may have

expreffed in that treaty, as far as they shall [The preamble and three for articles (motaris be reciprocal, or compensated by equivalent mutandis) are verbatim i be fam wib ! base advantages. Is it to atrain this end, desired in obe French treaty, in need not be repeated.] on each tide, that commiffaries are to be ap Art. IV, THE King of Great Britain pointed to treat upon the fate of ihe trade cedes, in full right, in his fumic maiefty, between the two nations, and that a con the island of Morca; porsided that the fiderable space of time is to be allowed for fame ftipulations intussed in pare isilowing compltating their work. His Majesty hopes article halliake place in fav ur oli he British that this object will be pursued with the same subjects, with regard to the abovementioned good faith, and the same fpirit of concili- iflad. ation, which presided over the discussion of V. H's Britannic majesty likewise cedea all the other points comprised in the defini. and guarantees, in fullrehi, bohs Carbotive treaty; and his faid majetty is firmly lic majefty, East Fl ri.i, is af, Wett Flo. persuaded that she refpcctive comm ffaries ride. His Catholic nasjet e arres that the will employ the uimoit diligerce for the British inhabitants, or others wŁ completion of this important work.

been subjects of the Ki of Great Britaia In witness whereof, we, the underzrieten in the said countries, mas ret're a full seminister plenipotentiary of his moft Christian curity and liberty where they shall ihink majelty, being thereto duly authorized, have proper, and may sell their vitales, and religned the prelent counter-declaration, and move their effe&ts, as well as their persons, have caused the seal of our arms to be a fixed without being reftrained in their emigration, thereto.

under any pietence whatever, excep: on Given at Versailles, Sept. 3, 1783. account of debts, or criminal prosecutions; (L. S ) GRAVIER DE VERGENNES. the term limited for this emigration being

We, ainbafiador pleripotentiary of his fixed to the space of eighteen months, to be imperial and royal apoftolick majeity, hav- computed from the day of the exchange of ing acted as mediator in the work of pacifi- the ratifications of the present treaty: but if, cation, declare that the treaty of peace from the value of the poffeffions of the Eng. figned this day at Versailles, between his lith proprietors, they should not be able to Britannick marly and his most Chriftian dispose of them within the said term, then majeliy, with the two feparate articies his Catholic majetty shall grant them a prothereto anoexid, and of which they forin a clamation proportioned to that end. It is part, as allo with all the clauses, condicions, for her ftipulated, that his Britannic majeny and fiipulations, which are therein contain 1h all have the power of removing from East ed, was concluded by the mediation of her Florida all the effects which may belong Imperial majesty of all the Ruillas. In to him, whether artillery or other matters. witness whereof, we have signed these pre VI. The intention of the two high cône Tents with our hands, and I have caused the tracting parties being ra prevent, as much as Seals of our aims to be aihxed thereto.

poslible, all the causes of complaint and misDone at Versailles, Sept. 3, 1783. underfunding heretofore occafioned by the

LE COMTE DE MERCY ARGENTEAU. cutting of wood for dying, or logwood; and (L. S.)

several Englith fettlements having been We, ministers plenipotentiary of her Im formed and extended, under that pretence, perial majesy of all the Rotfías, having upon the Spanish continent; it is exprelly acted as mediators in the work of pacifica: agreed that his Britannic majesty's Tubjects tion, declare that the treaty of peace, ligned bald have the right of cutting, loading, and this day at Vertailles, between luis Britan- carrying away logwood, in ihe district lying nick majelty, and his molt Chulian majesty, between the river Wallis or Bellize, and with the iwo si parate articles thereto aa Rio Hondo, taking the course of the said nexed, and of which they form a part, as two rivers-for unalterable boundaries, so as also with all lie clauses, conditions, and that the navigation of them be common to stipulations which are therein contained, both nations, to wit, by the river Wallis or was concluded by the mediation of her lm- Bellize, from the sea, ascending as far as perial majliy of all the Rullias. In wir opposite to a lake or inlet, which runs into nefs whereof, we have ligued these presents the land, and forms an isthmus or peck, with our hands, and have caused the seals of with another similar inlet, which comes from our arms to be afhxed thereto.

the side of Rio Nuevo or New River, at Dune at Vertailles, the third of Septem

The said line shall continue with ber, one thousand seven hundred and the course of Rio Nuevo, descending as far eighiy-ihree.

as opposite to a river, the source of which is (L. S.) PRINCE IVAN BARIATINSKOY. marked in the mar, between Rio Nuero and (L.S. A. MARCOFP.

Pio Hondo, and which empties itself into

Rio Hondo; which river thall also serve as Tbe DEFINITIVE TREATY OF PEACE and a common boundary as far as its junction

FRIENDSHIP boween His BRITANNIC with Rio Hondo; and from thence descende MAJESTY ani obe King of Sain, figned ing hy Rio Hondo to the fea, as the whole ai ibe fume time,

is marked on the map which the plenipo



tentiaries of the two Crowns have thought without difficulty, and without requiring proper to make use of, for ascertaining the any compensation. points agroed upon, to the end that a good IX. Immediately after the exchange of correspondence may reign between the two the ratifications, the two high contracting nations, and that the English workmen, parties shall name commillaries to treat concutters, and labourers, may not trespass cerning new arrangemen's of commerce bce from an uncertainty of boundaries. The tween the two nations, on the basis of rerespective commissaries thall fix upon con- ciprocity and mutual convenience; which venient places, in the territory above mark- arrangements shall be settled and concluded

ed out, in order that his Britannic majesty's within the space of two years, to be comSubjecls, employed in felling of logwood, puted from the sit of Jan. 1784.. may, without interruption, build therein X. As it is necessary to appoint a certain houses and magazines necessary for them- period for the restitutions and evacuations to selves, their faimilies, and their effcas; and be made by each of the high contracting his Catholic majesty assures to them the ene parties, it is agreed, that the King of Great joyment of all i hat' is expressed in the present Britain thall cause East Florida to be evacuarticle; provided that these fiipulations thall ated three months after the ratification of not be considered as derogating in any wise the present treaty, or sooner, if it can be from his rights of sovereignity. Therefore done. In consequence whereof, the necefall the English, who may be dispersed in any sary orders fall be sent by each of the high other parts, whether on the Spanish conti- contracting parties, with reciprocal passports nent, or in any of the islands whatsoever, for the ihips which thall carry them, imme. dependent on the aforesaid Spanish continent, diately after the ratification of the present and for whatever reason it might be, without treaty. exception, thall retire within the district xi. Their Britannic and Catholic mawhich has been above described, in the space jefties promise to observe fincerely, and bone of 18 months, to be computed from the ex- fide, all the articles contained and establishchange of the ratifications; and for this pur- ed in the present treaty; and they will not pose orders shall be issued on the part of his fuffer the same to be infringed, directly or Britannic majesty; and on that of his Catho- indirectly, by their respective subjects: and lic majesty, his governors thall be ordered the said high contracting parties guaranty to grant to the Englith dispersed, every con to each other, generally and reciprocally, venience poflible for their removing to the all the stipulations of the present treaty. settlement agreed upon by the present article, XII. The folemn rarifications of the or for their retiring wherever they thall present treaty, prepared in good and due thiok proper. It is likewise ftipulated, that form, shall be exchanged in this city of Verif any fortifications Tould actually have failles, between the high contracting parties, been heretofore erected within the limits in the space of one month, or looner, if marked out, his Britannic majesty thall posible, to be computed from the day of the cause them all to be demolished; and he signature of the present treaty. In witness will order his subjects not to build any new whereof, we, the under-written ambassadors ones. The English inhabitants, who shall extraordinary, and minifters plenipotensettle there for the curring of logwood, Tall tiary, have signed with our hands, in their be permitted to enjoy a free hithery, for their names, and by virtue of our respective full fubfiftence, on the coasts of the district powers, the present definitive treaty, and above agreed on, or of the islands situated have caused the seals of our arms to be affixopposite thereto, without being in any wise cd thereto. difturbed on that account; provided they do Done at Versailles, Sept. 3, 1783. not establish themselves, in any manner, on

MANCHESTER. LE COMTE D'ARANDA. the said islands.

(L. S.)

(L. S.) VII. His Catholic majesty shall refore to

DÉCLARATION. Great Britain the islands of Providence, and THE new ftaic in which commerce may the Bahamas, without exception, in the perhaps be found, in all parts of the world, same condition they were in when they were will demand revisions and explanations of conquered by the arms of the King of Spain. the fubfifting treaties; but an entire abroThe same iiipulations interted in the fifth gation of those treaties, in whatever period article of this treaty, shall take place in it might be, would throw commerce into favour of the Spanish subjects, with regard such confusion as would be of infinite prejuto the islands mentioned in the present article. dice to it.

VIII. All the countries and territories, In some of the treaties of this sort there which may have been, or which may be, are not ovly articles which relate merely to conquered in any part of the world whatro commerce, but many others which ensure ever, by the arms of his Britannic majesty, reciprocally, to the respective subjects, prias well as by those of his Catholic majesty, vileges, facilities for conducting their afwhich are not included in the present treaty, fairs, personal protections, and other adneither under the head of cesions, nor under vantages, which are not, and which ought the head of restitutions, thall be reltered not to be of a changeable nature, such as the


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segulations relating merely to the value of America, to forget all paft mifanderfanda goods and merchandize, variable from cir. ings and differences that have unhappily in cumstances of erefy kind.

terrupted the good correspondence and friendWhen therefore the state of the trade be. thip which they mutually wish to restore, tween the two nations thall be treated upon, and to establish such a beneficial and fatis. it is requisite to be understood, that the alte- factory intercourse between the two coun. sations which may be made in the subfifting tries, upon the ground of reciprocal advane treaties are to extend only to arrangements tages and mutual convenience, as may promerely commercial; and that the privileges more and secure to both perpetual peace and and advantages, mutual and particular, be barmony; and having for this desirable end not only preserved on cach fide, but even already laid the foundation of peace and reaugmenied, if it can be done.

conciliation, by the provisional articles GgnIn this view, his majesty has confented ed at Paris on the zoth of November, 1782, ta the appointment of commiffaries, on each by the commissioners empowered on each kde, who shall treat folely upon this object. part, which articles were agreed to be inDone at Versailles, the 30 Sept. 1783. serted in, and to constitute the treaty of (L. S.) MANCHESTER.

peace proposed to be concluded between the COUNTER DECLARATION. Crown of Great Britain and the said United THE Catholic King, in proposing new States, but which creaty was not to be con srrangements of commerce, has had no other cluded until terms of peace thould be agreed defign than to remedy, by the rules of reci- upon between Great Britain and France, and procity and mutual convenience, whatever his Britannic majesty should be ready to may be defective in preceding treaties of conclude fuch treaty accordingly; and the

The king of Great Britain may treaty between Great Britain and France judge from thence, that the intention of his having since been concluded, his Britannic Catholic majesty is not in any manner to majesty and the United States of America, canal all the ftipulations contained in the in order to carry into full effect the proviabove-mentioned treaties: He declares, on fional articles above-mentioned, according the contrary, from henceforth, that he is to the tenor thereof, have constituted and difpofed to maintain all the privileges, faci- appointed, that is to say, his Britannic milities and advantages exprefied in the old jefty on his part, David Hartley; cfq; treaties, as far as they thall be reciprocal, member of the Parliament of Great Britain, or compensated by equivalent advantages and the said United States on their part, It is to attain this end, desired on each side, John Adams, esq; late a commiffoner of that commiffaries are to be named to treat the United States of America at the Court upon the fate of trade between the two na- of Versailles, late delegate in Congress tions, and that a confiderable space of time from the State of Massachusetts, and chief is to be allowed for completing their work. justice of the said State, and minifter pleni. His Catholic majefty hopes that this object potentiary of the said United S'aces to their will be pursued with the fame good faith, High Mightinesses the States General of the and with the same spirit of conciliation, United Netherlands; Benjamin Franklin,

which have prefided over the discussion of esq; late delegate in Congress from the State all the other points included in the definitive of Pennsylvania, prefident of the convention treaty; and his faid Majesty is equally of the said State, aod minister plenipotenconfident, that the respective commiffaries tiary from the United States of America ar willemploy the utmoft diligence for the com the Court of Versailles; and John Jay, efq; pletion of this important work.

late president of Congress, and chief justice Done at Versailles the 3d of Sept. 1783. of the State of New York, and minifter (L. S.) LE COMTE D'ARANDA. plenipotentiary from the said United States

(Tke Declarations of rbe Ministers of their at the court of Madrid, to be the plenipoe Imperial Majestics are ibe fume as in obe tentiaries for the concluding and Ggning the French Trearg.]

prefent definitive treaty, who, after having

reciprocally communicated their respective Tbe DEFINITIVE TREATY between GREAT full powers, have agreed upon and confirmed

ERITAIN and the UNITED STATES of the following articles:
AMERICA, figned at Paris, ibe 3d doy of [These articles are verbatim ibe fame wirb
Sept. 1783

ibose inferred p. 169 in a former Mag, till be Io the Name of the Most Holy and Un- following: divided Trinity,

Art. X. The folemn ratifications of the T having pleased the Divine Providence present treaty, expedited in good and due

to difpole the hearts of the most ferene form, shall be exchanged her ween the conand moft potent George the Third, by the tracting parties in the space of fix months, grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, or sooner, if poffible, to be computed from and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke the day of the fignature of the present of Brunswick and Lunenburgh, Arch· Trea. treaty.' In witness whereof, we, the underfuser and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman figned, their minifters picnipotentiary, have empire, &c. and of the United States of in slicir name, and in virtue of our full pow.

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ers, figned with our hands the present defe and whatever he treats of with you in our pitive treaty, and caused the leals of our name Thall be approved by us. arms to be affixed thereto.

“ To the High Mightintifes of the Flemilla Done at Paris, this third day of Septem (Low Countries) the States of the United

ber, in the year of Our Lord One Thou. Provinces, sand leven hundred and eighty-three.

“ Behold we send you our Ambassador, (L. S) John Adams. Taleb Omar Job; procure him all the ne(L.S.) David HARTLIN.

ceffaries which we have written about, and (L. S.) B. FRANKLIN, which your Consul, Blaine, has informed us (L. S.) JOHN JAY. were to be had in your country, and fend

the same by your thips. You will receive Ibe Morocco Ambassador's Credentials, so ibe by him a litt, or note. sealed with our feal;

States General, sranslated from ebe Original, fulfil every thing therein mentioned, and to

IN the name of God, merciful and com our said servant give credit and confidence paffiooate! There is no source nor power but in whatever he will say to you, for he has by the Most High. From Abdolah Ma our command thereon. The order for write homcd, son of Abdolah, (may God protecting this letter was given, and the same was him!) We have given full power to our Am writren, the roth of the month Guimada, baffador, Taleb Omar job, for every thing, the 2d in the year 1197."


FOREIGN A D V IC E S. HE advices from Confiantinople and Pe dier, I assure you that his title will avail him

tersburg, respectiug the peace, are so nothing for his preferment, unless he endean contra-ictory, that we cannot so much as ha. vours to acquire the knowledge requifile in zard a conjecture concerning them.

his professioni. Vienna, Oa. 21. The Emperor hath ordered P.S.' In the King's own hand. As ous a new arrangement in law proceedings, which young nobility in general never learn any will be more favourable to the people, and ching, they are of course exceedingly ignorant. prevent the abuses which the avidity of law. In England one of the King's fons, wishing yers often occasions. The laiter are for the to instruct himself, has not scrupled to set future to be allowed an annual pension out of out in the pavy as a common railor. If any the Royal and Imperial Chamber; and the one of our men of fashion should by chance parties will not be obliged 10 pay more than distinguish himselt, and prove useful to hia a certain lum, settled by the said Chamber, for country, he will have no occasion of pluming their lawyer's trouble, and for stamped paper. himself on his quality. Titles and birth are

Madrid, 08. 22. On the 19th a scandalous nothing else than vanity and foly, True fracas happened here. As Compte Gersdorff, merit is personal.

FREDERICK." minister from Saxony, was entering the Spa The King of Prussia has caused a rescript nith playhouse, he was suddenly set upon by to be read in all the churches throughout his the Secretary to a foreign Ambassador at this dominions, declaring it to be his Majesty's Court, who, (word in hand, violently attacked pleasure that no kneeling (an honour due to the Compte; the barrer, though unarmed, was the Divinity) Mall in future be practised by fo lucky as to escape with a very light wound, any of his fubjects in honour of his person when he was rescued by the guard. No on any occafion whatever. cause whatever is assigned for so Thameful an They write from Danızick, that the Ma. attack, but the impetuous cemper of the Se- gistrate of that city appears more disposed than cretary, who, upon the mere report of a fer ever to listen

the propositions of accom. vant charging the Compte with having spoken modation made by the Court of Berlin; lo of him in terms rather disrespectful, allacked that there is reason to believe that he dispute him unprepared in this manner.

will not be attended with any further bad Berlin, Det. 14. A Pruffian nobleman hav- consequences. ing lately presented a petition to his Sove Middleburgh, in Zealand, Nov. 5. A let. teign, for the purpose of obtaining a commis ter has this day been received from the Pen. fion in the army for his fun, received from his fiopaire of Sluys, giving an account that an Majelly the following answer:

armed force had seized two of the Dutch forts « Moft illuftrious, dear, and faithful! near Bruges, turned out the officers and men “ I have seen your peii:ion concerning who garrisoned them, and taken potlession of your fun. It is proper to inform you, that them in the name of the Emperor of Gere fome time fince I have given orders to adnit many. The supposed caufe is the regaining no persons of rank in my armies, as those the free navigation of the Scheld up 10 Ania Gentlemen, after a campaign or two, think werp. The letter observes, no interruption ing themselves exceedingly clever, generally will be given to passengers. retire, Settling on their own estates, where Hague, Nov. 6. The irruption of the Imthey enjoy the reputation of having been in perial forces into Flanders discovers, we fee th: (crvice. If your son chufes to be a fol. 100 plainly, a design of the Erajcoot so dif



I pute the navigation of the Scheld, which was grand army before Cuddalore, and Colonel

many years fince blocked up to stop the pas- Ful'arton invested with the command, who Sage of veflels of burthen to Antwerp. Dir. with great fpirit and activity had pushed on to patches are sent to the Dutch Ministers at Vi. Darampore (120 miles from Seringapatam, enna, Paris, &c. with infiructions to notify Tippoo's capital), which fell to him the firft this occurrence, and for their behaviour there- of June. He then received an order to move

back to Cuddalore, and was, on the news of The States-General are now ftring, so that the pacification, on his return to the Coim. there is a great probability this extraordinary batoor country, trongly reinforced, by the behaviour of the Imperial Court will be im. latest accounts from him. mediately the object of equiry, and notice 300 Europeans, with powder and provifiof it fent to all the affemblies of the Seven ons, were sent from Madras to Mangalore, ia United Provinces. ----An order has since his Majesty's ships Bristol and Iñis, with the been given to reioforce all the garrisons in intention of enabling Colonel Campbell to take Aufirian Flanders.

the field, if expedient. * Munich, 08. 24. The King of Sweden ar Tippoo Saib, after he quilted the Carnatic, rived here, under the title of Count de Haga, advanced to Bednore; and by the accounts and went to the play, where he met with the brought to Tellecherry and Anjengo, General Elector, and the first compliments passed. Matthews, with his force, conlilling of fevc.

The next day, after v fiting the castle of ral detachments from three of the King's res Nymphenbourg, &c. his Niacity went again giments and the Company's troops, making in to the play, and supped with the Elector, the all 600 Europeans and 1600 sepoys, were fitu. Elcctress, and the Duchess of Bavaria, ated in the province of Bednore, and are said to

This morning his Majesty set out for In- have furrendered on condition of marching Tpruck, where he proposed to sleep, and from out of the garrison wi h all the honours of thence he will continue his route to-morrow war, and retiring to Mangalore. This casi. for Pila.

tulation was thamefully broken by Tippoo

Saib. ADVICES FRON THE EAST INDIES, Mangalore and Onore were in our pofiel.

Fof India Houfe. Nov. 24. 1783. fion. In the former place there were three The Committee of Proprietors now filling thousand men, a sufficient fock of provibons, at this House, being defirous to obviate the and a number of able officers, under the evil consequences which may result from a command of Major. Campbell; so that they false statement of the intelligence received on have the greatest hopes that the strength of Friday last from Bombay and Anjergo, have the garrison, and the approach of the monabfiracled from the public letters all the ma soon, will baffle all the attempts of ihe eneterial parts of the said letters,

my, who had been repulsed in three several Sir Edward Hughes arrived at Madras on attacks, while we have made fome successful the 13th of April, without falling in with fallies on the enemy. any part of the French feet.

The Tellicherry Council write, that, on Sir. Eyre Coote arrived at Madras on the receiving intelligence of Tirpoo Saib advance 24th of April, bringing with him ten lacks ing towards the Malabar coast, the neceilary of rupees; and died on the 26th.

measures were immediately taken for the fee General Stuart, at the head of the British curity of the pla:e; and on the 16th of July army, marched to Cuddalore, after Tippoo they were under no apprehenfons for the sea Saib had evacuated the Carnatic. On the curity of the place, but faitered themselves 13th of June the General attacked the French they fouid be able to defend it against any lives, and carried the redoubts with a very force likely to come against it. heavy loss on our part, computed at 616 Eus The Mihratta Peace was proclaimed at ropeans, and 356 Sepoyo, killed, wounded, Boir bay on the 8 h of April. C boels Mace and missing. On the 25 h of June the enemy Teod and Huberfion were attacked a few made a fally from ide fort, and advanced days after they left Bonivay, on the 5th of alote to our works, commencing and fup. April, in the Ranger dorp of 10 four-poun. porting the assault with great fpirit and in- ders, by the Muhratta fieet, and carried into irepidity, but they were repulsed with the Cheriah, after a very obstinate engagenes', loss of about 200 Europeans, and their Colo in which 5 men belong.ng to the Ranger nel D'Aquitaine taken prifunot, --It is ima were killed, and 25 rounded. Colonel Hum. gined the garrison must have harily submit berston unfortunately died of Eis wourds. id, when an account of the perce arrives, and Satisfaction for this outrage was demanded

cellarion of nott:lities intri diately took from the Peshws. The gentlemen frum place.

Bombay do not tranimit the Pathwa's answer, On or about the 201h of June there was an but say iç was unfatista ctory, and that it 003engagement between the two fleets, but not ciuded with calling upon the Bombay Go. decisive.

vernment to execute the Treaty. They add, Colonel Lang had made an irruption into that orders were sent for restoring the Ranger The Coimbatoor country, subduing Carmor and and the officers; and the Bombay gentlemen Dindegut, when he was recalled to join the fay, that both arrived in Bombay the 29th of

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