37, 54; of superfluous or unsuitable
lands acquired for allotments and for purposes of parish
council, 67, 69 n.


adjustment of, on creation of borough or new urban district, or
extension or diminution of urban district, 223, 224; on dis-
solution of group of parishes, 175; on separation of parish
from group, 176; general provisions as to, for purposes of
Act, 244-247; by county council in connection with alteration
of areas made by Act, 247, 248 n.


of existing authorities under adoptive Acts on supersession, 221;
of improvement commission having harbour powers, appor-
tionment of, between commission and district council, 243.
liquidation before appointed day of current, 273.

of parish council, restrictions on, 83-87. See also "Expenses of
Parish Council."

saving for discharge of existing, 272, 273.

temporary provision may be made for meeting liabilities of areas
altered by Act, 247, 248 n.

transfer of, consequent upon transfer of powers and duties, 243,


meetings of district councils, guardians, parish meeting, or parish
council not to be held on, except when, 239.


of dealers in game, knackers' yards, passage brokers, emigrant
runners, &c., transfer of powers, &c., of justices as to,
to district council, 143; of gang-masters, transfer of powers
of justices as to, to district councils, 142; to county borough
councils, 153.


adoption of, in rural parish, 40; in part of rural parish, 46;
majority of votes required for, 45.

alteration of area in which in force, 222.

amount to be raised for purposes of, to be fixed by parish meeting,

42 n, 46.

land to be rated for purposes of, at reduced assessment, 42 n, 47;
incidence of rate not to be affected, 47.

parish council to be authority for executing, 48.
loans of parish councils for purposes of, 88, 90.

property and liabilities of superseded authorities under, 221.
summary of provisions of, 42 n.

transfer to parish council of powers of existing inspectors under,
47; when acting for part of parish, 219; transfer to parish
councils or parish and urban district councils of powers of
existing authorities under, when area situate in several
parishes, 220; transfer to urban district council of powers of
existing authorities under, 240.


on amount of rate leviable for expenses of parish council, 85;
without consent of parish meeting, 83; on amount of rate
leviable for expenses of parish meeting of small parishes, 119 ;
on borrowing powers of parish council, 88.


of electors to be framed in parts for wards, 185; claims for entry
on, 190; method of distinguishing in, between parliamentary,
county, and parochial electors, 186-188; county council may
direct framing of in parts to correspond to contemplated
alterations of areas, &c., 270; to be made in parts necessary
for purpose of first elections, 271,


revised lists, duties as to printing of, 190.

separate list of parochial electors, preparation of, 187; entry in, of
names of married women, 188 n; to form part of register of
parochial electors, 189; claims for entry on, 190.

transfer to parish meetings of certain powers of owners and rate-
payers under, 214.


of authorities for purposes of adjustments, 246; of county council
for purposes of execution of powers of defaulting district
councils, 241.


annual charges in respect of, to be included in expenses for pur-
poses of limitation of expenditure of council, 85.

application to, of provisions of Public Health Act, 1875, 88.
consent of county council and Local Government Board required
to, 88; expenditure involving, consent of parish meeting to,
83; approval of county council to, 84.

county council may lend to parish council for, 89; limitation of
amount of, 88; mortgages for, form and register of, 89 n; period
for repayment of, 89 n.

purposes of, purchasing land or erecting buildings, 87; adoptive
Acts, 88, 90; permanent works, 88.

receiver, appointment of, on default in payment of principal or
interest, 89 n.

security for, 88.

ultimate charge of, when raised for purposes of adoptive Acts, 90.


application of provisions of Act to election of guardians for districts
under, 239; definition of term, local and personal Act, 257;
saving for powers and duties of guardians under, 239; saving for
powers of county council to alter wards created by, or number
of urban district councillors fixed by, 274.


alteration, of boundary of county or borough under, 169; of poor
law union situate in more than one county under, 169.
application to existing officers of section 120 of, 265–268.
county council may provide for any of the matters mentioned in
section 59 of, as regards areas altered by Act, 247.

definition of parish in, not to apply to Act of 1894, 253; other
definitions in, to apply to Act of 1894, 253.

section 57 of, as to alteration of areas and boundaries-alteration of
boundary or union or division of parish expedient for purposes
of Act of 1894 may be made under, 170; orders under Part 3
of Act of 1894 to be deemed made under, 171; reduction of
time for petitioning against an order under, 177; validity of
order under, when confirmed, 177; regulations may be made
by Local Government Board for expediting procedure under,
263; text of regulations to county councils, 159 n-163 n,

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