Mr. Bailey, in Charlotte- ftr. Bloomsbury.

scene of action near Batterfes, where Mr. G. Mr. Lademan, surgeon, of Morpeth, by fal. fell, is the very field in which Villiers, D. of ling, as he was thooting, into a disuled coal Buckingham, fought a duel with, and killed pit concealed by busbes.

the E. of Shrewsbury, in the reiga of Charles 02. 2. At Beckingham, near Gainsborongh, 11.; whole countess, it is said, held his antaMr. Wm. Fiint, a worthy and respectable far- gonift's horse, disguised as his page. mer and grazier.

At Symplon - Place, Bucks, in his 65th 12. At Whichbury, Hants, rev. Mr. Mor. year, Sir Walden Hanmer, bast. fen. beni her gan, beloved, respected, and regedited by those of Lincoln'o-Inn, and representative in obe two who knew him well, for his facetious bene last parliaments for the borough of Sudbury in volent teinper and disposition. It was his with Suffolk. In him the public bave loft a most to fteal out of life unnoticed, but this con active magiftrate, in which office he had actradiction to his inclinations is the tribute of quicred himself wi.h the greatest honour and truth to his memory.

incegrity for upwards of 40 years. He is fuco 14. Jacob Houblon, esq; of Gr. Hallingbury, ceeded in viele and estare by his eldest son, now Efex, major of the Hertfordsh. militia.

Sir Tho. H. bart. 15. At Orwell-Park, Suff. it. hon. Francis Ms. John Suelt, one of the servants at St. Veroon, earl of Shipbrook, visc. Orwell, and Paul's church, and father to the celebrated baron Orwell of Newry, co. Downe, in Ireland,

Comedian. He was suddenly le zed with a He has two nephews under age, song of fit of apoplexy about nine o'clock, and expired Vernon, esg; at •Bury St. Edmund's. His lord at twelve. He was buried on the 26th under frip was nephew to the celebrated Adm. Vero the tree in St. Paul's Church yard; with a non, to whom he erected a monument in West. particular mark of respect from the dean (Bp. minster-abbey. His title is extinct.

Thurlow], who remitted the usual sees ici ine Mr. Twaits, many years matter of the Lon- ground and the bell. don-stone tavern, in Cannon street.

Alex. Chrifiie, erg; late of Spitalfields. . At Dilwyne, Herefordsh. Mrs. Evans, rel et 22. Mr. Joho Brown, of Tanfeld-co. Inner of the rev. Tho. E. late vicar of that par th, Temple, many years clerk of the Fen-office. and of Bromyard, and aunt to Jo. Bacon, esq;

In White-street, Southw. Gto. Powell, ela; of the first-fruits office.

timber merchant. 16. At the Deanery in Lincoln, the rev. At Dublin, in his 74th year, rt, hon. Juriph Dr. Richard Cult, fifth son of Sir Rich. c. Leeson, earl of Milltown, who is luccceded in bart. by Ange, fister of Lord Visc. Tyrconnel, title and esta-e by his eldest son, Lu Ruthorough. vocle to the present Ld Brownlow, and brother The property of ine iare Earl was among the of the late Sir John C. bart. speaker of the H. beft-conditioned in Ireland. Ld Rulborough of Commons, and R. of Belron and Fulbeck, comes into the imaeciate posetion of oool. .co. Lincoln. He was some time chaplain to

per apn.

His brother, Mr. Lee'on, inheries an the H. of C.; was, in Oct. 1765, appointed

estate of 18ool, a sear. The eldest fun by the caaon of Chrift Church in Oxford ; was al present lady wil hive, when of age, another terwards dean of Rochefter; and (in conse

estate of 2000l. and his two brothers 6ool. quence of the tranllation of Dr. Yorke to the lee each. Their liflers ar: lefe 19,000l fortunes, of Ely) was advanced to the deanery of Lincoln, and Lady Militown a jointure of 2000l. besides Dec. 22, 1781. He married a daughter of the magnificent house on the Green, built pur. the rev. Mr. Harris, of Eton, co. Bucks, by puroly for her residence three years ago, and whom he had no inue.

furnished in the first ftyle of el-gance and exAt Guernsey, James de Havilland, esq; lace pence. In how re'pretable a light inuft comalieut, in the navy.

merce Rand in the eyes of all men, when they 18. Andr. Fitzherbert, esq; of Barnes. reflect that almost the whole of this van pro

19. Ac Boynes, in France, P erre Eienne perty was accumulated by the founder of the Bourgeois de Boynes, minister and coun els family, the father of the late lord, by a dililor of itale, formerly secretary of state for the gent arrenrion to his profellion, which wis a marine department, and first president of the respectable brewer on Stephen's-Green, Dubparliament of Besançon.

lin, followed by that voremitting induftry At Rotherhithe, aged 71, Capt. Kipperly, which commands fortune, and ensures succes! many years in the coafting and other service, His lord'hip wis one of the peers in Ireland

In Buckingham-ftreet, York-build. P.crick whole eftates are not incumbered. Leslie, ela; late capt. of his Majett, hip Torbay. 24. In Lawrence-Pountney.la. Mr. Over

The son of Mr. Tho. Jones, grocer in Weft bury, wine-merchant. minster. Crossing the road at Knightbrirge, 25. Phi. Dilafield, erg; Kew.preen, Sunny. be dropped his cane, and while he was itoop Mr. Win. Allen, len, of Witham, Ellex, ing to pick it up, a chaise san over him, and aged 77. killed him on the spot.

26. In Harton-ftreet, Jof. Hughes, esq; one At Chefter, Mrs. Kenyon, moth. of Lloyd of the depury auditors of ihe im Freit K. erg; chief justice of Chefter.

At Edinburgh, S:r Rob. Polloch, tart, 20. At the Swan, Knightthridge, Mr. Green, At Sudbury, Middlelex, bon. Miss flove, of the wound he received in a duel that morn filter of the late, and aunt to the preiuni, i ing. It is not Haworthy of remark, t.sat the Chedworth.

At Halfton, in Shropshire, J. Mytton, esa; very few readers, he has produced seven ve. a man of friet honour and probity, and of a Jumes of “ Melanges Literaires," containing truely amiable disposition. Though qualified various tracts on different topics. In these to this is the lenare, he reduced his mind to productions, learning, genius, and wit seem enjoy the comforts of a private stacion. Here to go hand in hand, like the Graces, forming he exercised the virtues of an universal philan- an immortal wreath for the author. It is imthropy. He cloathed the naked; he fed the possible to beflow a fufficient encomium on his poor in the late fason of scarcity; le found traollation of “ Excerpta from Tacitus." He employ for the indunzious, and tolesier lie has equalled t'je arduous precision of the origiberally towards their relief. Amongst his ra! and attained what a prodigious dumber of Deighbours he mixed with great affability and Berti before him at empted in different lacgentleneis of manners. In fire, he was the guages without success. He was honoured gentleman, the min of tafte, and, what is bet. with the patronage and frieadship of several ter, the good Christian. In his house he main- manarchis, a circumnitance that could never tained the rules of order and regularity; in his wake the least lymplom of vanity in his uschurch, of which he was patron, was exhibited rainted heart. The Empress of Ruffa, with á striking proof of this regularity of conduct, ing to eneroft him with the education of the by the general attendance of all his di meftics. Grand Duke her son, proposed to settle on him His private charities were liber»l and extenlive; 40c0l, per aoo. for lite, beqides the rank of and his having bequeathed considerable legacies ambassador extrarrdinary, while be fhould reto the neighbouring and other parishes, how fire at her court. D'Alembert thanked her him not unmindful of them in his lateit mo. Imperial Majefty, but declined her intended ment. In him the accomplithments of a fi. favour in modeft and fubmiffive terms. This nished gentleman were added to the amiable fact is well known, and will ever be recorded as viriues of an attectionate husband, a tendes pa a fingular instance of philosophical fortitude, rest, a finrere friend, and an indulgent master. againit the powerful incentives of gold aad Society inust feel the loss of so rare and ex ambition. He was not a moral impoftor like emplaty a character, who, as be inherited such Rousseau, who, under the specious glofs of a viitues, died universally beloved, revered, la fantastical w idcm, concealed the most ridicamenced, and most by those who knew him beiti Jous price and init lerable conceit. D'AlemIn bis library were the colections of his an bert had out the pedantic parade of virtue, but cle, the rev. Mr. Wm. Mytton, for an history poitetied the actual fubftance; and while in his of Siropshire, in one vol. folio, a continuation intellectual laculcics he appeared a superior beof Mr. Edw. L'oyd's, together with a vast col-, ing, in all his worldly concerns he discovered lection of pedigrees, parochial noies, and a mul. the meekness of a lamb, aod the Gmplicity titute of hoe drawings of combi, churches, &c. of a do:e. Mr. Mytton has tefi a widow, whose senti ility At Farringdon, Birkth. rev. Bond Spindler, has been ever dift guished by the most ardent R. of Earon Hattings, in the Lame county. affection. She has one fun at Weitni ter Mr. Robe. Harris, reg:fter of pamphlets at Ichiol, a promising youth of 16 yrars of age; the itamp- fice. Mr. Claridge is appointed to and one daugi ter. The following is lent us as fucceed hin, an Enter port Effufions

At Mairons, in she neighbourhood of Paris, 0, Mytton! whide cu brighter realms you foar right hìn. Lady Caryil, lady of Lori C. (The anx ous curer of life for ever o'er),

28. In Brookfiri Ratcliffe. bighway, aged Caft down one louk, and lee around thy bier 87, binnell Lea, esc; many years licut. col. What crowds attendant pour the heartfel: tear! of 20 reg. of militia of the Tower Hamlets. What tides of sorrow in one blunded itreum, Ac Salibury, Mr. Rich. Smith, fen. one Rolls o'rr thy memory, and embalmstby name! of the common council of that corporation). Cao this be bisect! No; 'ris life, iis gain; 29. Lary St. Clair, wife of Col. Temple. And all that's sad is old survivor's pain.

Ai Bich, Mrs. Mary Raleigh, only furviFor, O! thy virtuos forintthefuth'd plan, ving deíceniant in a direct line from Sir Wal. Of all that's yood, that's dignified in onen. ter Raleigh. The hubunt.parent, and unin.ker friend, 20. A Nino?), ocar Salisbury, io bis 90:b Lose hall ibeir charms in thy lemenied end; yrar, Tho. Buckwall, efq; many years malierFor where's ihe man can equal want lorsly, builder in Porilmouth and Plynou.b Dorks. So much respected live, su honou'd do?

31. Ac Butb, where he went for the reco27. Mons. D'Alembert, secretary to the very of his bealth, the right hnn. John Spesa French academy, &c. &c. one of the anleit cer, Earl Stocer, Visc, Althorpe, high few. malbemaricians of the age; and what is rather .ard of S. Alan's, and prehdent of the Britisa extraordinary, he joined to his profound and Lying-in Hospital. His lorditip was born Dec. v uly-afturithing skill in the rbitriet feiences, 18, 1734; and on Dec. 27, 1753. married all the accomplishments of an cingunt, viva Georgiana, eldrit dau. of the late right boo. cious, and entertaining writer. He was one Stephen Payniz, and by her ladydip had itluc of the principal editors of the " Encyclopac Gcorge John, Vilc. Althorpe (to whom the dis;" and, besides his numerous mathemati title and estate devoise), born Sept. 1, 1758; cal works, which will traffipit h s game to the Lady Georgiana, born June 7, 1737, married remotelt posterity, though within the reach of to the D. or Doron hise; lady ficaricataras

born July 16, 1761, and married to the dergraduates, were pinned on the pall (as usual right hon. William Ponsonby, Visc. Duncan on the death of a fellow), open for the io specnoo in Ireland, only son of the E. of Belbo- tion of the whole univerf.y. Not fewer than rough, one of the lords of the admiralty, and 30 copies in Latin, Greek, and English, were M. P. for the borough of Knaresborough, in composed on the death of this excellent man. Yorkshire; and Lady Charlotte, birn Aug. 25,

We have been favourid with lowing 1765 His lord thio was created Vic. Spencer lines, which are supposed to be th- presudiin and Baron of Alhurpe, Apr. 3, 1761, and of a gentleman who was formerly one of Mr. advanced to the dign'ties of V.fc. Althorpe, W's pupils : and Earl Spencer, Oct. 5, 1765.

Farewell, blen hade! departed faint, adieu! In Howard-treet, aged 75, Rich, Palmer, Omore than friend! than father! fare thee w ll! esq; the last surviving brother of the late Sir How much I lov'd thee once, bow mourn thee Tho. P. bari. uncle of Sir John P. bari. of

now, Carlton, co. Northampton.

A griev'd and broken heart alone can tell. 2. At her house in Quebec.ftr. upwards of 4. Rey, Mr. Wm. Jefts, B. D. reader of the 70, M16. Mary Breton, only surviving fifter of Temple church, F. A.S. Eliab B. ela; of Fourtree-Hill, Enfield, go At Waldershare in Kent, the seat of the E. veri eis to her royal highness Louisa Matilda of Guildford, in the 9th year of his age, of (afterwar's Q of Denmark), and one of ibe the cramp, the hon. William Peyto Verney, bedchamber-women to the Princess Dowager fecond fon of the right hon. Lord Willoughby of Wales. She has left her fortune equally be de Broke, and grandion to the earl. twen the two eldest ions of her brother before 5. Mr. Jas. Sharp, an eminent and ingenie mentioned.

ou3 itunmonger in Leadenhail-Arees, and one Nov. At Walthimitow, Mr. Wefon, many

of the common council of Lime ftreet ward, years an eminent wine cooper, and one of the much diftinguished by his zeal in projeding peep'e called Quakers. He was buried at and promoting a scherne for making a navigaHertford the 19tb ini.

ble canal from Waltham-Albey to Moorfields la Hertford gaol, whither he had been re. (ree Gent. Mag. March 1774); and by several moved from Cheinsford to take his tried at the - eurious inventions in mechanics, of which pext aflizes, Clebbon, whore father was his improvements on the close ftuves for prethot in attempling to rob a farmer and his boy venuing imoa key chimnies, and diffufing an in Benfield parish, near Hertford, last year. equal meal, are not the least (rec vol. LI. p.

Nov. 1. Mr. Matth. Dorrien, merchant, of 453). He was a run of Tho. Sharp, D.D. Frederick's Place.

archdeacon of Norebumberland, prebendary of Miss Richardson, only day, of tbe late rev. Durham, York, and Southwell, and rectie of Dr. R. rector of St. Anne's, Soho.

Rohbury in Northumberland, who died March Mrs. Henderson, wife of Juhn H. erg; of 16, 1758 (lon of John Lord Abp. of York, .ch: Qrelyhi.

who died in 1713), and bother to John 3. Rev. Steph. Whiffon, B.D. aged 68, Sharp, D. D. now also archdeacon of Nirthmany years one of the senior fellows of Trinity umberland, prebendary of Durham, and vicar Coll. Ca.nbridge, univerfity librarian *, and V. of Hariborne, in Northumberlard, to Mr. of Orwell t. ro. Cambriga. His rema'ns were Wm. Sharp, an einingnt forgeon, and to Mr. interred in Trinity chap:) on the 6ih; the Bp. Gianville Sharp, late of the office of ordnance. of Peterborough (matter of Trioiy) verfyrmed Right hon. Alex. Id Blantyre, of Scotland. the funeral service, ihe (x senior fellows fup 6. At Plymouth, the hoo. Mrs. Si. John, ported the pall, the B.v. of Landaff followed relict of ibe hon. Capt. Henry St. J. wbo lo the corp'e, after him all the fellows ani fel bis life in the engagement between Rodney low componers with batbands and gloves, next and De Graße, 1781. ibe bachelors and undergraduates two and two, 7. At his apartments in Bishopsgace-fr. Mr. erch had a pair of white gloves, and bore a P. A. l'yberg, Jimner, descended from the fasprig of rosemary. The cosple lay in ibe hall mous Elizabeth Pyberg, of the Hague, who pub'icly exposed for three hours before the fu formed in paper the faces of K. William and neral, and copies of verses, written by be uno Q. Mary with foch exquisite ingenuity, that

1000 guilders were offered for them, but which * I his office Mr. W. gained by a majority the refused. of votes against Mr. Habhard of Emanuel, che Ai Chelsea, Mr. Tho. Kinnard, an old ino her candidate; on which occafion there was habitant there. the greatest concourle of voters that bad been In Watling tir. aged 79; Mr. Ri. Bridges. ever remembered for a mere saremical office. At Exeter, aged 72, Aug. Seabright, cla; It has been fince given to Mr. Davies, fellow 8. In Bull-co. Fleet-Str. Mrs. Whiteburst, of Tr nity, by a majority of 71 votes against wife of Mr. John W. late of Derby, author of Mr. Tiruhiti, of Jesus Coil.

An Enquiry into the Original State aod + Orwell is a pleasant village under the Formation of the Earth, &c. 1778.” 4to. Rryttun hills, having iwo churches, the one a 9. At Prestegn, Radnorshire, of the smallrectory, patroni be rector, the other a finecure pox, in his 311t year, rev. Evan Evans, R. of vicarave in the patronage of. Trinity College, . Whiton, V. of Langunto, and chaplain to the ul prefented Mr. W.1771, on the death of bonourable fociety of Ancicat Britons. Dielha. Maloa.


At Dublin, right rev. Dr. James Trail, Bp. 18. At Little Chelsea, Mrs. Cotsford, by of Down and Connor.

whose death a very considerable fortune de. 10. Ac Mile-End, Mr. Mich. Kett, a Quae volves to her only surviving son, Edw. Cotsker; a lineal descendant of the famous lan. ford, esq; late chief of Masulipatam, in the Der and political reformer in the reign of East Indies. K. Edward the Sixch.

Hon. Mrs. Tracy, wife of the hon. Hen. T. In his 77th year, Leonard Uppington, esa; In Princes-ftr. Bedford-row, Mr. Ayscough,

At Kencih-Town, Mr. Goodman, alcorney, formerly a printer ant bookseller at Nottingof Ely-Place.

ham, where the family had for 50 years con Al Preston-Wynne, near Hereford, Mr.

duced the publication of a newspaper. About Barch. Haselden; who was descended mater

20 years ago he left off buzoefs, and went into sally from one of the most ancient and respec. the farming line at Great Wigston, in Leiceftable families in the Principality, but who tershire. His lon Samuel was born in 1745, needed not the aid of ancestry to render him and was seven years engaged in making the the object of general offection and efteem. His catalogues of the printed books in the Mu. merit was entirely personal; and, in addition seum; at the end of which period he entered to the most pleafing mode of performing the into holy orders; and has, in the course of common offices of humanity, his claim was the last two years, compiled and published his indisputable to the character which implies the Catalogue of the Sloanian and other MSS. . highest perfection of human nature, because it vols. 410. See p. 518. takes in the whole circle of the moral virtues Mrs. Rowe, reliat of the late Nath, R. esq; he was an boneft man.

19. At Dulwich, Tho. Dunn, elą; 11. At Maryland Point, in her 74th year, At Enfield Walh, Mr. Couk, thopkeeper, Mrs. Anne Bcclefeur.

formerly a publican in Covent Garden. At Rotherhithe, aged 78, rev. Rich. King, 20. Mr. Sam. Turner, attorney at law, is rector of Kingston, co. Berks, lecturer of St. the Temple. George's in the East, and chaplain to the Cloch. 21. In Barton- str. Weftm. Mr. Ede, verger workers Company.

and sacrift, at the cathedral, Weftminfter-abbey. At Muffelburgh, Capt. John Campbell, ne At Liverpoo!, aged 114, Mrs. S. Holmes. phew to James the firit duke of Argyle, and she was married at 48, and had fix children. coufia to the five succeeding dukes. He served 22. In his 81st year, rev. Robe. Wright, as an officer upwards of 30 years with a mott M. A. minister of Si, Botolph, Aldgate, R. of irreproachable reputation, and reti ed on half. Otton Belchamp, and V. of the united parides pay' (his only recompence) in the former of Bulmer and Walter Belchamp, Eflex, and peace, on having a boy appointed to the majo- many years librarian of St. Martin in the Fields. sity of a regiment, wherein he hid been reve.

Fred. Teuth, esq; merchant, in Bread-Areet. sal years ebe eideft captaio. He was honoured

23. At his apari menes at Hoxton, the rev. by ali his acquaintance with the title of Honek Philip Fourneaux, D. D., of whom a correJohn Campbell,

spondent has enabled us to premise a particular James Walace, efq; his Majesty's attorncy

account next month. general, King's ferjeant in the Duchy court of

24. Al his rectory, at Greenford, Midd!eLancaster, serjeant of the coun!y palatine of sex, rev. Edw. Betham, B. D.; of whom also a Durham, and M. P, for Horsham, Suflex. particular account shall be given in our next. At Hoddesdon, aged 91, Wm. Mallison, esq;

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 12. Cha. Haobury, esq; consul for Saxony. Mr.G. Heming, clerk of St. James's market.

jesty's secretary of embally to In Hatton-fts, aged 76, Mr. Andr. Vokes. the Most Christian King.

A: Scarborough, rev. Sidney Swinney, D.D. 08. 4. Hen. Murray, efq; enfign of the F. R. and A. SS. a gentleman of uncommon

yeomen of the quard, vice Jn. Berjafield, esq; generobty acd benevolence. He had an ex 11. Geo. Philips Towry, esq; one of the tenfive knowledge in ancient and modern lan commißioners for victualling the savy, vice guages; and was the author of [.veral pieces Jonas Hanway, esq; who retres. in prose and verse, which have been well re. Alex: Wright, esq; fol. gen. for Scotland. certed. An enchufiastic affealion for the fine

21. Wm. Lucas, esq; chief juftice of the arts impelled him to viņi mot parts of Europe Islands of Grenada and the Grenadines in Ameand Als Minor; and he resided several years rica; also, Ashton Warner Byam, esq; attoras chaplain to the British embafiy ac Conitan.

ney. general, and Kenneth Francis Mackenzie, Rinople, where he made a valuable collection efq; folicitor-general, in the said iflands. of curious coins, gems, and other antiquities. 25. Right hon. Ld Wm. * Cavendish Ber.

13. Mr. Tho. Wright, upwards of 50 years sinck, clerk of the pipe, vice Sir Joha Sheliey, in the servitude of his Majesty's household at bart. dec. St. James's.

N10.17. Rev. Rich. Kaye, LL.D. (fub-al14. At Lewisham, Kent, Mrs. Boyd, reliat monet and chaplain in ordinary to his Majefof the late A07. B. erq; and moth. of the pre- ty) dein and refidentiary of Lincoln, vice Dr. Sent Sir John B. bart.

Cuit, dec, 36. In Whitechapel, aged 71, Mr. W. Bond. At Peterborough, Mr. Hawkios, aged 10g.

A mistake for · Edward,'


Sept. 26.


Geo. Payne, esq; his Majesty's consul gene- Joh. Waterhouse, M.A. Catharine-Hall, Rev. sal at Morocco.

Tho. Veasey, M.A. Peter-House. Moderators; 18. John Lee, efq; attorney general, vice Rev. Heo. Wm. Coulthurst, M. A. Sideey Coll. jas. Wallace, esq; dec.

Rev. Tho. Cautley, M. A. Trinity College. James Mansfield, efq; folicitor general, vice Scrulators; Harry Grove, B. D. St. John's Mr. Lee.

Coll. Rev. Wm. Coppard, M. A. Jesus Colt, Allared Clarke, esq; lieut. gov. of Jamaica. Taxors; Rev. Isaac Milner, M. A. Queen's

21. His R. H. the Prince of Wales, was, by College, Rev. Wm. Farih, M. A. Magdaler his Majesty's command, introduced into the College. privy council, where his royal highness took 12. This day the following gentlemen were his place, at the upper end of the board, on his elected of the caput for the ensuing year, viz. Majesty's right hand.

Richard Farmer, D. D. master of Emanuel 22. Tho. Walpole, esq; minister plenipo- College; Joseph Jowett, LL.D. fellow of Tritertiary to the Elector Palatine, and minifter nity Hall; Robert Glyno, M.D. fellow of to the Diet at Ratisboa.

King's College ; Rev. Sam. Hey, M.A. fellow Carleson-House, Nov. 20. His R. H. the of Magdalen Coll. senior non-regent; Rev. l. Prince of Wales has appointed Ld Visc. Lewis Plampin, M.A. fellow of Jesus College, senior had to be lord warden of the Standaries, and regent. fteward of the duchy of Cornwall; Ld Visc. Nov. 4. This day the rev. John TorkingMelbourne of the kingdom of Ireland, and the ton, B.D. master of Clare-Hall, was elected sight hon. Ld Spenser Hamilton, gentlemen of vice-chancellor for the year ensuing. the bed-chamber; Col. Sir John Dyer, bart. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, groom of the bed chamber; and Col. Cha. EV. Jas. Simpson, Biabrook St. Mary R. Leigh and Lieut. Edw. Scott, equerries.

co. Lincoln. Civil PROMOTIONS,

Rev. Mr. Twige, lecturer of united parishes R. Crawford, phyfician of St. Thomas's of St. Margaret's, Lothbury, and St. Chrifto. Hospital.

pher's. Mr. Walker, one of the surgeons of St. Rev. Ri. Ellis, B.A. Akarthe V, co. York, George's Hospital, Hyde-Park Corner.

Rev. Tho. Lloyd, Langoedmaws R. co. John Heaton, esq; of Lincoln's Inn, dep. Cardigan.. clerk of the pipe-office, vice E. Woodcock, erg; Rev. Tho. Parke, M. A. Statherne R. co.

John Chamber, esg; recorder of Norwich. Leicester, worth 200l. per ann.
John Heaton, esq; dep. clerk of the pipe. Rev. John Ramsay, Barton St. Andrew R.

-Rogers, esq; (sec. to Ld Keppel) one of co. Norfolk. the commissioners of the navy.

Rev. Erasmus Drury, Mundeney R. Norf. Lord Sondes, one of the auditors of the im. Rev. Fly, minister of Trinity Church, preit, bas appointed J. Wigglesworth, esq; his in the Little Minuries, a minor canon of St. lordship's sole deputy in that office.

Paul's, vice Mr. Gibbons, dec. Mr. Hen. Tahourdin, affiftant to the fur. F.ev. Gilb. Buchanan, Woodmanstera R veyor of the warehouse of the customs in the co. Surrey. port of London.

Rev. John Tasker Nah, Harbefton R. co. Wm. Birch, esq; solicitor to his R. H. the Pembroke. Prince of Wales, and clerk of the council of Rev. Tho. Avelyage, Heplow V. co. Bedf. his duchy of Cornwall.

Rev. Barker, Holmton R. and Wola Oxford, 027. 7. This day, in full convo. wick V. both co. York. cation, the rev. Sam. Dennis, D. D. prefi. Rev. John Wooldridge, TotnessV.co. Devon, dent of St. John's College, was, for the 4th


EV. Wm. Smith, M. A. to hold Weft of this univerfity.

Nov. 1. Rev. Rob. Holmes, fellow of New co. Devon. Coll. professor of poetry, vice Mr. Randolph. Rev. Jof. Hudson, D. D. Warkworth with

In full convocation, the degree of D. D. con Newburne VV. both co. Northumberlaad. ferred on the rev. John Randolph, regius pros Rev. Tho. Randolph, M. A. Saltwood R. fessor of divinity, and canon of Christ Church. with Petham and Waltham VV. all in Kent.

Cambridge, 08. 10. This day the following Rev. Hen. Woodcock, LL.B. Coffington R. gentlemen were elected officers of this univer. wich Bochley V. both co, Leicester. Gity for the ensuing year, viz. Pre&ors; Rev.

Lift of Bankrupts in cur next.

year, invested with the office of vice-chancellot R Worlington with Biddeford RR. bocka

Bill of Mortality from Oi, 28, to Nov. 18, 19,83.

2 and 5 183 1 50 and 60 123 Males 645 Males 750

5 and to

64 | 60 and 70 97 10 and 20

59 | 70 and 80 61 Whereof have died under two years old

20 and 30

80 and 90

37 541

30 and 40 134 1 90 and 100 Peck Loaf 25, 4*4.

40 and 50 127 1 166

Females }1267 Females 733}1535


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